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7 Best Free POS Systems For Small Business In 2024

These top free POS systems are functional, easy-to-use, and allow your business to perform basic tasks. They may not be as robust as paid software, but find out which free system is right for you.

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A free POS system allows you to take digital payment types on the go, manage inventory, and track sales history. It also offers online ordering, industry-specific features, a loyalty program, and low-cost credit card readers.

We evaluated several of the best POS systems for small businesses with free plans based on ease of use, feature set, POS hardware options, and software contract requirements to help you find the right option for your small business.

Learn More About Our Top Picks

CompanyHighlightsNext StepsHighlights
Square POS

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  • Best overall free POS for all business types
  • $49 card reader
  • Monthly contracts, no cancellation fee
  • Best overall free POS for all business types
  • $49 card reader
  • Monthly contracts, no cancellation fee

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  • Best for large & B2B businesses
  • $99 card reader
  • Monthly contracts, no cancellation fees
  • Best for large & B2B businesses
  • $99 card reader
  • Monthly contracts, no cancellation fees

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Toast POS

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  • Best long-term option for restaurants
  • No upfront costs for hardware or software
  • Long-term contracts, early cancellation fees
  • Best long-term option for restaurants
  • No upfront costs for hardware or software
  • Long-term contracts, early cancellation fees

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PayPal Zettle

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  • Best for solopreneurs
  • $29 or $199 card reader
  • Monthly contracts, no cancellation fees
  • Best for solopreneurs
  • $29 or $199 card reader
  • Monthly contracts, no cancellation fees

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Read More

  • Best for free loyalty program
  • $20-$250 card readers
  • Forever free download with no contracts
  • Best for free loyalty program
  • $20-$250 card readers
  • Forever free download with no contracts

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eHopper POS

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  • Best for free payment processing
  • $69 or $350 card reader
  • Monthly contracts, no cancellation fee on free plan
  • Best for free payment processing
  • $69 or $350 card reader
  • Monthly contracts, no cancellation fee on free plan

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  • Most customizable option
  • $59 or $349 card reader
  • No contract required
  • Most customizable option
  • $59 or $349 card reader
  • No contract required

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Read more below to learn why we chose these options.

7 Best Free POS Systems For Small Business

The best free POS systems for small businesses allow you to take digital payments, manage inventory, sell online, start a loyalty program, and meet the needs of your specific industry type.

Our top choices include:

Compare The Best Free POS Software

Industry Compatible Devices Card Reader Cost Payment Processing Fees
Square Retail, restaurant, service iOS, Android, web browser $49 2.6%-2.9%
Helcim Retail, service iOS, Android, desktop, web browser $99 or $329 Custom interchange-plus
Toast Restaurant Proprietary Toast devices $0 upfront 2.99%-3.49%
PayPal Zettle Retail, service iOS, Android, web browser $29 or $199 2.29%-2.8%
Loyverse Retail, restaurant, service iOS, Android $20-$250 Requires third-party payment processor
eHopper Retail, restaurant Android, Windows $69 or $350 0%-2.9%
Odoo Retail, service iOS, Android, Windows, web browser $59 or $349 Requires third-party payment processor

Square: Best Overall

Total Rating 4.9

Ease Of Use5.0


Customer Service4.7

User Reviews4.8





Equipment Cost


Get a free card swiper from Square at no cost when you create a free account. Claim your card reader.


  • Free and low-cost hardware are available
  • Free custom online store builder
  • Retail, restaurant, and appointment booking features
  • Social media sales and advertising capabilities


  • Restricted to using Square for POS hardware and payment processing
  • Occasional account holds

Square POS restaurant POS ordering interface

Square restaurant POS checkout.

Why We Chose Square Free POS System As Our Overall Best Free POS System

We appreciate that Square offers retail, restaurant, and service-based software plans that you can install on an unlimited number of devices and in an unlimited number of locations. You can take payments for free in-store or on the go with Square's easy-to-use mobile app and tap-to-pay feature or purchase an affordable card reader for chip card payments. You can also take online payments with Square's free online store builder. Square includes free inventory, team management, and invoicing software for all users.

Related: Read our Square For Retail review for more information on one of our best retail POS systems.

Square POS Pricing

Square POS plans range from $0-$89/location/month.

