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Best Buy Now, Pay Later Apps To Offer Your Customers

Adding one of these popular BNPL apps to your store may make it less scary for customers to make larger purchases, reduce cart abandonment, and generally increase your sales.

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Whether your business lives online or you provide in-person services, you have probably lost out on sales because your potential customers weren’t able to pay their balances up front.

Buy now, pay later apps are the latest attempt to remedy this issue for business owners. Customers take out short term loans from BNPL service providers and pay them back in installments, while merchants get paid by the BNPL provider up front, minus some merchant fees.

Buy now, pay later options are an easy way to increase your sales, and are worth the investment. Below, we’ll take a look at the best buy now, pay later services for different types of businesses. Read on to find the BNPL provider that’s right for you and your customer base.

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Overall best BNPL app for U.S. based businesses.
Overall best BNPL app for U.S. based businesses.

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Best for fashion, luxury, other "try-before-you-buy" retailers.
Best for fashion, luxury, other "try-before-you-buy" retailers.

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PayPal Pay In 4

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Best for eCommerce businesses that use PayPal for checkout.
Best for eCommerce businesses that use PayPal for checkout.

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Best for digital content creators.
Best for digital content creators.

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Best for eCommerce businesses catering to younger shoppers.
Best for eCommerce businesses catering to younger shoppers.

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Other Featured Options:

  • Sunbit: Best for healthcare, veterinary, and automotive service providers.
  • Wisetack: Best for home improvement service providers.
  • Splitit: Best for selling high-ticket items online and in-store.

Read more below to learn why we chose these options.

8 Best BNPL Apps To Boost Your Sales

These BNPL apps may help you avoid lost sales and incentivize customers to make larger purchases.

  • Affirm: Overall best BNPL app for U.S. based businesses
  • Klarna: For fashion, luxury, other “try-before-you-buy” retailers
  • PayPal Pay In 4: For eCommerce businesses that offer PayPal payment
  • LaterPay: For digital content creators
  • Sezzle: For eCommerce businesses catering to younger shoppers
  • Sunbit: For healthcare, veterinary, automotive service providers
  • Wisetack: For home improvement service providers
  • Splitit: For selling high-ticket items online and in-store

1. Affirm: Overall Best BNPL App For U.S. Based Businesses


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  • Loan offering amounts and repayment timelines set by merchants
  • Installment payments update in real-time as cart balance changes
  • Online, in person, and telesales businesses can use this BNPL option
  • Customers are never charged late fees for missed payments


  • Missed payments may be reported to credit bureaus
  • Available only for shoppers who live in the U.S.
  • Confusing payment process for merchants

Affirm is our choice for the best all-around BNPL app because of how versatile its loan repayment offerings are. Merchants have complete control over the minimum amount customers must spend to qualify for installment payments. You can also choose whether or not to offer 0% interest loan financing, how long customers have to repay their loans, and where to show Affirm payment messaging.

Also, Affirm now offers Adaptive Checkout, a unique checkout solution that updates a shopper’s Affirm loan repayment options in real-time as they add items to their cart. With this dynamic technology, customers see their total purchase amount broken down into personalized installment payments throughout the shopping experience. At checkout, your customers won’t feel shocked at their total, which will reduce cart abandonment rates.

To apply for a loan at checkout, first-time Affirm users enter some personal information, including debit or credit card information. Affirm also does a soft credit check, which does not affect their credit score. Existing Affirm users just need to log onto their account. The loan application and approval process takes only seconds.

If a customer is pre-approved for an Affirm loan, they may not need to pay interest on any loan options. Otherwise, they may pay 10-30% interest on loans. This depends on the financing agreement you have with Affirm. In some cases, customers may also need a down payment, as they may apply for up to $30,000 in a single transaction.

Installments are due either biweekly or monthly, depending on the repayment plan. Your customers will never be charged late fees, but late payments may impact their credit score. To avoid this, your customers can set up an automatic payment schedule.

Affirm typically charges merchants a 4-6% commission rate plus a $0.30 flat fee per transaction completed through their BNPL service.

If you’re not sure whether these fees are worth it, read our post, Adding Buy Now, Pay Later To Your Website: Does It Help Or Hurt Your Bottom Line?

To start offering buy now, pay later options, apply to become an Affirm merchant. Then, Affirm will work with you to develop a customized BNPL business solution.

If your online store is built on any of these major web builders, there is a ready-made Affirm plugin or app available. Otherwise, add Affirm directly to your site through Affirm’s API.

