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7 Best Grocery Store POS Systems To Boost Sales In 2022

These grocery store POS options offer robust inventory management, and most have EBT, WIC, lottery, and regulated substance capabilities as well.

    Nicolette Kier

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A good grocery store POS system has many requirements. A POS for your grocery store should have great inventory, employee, and cash management features. A POS for supermarkets also needs to have EBT, WIC, lottery, and regulated substance-selling capabilities.

Keep reading for the best grocery store point of sale out there.

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CompanyBest ForNext StepsBest For
Revel POS Systems

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Best for midsize and larger grocery stores that also offer food services.
Best for midsize and larger grocery stores that also offer food services.

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Clover POS

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Best for training employees at a small to midsize grocery store.
Best for training employees at a small to midsize grocery store.

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Square For Retail

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Best for small grocers looking for a free all-in-one POS system.
Best for small grocers looking for a free all-in-one POS system.

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Lightspeed Retail POS

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Best for specialty stores and co-ops focused on retail item sales.
Best for specialty stores and co-ops focused on retail item sales.

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Best for taking online orders and creating a professional website for free.
Best for taking online orders and creating a professional website for free.

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POS Nation

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Best for grocery stores that also sell tobacco, alcohol, lottery tickets, and/or vapes.
Best for grocery stores that also sell tobacco, alcohol, lottery tickets, and/or vapes.

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IT Retail

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Best for supermarket and supermarket chain businesses.
Best for supermarket and supermarket chain businesses.

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Read more below to learn why we chose these options.

Choose The Best Grocery Store POS System

Square, Revel, POS Nation, Lightspeed, IT Retail, Shift4Shop, and Clover are some of the best grocery store POS systems available. Each option has good inventory management and loyalty features. The best POS systems for supermarkets allow you to sell regulated items as well as food and process EBT/WIC transactions.

1. Revel: Best For Grocery & Cafe Services

Revel POS Systems

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  • Great offline mode
  • Excellent kitchen management features
  • Lots of hardware integrations


  • Three-year minimum commitment
  • Expensive for smaller businesses

Revel POS for grocery store

Revel Grocery Store POS Features

Revel is one of the best POS systems for grocery stores that also offers cafe or full kitchen services, mainly because of the following features:

  • Offline payments mode
  • EBT sales via third-party integration
  • Group/combo sales (e.g., combo meal deals)
  • Cash drawer management and reporting
  • Employee scheduling, time clock, permissions, and performance reports
  • Age verification requirements for cashiers
  • Highly customizable loyalty and gift card program setup
  • Barcode scanner/scale hardware integrations
  • Phone barcode scanner app
  • Scan-to-pay and text-to-pay functions
  • Bottle deposits and redemptions
  • Online ordering
  • Self-ordering restaurant kiosks, which are great for customers just looking to order food
  • Kitchen display system
  • Menu building and modifying options
  • Digital menu board that automatically updates with Revel menu changes
  • Raw ingredient tracking and food cost reports
  • Low stock alerts
  • Quick purchase order generation
  • Full and partial order receiving
  • Individual and bulk item transfers across locations
  • Inventory matrixes
  • Intelligent reporting suite

Revel can technically handle fuel sales and wet stock management, but if you want to focus primarily on selling gas, read our post on the best gas station POS systems.

Revel Pricing

Revel costs $99/month/terminal if you sign up for a three-year contract and a minimum of two terminals. If you want to know about other pricing terms, you must contact a Revel Systems representative for a quote.

There is also a one-time $674 implementation fee, which includes software and hardware consultations, training, and payment setup for merchants.

Hardware Cost

Revel Systems sells iPads, iPad stands, and self-serve kiosks. Revel is compatible with several payment devices, barcode scanners, cash drawers, printers, and scales.

Revel proprietary hardware is quote-based. You may source compatible hardware on your own.

Payment Processing

Revel has its own in-house payment processor, Revel Advantage. The company’s standard payment processing fees are 2.49% plus $0.15 per transaction.

You can also call for a free payment processing rate review, and the company may meet or beat your current payment processing rates.

You can use other third-party payment processors, such as Moneris and Adyen, but Revel will charge an additional fee if you decide against Revel Advantage.

Contract Requirements/Warnings

To get the best deal, you need to sign up for a three-year contract, sign on for a minimum of two terminals, and use Revel Advantage, the company’s in-house payment processor. You are billed annually.