Square’s payment processing fees are:

  • 2.6% + $0.10 for in-person payments
  • 2.9% + $0.30 for online payments
  • 2.75% for gift card sales (on top of regular payment processing fees)
  • 6% + $0.30 for Afterpay buy now, pay later app payments

Square offers paid add-ons like the $20/month kitchen display system for restaurants.

Related: Read our Square For Restaurants review for more on one of our best restaurant POS systems.

Square Free POS Software Features

Square POS offers three different free POS plans: Square For Retail, Square For Restaurants, and Square Appointments.

  • Square For Retail Features: Strong retail inventory management over multiple locations, gift card sales, online store builder for pickup or delivery, exchanges/refunds, social media selling
  • Square For Restaurants Features: Strong inventory and menu item management, tipping management, seat management, gift card sales, online ordering platform for pickup or local delivery, retail item sales
  • Square Appointments Features: Online booking website, booking button on social media accounts, schedule customizations, prepayments, email/text appointment reminders, prepayments, gift card sales, inventory management, retail item sales

Related: Read our Square Appointments review for more on one of the best salon POS systems for budget-conscious salons and spas.

Sqaure POS free online store builder

Square POS free online store builder.

Hardware Cost

Square Terminal handheld POS system, Square Register, and Square iPad stand.

Square Terminal handheld POS system, Square Register, and Square iPad stand.

  • Square Card Reader: $49 ($69 for 2nd generation card reader)
  • Square iPad Stand: $149
  • Square Handheld POS Terminal: $299
  • Square Register: $799

Square offers 0% interest financing on all POS hardware except the card reader. Read our guide to Square POS hardware to help you decide which hardware is right for your business.

Get Started With Square POS

Read our in-depth review

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Helcim: Best For Large & B2B Businesses

Total Rating 4.9
Fees & Rates5.0

Products & Services4.4


Sales & Advertising Transparency5.0

Customer Service4.8

User Reviews4.5


  • Reduced payment processing fees for larger/B2B transactions
  • Free online store builder with B2C/B2B sales functions
  • Free invoice builder and virtual terminal
  • Strong inventory and customer management features


  • Very few third-party integrations
  • No built-in loyalty program

Helcim POS for retail store

Helcim POS register checkout payment methods.

Why We Chose Helcim For Large & B2B Businesses

We like that Helcim offers automatic payment processing discounts for businesses as they increase monthly sales volumes through the company's interchange-plus pricing model. Business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-government (B2G) businesses will appreciate Helcim's AI-powered Level 2/3 transaction data capture tool, which also helps to lower payment processing fees on qualifying B2B/B2G transactions.

The company offers free POS, invoicing, virtual terminal, eCommerce store building, and customer relationship management software that works on all device types.

Helcim POS Pricing

The Helcim POS system, virtual terminal, and all other software components are free to use. Helcim offers all businesses interchange-plus pricing and payment processing discounts as monthly sales volumes increase.

Payment processing fees start at:

  • In-Person Payments: Interchange + 0.40% + $0.08
  • Online & Keyed-In Payments: Interchange + 0.50% + $0.25
  • ACH Bank Payments: 0.5% + $0.25 (maximum $6 fee per transaction)

Note: Payment processing fees are automatically reduced on qualifying B2B and B2G transactions processed through Helcim, one of our best payment processing companies.

If you’re not sure whether payment processing is cheaper with Helcim or a different provider, Helcim has a “find your rate” tool on its pricing page, so you can get an accurate idea of your payment processing fees before signing up for an account.

Helcim Free POS Software Features

Helcim free features include:

  • Mobile POS app for iOS and Android
  • Web-based app for desktop devices
  • Email and print receipts
  • Invoice builder with custom line items and repayment terms
  • Online store builder
  • Web-based virtual terminal for over-the-phone and mail-order payments
  • Self-serve B2B/B2G customer portal for tiered/wholesale pricing, payments, and returns
  • Retail inventory management
  • Customer profile management with a card on file for recurring billing and customer house accounts
  • ACH payment processing
  • AI-powered automated Level 2 and 3 transaction data capture (e.g. freight information, tax ID) to improve transaction security and decrease payment processing fees from card-issuing banks

Helcim POS customer profile settings

Helcim POS system customer profile settings.

Hardware Cost

helcim card reader

Helcim credit card and mobile wallet reader.

  • Card Reader: $99
  • Smart Terminal Handheld POS System: $329 (0% interest financing available)

Read our Helcim Smart Terminal review for more information on upgrading to an all-in-one mobile POS system with a built-in card reader and receipt printer.

