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6 Best Kiosks For Restaurants To Keep Orders Moving Quickly

See whether a kiosk POS is right for your eatery, discover the best options, and learn how you can afford the investment.

    Nicolette Kier

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Kiosks for restaurants help reduce wait times, give customers the flexibility to order without rushing, and help managers who face high employee turnover rates. The best restaurant kiosks for your business depend on your industry, restaurant space, and budget. Keep reading to find the best self-ordering kiosk for your business.

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  • Best for fast-casual restaurants
  • $90-$519+/month ($69-$399+/month with annual billing)
  • Flat rate processing at 2.6% + $0.10
  • Best for fast-casual restaurants
  • $90-$519+/month ($69-$399+/month with annual billing)
  • Flat rate processing at 2.6% + $0.10

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  • Best for busy restaurants
  • $0+/month
  • Flat rate processing starting at 2.49% + $0.10, or custom quote
  • Best for busy restaurants
  • $0+/month
  • Flat rate processing starting at 2.49% + $0.10, or custom quote

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  • Best for large restaurant businesses with complex ordering needs
  • $198+/month
  • Custom payment processing rates
  • Best for large restaurant businesses with complex ordering needs
  • $198+/month
  • Custom payment processing rates

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  • Best free option for small restaurant businesses
  • $0+/month
  • Flat-rate processing starts at 2.6% + $0.10
  • Best free option for small restaurant businesses
  • $0+/month
  • Flat-rate processing starts at 2.6% + $0.10

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  • Best for cafeterias and food halls
  • $59+/month
  • Custom payment processing rates
  • Best for cafeterias and food halls
  • $59+/month
  • Custom payment processing rates

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  • Best for entertainment establishments and hotels
  • Custom monthly pricing based on number of taps
  • Custom payment processing rates
  • Best for entertainment establishments and hotels
  • Custom monthly pricing based on number of taps
  • Custom payment processing rates

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6 Self-Ordering Kiosks That Top The List

The best self-ordering kiosks for restaurants are easy to set up, don’t take up too much space, have flexible menu settings, and fit your business’s niche needs. Lightspeed Restaurant, Toast Kiosk, Revel, Square, Lavu, and Table Tap are great self-ordering kiosk options.

1. Lightspeed Restaurant: Best For Fast-Casual Restaurants

Lightspeed Restaurant POS

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  • Highly customizable menu display options
  • SMS “order ready” notifications for customers
  • Customers can request help at kiosks
  • Standing and tableside kiosk options


  • Early termination fees
  • No cash payments
  • Weak offline mode

lightspeed restaurant self-ordering kiosk

Lightspeed Restaurant Best Self-Ordering Kiosk Features

Lightspeed Restaurant is a strong POS system, especially for quick-serve restaurants, and includes the following best kiosk features:

  • Simple, customizable picture-based menu
  • Kiosk branding options
  • Customers can pay upfront or after receiving their order
  • Hardware works as registers, standing kiosks, and tableside ordering kiosks
  • Customers can place numerous orders throughout the tableside dining experience
  • Automated menu syncing across devices and locations
  • POS auto-86s items across all menus when an ingredient runs out
  • “Order ready” confirmation texts for customers who opt into them
  • Customers can request help from a staff member at a self-order kiosk
  • Menu customizations for self-order kiosks, online ordering, and ordering at an employee-run register
  • Customers can redeem loyalty program points on self-order kiosk orders via a QR code

Lightspeed Restaurant Kiosk Pricing

These are the Lightspeed Restaurant kiosk pricing plans listed on Lightspeed’s website (for one terminal):

  • Essentials: $90/month ($69/month with annual billing)
  • Plus: $246/month ($189/month with annual billing)
  • Pro: $519/month ($399/month with annual billing)

You must contact Lightspeed for pricing on add-ons, such as kitchen display systems (KDS) and hotel management system integrations.

Though these are Lightspeed’s advertised plans, you have to get a custom quote and sign a contract that specifies how much you’ll pay in fees and whether fees are charged monthly or annually.

Cost Of Restaurant Kiosk Hardware

Lightspeed Restaurant POS and self-order kiosks run on iPads, which you may purchase yourself or through Lightspeed. Make sure screens are large enough to see and very responsive to touch. Nothing is more annoying than stabbing at an unresponsive screen.

To use Lightspeed Payments for payment processing, you must buy a Verifone or Lightspeed Mobile Tap card reader from Lightspeed.

You can purchase compatible Ingenio, Verifone, or BBPOS card readers if you want to use a third-party payment processor.

Read through different hardware providers’ warranty policies before investing in POS and kiosk equipment.

Payment Processing

Lightspeed has its own in-house payment processor, Lightspeed Payments, which charges a credit card processing fee of 2.6% plus $0.10 for card-present payments. This rate is for business owners on the Essentials and Plus plans. Those on the Pro plan can get a lower custom payment processing rate from Lightspeed.