For a more in-depth look at how Affirm works and whether it’s the right BNPL provider for your business, read our post, What You Need To Know About Adding An Affirm Loan Option To Your Site.

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2. Klarna: Best For Merchants Selling Fashion, Luxury, "Try-Before-You-Buy" Items


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  • One of the most well recognized BNPL apps out there
  • Merchants have the choice to offer several types of repayment options
  • Express checkout buttons make the shopping experience fast and easy
  • Klarna partners with merchants to amplify their brands


  • Customers have struggled with Klarna’s customer service
  • Confusing payment and merchant fee setup
  • Late fees range from $7-$35 per late installment

Klarna is a great option for businesses selling “nonessential” or luxury items online, in-store, or both. That’s because Klarna’s unique Pay in 30 Days financing option allows customers to try their items out for free, keep what they love, and return what they don’t within 30 days of receiving their items. This low-pressure option makes customers more likely to complete their orders.

Like many BNPL providers, customers also have the option to pay in four interest-free installments charged every two weeks, or through long-term financing with 0-29.99% interest. Customer financing installments are paid monthly.

Klarna also offers express checkout buttons so that you can create a one-click checkout experience for your customers. The express checkout button costs $30 per month to have on your site, but that fee may be worth it to reduce the amount of effort it takes customers to complete their purchases, and minimize the amount of time customers have to change their minds.

Merchants pay a flat fee of $0.30 per transaction, and Klarna takes a percentage of each purchase made through their services. The percentage varies depending on what payment option your customer chooses, and their location. Klarna fees also include payment processing fees, which would otherwise cost anywhere from 1.5-2.9% per transaction.

The variable merchant fee for using each Klarna product is as follows:

  • Up To 5.99% Per Transaction: Pay in 30 Days, 4 Installments
  • Up To 3.29% Per Transaction: Customer Financing, Klarna Checkout, Klarna In-Store, Klarna Express Button Online
  • Up To 3.79% Per Transaction: Klarna Express Button In-Store

You can implement Klarna’s subtle on-site messaging on your site or in your store, and customers will see their payment options throughout the shopping experience. At checkout, new Klarna users can apply for installment financing. Existing Klarna users simply verify their accounts.

Klarna does a soft credit check on customers who choose Pay in 30 Days, 4 in Installments loan options. This will not affect their credit score. Customers who apply for long-term financing may undergo a hard credit check that shows up as an inquiry on their credit report. The maximum loan amount is $1,000 for Pay in 30 Days and 4 Installments. The maximum loan amount is $10,000 for 3-36 month financing.

To start offering Klarna, you must meet these ethical requirements and put in an application. After you’re approved, you will receive your Klarna API credentials, which you’ll use to add different Klarna products as a payment option. You’ll manage orders, returns, and on-site messaging through your merchant portal.

Merchants get paid for each purchase (minus merchant fees) up front, from 1-3 business days after products ship, or after your customer finalizes the transaction in the case of storefront purchases.

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3. PayPal Pay In 4: Best For eCommerce Businesses That Offer PayPal Payments

PayPal Pay In 4

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  • Free to add to your current PayPal payment setup
  • Built-in brand recognition and trust
  • No interest and no late fees for your customers
  • Pre-made PayPal financing marketing present throughout the shopping experience


  • No storefront buy now, pay later option
  • Limited to U.S. buyers and sellers (right now)
  • Customers must have a PayPal account to take advantage of this BNPL solution

While PayPal was a little late to the pay later game, Pay In 4 has the clean, straightforward functionality that other BNPL companies sometimes lack. Pay In 4 is free for sellers who implement PayPal as a payment option in their online stores.

US-based sellers who already have a one-time PayPal payment integration simply add Pay Later messaging. You also add a PayPal “Pay Later” button as another payment option at checkout.

From there, customers with an existing PayPal account can apply for Pay In 4 financing on purchases between $30 and $1,500. People who don’t have PayPal can sign up and apply for financing. Customers are redirected to PayPal to apply and view loan terms. They are then approved or denied for a loan and redirected back to your site. This entire process takes only seconds.

PayPal does a soft credit check on loan applicants and ensures that existing PayPal users are in good standing before approving them. Customers then pay 25% of the purchase amount at checkout, and the remaining three installments are automatically charged to their PayPal account every 15 days.

Your customers will never be charged a fee for late payments, but late payments may be reported to credit bureaus. Late payments can also disqualify customers from PayPal Pay In 4 loans in the future.

Qualifying merchants who already use PayPal can easily add this functionality to their existing payment setup. If you use a major web builder such as WooCommerce, all you have to do is enable Pay In 4 and add PayPal’s on-site messaging throughout your site.