If you terminate your Revel subscription early, you’ll pay double the amount remaining on the contract or $15,000, whichever is higher.

Translation: Really consider whether Revel is the right POS for your grocery store before committing. You can flirt with a POS like Square, but you will be married to Revel.

Where Revel Shines For Grocery Stores

Revel pulls in the best features of both retail and restaurant POS systems. There are great cash register, employee management, and large stock management functions for the grocery side of your business. Your cafe customers and employees will appreciate the self-serve kiosks, kitchen display systems, and online menus.

Revel is one of the best inventory management POS systems for both retail and restaurant industries, so no matter what you sell or how much inventory you move, Revel can help you keep track of it all.

Plus, we appreciate how customizable this POS is, so it’s worth the price tag for full-service grocery stores.

Get Started With Revel POS Systems

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2. Clover: Easiest To Train

Clover POS

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  • Easy modification
  • Streamlined setup
  • Free EBT transaction app
  • Integrated hardware


  • Must use Fiserv payment processor
  • Steep initial costs
  • Sketchy resellers

Clover grocery POS system.

Clover Grocery Store POS Features

With Clover’s built-in features and add-ons from the Clover app marketplace, grocers can easily create a customized grocery store POS that works for them (and their employees.) Clover offers the following features:

  • Offline payment mode
  • Online ordering for pickup or delivery
  • ID verification
  • Tobacco discount program (paid add-on)
  • EBT transactions
  • Item exchanges and returns
  • Integrated scale and barcode scanner
  • Self-checkout kiosks
  • Kitchen and menu management
  • Customized loyalty program
  • Physical and digital gift cards
  • Email and text marketing
  • Discounts, coupons, and specials
  • Employee scheduling and time clock (via app)
  • Cash tracking (via app)
  • Inventory modifiers and tracking
  • Ingredient tracking (via app)

Clover Pricing

Clover offers several different software subscription plans, but grocery store owners should opt for the $44.95/month-$54.90/month Clover Register plan or the $44.95/month-$54.90/month Counter Service plan to get all the POS functionalities they need.

Hardware Cost

You may purchase Clover hardware directly from the POS provider or a reseller. Devices purchased from Clover range from $49 (Clover Go card reader) to $1,799 (Clover Station Duo).

Extra POS device software subscriptions cost an extra $9.95/device/month if your devices are all in one location.

However, if, for example, you place two Clover Station Duos with a $44.95/month Register software plan in two locations, you’ll pay $44.95/month for each device. If you had both registers in one location, you’d only pay $44.95/month for the first register’s software and $9.95/month for the second register’s software.

Read our guide on the best Clover resellers to decide where (and how) to get a good deal on Clover hardware.

Payment Processing

Clover hardware and merchant services are connected, which means that you also have to sign a merchant agreement with whatever Clover reseller you get your Clover hardware from. That merchant agreement will have unique payment processing fees.

If you stick with Clover for your hardware, you are stuck using Fiserv for payment processing and will pay the following fees:

  • Card-Present Transactions: 2.3%-2.6% + $0.10 per transaction
  • Card-Not-Present Transactions: 3.5% + $0.10 per transaction

Card-not-present transactions include manually keyed-in card transactions, phone orders, online orders, invoice payments, and every form of payment except for cash, check, or swipe/tap/chip card payment.

Read our guide to Clover POS costs for more on how your Clover hardware, merchant services, and payment processing fees are connected.

Contract Requirements/Warnings

Fiserv does not have the best reputation as a merchant service provider, and Clover seems to only offer 36-month and 48-month contracts with hefty early termination fees and poor customer service. Take these things into consideration before dedicating yourself to getting your hardware and merchant services from Clover.

Also, make sure to avoid Clover scams when purchasing your hardware, or your business could really suffer financially (and your sanity may suffer as you switch to a new merchant services provider.)

Where Clover Really Shines For Grocery Stores

Clover is a straightforward POS system that works like any smartphone does. If you want to add a function, go to the app market, click “Install,” and you’re done. Once you choose a merchant service provider, the hardware, software, and payment processing are all tied together, so there’s minimal technical setup.

It’s also incredibly easy to train employees on Clover devices, which is great if your grocery store has a high turnover rate.

Get Started With Clover POS

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3. Square For Retail: Best For Small Grocers

Square For Retail

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Get a free card swiper from Square at no cost when you create a free account. Claim your card reader.