Get Started With Helcim

Read our in-depth review

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Toast: Best Long-Term Option For Restaurants

Total Rating 4.0

Ease Of Use4.7


Customer Service5.0

User Reviews4.1


$0-$165 plus custom plan

Online Ordering


Equipment Cost



  • Excellent restaurant-grade hardware included
  • Free online ordering page with immediate and scheduled pickup/delivery
  • Free customizable loyalty program
  • Thorough inventory, menu, and POS interface customization


  • Long-term contract
  • Higher payment processing fees than competitors
  • Early termination fee

Toast POS admin dashboard menu item settings

Toast restaurant POS system menu item configuration.

Why We Chose Toast POS For A Long-Term Restaurant Option

We like that Toast offers a pay-as-you-go plan that starts free but allows you to expand as your restaurant does. With the free plan, you get a free countertop or handheld POS system made with durable Android-based hardware, along with excellent inventory, menu, seat, and tip management. Plus, you can add other software like Toast Online Ordering and Toast Loyalty for no monthly fee.

Note: Toast requires you to sign a two-year contract and there is a substantial early termination fee, which is another reason why we recommend Toast as a long-term restaurant solution.

Toast POS Pricing

Toast’s pay-as-you-go Quick Start Bundle plan has no monthly fees for the software and one countertop or handheld restaurant POS system. The company has three different payment processing rate structures depending on what features you want to add to your software plan:

  • Pay-As-You-Go: 3.09% + $0.15; includes POS hardware and payment processing
  • Pay-As-You-Go Plus: 3.39% + $0.15; includes online ordering and third-party delivery service integrations like DoorDash
  • Pay-As-You-Go Growth: 3.69% + $0.15; includes gift cards, loyalty, email marketing, Toast-hosted website, catering/event management software

Note: Because of Toast’s high payment processing fees, we recommend signing up for a paid plan (plans range from $69-$165+/month) as soon as possible.

Toast Free POS Software Features

Toast offers the following features on the free plan:

  • Durable Android POS system hardware
  • Perishable inventory management
  • Extensive seat and table management
  • Automated/manual menu updates
  • Customizable tipping structure
  • Strong menu performance, labor, and shrinkage reports

You can also add these features if you agree to a higher per-transaction fee:

  • Online ordering platform and mobile ordering app
  • In-house delivery system or deliveries managed by Toast
  • Integrations with DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Grubhub
  • Physical and eGift card sales with a strong gift card program
  • Highly customizable restaurant loyalty program
  • Email marketing campaign management

Toast has one of the best POS loyalty programs for restaurants, which makes it a great cafe POS system.

Example of Toast Loyalty program signup through Toast POS online ordering site

Example of customizable Toast Loyalty program signup through Toast POS online ordering site.

Hardware Cost

Toast online ordering on smartphone, Toast admin dashboard on PC, Toast KDS, Toast Go 2 handheld POS, Toast countertop POS

Toast online ordering on smartphone, Toast admin dashboard on PC, Toast KDS, Toast Go 2 handheld POS, Toast countertop POS.

You get your first POS terminal free on the pay-as-you-go plan. You can purchase a second POS system and other add-ons on the free plan, including:

  • Countertop POS Terminal: $719.10
  • Toast Go 2 Handheld POS Terminal: $494.10
  • Kitchen Printer: $305.10

Get Started With Toast POS

Read our in-depth review

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PayPal Zettle: Best For Solopreneurs

PayPal Zettle

Visit Site


No monthly fee



Equipment Cost

$29 for your first card reader


  • Lower payment processing rates on in-person transactions
  • QR code payments
  • Low payment processing rates on small-ticket items
  • eCommerce and social media selling integrations


  • No offline mode
  • Not for high-volume sellers
  • Basic business management tools

PayPal Zettle POS inventory catalog

PayPal Zettle POS inventory catalog.

Why We Chose PayPal Zettle For Solopreneurs

We like that PayPal is easy for small business owners to sign up for, a trustworthy payment service for customers, and has lower payment processing fees for in-person payments and invoices. Solopreneurs can take payments in person with an affordable card reader or QR code and add a PayPal buy button to a website or blog.

We also appreciate that solopreneurs with small ticket sizes ($25 or less) can apply for PayPal Micropayments, which gives smaller businesses lower payment processing rates.

