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Does Your Merchant Account Have An Early Termination Fee?

We’ve all done it–scrolled to the bottom of a user’s agreement and clicked I Agree or signed a paper contract without looking through the many pages of small print. We know it’s wrong, but we’re busy and the print is so small…and we are thankfully often protected by consumer protection laws that work quietly in […]

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Aug 15, 2019 Filed under: Credit Card Processing 16

Get A 0% Interchange-Plus Markup With Membership Fee Pricing

By now, you’ve certainly figured out that credit card processing isn’t free. Every credit or debit card transaction that your business accepts is going to cost you money. You probably also understand that your payment processor has to pay interchange fees to the bank that issued the customer’s card. In fact, interchange fees constitute the […]

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Aug 13, 2019 Filed under: Credit Card Processing 7

Your Complete Guide To Credit Card Surcharges

It’s safe to say that merchant relations with credit card processing companies, card associations, and banks aren’t always friendly. Nor would you expect them to be, when merchants find themselves subject to all sorts of fees and limitations imposed by these organizations. Every so often, things reach a peak — for example, the massive class-action […]

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Aug 7, 2019 Filed under: Credit Card Processing 34

How To Finance A Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Financing any small business is a headache, but acquiring funding for a medical marijuana dispensary can be even more of a challenge. Medical — and recreational — marijuana is legalized in states across the nation, but it is still illegal under federal law. These laws make it more difficult for owners of medical marijuana dispensaries […]

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Wallethub Review: Free Daily VantageScore From TransUnion

Your credit score is a significant number that can affect your chances to qualify for loans, credit cards, and more. Because this is such a critical tool, you should know and understand your number. Luckily, generally trustworthy and free services exist that will monitor your credit score and credit report for you. WalletHub is one […]

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