  • Free plan available
  • Versatile online selling features
  • All-in-one sales option
  • EBT and WIC sales capabilities


  • Limited inventory management

Square grocery store POS

Square Grocery Store POS Features

Square is a highly popular all-in-one POS system, and small grocers will appreciate these features:

  • Pickup and local delivery functions
  • Split payments
  • EBT and WIC transactions through Totilpay integration
  • CBD sales capabilities
  • Offline payment capabilities, so you won’t slow down even if your Wi-Fi fails
  • Sell items by weight and by unit cost
  • Full and partial refund capabilities
  • Free online website builder
  • Free invoice generator and payment monitoring
  • Free Square online checkout links, so you can take online payments whether you build a website or not
  • Free QR code generators to link to recipes, coupons, item info, etc.
  • Free employee time clock, scheduling, and payroll reporting
  • Labor forecasting to optimize scheduling
  • Loyalty program setup (paid add-on)
  • Digital (free) and physical (paid) branded gift cards
  • Take customer feedback
  • Time-sensitive and recurring sales (e.g., “dollar off donuts Fridays”)
  • Customer profile building and targeted marketing
  • Custom inventory fields, including reporting losses as damages/out-of-date
  • Item modifiers
  • Barcode scanner app and printer
  • Custom, automated low-stock alerts and item replenishes
  • Multilocation stock and employee management (paid add-on)
  • Price books to vary by location

Accepting EBT transactions is a simple way to bring in more revenue and make your products accessible to a wider range of people. Read our guide on taking EBT payments if you’re not sure how to become an EBT-authorized merchant.

Square Pricing

  • Free: $0/month
  • Plus: $60/month/location
  • Premium: Call for a quote

With each plan, you are allowed to have an unlimited number of registers, which is not true for many other grocery POS providers.

Hardware Cost

Grocery store owners need a way to accept mobile payments and may also need a barcode scanner, printer, weight scale, and cash register.

The Square contactless credit card reader starts at $49. The Square scale is $500, and if you buy a scanner new from Square, you’ll pay around $150, depending on the model. A Square register kit costs $1,329.

Read our Square POS hardware guide to decide what equipment you’ll need and how to get the best deals.

Payment Processing

  • In-Person Payments: 2.5%-2.6% plus $0.20 per card-present transaction (dependent on subscription plan)
  • Online Payments: 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction (online orders placed for pickup or local delivery)
  • Card-On-File/Manual Keyed-In Cards: 3.5% plus $0.15 per transaction

Contract Requirements/Warnings

Square is one of the most transparent POS system providers and payment processors out there. Contracts are month-to-month, and you may cancel at any time.

Hardware purchased through Square is under warranty. If you break your hardware within that warranty period, you may order a free replacement, but you must send your broken hardware back within 14 days of receiving your new equipment.

This warranty even extends to products that aren’t purchased through Square.

Where Square Really Shines For Grocery Stores

Many individuals still view grocery stores as a strictly in-person kind of business. However, online advertising, shopping, pickup, and delivery is becoming more popular in every industry, including grocery stores.

Square makes it easy and cheap (read: free) to take your grocery store online. With Square’s suite of inexpensive hardware and online/offline modes, you can also sell at farmers’ markets, events, and pop-up sales.

Get Started With Square For Retail

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4. Lightspeed Retail: Best For Specialty Stores & Co-ops

Lightspeed Retail POS

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  • Excellent multilocation management
  • Subscription memberships (great for co-ops and food box programs)
  • Comprehensive inventory management
  • Pickup and local delivery modules


  • No EBT/WIC integration
  • Not equipped for made-to-order transactions

Lightspeed POS for grocery stores.

Lightspeed Grocery Store POS Features

Lightspeed is heavily focused on the retail industry and offers growing grocery businesses the following standout features:

  • Item bundling and automated breakdowns
  • Inventory matrices
  • Stock transfer across locations
  • Pricing rules based on location and customer segment
  • Purchase ordering from a vendor catalog
  • Master purchase orders, so you can order for multiple locations from a single vendor (e.g., ordering Little Debbie snack cakes for three different locations)
  • Negative inventory reports to identify stocking errors
  • Custom reorder points and low-stock alerts
  • Free barcode generator
  • Transaction holds
  • Split payments
  • Online ordering for curbside pickup
  • Reloadable gift cards
  • Automated email and SMS marketing
  • Sales (e.g., “buy one, get one”) made easy
  • Loyalty points program
  • Subscription and membership sales (great for co-ops and specialty grocery stores)
  • Website builder
  • Employee time clock and user roles

Lightspeed Pricing

  • Lean: $69/month (one register included)
  • Standard: $119/month (one register included)
  • Advanced: $199/month (one register included)
  • Additional Registers: $29/month/register

Hardware Cost

You may source your hardware yourself, as Lightspeed lists compatible hardware, or purchase your hardware through Lightspeed (you’ll have to ask for a quote first, though.) Lightspeed register kits range from roughly $500 to $1,000.