PayPal Zettle POS Pricing

PayPal has no monthly fees. Payment processing fees include:

  • 2.29% + $0.09 for card-present and QR code transactions
  • 2.99% + $0.49 for online card payments
  • 3.49% + $0.49 for payments made through PayPal Checkout and Venmo

Note: Solopreneurs must apply for PayPal Micropayments to get special small ticket size payment processing rates.

PayPal Zettle Free POS Software Features

PayPal’s free features include:

  • PayPal Business account with business management tools
  • Basic inventory management with automated inventory tracking
  • QR code payment capabilities
  • Pay with Venmo and PayPal app
  • Accept mail-order and invoice payments with a virtual terminal
  • Embed buy buttons on a website or blog
  • Sell on social media platforms including Instagram and TikTok
  • Sell subscriptions on a recurring schedule
  • Barcode label printing
  • Lower payment processing fees on in-person, QR code, and small ticket-size payments

PayPal button generator example.

PayPal buy button generator for selling individual items.

Hardware Cost

PayPal Zettle card reader

PayPal Zettle credit card reader.

  • Card Reader: $29 ($79 for additional readers)
  • Handheld POS Terminal: $199 ($269 for full terminal kits)

Get Started With PayPal Zettle

Read our in-depth review

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Loyverse: Best For Free Loyalty Program

Total Rating 4.5

Ease Of Use4.9


Customer Service4.7

User Reviews4.9





Equipment Cost



  • Free customizable loyalty program
  • Free kitchen display and customer display screen options
  • Free multilocation management
  • Offline mode


  • No built-in eCommerce
  • Advanced inventory management costs extra

Loyverse admin dashboard restaurant management settings

Loyverse admin dashboard restaurant management settings.

Why We Chose Loyverse POS For A Free Loyalty Program

We like that Loyverse, available on iOS and Android, has several industry-specific and general features built into its framework. It also has several great features that normally only come with paid POS software, including a built-in loyalty program, kitchen display system, and multi-location support. Loyverse works completely offline as well, so mobile businesses can rest assured that this POS software won't stop working on the go.

The only downside of Loyverse is that it doesn't have native eCommerce capabilities, so if you want to focus on online sales, you'll need to pay for an eCommerce integration or choose another POS option.

Loyverse POS Pricing

Loyverse is free to download and use forever. The following are paid add-ons:

  • Advanced Inventory Management: $25/month; great for wholesalers and more complex inventory needs
  • Employee Management: $25/month; great for businesses with different employee levels and user access needs
  • Integrations: $9/month; necessary for connecting Loyverse to an eCommerce website, accounting apps, and delivery apps

Loyverse integrates with several payment processors, including PayPal Zettle, SumUp, and Worldpay.

Loyverse Free POS Software Features

All Loyverse users will appreciate these free features:

  • Free loyalty program including barcode loyalty card issuing
  • Offline payment mode
  • Manage inventory and loyalty program across multiple locations
  • Choose your own POS hardware and payment processor

Restaurant, bar, and grocery store owners will appreciate these unique industry-specific features:

  • Perishable and liquid inventory management
  • Free kitchen display system/kitchen printer order routing capabilities
  • Takeout/delivery sales options
  • Sales by weight, which is great if you sell fresh food in containers and/or fresh produce

Loyverse tablet POS settings sell items by weight

Loyverse POS sell items by weight.

Hardware Cost

Loyverse free POS compatible card readers

Loyverse-compatible card readers for sale on the Loyverse website.

Compatible card readers range from $20 to $250, depending on what credit card processor you work with. Loyverse also supports a wide assortment of POS hardware, including printers, barcode scanners, and terminals.

Get Started With Loyverse

Read our in-depth review

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eHopper: Best For Free Payment Processing

Total Rating 3.5

Ease Of Use3.5


Customer Service4.5

User Reviews3.8


$0 - $39.99/month


Monthly and yearly

Equipment Cost

$69 - $1,109


  • Free card processing option
  • Works on Android and Windows
  • Free restaurant POS software
  • Affordable mobile POS terminal


  • Limited features on free plan
  • Must use eHopper Payments
  • No customer support on free plan

ehopper POS cashier user interface

eHopper POS system cashier user interface.

Why We Chose eHopper POS For Free Payment Processing

We like that eHopper offers businesses the option to start a cash discount program and avoid all payment processing fees, so it's a completely free POS option. If you use eHopper's built-in payment processor, which is how you get cash discounting, you get retail and restaurant features.

