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10 Types of Alternative Financing for Small Businesses

Small business financing is notoriously difficult to procure. Most bank loans require that the applicant have stellar credit and 2+ years in business – and even then, there’s no guarantee you’ll get a loan. According to Biz2Credit, big banks approved less than 25% of all small business loan requests in March 2016, while smaller banks […]

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What Is a Synthetic Lease?

If you’ve ever purchased equipment or property for your company, you’ve probably noticed that there are a ton of different types of leases out there, with lots of creative names. Unfortunately, in many cases, the names don’t convey a clear idea of what they actually are. So what the heck is a synthetic lease, exactly? […]

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How to Get a $10,000 Small Business Loan

Sometimes the most frustrating crises are the small ones: the delivery vehicle that breaks down, the emergency restock, the last minute marketing push. These are pretty routine, banal problems that can be addressed with a relatively small amount of money. But whether you’re short $100,000 or $10,000, a shortfall can wreak havoc on your business. […]

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The Best Small Business Loan Resources

When it comes to loans, we like to talk a lot about comparison shopping here at Merchant Maverick. And while we provide a lot of handy information here, it’s best to consider our website as just one of many tools in your box. So what are some the best small business loan resource you can […]

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How to Get a Restaurant Loan

Restaurants have a reputation for being particularly risky business endeavors, but that conventional wisdom is more myth than reality. It is possible to launch and run a successful restaurant without losing your shirt. However—despite all your killer recipes and great ideas—without funding, your restaurant ambitions won’t take you very far. The good news is there are […]

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Equipment Lease Vs. Lease Line of Credit

If you need equipment financing for your business, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available to you. You’ll have a choice between a number of different lease types that can be tailored to your needs based on term lengths, ownership preferences, and buyout options. Businesses seeking even more flexibility can […]

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The Best Alternative Equipment Financers

While there’s still a good case to be made for hitting up traditional banks for equipment funding, circumstances may lead you to look online. Below, we’ll share information about some of our favorite equipment financers, but first, because equipment needs are so varied and specific, we’ll first look at some of the factors that might […]

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What Is A Lease Line Of Credit?

We often think in terms of insurance for expensive items we already own, but when it comes to anticipated future expenses, we usually only think in terms of savings. Businesses that expect to replace equipment in the near future, however, can prepare for those expenses in another way: by seeking a lease line of credit. […]

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How To Get Financing For Industrial Kitchen Equipment

A restaurant can be one of the more daunting businesses to get off the ground. Between the long hours, lunch and dinner rushes, and staffing requirements, you’ll likely have your hands full planning the logistics of your business. And of course, you can’t be serving anyone meals without the equipment necessary to produce mass quantities […]

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