Advertiser Disclosure

How This Site Makes Money

Merchant Maverick generates revenue in one way and one way only: referral partnerships.

The reviews on this site are free, and you’re free to do what you want with them. You can use them to make a better choice or simply to see how your current vendor stacks up.

When you use them to make a choice on which provider to go with, we give you the opportunity to visit that vendor’s website through a referral link. If you sign up with them, then we get a commission, which probably raises the question…

Are your reviews unbiased?
The FTC has recently cracked down on review websites that receive incentives to write positive reviews. The high profile case of Belkin was what set the whole thing off.

We want to clear the air for all of our readers, and for the FTC right here. We do not get paid for writing positive reviews. In other words, if a vendor approaches us with a load of cash and says “hey, give me a 5 out of 5,” we will turn them down. Our intent is to provide unbiased reviews, and taking cash would obviously jeopardize the integrity of our site, but that raises another question…

Can you be unbiased when you are receiving referral commissions?
To that we say “why can’t we?” So far, we’ve reviewed hundreds of merchant account providers, POS software companies, and business software providers. We don’t think we’ve even hit the halfway mark. There are many great companies around and many bad ones as well. Our reviews are always in flux, and 5 out of 5 today might become a 4 out of 5 tomorrow. The good news is that there will always be another company out there that can take that top spot; there will never be a shortage of companies we’re happy to refer you to, and ALL of them would be happy to get that referral. So, our question to you is…

If it doesn’t matter which of the top vendors we refer you to, then why would we be biased?

With that said, if you notice that we’re off course, call us out on it. Tell us what we’re doing wrong, and we’ll listen. That’s our promise to you. And, if you have a problem with us receiving any type of monetary return on the reviews that we’ve posted, just open a new tab and go to the vendor’s website while bypassing our links. Sound good?

Finally, if you have a better idea of how Merchant Maverick can provide value to you without dipping into the referral commission structure, then by all means, please tell us. Feel free to leave your comments below.

For those of you who are okay with us earning some dough for our hard work, please know that we appreciate your kindness and will return the favor any day, any time.

Thank You! 🙂