If you want the free plan and a better deal on payment processing with a third-party payment processor, there are product listings and monthly transaction limits.

eHopper POS Pricing

eHopper’s free plan gives you one free POS software license, basic employee and inventory management, and a cash discount program builder. eHopper payment processing fees include:

  • 2.5% + $0.10 for in-person transactions
  • 2.9% + $0.30 for online transactions
  • 0% for all transactions if you activate a cash discount program

Paid plans range from $24.49-$59.99/month and include features like EBT payment acceptance, kitchen display software, and an eCommerce store builder.

eHopper Free POS Software Features

eHopper allows you to pass on any credit card fees you’d usually have to pay to customers and offer a “discount” to customers who pay in cash.

eHopper enable cash discount program

eHopper enable cash discount program.

Aside from this feature and the fact that you can run eHopper as an Android POS system or Windows POS system, eHopper includes restaurant features like table management and check splitting. There are also basic admin management features like reporting and employee management. You can use eHopper POS to take payments over the phone.

Hardware Cost

ehopper pos hardware

eHopper all-in-one POS terminal and Pax S300 credit card terminal.

  • Poynt Smart WiFi Terminal: $69; must have eHopper software installed on the device
  • Samsung Tablet With Stand: $399
  • All-In-One Touchscreen POS Terminal: $899 ($1,259 off-sale)
  • All-In-One Touchscreen POS Terminal With Customer-Facing Display: $1,1o9 ($1,509 off-sale)
  • Pax Credit Card Terminal: $350

You only need a credit card terminal to take payments. You can run eHopper on your own phone or computer.

Get Started With eHopper POS

Read our in-depth review

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Odoo: Most Customizable Option


Visit Site


  • Very customizable
  • Expansive number of add-on apps available
  • Excellent inventory management
  • Invoicing app included


  • Learning curve
  • Few third-party integrations

Odoo product settings example

Odoo product settings example.

Why We Chose Odoo POS As The Most Customizable Option

We like that Odoo works on all device types, offers very versatile inventory management, and includes invoicing that directly connects to Odoo's accounting software app for free. You can run multiple brands under Odoo, create an unlimited number of employee accounts, manage a B2C and B2B customer base, integrate with several payment processors, and create a completely custom POS hardware setup.

Once you have the money for a monthly fee, you get all of Odoo's web-based apps bundled for one affordable price. For example, you can install the POS, rental, and maintenance apps on one Mac to create a complete bike retail, repair, and rental POS system for one low monthly price.

Odoo Pricing

With Odoo, you get one app for free, so you can get your POS app without spending any money.

The paid plans are as follows:

  • Standard: $31.10/user/month ($24.90/user/month with annual billing)
  • Custom: $46.80/user/month ($37.40/user/month with annual billing)

With paid plans, you get access to all Odoo apps.

Odoo does not include payment processing, so you’ll pay for payment processing from a third-party provider like Stripe,, or PayPal.

Odoo Free POS Software Features

Odoo’s free POS app comes with:

  • Highly customizable inventory management
  • Barcode label printing in custom sizes
  • Invoice builder with custom repayment terms
  • Integrate POS and invoicing with Odoo accounting software
  • Compatibility with industry-standard registers, barcode scanners, weight scales, receipt printers, and RFID tag/key fob readers

Odoo POS system create inventory item

Odoo POS system create inventory item.

Because the POS app is average, we really like Odoo because of the other apps available. You only pay one low monthly price for all of Odoo’s 50+ integrated cloud-based apps, which include a complete HR and payroll solution, a manufacturing order management app, a quality control monitoring app, and shipping courier integrations.

Odoo Rental management app item rental calendar

Odoo Rental management app item rental calendar.

Hardware Cost

Odoo POS hardware

Odoo POS software on mobile, desktop, and laptop devices.

You can purchase a Stripe Terminal card reader to take in-person payments. Depending on your model, you may spend between $59 and $349.

Get Started With Odoo

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Merchant Maverick has been researching and reviewing POS providers since 2012. Our writers have tested over 100 different point of sale systems, evaluating pricing, features, ease of use, customer service, and user reviewers. Read more about how we rate POS providers.

When comparing different POS software systems, we consider many data points, including relative pricing, the depth of niche features offered, the price of hardware, and any associated payment processing fees. Our lists of the best providers include only apps we’ve deemed worthwhile from multiple vantage points. The POS vendors we pick share qualities such as widespread availability, accessibility, user-friendliness, and reasonable pricing. We also look carefully at niche features, such as check-splitting, inventory management, eCommerce, loyalty programs, gift cards, and more.

