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PayPal Business Account Review

PayPal merchant services may not suit high-volume and high-risk businesses, but many sellers and customers will find PayPal easy and convenient.

    Jason Vissers
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  • Matt Sherman

    Matt Sherman

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Total Rating 3.5
Fees & Rates Fair
Products & Services Excellent
Contract Length & Cancellation Fee Excellent
Sales & Advertising Transparency Excellent
Customer Service Good
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Reviews & Complaints Good
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PayPal At A Glance

  • PayPal offers businesses a vast commerce ecosystem that combines payment processing with eCommerce and mobile point of sale functionality.
  • Online sellers can use PayPal as their exclusive means of accepting payments or as a supplemental option. This isn’t possible with Square, Stripe, or any other processor.
  • In many instances, online PayPal sellers will pay a fixed fee of $0.49 per transaction in addition to the percentage fee. This fixed fee is higher than that of PayPal’s competitors and hurts small-ticket merchants.

Jason Vissers

Jason Vissers

Senior Staff Writer at Merchant Maverick
Jason has been writing about small business software platforms, services, and financing since 2015. Jason’s expertise has been featured in Yahoo Finance, Time/NextAdvisor, Home Business Magazine,, GoBankingRates,, and other publications. He has a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from San Diego State University and currently lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Jason Vissers
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