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Where can I use PayPal

How To Use PayPal In Stores

PayPal is synonymous with P2P payments and digital wallets for consumers. Over the years, though, PayPal has also dabbled in creating options for users to pay with their PayPal balances in brick-and-mortar stores. PayPal users can now use NFC technology to spend their balances at shops in the offline world.

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Sep 19, 2023 Filed under: Digital Wallets and Alternative Payments

Best Alternative Payment Methods For Small Businesses In 2024

From speeding up the checkout process to garnering extra trust from customers and reducing your own risk of fraud in your business, alternative payment methods have a plethora of benefits and don’t require too much fancy footwork to get set up. Let’s explore some of the biggest trends, such as digital wallets, bank transfers, and a few more you may not have heard of just yet.

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Feb 1, 2024 Filed under: ACH and Check Processing, Digital Wallets and Alternative Payments
Apple Pay

The Complete Guide To Accepting Apple Pay For Business: What You’ll Need & How Much It Costs

Apple Pay, along with other digital wallets, is becoming widely adopted. Apple users are notoriously brand loyal, so once they start to use Apple Pay, they tend to stick to this particular digital wallet. If you don’t yet take digital wallet payments, is it time to provide that convenience to your customers and start taking them?

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Jan 24, 2023 Filed under: Digital Wallets and Alternative Payments