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The 7 Best Employee Onboarding Software In 2023

Employee onboarding software is software that is designed to simplify the onboarding process in your business. Employee onboarding software may offer features like paperless documents, eSignatures, training modules, employee self-service portals, team introductions, and more. This software doesn’t just free up your HR team for other tasks, but a streamlined onboarding process can help improve employee retention, boost productivity, and improve your company culture.

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Jul 15, 2022 Filed under: Payroll, Small Business
What is direct deposit

What Is Direct Deposit & How Does It Work?

Direct deposit is one of the most popular electronic payment methods in the US and is used by the vast majority of the nation’s businesses. With direct deposit, salary can be paid directly from one account to another. It’s convenient, fast, secure, and benefits both employers and employees alike.

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Jul 14, 2022 Filed under: Payroll

Ramp VS Airbase: Corporate Card Comparison

Ramp and Airbase have similar offerings, although they seem to be aiming for slightly different audiences. That’s not to say you can’t find crossover between the two platforms; there are many companies that will do well with either Ramp or Airbase. Still, let’s take a look at those target audiences, in an effort to help you choose the right platform for your business.

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Jul 13, 2022 Filed under: Corporate Cards

Everything You Need To Know About How To Pay A Nanny

In this post, we’ll show you how to put your nanny on the books. We’ll cover everything from paying your nanny a fair wage to discussing nanny taxes and if you have to pay them. We’ll then walk through the process of issuing payment, filing taxes, and everything in between. Keep reading to learn more about paying your nanny.

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Jul 13, 2022 Filed under: Payroll

Ramp VS Divvy: Corporate Card Comparison

Ramp and Divvy both have a lot to offer to businesses seeking corporate cards. With few if any fees, ample features for expense management and spend control, numerous software integrations, and cashback rewards, either of these cards can be a good choice.

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Jul 8, 2022 Filed under: Corporate Cards

How To Create A Payroll Budget For Your Business

To create a small business payroll budget, you’ll need to calculate startup costs, payroll costs, variable expenses, one-time purchases, and emergency funds. Once you’ve considered all your business’s expenses, you can modify your budget to best suit your business’s financial goals, including setting aside funds to hire a new employee or growing your reserve funds.

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Jul 8, 2022 Filed under: Payroll, Small Business

Lendio SBA Loans: What They Are & How Your Business Can Apply

If you like the convenience of Lendio’s business loans marketplace but can’t wait for an SBA loan or don’t qualify for one, you might consider applying for a faster or easier-to-qualify loan through Lendio, such as a short-term loan or business line of credit. To learn more about Lendio loans, including Lendio SBA loans and other loan types, read our in-depth Lendio review.

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Jul 7, 2022 Filed under: Business Loans

The 8 Best Employee Management Software For Small Businesses

Small businesses looking for an easier way to manage employees may benefit from using employee management software. Designed to streamline and automate human resources (HR) management for small businesses, this software exists to help busy business owners save time. However, employee management software does come at a cost, and it may be too complex for some businesses.

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Jun 29, 2022 Filed under: Payroll

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