Lightspeed software runs on iOS devices, which Lightspeed does not sell.

Payment Processing

Lightspeed has its own in-house payment processor, Lightspeed Payments. If you use Lightspeed Payments, you’ll pay a processing fee of 2.6% plus $0.10 for tap, chip, and swipe payments. For online orders and manually keyed-in orders, you’ll pay a fee of 2.6% plus $0.30 per transaction.

If you decide against Lightspeed Payments, you have other options, but you will be charged an extra fee every month.

Contract Requirements/Warnings

The listed subscription prices are for contracts tilled annually and include Lightspeed Payments as the default payment processor. You’ll pay an extra $50/month if you choose a different payment processor.

You may cancel your subscription without any fees. However, you have to contact a Lightspeed representative within 30 days of your automated renewal date, or you will be charged for another payment cycle.

Where Lightspeed Really Shines For Grocery Stores

Lightspeed is one of the best retail POS systems because of its excellent inventory management, centralized multilocation management, and loyalty program setup.

While Lightspeed isn’t designed to handle made-to-order items, co-ops can bring in extra revenue by selling membership subscriptions via Lightspeed Subscriptions, and specialty stores can start a subscription box for specialized meal prep items or hidden gem snacks.

Get Started With Lightspeed Retail POS

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5. Shift4Shop: Best For Online Ordering


Start Trial


  • Extensive free plan available
  • Numerous third-party delivery service integrations
  • Excellent website and online ordering features


  • Must use Shift4 Payments on the free plan
  • Not a robust standalone POS solution

Shift4Shop POS for supermarket.

Shift4Shop Grocery Store POS Features

Shift4Shop was definitely not built by grocers, for grocers, but it is a platform built for business owners who want to take their business online, which is the future of grocery. Shift4Shop’s completely free subscription plan offers:

  • Online store builder with customizable templates
  • Single-page checkout for a fast checkout experience
  • Split payments
  • Quotes (great for grocery stores that double as caterers)
  • Fractional orders (e.g., someone wants to buy half a loaf of bread)
  • In-store pickup and delivery
  • Delivery tracking
  • Integrations with some of the best third-party delivery services
  • Reward points program
  • Google customer reviews
  • Autoship subscription service
  • Coupons, discounts, and gift certificates
  • SmartCategories for easier product categorization
  • Item bundling
  • Back-in-stock alerts
  • Email marketing

Shift4Shop has a built-in POS module app to meet your in-person sales needs. The software also integrates with POS providers such as Harbortouch (a Shift4 child company) and Square to meet your in-person selling and advanced inventory tracking needs.

Shift4Shop Pricing

  • End-To-End eCommerce: $0
  • Basic Store: $29/month
  • Plus Store: $79/month
  • Pro Store: $229/month

Hardware Cost

Shift4Shop does not sell its own POS hardware. Rather, Shift4Shop integrates with POS providers like Harbortouch and Square, so you’ll purchase hardware from those companies.

Harbortouch pricing ranges from $0 to $39 per month, although there are not-so-transparent merchant service agreements and fees associated with this POS provider.

Payment Processing

You must use Shift4 Payments‘ merchant services to process your payments if you want to be on the free End-To-End eCommerce plan. Shift4 Payments offers pre-approved credit card rates of 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction and negotiable interchange-plus pricing for qualifying merchants.

Otherwise, you may choose from 100+ third-party payment processors, but you will need to sign up for a paid plan. Each paid plan has feature limits and revenue caps that, once exceeded, automatically trigger a monthly plan increase.

Contract Requirements/Warnings

Shift4 offers a suite of commerce hardware and software designed to push merchants toward using Shift4 Payments merchant services. Shift4 Payments has gotten a bad rap for its lack of transparent and consistent pricing. So do your research, read your contract, and negotiate your rates before entering any merchant agreement.

