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Loyalty Rewards Software Reviews

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  • Sweet Tooth Review

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    Overview: Sweet Tooth began as an ecommerce web development agency. After developing a successful loyalty software for one of their clients, Sweet Tooth decided to go full loyalty. The company works with over 3500 merchants worldwide, including Delta, Universal, and Olympus. According to Sweet Tooth, case studies from many of these clients have seen over […]

  • Belly Review

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    Overview: In August 2011, owners of AlleyCat Comics, a small comic bookstore in Chicago, launched their first digital loyalty program. Featured in this program was a once in a lifetime opportunity to punch the owner in the stomach; odd, but effective. This was the launching pad for Belly Inc.: a three year old startup, formerly […]

  • FiveStars Review

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    Overview: Fivestars Loyalty Inc. had pretty humble beginnings. Picture two guys in grungy t-shirts eating ramen and getting creative. No, it’s not Wayne and Garth; it’s Victor Ho and Matt Doka. The Founders of Fivestars were both consultants at McKinsey before they decided to venture out on their own. The Fivestars Loyalty program was debuted […]

  • Loyalty Gator Review

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    Overview: Founded in 2011 by David Douglas Dzick and Jennifer Lynn Dzick, Loyalty Gator is an international company known for its cloud based loyalty platform. It’s located in Canada and provides a software interface in 12 different languages. Highlights for the software include: An easy to use software interface Data ownership White Label Options eCommerce and brick […]

  • Perka Loyalty Review

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    Overview: Perka is a merchant relations company that uses a mobile check-in process as the central part of their loyalty program. The program serves as an alternative to the traditional paper punch card system. The software began as an iPod enhanced app for buy one get ten free cards and has developed into a more […]

  • Perkville Review

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    Overview: Perkville Inc. is a SaaS (Software as a Service) company with a point-based loyalty platform. Co-founders Sunil Saha (a former LinkedIn PM) and Eric Bollman (a former UX Director at Yahoo!) launched Perkville with a simple, but effective method. The software is free and requires no cards, no codes, and no apps. The only […]

  • S Loyalty Review

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    Overview: Started in 2012 in Hong Kong, the team behind S Loyalty is all about meeting customers where they are. When first launched, S Loyalty was the only customer rewards program available for use with Shopify and BigCommerce, and those are the same two programs S Loyalty is designed to serve today. To distinguish itself […]

  • Flok Review

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    Overview: Flok offers marketing solutions to small-to-medium sized businesses via the Flok mobile app. Ido Gaver and Eran Kirshenboim, both natives of Israel and graduates of Tel Aviv University, founded Flok (formerly called LoyalBlocks) in 2011. The software was originally designed to offer affordable marketing tools to small businesses but has now been adopted by larger chains such […]

  • Thirdshelf Review

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    Overview: Finding an affordable, digital loyalty solution is becoming increasingly feasible thanks to forward-thinking entrepreneurs who see the vast potential for these programs, and Thirdshelf founders Rami Karam, Antoine Azar, and Steve Valiquette are just such thinkers. With SaaS backgrounds ranging from mobile device management to retail, and customer engagement, they’ve developed a product that’s […]