The 5 Best Kabbage Alternatives

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Kabbage (see our review) is an online lender known for its extremely quick application process and convenient line of credit style loans. The lender’s always-accessible online interface and a low barrier to entry mean that Kabbage is often a favorite for businesses that are not interested in (or not qualified for) more traditional business funding. Plus, Kabbage’s line of credit-style loans grant borrowers more flexibility in how they use their funds and how much they can borrow at any given time.

However, Kabbage also has some pretty critical downsides. For one, the product tends to be extremely expensive; interest rates and APRs are higher than most comparable products, and the fees are front-loaded, so there’s very little chance of saving money by repaying early. Check out our full review of Kabbage for more details about the pros and cons of this lender.

In the meantime, it doesn’t hurt to check out your alternatives, whether you’re looking to make some comparisons with other lenders, want to move on from Kabbage, or have some other reason; there are plenty of other lenders that offer similar financial products.

The companies listed here all offer a line of credit similar to Kabbage’s loan. They are more-or-less organized according to ease of qualification, from simplest to most difficult. But keep this in mind: in general, the easier it is to qualify for a loan, the more expensive the interest rates and fees.


bluevine logo
Time in business:6 months
Credit score:600

BlueVine (see our review) is known for invoice factoring, but it offers lines of credit as well. Currently, the credit facilities for a line of credit max out at $100K. With APRs that range from 21% – 65%, BlueVine’s rates tend to be similar to or better than Kabbage’s.

However, this product is not available in every state. Check the FAQ to see if your business is eligible.

It’s hard for any lender to compete with the speed and ease of Kabbage’s application and funding process (which usually only takes a few minutes). Still, BlueVine comes close; typically, the time to funding is around 24 hours, which makes it one of the fastest funders outside of Kabbage.

For more information, check out our full BlueVine review.

Visit the BlueVine website


Streetshares logo
Time in business:12 months (sometimes 6 months)
Credit score:620
Revenue: $25K/year ($100K for businesses less than 6 months old)

StreetShares (see our review) offers term loans, lines of credit, and most recently, contract financing (a non-loan service similar to invoice factoring). For their term loans and lines of credit, businesses can borrow up to 20% of their annual revenue, with a limit of $100K.

With APRs that range from 7% – 39.99% for both loan options, StreetShares rates tend to be lower than many other lenders on this list, despite the low bar to entry. The initial application and setup process may take a little longer than it does with Kabbage, but is generally completed in less than a week.

Check out our StreetShares review for the full story on this lender.

Visit the StreetShares website


OnDeck logo
Time in business:12 months
Credit score:500

OnDeck (see our review) provides lines of credit and term loans; borrowers may be eligible for one or both of these products. For the lines of credit, businesses might be eligible for credit facilities up to $100K. For the term loans, businesses may be eligible for up to $500K.

Like Kabbage, OnDeck is often criticized for high borrowing fees. This lender’s term loans have APRs that can range anywhere from 6% – 99%. That said, at 11% – 39.9%, APRs for the lines of credit are much more reasonable.

OnDeck is known for its extremely fast turnaround time—the application process generally takes less than 24 hours, plus a couple business days for the funds to hit your bank account.

For more information, read our full OnDeck review.

Visit the OnDeck website


fundation logo
Time in business:12 months
Credit score:600

Fundation (see our review) recently started offering lines of credit in addition to its business term loans. Like most of the lenders on this list, Fundation’s lines of credit max out at $100K. On the other hand, their term loans have a maximum of $500K.

With APRs that range from 7.99% – 29.99% for both term loans and lines of credit, Fundation’s rates tend to be lower than Kabbage’s, and a little better than most of the other lenders listed here. The time from application to funding generally takes less than a week.

With relatively low rates, a fast application, and quality customer service, Fundation is one of the few lenders to receive a 5-star rating on Merchant Maverick. Check out our full Fundation review for more information.

Visit the Fundation website

Lending Club

lending club logo
Time in business:2 years
Credit score:640

Although Lending Club (see our review) is generally known for its personal loans, this lender also offers business term loans and lines of credit.

At a maximum of $300K, Lending Club offers the largest possible credit facility for lines of credit. Their term loans also max out at $300K, but as always, the amount you’ll personally qualify for will vary based on the strength of your business. APRs for term loans currently range from 8% – 32%, while those for lines of credit range from 7.2% – 23.9%; this means that Lending Club typically offers the lowest rates of the lenders on this list.

Of all the alternatives to Kabbage, Lending Club tends to be the most difficult to qualify for. Additionally, the application and setup process might take a week or two to complete. However, once your credit line is set up, you can access it at any time.

Read our full Lending Club Business Loans review for the complete low-down on this lender.

Visit the Lending Club website

Final Thoughts

Most lenders on this list offer term loans in addition to lines of credit. Lenders might offer one or both of these products depending on your business needs. To learn more about how each works and what they’re typically used for, check out our articles on lines of credit and term loans.

Your Kabbage alternative of choice will depend significantly on how established your business is, how quickly you need funding, what your credit score is, and more. Hopefully, the information about these five lenders will start you off on the right foot, but if you didn’t find anything that suits your fancy, your next stop might be our small business loan comparison page.

Have you found a quality alternative to Kabbage that isn’t listed above? Leave a message in the comments!

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