Where Shift4Shop Shines For Grocery Stores

Shift4Shop on its own will not give you all of the in-person sales features you need to run your grocery store. However, a Shift4Shop website paired with solid POS software (whether that POS is from Shift4 or not) offers grocers a number of online ordering and advertising options.

If you want to create a beautiful website, offer a streamlined online ordering system for in-store pick up, integrate third-party delivery service providers, start a subscription box, and use online deals and email marketing tactics, Shift4Shop allows you to do it all for free.

Get Started With Shift4Shop

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6. POS Nation: Best For Selling Age-Restricted Items

POS Nation

Visit Site


  • Tobacco, alcohol, vape, and lottery sales features
  • Perishable inventory management
  • Shrinkage reduction features
  • Free hardware included


  • Must use POS Nation hardware
  • Customer support and cloud backup cost extra

POS Nation POS for supermarket

POS Nation Grocery Store POS Features

POS Nation offers the following features for grocery stores interested in selling groceries as well as other regulated items:

  • Forced ID scanning and manual age entry
  • Tobacco inventory tracking (by cases, case breaks, individual packs)
  • Alcohol inventory tracking (by cases, individual items, groupings, and case breaks)
  • Lottery ticket purchases, payouts, and reporting
  • Cigar label printer
  • Barcode printer
  • Vape kitting
  • Mix-and-match deals (e.g., meal deals, cigarette multi-pack sales)
  • EBT transactions
  • Offline payments mode
  • Self-checkouts
  • Integrated scale (scanner scales and label printer scales)
  • Perishable inventory tracking
  • Employee time clock, pay rate setup, and payroll management
  • Employee theft deterrence features (e.g., inventory flagging for lost or stolen items)
  • Forced and blind cash drawer counts
  • Coupon creation

POS Nation Pricing

  • Flex Monthly: $99/month
  • Freedom: One-time $999 fee for lifetime software and hardware access

Hardware Cost

The Flex Monthly plan includes the hardware price in your monthly subscription. If you cancel your subscription, you return the hardware.

When you sign up, you’ll receive a convenience store POS bundle, which includes a touch PC, receipt printer, cash drawer, scanner, and a chip card reader. Extra bundles cost $999 each.

You can get a free online quote for your entire hardware setup on POS Nation’s website. All you have to do is choose your subscription plan, add on any extras such as a label printer scale (a great feature for delis) or customer display screens, and enter your email/phone number.

Payment Processing

POS Nation advertises a payment processing rate between 2% and 2.5% (dependent on your sales volumes.)

You must contact a representative for a quote and to open a merchant account.

Contract Requirements/Warnings

You can’t return a one-time purchase, so start out on the month-to-month subscription before dedicating yourself to POS Nation for the entirety of your career.

Where POS Nation Really Shines For Grocery Stores

POS Nation understands that many grocery stores don’t just sell food. Grocery stores may offer a range of products and services, including the sale of regulated substances. With integrated ID verification scanners, regulated inventory tracking, and reporting on tobacco, alcohol, and lottery sales, POS Nation has all the functionality you need to offer a wide variety of age-restricted items.

This POS provider recognizes the potentially high turnover rates and shrinkage associated with grocery stores and has built loss-prevention measures into the software.

POS Nation also ranks highly on our list of best POS systems for convenience stores because of the software’s regulated substance sales and employee management functions.

Get Started With POS Nation

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7. IT Retail: Best For Supermarkets

IT Retail

Visit Site


  • Built with grocery store workers in mind
  • eWIC certified POS
  • Hardware built to last
  • Free training and 24/7 customer support


  • Pricing not transparent

IT Retail POS for supermarket.

IT Retail Grocery Store POS Features

IT Retail has an exhaustive number of features designed by grocers for grocers. This is a not-quite-complete list of IT Retail’s outstanding grocery store POS features:

  • Offline payments
  • EBT/WIC transactions
  • Payments by check
  • ID verification
  • Fast self-checkout
  • Cashier to self-checkout register conversions
  • Integrated online ordering for pickup and delivery
  • Dollar discounts on specific items or transactions
  • Percentage discount off transaction price
  • Simple rewards point program setup
  • Automated rewards detection
  • Till balancing
  • End-of-day/end-of-week reports
  • Receipt storage and downloads to monitor for discrepancies
  • Highly customizable employee user roles and permissions
  • Inventory tracking by an individual item, multiples, cases, etc.
  • Item sales performance
  • Low-stock alerts
  • Bulk product import and product templates
  • Purchase order creation and receiving
  • Custom perishable inventory tracking
  • Customizable shrinkage reasons and reports (e.g., custom code for shrinkage due to theft)
  • Employee scheduling, time clock, and performance reports
  • Labor forecasting
  • Department creations and associated properties (e.g., “EBT eligible,” “require authorization”)
  • Customer profile creation and categorization (e.g., “do not cash checks”)
  • 24/7 customer support

IT Retail Pricing

The Market plan costs $99/month, while the Supermarket and Enterprise plans are quote-based.