However, if you use a web builder like Shopify, you’ll need to inject JavaScript code into your website. If you are not a developer, this might be difficult. PayPal has created a pay button generator for non-developers, but you still have to copy the code, place it on your product and checkout pages, and troubleshoot issues on your own.

You get paid the entirety of the purchase amount upfront when your customer completes their transaction. This is much more appealing compared to other providers with longer holding periods. Check out our full PayPal Pay In 4 post to see if it’s right for your business.

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4. LaterPay: Best For Digital Content Creators


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  • With LaterPay, content creators have several ways to offer paid access to their work
  • After installation, LaterPay takes care of everything from invoicing, to disputes, to tax calculations
  • Easy to set up purchasing options
  • You can set Pay Now and Pay Later options


  • Unless you use WordPress, adding LaterPay requires a little coding
  • LaterPay take 15% of your revenue
  • Customers are only charged when they reach $5 in fees with the Pay Later option

LaterPay is a BNPL app unlike all the others on this list, because it’s geared towards digital content creators. You can monetize blogs, videos, online courses, magazines, and downloadable content in a variety of ways.

Content creators might charge users for:

  • Time passes to “rent” their content for a specified period of time
  • Ad-free access to videos and podcast episodes
  • Purchasing articles, magazines, and online courses
  • Subscriptions

You also have the option to ask users for contributions or tips.

To start monetizing your hard work, simply sign up and integrate LaterPay through one of the company’s integration methods. If your site was built with WordPress, simply install the plugin. Otherwise, you need to add some Javascript to your site, or connect through LaterPay’s API.

From there, you choose which paid content formats you want to use (they’re all included with your LaterPay account.) You can add contribution popups, subscriptions after a number of free articles, and create a paywall in the middle of articles through your Connector dashboard.

Customers run into paywalls, subscription buttons, purchase offerings, or ad-free offerings (depending on your content monetization strategy). They sign up for a LaterPay account with some personal info and a payment method while they’re on your website, and only get charged once they reach at least $5 in fees. You can set your LaterPay offering so that customers have to pay upon purchase, instead of waiting for them to pay later, if that works better for you.

LaterPay takes 15% of your revenue generated through their payment system, which is a small price to pay to host your own content on your own site. Instead of paying membership fees to online learning platforms like Teachable, or hosting your downloadable content on a platform like Podia, you control your monetization structure on your own site.

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5. Sezzle: Best For eCommerce Businesses Catering To Younger Shoppers


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  • Named #1 Installment Payment Software by G2 in Fall 2021 because of its excellent customer service
  • Customers may reschedule payments up to three times (the first is free, but the rest are not)
  • Sezzle Up option available for customers who want to improve their credit score through BNPL
  • Merchants may qualify for interest-bearing savings accounts


  • Sezzle does not have an in-store payment option
  • Customers may pay $10 in late fees or $5 for payment rescheduling
  • If a customer does not have enough funding in their account to cover an automated installment payment, their bank may charge nonsufficient funding fees

Sezzle’s pay in four interest-free installment plans are similar to Pay In 4 and Affirm, but this fintech company really sets itself apart on the customer service front.

The company is a certified B Corporation, because they focus on offering transparent BNPL services, as well as financial education, with the mission to empower the next generation of shoppers. Sezzle gives customers every opportunity to avoid late fees, is highly responsive when customers have any issues, and allows younger shoppers to build their credit with their Sezzle Up program.

Customers who sign up for Sezzle Up get their on-time installment payments reported to credit bureaus, and increase their Sezzle credit limit over time. Other BNPL providers do not report on-time payments, so this is a unique, highly attractive feature.

To get started, customers simply choose to pay with Sezzle at checkout. They sign up with a US or Canadian phone number, email address, and non pre-paid payment method. Applicants are subject to soft credit checks that will not affect their scores. Loan applications are approved in seconds.

They pay 25% of their purchase upfront, and the next three interest-free installments over the span of six weeks.

If a customer can’t make a payment on time, they can change a due date for free. If needed, the next two due date changes will cost $5 each. If they don’t change the due date, customers are charged $10 in late fees.

For each transaction through Sezzle, merchants are paid the entirety of the purchase amount, minus Sezzle’s fees, within three business days of the order being placed. Fees are typically $0.30 plus 6% of the transaction price.

Sezzle also offers a merchant interest-bearing plan for merchants, in addition to their standard direct deposit plan.

