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PayPal Review


PayPal Review

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Melissa Johnson

Melissa Johnson

Melissa Johnson has been writing about payment processing and mobile payments since 2014, and has been quoted in articles for Credit Karma and The Next Web, among others. She graduated from The University of Kansas in 2010 with bachelor's degrees in English and journalism.

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    Len Sakamoto

    I can tell you that if you polled the average seller with a PayPal account , there’s absolutely no way PayPal would receive 4 stars. I had a PayPal business account for years when eBay owned them, and at best, it was a dodgy operation. I finally dumped them recently because they’re now outright crooks and liars. It’s a shame how the government allows companies like PayPal to rip off people of their hard-earned money.

      Gernot Hassenpflug

      Organization Name: Protea Wines Japan

      I notice the eCommerce integration does not mention Zen Cart, which has had excellent Paypal integration for many years: Checkout (previously Express Checkout), Paypal Payments Standard, and Paypal Payments Pro.
      I think it would be rather a useful addition, and a service to the readers, to both add Zen Cart to the list, and to do a review — I for one would be very interested in seeing how you think the Zen Cart integration stacks up against the other ones (seeing as it is not feasible for most users to try them all).
      Many thanks for the informative review, on a rather divisive topic!

      • Organization Name: Protea Wines Japan
      Jessica Dinsmore

      Hello Gernot,

      We actually do have a review of Zen Cart, and mention the Paypal integrations there. Check it out!

        Mark Mentzer

        Organization Name: Mark Mentzer

        If I could’ve left them a -1 rating I would have done so.I am a freelance web and graphic designer. I have been a freelancer since 2007 and have used Paypal to receive payments. I utilize Paypal’s invoicing system. I sent out an invoice for a 50% deposit and once I received the payment I started the work. I have proof of the work I completed which is a website (, logo, letterhead and letter. I have documentation via email and texts stating the work he wanted completed by me. He was always out of the country and the work never got completed because he never got back to me. This was started April 22, 2019, almost 3 months ago. He now goes to Paypal and states that I had no authority to take the money. Literally makes no sense. I have an invoice and he paid it. I have no way of taking someone’s money. Further, I completed a lot of work and he never requested the money back prior to the start of the job nor while I was completing each task. He just stopped communicating and then went to Paypal to get his funds back. I asked the customer service agent at Paypal, “so basically if I need money, I can go to Paypal and tell them I didn’t authorize this payment and get my money back?” The customer service agent said “Basically, yes”. I have no recourse other than to go to small claims court which would cost me the same amount owed to me. Further, I do not know where this person resides. Paypal’s legal structure leaves people like myself, freelancers who get paid through their system without recourse. So, I want to make everyone aware that, at anytime, within 6 months of you getting paid for a service, your past client can decide they need the money and make a claim and get their money back. I shared with Paypal a link showing my work but they gave me no way to share the texts, emails and the invoice, which is a Paypal invoice anyhow, and yet they tried to take the funds from me. I didn’t have the funds in Paypal and I do not plan on paying them. I can’t close the account but I will no longer use Paypal because of this loophole.This is being shared so that it doesn’t happen to other freelancer’s and other people who take payments via Paypal for their services.

        • Organization Name: Mark Mentzer

        Organization Name: fam properties

        They stole me to make their CommissionI made a payment of 5,204$ by mistake during the currency exchange instead of 100$. Their smart algorithm should flag this transaction since the seller sells low-cost stuff and I have never made a payment of a similar amount.I raised a dispute that the case is crystal clear:Anyone can notice that 100$ product is never worth or close to 5,204$, and I provided the email communication with the seller.They refused to have a conference call with the seller.They refused to listen to my call recording with the seller.Nevertheless, they judged this obvious case for the thief seller.When I called them, the customer service said, “Our judges are highly qualified lawyers and …. “, in fact, they are corrupted and care only about their commission.Never trust them, just use other service providers.