Hardware Cost

IT Retail sells strong, “rugged” hardware that is made to last, especially in busy multi-lane supermarkets. You can contact the company for a quote on registers, card readers, self-checkout stations, scanners, customer display screens, and receipt printers.

Registers have a built-in scale to make checkout fast and easy.

Payment Processing

IT Retail provides an in-house payment processing solution with fixed-rate and interchange-plus credit card processing pricing models. The company advertises that it can offer lower rates than competitors, so get a few quotes before approaching IT Retail about payment processing.

Contract Requirements/Warnings

IT Retail does not provide much information about subscription plans and merchant service agreements on its website. Make sure to read the fine print on your contract before signing up for IT Retail.

Where IT Retail Really Shines For Grocery Stores

IT Retail is designed specifically for fast-paced, multi-department supermarkets. This POS is highly customizable and intuitive, especially if you have experience as a cashier, a cash office manager, or have worked inventory.

IT Retail takes into account every facet of running a large grocery store, from how quickly you need to get customers checked out to weeding out any underlying issues such as theft, excessive shrinkage, and plain old scanning mistakes. Decision-makers can also use data from IT Retail to guide their decisions on what products to sell, who to promote, and what marketing efforts are worth pursuing.

Get Started With IT Retail

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Why We Don't Recommend These Grocery POS Options


Stripe is a great eCommerce payment processing service, but it’s not a complete point of sale app. This software is geared toward developers, as you need some coding to get Stripe running, and Stripe offers a lot of developer tools. Grocery store owners most likely do not have the time or patience to learn how to implement Stripe, nor is it worth it to dedicate that level of effort to a payment processor that is not a fully developed POS system.

Which Grocery Store POS Is Right For Your Business?

The best POS for grocery store owners varies depending on your store’s size, product and service offerings, budget, and how simple or comprehensive you need your system to be.

Small grocers should consider Square for Retail and Shift4Shop to build an online web presence with third-party delivery service integrations.

If selling made-to-order food is a large part of your sales strategy, Revel Systems is an excellent retail-restaurant hybrid POS. But if you have a specialty store or co-op focused more on retail, Lightspeed Retail has the inventory and membership features to take your store to the next level.

If tobacco, alcohol, lottery, and vape sales are huge at your store, POS Nation has you covered, while the best POS for supermarkets is IT Retail.

You’ll probably find that none of these options is a perfect match right out of the box, so make sure you’re thinking about customization while trying out new software. Finally, always read your merchant agreement before signing on with any POS provider.

FAQs: Grocery Store POS System

What is the best grocery store POS system?

The best grocery store POS system depends on what you sell, what advanced features your grocery store needs, and what your budget is.

Square For Retail offers a free plan, while Lightspeed Retail and Revel Systems are pricier but can handle more complex inventory and employee management features.

POS Nation is built for selling regulated items, while IT Retail is built for managing supermarkets and supermarket chains.

How much does a grocery store POS system cost?

A grocery store system costs $0 to start out with and increases depending on the number of locations, registers, and add-on services you have.

For example, Square For Retail starts at $0. Revel Systems, on the other hand, starts off at $99/month/register. POS providers like IT Retail require you to get a custom quote.

In Summary: Choose The Best Grocery Store POS System

  1. Revel POS Systems: Best for midsize and larger grocery stores that also offer food services.
  2. Clover POS: Best for training employees at a small to midsize grocery store.
  3. Square For Retail: Best for small grocers looking for a free all-in-one POS system.
  4. Lightspeed Retail POS: Best for specialty stores and co-ops focused on retail item sales.
  5. Shift4Shop: Best for taking online orders and creating a professional website for free.
  6. POS Nation: Best for grocery stores that also sell tobacco, alcohol, lottery tickets, and/or vapes.
  7. IT Retail: Best for supermarket and supermarket chain businesses.
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