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Lightspeed Retail Review

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Lightspeed Retail Review

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Matt Sherman

Matt Sherman

Point of sale writer at Merchant Maverick
Matt Sherman has been immersed in point of sale systems for over a year now. Previously, he spent 14 years in the newspaper industry, the majority of which was as the sports editor for a pair of weekly newspapers in suburban Portland, Oregon. He is a graduate of the University of Oregon where he majored in English because he knows where the money is. Matt is the father to a pair of energetic boys and can easily be distracted by Netflix, Amazon and HBO Go.

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    Andy Walters

    Organization Name: 23rd Street Body Piercing

    Our business had been searching for a POS system that was able to handle the huge inventory that we have in addition to the large number of clients that we take care of on a daily basis. We’d tried a few in the past but with one thing or another they just didn’t suit the purpose that we needed. Either the inventory management was lacking or the user-friendliness required to streamline our sales was.Enter Lightspeed.First of all the import of data from our old system to the new was almost flawless and the minor issues we did have were taken care of by a member of their excellent support staff almost as quickly as the issues presented themselves. The inventory management part of the POS is amazing. Not only is it incredibly accurate it’s also super easy to navigate! I can build purchase orders and enter inventory received so much faster than I had been able to in the past. When I say that this has saved me personally hours of time I am not exaggerating! A job that used to take me hours is now done in a matter of minutes. The system itself is so very user friendly that even the least computer literate of our team has no problem navigating the software. Add to the fact that we can use it portably while running on an iPad or other tablet and this system really has improved the way that we are able to interact with and help our clients. We have just invested in the loyalty system that Lightspeed Retail offers and so far we’ve had some very exciting results.All-in-all this system has changed the way that we look at POS systems as well as our marketing techniques. After 12 months of use we jumped right in to a 3 year subscription! I could not recommend this POS more. Well done Lightspeed Retail!Andy Walters,Manager.23rd Street Body Piercing, Oklahoma City. OK

    • Organization Name: 23rd Street Body Piercing
    Heidi Geffen

    Organization Name: Tiddle E. Winks Vintage 5 & Dime

    I have been using Lightspeed for several years and have been thoroughly happy with the program. I was a bit old school, using a cash register, writing out orders, and not tracking inventory. I had looked at several POS options, and chose Lightspeed based on user friendliness and cost. It has proven to be a wonderful asset to my small retail business, and made things run more efficiently than I could have imagined. Along with the many in-store benefits, I am also a big fan of being able to check in all aspects of my business from any device, anywhere. I have not needed a lot of customer support, but when I have, they are always top notch.

    • Organization Name: Tiddle E. Winks Vintage 5 & Dime
    Katie DeWeese

    Organization Name: Interio Furniture

    We are using lightspeed for both of our businesses, Interio Furniture and Rug Fashion Store. It was the best decision we could have made. It is so easy to learn. There are so many ways it makes running a business simple. We are very happy with the program and intend to use it for any other locations we open in the future.

    • Organization Name: Interio Furniture
    Gwen Isbell

    Organization Name: Between Us Sisters, Inc.

    We did a lot of research before we ended up with Lightspeed. We even purchased a system from another company and sold it almost immediately. Lightspeed was always up front in our research period about what the system could do, no bs to try to sell you a system. And since we’ve been with them we couldn’t be happier. The POS and the Ecom working together is a GREAT feature and we love it. But by far the best thing about Lightspeed is their customer service. The help articles that available all the time are wonderful but even better is being able to reach out and know that someone will help you. I have never had anyone that was less than helpful and very friendly. We HIGHLY recommend them.

    • Organization Name: Between Us Sisters, Inc.
    Eric Visentin

    Organization Name: Southside Skatepark

    Saved us 10s of thousands of $s transitioning to a cloud-based system. Can log in and check Reports and Time Clock of Employees and do literally anything anywhere including Sales offsite via your smartphone.Easy integration with Online Store Add on for additional and affordable $99 a month!Inputting Inventory when items are new products with new attributes can be a little slow. There is a Quick Edit Items feature but if there was a way to Quick Edit Matrices constrained by Calendar search and tab’able through the interface allowing you to very quickly add Qunatity then go to Print Labels and calendar search and crank that days new product labels – that would save staff considerable time when being hammered with incoming new products. In our business, everything is new all the time due to graphic changes, size and shape changes etc. Now if your business has repeating Parts of a smaller more repetitive inventory this will not apply to youI’ve realized that Lightspeed has helped us as a retailer slow the loss of customers by providing as much of the new retail market of tomorrow here in our Brick and Mortar. Convenience and offering some items in our online store has helped us stay visible to today’s consumer. Without Lightspeed, I would still have a constantly bugging and non-functional Online Store like I used to have.Retail Pro – Worst Investment We Ever MadeProduct was a total rip off – 7 years of license renewal and even a pay as you go Customer Support business model – what kind of Customer Support is that. So horrible. Just cloud based optionsI liked the Customer Service, the low monthly fee and the ease of use, training and the wide ability and functionality – cloud base also is ever-evolving and always getting better over time. I like that, it’s equiped to deal with the only constant in life and business – CHANGE!

    • Organization Name: Southside Skatepark

    Organization Name: Iowa Magic Shop

    We tried another POS and eCom provider before using Lightspeed. Lightspeed is LIGHTyears ahead of the competition. Support is thorough and AWESOME!

    • Organization Name: Iowa Magic Shop
    Tamera Currie

    Organization Name: Seminary Hill Bookstore

    This software is extremely user-friendly. With everything from the POS to back office functions I find it to be so useful. One of my favorite features is the inventory management! The reports you can run are very helpful, the way you can sort items on a PO, the quick edit feature, the ability to create and maintain customer special orders… so many great areas of functionality! Customer service really seems to care and they take suggestions seriously. It seems they are constantly striving to improve and cater to customer needs.As far as cons, there’s not much I don’t like–maybe I just haven’t found anything yet worth mentioning. The scanner sometimes misses items if scanning several things at once but that’s probably more of a hardware issue than a software issue. When scanning books to receive or scanning during inventory you have to be slow and deliberate to make sure everything is captured.I am keeping better track of inventory with Lightspeed from what I was able to do with my former POS software. Overall, I’m a Lightspeed fan and highly endorse their product.

    • Organization Name: Seminary Hill Bookstore
    Goldie Bradaric

    Organization Name: Phoenix Rising Metaphysical Emporium

    We are very happy with the system. It is very intuitive, and the staff that we have that have never used a point-of-sale system are finding it very easy to use. Super user-friendly, the customer service is excellent, definitely exceeded our expectations.I would definitely recommend this system for people experienced or inexperienced with a POS.Goldie Lundbek

    • Organization Name: Phoenix Rising Metaphysical Emporium
    Dean Bandavanis

    Organization Name: Bandit Choppers

    I am the owner of a motorcycle shop, Bandit Choppers from Columbus OH. After trying 3 different POS systems we decided to try Lightspeed. We been using it for almost a year and the experience is excellent. We use the system for motorcycle repair work orders, inventory, tracking parts, retail sales and more. Best system for the money. Excellent customer support at anytime. We highly recommend for any retail business.

    • Organization Name: Bandit Choppers
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