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7-Years and Counting!

Merchant Maverick has come a long way since July of 2009. Back then I was afraid. I was afraid that my idea would fail. I was afraid that I’d run up my credit cards and that I’d go broke. I thought I’d have to sleep in my car, and would eventually be homeless. Fear is […]

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We Want Your Feedback!

At Merchant Maverick, we strive daily to provide the most practical, relevant content we can. That’s why we’ve created this brief survey: to give us a better idea of what you’re looking for, what you’d like to see more of, and why you depend on us for information about software and small business services. Please take a few moments to answer the questions below. Your feedback will help us improve the quality of the site and enable us to keep giving you the valuable insight you need.

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A transaction resulting in credit card processing fees

The Complete Guide to Credit Card Processing Rates & Fees

Credit card processing fees are extensive, complicated, and somewhat overwhelming. Nevertheless, you have to pay them if you want to process credit cards through your business. Rather than paying these charges blindly, you might as well make an effort to understand them. That way, you can dispute any costs you think are unfair or get […]

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Are You a High-Risk Merchant?

In the processing world, some business types and industries are considered “risky.” Are you one of them? Have you already been turned down by a few credit card processors? Did they tell you that you’re deemed a “high-risk merchant?” Well, all is not lost. Luckily there are plenty of high risk merchant account providers that […]

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Enter to Win a VeriFone VX520 Terminal

It’s contest time again! This time, we’re giving away a VeriFone VX520 terminal. The VX520 is a portable, EMV-compatible card reader that can also handle NFC and contactless payments. This reader allows you to swipe normal magstripe credit cards, but it supports chip-and-PIN and chip-and-signature cards as well. As an added bonus we’ve ensured that […]

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A Visual Guide to Credit Card Processing Fees and Rates [Infographic]

Credit card processing fees are hard to understand, but we don’t think they should be, so we set out with the goal of creating the most easy to digest and visually appealing infographic on the subject. You be the judge. ­čśë Share this Image On Your Site <a href=’’><img src=’’ alt=’A Visual Guide to Credit […]

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Merchant Maverick Turns Six!

For the first five years of running this business I felt like a fraud. It was as if I was working on a pet project which┬áhappened to last a little longer than I expected it to. But year six has changed everything. I feel like Merchant Maverick is officially…well…official, and┬áI’m extremely proud to say it. […]

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Enter Merchant Maverick’s Giveaway!

We’ve teamed up with Shopify for an awesome giveaway this month. One lucky winner will get three months of Shopify Professional (online and in-store), and $250 in cold hard cash to spend on your business! The contest ends August 16th so enter today to win! Merchant Maverick’s Giveaway!

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