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Is WordPress Easy To Use For eCommerce?

If you know anything about web development, you know about WordPress. WordPress is now the most popular Content Management System (CMS) in the world, powering over 31% of websites globally. In fact, WordPress is the software behind the very website you’re currently on! As an everyday WordPress user myself, I can say with confidence that […]

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webbased An Alternative To Website Builders

As a reviewer of website builders, you might say I have a vested interest in promoting the main idea undergirding the DIY website builder: The notion that anybody, given access to inexpensive online editing tools, can create a perfectly functional website for their business or for themselves. However, there are plenty of reasons why a prospective […]

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Shopify VS 3dcart

If you’re looking into building an online store, you’ve probably seen mention online of both Shopify and 3dcart. Both of these are fully hosted SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions, and both boast usability and plentiful eCommerce features. These shopping carts call themselves all-in-one solutions, meaning that they will provide you with site hosting, web […]

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Is Shopify Easy To Use?

If you’ve ever visited Shopify’s website, you know that ease of use is their number one marketing claim. But does that claim have any merit? Is this app as intuitive as they say? As software reviewers who have tested over 40 eCommerce solutions over the years (many of them repeatedly!), we can confidently say that […]

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7 Shopify Dropshipping Apps

Dropshipping is the sweetest gig in eCommerce, and sellers and advertisers everywhere sing its praises. They claim all you have to do is select the most profitable dropshipping products, and the dollars will roll on in. And while we are skeptical of these claims (check out our article 7 Reasons To Rethink Drop Shipping), for […]

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Cheaper alternatives to Shopify

The Best Free Shopify Competitors

A penny saved is a penny earned, or so the saying goes. I’m not a fan of most of the advice you see on Grandma’s needlepoint pillows, but this axiom rings true when you’re cultivating your small business. These days, anyone can sell online, regardless of skill level, technical know-how, or income. One of the […]

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Stripe VS Square

Stripe VS Square ✓ Products and Services ✓ ✓ Compatible Hardware ✓ ✓ Fees and Rates ✓ ✓ Sales and Advertising Transparency ✓ Customer Service and Technical Support ✓ ✓ Negative Reviews and Complaints ✓ ✓ Positive Reviews and Testimonials ✓ Tie Final Verdict  Tie Read Review Read Review Compare Visit Site Overview Spend a […]

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Shopify alternatives

A Quick Guide To Shopify Pricing 2018

When it comes to shopping cart platforms, Shopify (see our review) is the one to beat. This hugely popular eCommerce platform serves over 400,000 merchants worldwide and has facilitated $34 billion of sales since its founding. Shopify’s easy-to-use design and affordable price make it a highly accessible choice for small business owners who want to expand […]

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A Guide To Shopify Themes, Templates, And Design Tools

Shopify is a cloud-based, SaaS solution for online sellers. This ecommerce platform allows you to build a full website, add products, create promotions, and sell from your own site. Shopify is an incredibly popular solution, hosting online stores for over 500,000 merchants; this popularity is due primarily to Shopify’s simplicity and ease of use. Sellers […]

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