We spend an average of 10-15 hours researching and updating each one of our lists, making sure the providers included meet our internal standards for quality and reputation.


Vendors evaluated


Attributes assessed per vendor


Features weighed


Combined years of experience

What Is A Free POS System?

A free POS system is software that you can install on a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or other device that also connects to a credit card reader so business owners can take orders and accept payments.

While free POS software has no monthly fees, you may still be charged a payment processing fee, which is a per-transaction fee you pay to a vendor (such as Square or Clover) who facilitates payments between a customer and the bank you use to receive funding.

How To Choose A Free POS System For Small Business

Consider the following factors when you choose a free POS system.

Industry-Specific Software

Unless you’re selling just a few retail items or services, consider a POS system with industry-specific software features. For example, a retail business with a midsize or large inventory should consider one of our best POS systems with inventory management.

Restaurant-specific point of sale software like Square For Restaurants and Toast offers useful features such as table mapping and tipping, and there are free restaurant POS systems available.

Businesses with eCommerce or online ordering for pickup on their radar should get a POS system with eCommerce capabilities. Square offers a free website builder and Toast offers an online ordering platform if you pay a higher payment processing fee.

Software Plan Limitations

Many free software plans have product, monthly transaction, or user account limits. Very small business owners will not have a problem with these limitations, but if you are planning to expand, look for a POS system that doesn’t have these limitations.

Also, consider feature limitations. For example, if you’re interested in starting a loyalty program to generate a dedicated customer base, look for a POS with loyalty features like Toast or Loyverse.

Web-Based Vs Mobile App

If you plan on taking sales at fairs or events, find a POS system that works with mobile devices. You can get a simple smartphone app for a compact POS system or a tablet POS system for a more detailed register interface. Square, Helcim, PayPal, Loyverse, and Odoo work on most devices.

If your business takes mostly invoices and over-the-phone payments, you can use your POS on a web browser or desktop POS system. This is our list of the best POS systems for Mac devices.

Payment Processing Cost

POS systems like Square and Toast require you to pay higher payment processing fees on free POS software plans. You should do some simple math to determine when getting a paid monthly subscription plan is more cost-effective than paying higher payment processing fees.

You can also totally avoid payment processing fees by starting a cash discount program with a system like eHopper.

Alternatively, you can get POS software from a provider like Loyverse or Odoo and choose one of the cheapest credit card processors.

POS Hardware Options

If you run your own store, consider a full register setup with accessories like barcode scanners and receipt printers. You can pay for an all-in-one setup from a provider like Square or download software from Loyverse or Odoo to build your own setup with any hardware you want.

If you’re looking for durable hardware for your restaurant, consider a POS system with durable drop-proof and spill-proof POS hardware like Toast or Square.

Read our POS hardware guide to help you decide what POS hardware you need to run your business.

Contract Terms

At some point, your business may outgrow the features offered by your POS provider, or you may just want to try out a POS system. In either case, consider a POS system with flexible monthly plans or a forever-free app download.

If you want to choose one POS system and use it for the rest of your time in business, choose software that can grow along with your business, or consider switching to a POS system with a more extensive paid plan.

Read up on POS system costs to get an idea of what paid POS software plans look like.

FAQs: Free POS Software For Small Business

How do I get a free POS machine?

You can get a free POS machine by signing up with a POS system provider that offers free POS hardware. Toast offers $0 upfront POS machines for restaurants. eHopper offers no-cost credit card readers if you sign up for a merchant account with the company.

How do I get free POS hardware?

If you run a restaurant, Toast offers a free plan with POS hardware included. If you run a retail business, Square includes a free card reader, or you can take payments with your mobile phone.

What is the best free POS for Android?

The best free POS for Android is Toast for restaurants, Helcim for retail businesses, and Square for a more general Android POS system.

What is the best free iPad POS?

The best free iPad POS is Square for retail and restaurant businesses and Helcim for service-based businesses. Both POS systems offer well-developed iPad apps and industry-specific features.

How do I get free POS software?

Look for POS software that is free forever and not just a free trial, compare your available options, and sign up with your chosen provider. You’ll enter business and personal information on the provider’s site, then download your free POS software onto a compatible device.

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