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    Overview: I am extremely hesitant to refer to as a CRM. In fact, so are they. The purpose of a Customer Relationship Manager is, not surprisingly, to help you manage relationships with your many customers. The natural solution for this is to take your address book and give it “software steroids.” If sales is a […]

  • Nimble Review

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    Overview: Do you remember GoldStar CRM from the early 1990’s? Neither do I. But I have learned to be grateful for it. GoldStar CRM was founded by Joe Ferrara, and for 20 years it was the boot camp (the training ground, if you will) for one of today’s top CRM solutions: Nimble CRM. Mr. Ferrara […]

  • Pipeliner CRM Review

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    Overview: Pipeliner’s backstory is of a kind that predisposes me to expect great things. The company prides itself on having a “by sales professionals, for sales professionals” CRM model, which tells me two things right off the bat. First, it tells me that it is designed by people who know exactly what the software should […]

  • Highrise CRM Review

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    Overview: If your only experience with software producer “37signals” came from Highrise, you would think it was a weekender project located in someone’s basement. The truth is that 37signals is a very talented and driven team of 43 people who started the project, developed it, stuck a fork in it, and moved on. It’s all […]

  • Streak Review

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    Overview: As I go about my workday at the computer, the key commands I use most often are those that switch between open applications. Perhaps I’ve just gotten used to it, but this is a common frustration which Streak attempts to resolve. Their “fresh take” is to bring CRM functionality to your inbox, rather than […]