To set up Sezzle on your website, you must submit an application. Once approved, Sezzle sends a Setup Checklist detailing how to add the BNPL tool to your website, a walkthrough of the merchant portal, and a transparent fund settlement setup. If you use one of these major eCommerce platforms, adding the Sezzle widget to your site is included in the Setup Checklist. Otherwise, you can integrate using the Sezzle API.

Sezzle is also known for its stellar merchant assistance services, so don’t hesitate to ask for help if you need it.

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6. Sunbit: Best For Healthcare, Veterinary, And Automotive Service Providers


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  • Customers have access to larger essential purchases and add-ons
  • Specifically catered towards in-person businesses
  • Dedicated merchant account manager to train you to offer Sunbit services
  • Huge range of installment offerings available to suit your customers’ needs


  • Down payment is required to use Sunbit
  • Merchants don’t know how much they’ll pay in fees until speaking to a Sunbit representative
  • Some merchants are charged a monthly technology fee

Most BNPL apps are geared towards retailers selling “nonessential” items.

However, there are no easy customer financing options for in-person services such as optical appointments, car repairs, or veterinary procedures – that is, until Sunbit came along.

Sunbit is a fintech company that equips merchants in the optical, dental, automotive repair, veterinary, and retailer industries with a BNPL solution that softens the potential financial blow of essential services for customers. It also gives Sunbit-equipped business owners a competitive edge and the ability to offer services to customers who may not have the best credit score.

Customers may apply for $60-$10,000 in loans, with 3-12 month repayment options available. Interest rates range from 0%-35.99%. Rates depend on where the customer lives, their credit situation, their loan amount, and their repayment timeline.

Your customers may apply for a Sunbit loan at your store, online, or with the Sunbit app. Applicants must be 18 years or older and have a state-issued license or I.D. The approval process does include a soft credit check, and takes less than one minute. 90% of customers are pre-approved for some amount of credit. Customers then enter how much of that credit they’d like to use towards their purchase.

For example, a customer may be approved for $2,000 in loans, but only need $600 to cover a car repair. They choose a loan repayment plan to pay off that $600, pay some amount of the purchase up front, and then pay the rest in monthly installments.

Sunbit works with merchants to create a customized BNPL solution. They personally train merchants on how to use and market Sunbit to their customers, and provides any of the technology needed to make the BNPL process easier.

Unfortunately, since each BNPL solution is so customized, you won’t have an idea of how much you’ll be paying in merchant fees until you speak to a customer representative.

One in four auto dealerships in the U.S. offers Sunbit, so the fees are probably worth it.

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7. Wisetack: Best For Home Improvement Service Providers


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  • Funds are sent to your bank account the next business day after the work is complete
  • Wisetack takes on all financial risks that come with getting paid after a service is finished
  • Customers can easily apply for financing plans on $500-$25,000 purchases


  • Your customer must acknowledge via email that the work has been completed
  • If the agreement between you and your customer changes, Wisetack does not update the payment setup automatically

Wisetack is a unique BNPL solution for home service providers to offer their customers 3-60 month financing plans without taking on any of the financial risk.

To offer Wisetack to your customer base, you send them a link to a loan application. They fill it out, Wisetack does a soft credit check, and the customer may be approved for up to six loan options within minutes. Loan interest rates are 0%-29.99% depending on the customer’s credit situation and loan repayment structure. Three-month loan repayment plans are interest-free.

The customer confirms their loan options, and you get to work. Once the work is done, Wisetack sends your customer an email asking them to confirm that the job is done. Then the company sends customer reminder texts and emails to ensure that the customer confirms the work.

Wisetack starts the merchant payment process the next business day. You receive funds directly to your bank account within 1-2 business days after the process starts, minus the 3.9% commission fee that the BNPL provider takes out.

Your customers have the ability to set up automatic loan payments and pay off their loans early. They will not have to pay compound interest or late fees. They can also reschedule their monthly pay dates if needed.

Wisetack sets you up with your own merchant portal, where you can see approved applications and check payment notifications. Wisetack pays you directly, and works with your current order management software.

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8. Splitit: Best For Selling High-Ticket Items Online And In-Store


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  • Helps existing credit card users manage their spending while building their credit
  • Merchants get to set minimum and maximum qualifying Splitit purchase amounts
  • Customers are not charged any fees to use Splitit
  • Online and in-store BNPL options


  • Customers must have a Visa or Mastercard credit card with an available credit limit to use Splitit
  • Customers have to remember to pay off their credit card balance every month
  • Businesses must have at least $500,000 in annual sales volume to qualify for full payment upfront

Many existing credit card users charge large purchases to their credit cards, but rack up interest fees when they don’t pay off their balance in full by the end of the month. Splitit offers credit card users a way to buy larger items now, but get their credit card charged in smaller, more manageable increments.