        • Organization Name: fam properties
        Agua Unlimited

        DO NOT USE FOR BUSINESS!!!!! I don’t know how it’s a 4 star review?! Probably written by paypal themselves. What paypal does is flat out theft and should be illegal. I think I’ve had a paypal account since 2002-2003. I went in steaks as far as use but didn’t mind it until I started using it for business. I started a business 2 years ago and used it but started noticing a long 30 day deposits times to my bank account. A neighboring business also has the same problem. The customer would have their product a month before I see a penny from it. I called paypal and they said my bank wasn’t accepting it and my bank said they never received it. I originally thought it was my bank since it’s a small bank but I didn’t have that problem with any of my other payment processers. I would see the money in my bank next day sometimes two days with the others. Then when I thought paypal couldn’t get any lower they proved me wrong again. I transferred more money into paypal to purchase more supplies since many of my vendors accept it and when I went to pay it didn’t work. I logged into my paypal account and everything looked accept for a notification that said my account was limited. It Didn’t say why. Of course, I called right away but everyone I talked to didn’t know why and told me the department that does that can only be contacted via email. The email seems to be a dead end because I never got a response. It probably doesn’t even get monitored. I also kept calling with no luck but found one person that said they can create a dispute. I didn’t hear back until about 10-14 days after the dispute was filed but I also sent several more emails and calls so I don’t know what correlated a response. On top of that it was just a generic email that said they reserve the right to be thieves and that they would contact me in 180 days and tell me how to retrieve my money and not to respond to the email because it’s not monitored. I don’t know this is legal? There needs to be laws against this kind of thing. They have almost $10,000 of mine and I still had to fill my orders to stay in good standing with my customers. And when I tried refund close to $3000 worth of my customers orders because I couldn’t get it to them in time because I didn’t receive the funds for materials, they took it out of my bank account instead of my paypal balance. And you can’t delink your bank account from the paypal account. So now they took $13k from me which isn’t a big blow for a business but if you’re like me and just a one-person operator of a new business it can easily put you out of business and almost did. I almost lost everything. I don’t have the resources to fight this at the moment but I won’t forget. Paypal does this all the time so I’m sure they have a good legal team but this shouldn’t be legal. I can’t steal money from someone and tell them I’ll give it back in 180 days without a long prison sentence. Oh, and the lady that filed the dispute laughed when I ask if she’s seen them reverse limitations? I asked if it was 50% or a 1% chance of reversals and she just chuckled and said “I’ve seen it done”. Not very reassuring. The most infuriating thing beside them keeping my money is that they don’t give a pacific reason as to why? I’ve never had a customer complaint and 100% feedback on ebay. Ebay’s getting away from paypal so it should tell you something. When asking it could be for something as small as a larger deposit than normal or even requesting their own debit card? This is probably how they pay their executives bonusses and just draw so many names from a hat. I’m still waiting for my money. I have 4 months to go yet. So now I can’t use paypal and never will. Many friends and family members also closed their paypal accounts in support. Even when I shop online now and see two sites that have something I want I will purchase from the one that doesn’t use paypal. Even if it’s higher price. The sad part is that you probably won’t read this until it happens to you. I’ve always heard paypal horror stories and now know how real they are first hand.

          Darla Franklin

          Im so sorry this has happened to you. Dont they have a office in California? With so many people using paypal, you are just a small fish to them and willing on the chance you will not see it through. I would fly to California with a lawyer just to prove your point.TAKE ALL PAPERS WITH YOU. i would tell the BBB and everyone who would listen, what thy did. Make them sick of you. Go to their office everyday!! Thats a very large sum of money they took from you! Thats larceny right? I wish you well and hope you get your rightful money. I get so sick of companies you trust stealing money.

            Sibel Stanz

            Organization Name: HoloVit LLC

            From our experience in the last 2 years, PayPal works with just “Say So” meaning they do not require proof from the buyers most of the time. As long as the buyer has their PayPal Protection Plan, they favor the buyer no matter what the issue is. In our case, the customer broke the screen himself in order to receive a Full Refund. We contacted UPS agents and got reassured that the screen was in Excellent Condition at the time of delivery . It is so pathetic that Pay Pal did not require any evidence of the damage the buyer was claiming to have. I heard similar complaints from other companies. Pay Pal does not investigate a Claim the right way and like I said before they work without evidence.

            • Organization Name: HoloVit LLC
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