Then, they’ll be able to pay their monthly credit card balance off in full while building their credit.

When your customer checks out, they’ll see Splitit as a payment option. They may choose to pay in installments through Splitit, and pay for some of the purchase upfront. Customers do not have to undergo a credit check during the loan application process. However, Splitit does make sure that they have enough available balance on their credit card to cover the full balance of their transaction before being approved for a loan.

For example, if your customer wants to buy a $1,000 laptop, they must have at least $1,000 available on their credit card to cover the cost of the purchase. They may have to pay $200 upfront, and Splitit will put a preliminary hold of $800 on their card. Once they pay the next $200 installment, the hold reduces to $600, and so on, until the purchase is paid off.

The hold will look like a pending transaction on your customer’s credit card bill, but is not an actual transaction.

Because Splitit makes sure customers can afford larger purchases by holding the money on a credit card, you know that customers will be able to afford the big-ticket items they would normally purchase with a credit card. Companies selling items such as high-end furniture, jewelry, and electronics really benefit from offering Splitit online and in-store.

There are two business plans for merchants:

  • Business Standard: Splitit takes 1.5% of the purchase amount and $1.50 per customer installment; merchants get paid as customers pay their monthly installments.
  • Business Funded: Splitit takes 3% of the purchase amount and $1 per customer installment; merchants are paid the total purchase amount, minus fees, upfront.

To set up Splitit for your online shop or storefront, your business must be verified by Splitit. Then, you can install a plugin if you use major eCommerce platforms such as Magneto, Shopify, or WooCommerce. You can also connect your checkout page to Splitit through their live button embed code, or connect through their API.

After that, you connect Splitit to your payment processors, and Splitit pays you through them. You will get charged payment processing fees from your payment gateway provider with this setup.

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Looking for one of these BNPL apps?


Unlike Affirm and Sezzle users, Afterpay users do not have to undergo any sort of credit check when applying for a loan.

However, users are charged with heavy late fees if they forget to pay. Users may also get charged nonsufficient funding fees from their bank if automatic Afterpay payments put them over their available account balance, which Afterpay does not make transparent for their users.

Afterpay has been recently acquired by Square, so this BNPL solution may change soon. Square already offers Square Installments as a BNPL option for existing Square merchants, and we suggest looking into it if you already use Square for your business.

Zip (Previously Quadpay)

Zip also offers interest-free pay in four installment options for customers.

With Zip, customers have more control over their repayment schedule. They can set up weekly, biweekly, or monthly payment plans.

However, customers are charged a monthly fee of $7.25 if they still have an outstanding balance and have to pay $1 for every installment. They also have very low customer reviews, which is why Zip is not one of our top choices for BNPL providers.

Buy Now, Pay Later: FAQs

What apps let you buy now, pay later?

Affirm, Klarna, PayPal, LaterPay, Sezzle, Sunbit, Wisetack, Splitit, Afterpay, Square Installments, and Zip let your customers buy your products or services now, and pay for them later.

Are there drawbacks to offering buy now, pay later?

The biggest drawback of offering a third-party BNPL service is that it takes a percentage of your sales. However, BNPL options reduce cart abandonment so much that the fees are worth it.

Is Sezzle like Afterpay?

Sezzle and Afterpay both allow your customers to pay off their purchases in four interest-free installments. Afterpay does not conduct credit checks on short term loan applicants. However, Sezzle is more customer-friendly and transparent with their service offerings. Your customers are also much less likely to be charged late fees with Sezzle.

What is the best buy now, pay later app?

Affirm is the overall best buy now, pay later app for small and large businesses based in the U.S. They offer eCommerce and in-store BNPL options for merchants. Customers can apply for interest-free short term loans, as well as customer financing plans for larger purchases.

In Summary: 8 Best BNPL Apps To Boost Your Sales

  1. Affirm: Overall best BNPL app for U.S. based businesses.
  2. Klarna: Best for fashion, luxury, other "try-before-you-buy" retailers.
  3. PayPal Pay In 4: Best for eCommerce businesses that use PayPal for checkout.
  4. Laterpay: Best for digital content creators.
  5. Sezzle : Best for eCommerce businesses catering to younger shoppers.
  6. Sunbit: Best for healthcare, veterinary, and automotive service providers.
  7. Wisetack: Best for home improvement service providers.
  8. Splitit: Best for selling high-ticket items online and in-store.
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