You can also integrate your Lightspeed POS system with third-party payment processors, such as Worldpay (previously known as Vantiv), 2ACCEPT, and TSYS. Lightspeed may charge an additional fee if you decide to work with another payment processor, but if you save a substantial amount on fees or want your own dedicated merchant account, it could be worth it.

Contract Requirements/Warnings

Despite the monthly plan pricing listed online, you must still get a custom quote from Lightspeed, which may be more than what the company advertises.

Lightspeed also charges hefty early termination fees, especially for users who opt into a yearly subscription plan or get a discount on their pricing plan.

Lightspeed’s 30-day hardware warranties (14-day warranties on Apple products) also have many stipulations. For example, you must contact Lightspeed to validate hardware purchased through Lightspeed within five days of receiving your order, or Lightspeed warranties won’t apply to your products.

Where Lightspeed Restaurant Really Shines For Self-Ordering Restaurants

Lightspeed Restaurant is an easy-to-use system for restaurant owners that have to deal with high employee turnover rates, which is common in the fast-casual industry. The intuitive user interface on registers and self-order screens makes it easy to train new employees.

Plus, it’s simple to transition between register, standing kiosk, and tableside ordering kiosk, so customers have a number of ways to order without holding up any lines.

Related: Check out our guide on reducing restaurant turnover rates and retaining employees for the long term.

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2. Toast Kiosk: Best For Busy Restaurants

Toast POS

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  • Accept cash, card, gift card, and loyalty points on kiosks
  • Scanner and scale integrations
  • Durable hardware
  • Loyalty program signup at kiosks


  • Long-term contract requirement
  • Expensive for smaller restaurant owners
  • Not compatible with iOS-based POS systems

toast restaurant self-ordering kiosk

Toast Kiosk Best Self-Ordering Kiosk Features

Toast Kiosk is a durable kiosk system that includes the following best features:

  • Highly durable kiosk hardware
  • Scanner integration for scan-and-go items
  • Scale integration for food sales by weight (salads, frozen yogurt, etc.)
  • Dine-in and takeout ordering options
  • SMS “order ready” notifications
  • Custom menu screen display
  • Kiosks can print QR-coded receipts that staff can scan at the register to take cash payments
  • Payments via kiosk can be disabled, so all customers have to pay via cashier
  • Toast Loyalty program signup prompt on self-order screens
  • Redeem loyalty program points on kiosks
  • Pay via gift card
  • Suggested tipping on-screen
  • Customers can swipe payment cards to populate their most recent orders, making the checkout process much faster
  • Branded ordering screen
  • Push daily specials to kiosks

Toast Kiosk Pricing

Toast pricing plans include the following:

  • Starter: $0/month
  • Standard: $69/month
  • Essentials: $165/month
  • Custom: Contact Toast for a quote

You must contact Toast for a quote on the Toast Kiosk software add-on.

Toast also offers add-on packages that bundle features like online ordering, takeout, gift cards, and email marketing. Packages range from $75/month to $175/month.

Toast also offers delivery services and integrations with the best third-party delivery services, for when you’re ready to expand from in-person ordering to delivery (if you haven’t already.)

Cost Of Restaurant Kiosk Hardware

Toast offers a Starter register kit and accessories exclusively for users on the Starter and Standard plans. If you decide on the Essentials or a custom plan, you need to contact Toast and get a custom quote on POS and kiosk hardware.

Starter kits include either a handheld or countertop POS system, router, WiFi access point, and basic POS software subscription.

The Handheld kit, which includes the Toast Go 2, one of the best restaurant handheld POS systems, costs $609 upfront. The Countertop kit costs $799 upfront.

Alternatively, you can pay $0/month, with $0 upfront, and pay higher payment processing fees to cover your Starter kit hardware and monthly software subscription costs.

Currently, Toast kiosks can only be hosted on Elo devices. New Elo devices are valued between $700 and $1,500 depending on which version you purchase (Toast lists Elo V2 and Elo4 as kiosk hardware options).

Payment Processing

Toast requires you to use its own in-house payment processor which charges the following payment processing fees per transaction:

  • Starter Plan: 2.99% plus $0.15
  • Standard Plan: 2.49% plus $0.15
  • Essentials & Custom Plans: Custom quote

The Standard plan does have a $69 monthly fee and requires you to purchase your hardware upfront, while the Starter plan costs $0 with no upfront investment needed. However, the extra payment processing fees may add up to at least $69, if not more.

Our advice: If you can, sign up for the Standard plan and purchase your equipment upfront. The amount you save on payment processing fees will probably more than cover your monthly fee.

Get one of these best small business loans or use one of these best equipment financing options to pay for your Toast hardware upfront.

Contract Requirements/Warnings

You have to sign a merchant contract with Toast, which typically lasts at least two years. There are early termination fees, should you decide to break your contract early.

Toast hardware is Android-based, meaning that it is not compatible with iOS devices. So, if your current restaurant terminals/KDS/customer-facing displays run on iPads, you will need to replace them.

Toast covers hardware purchased directly from the company for up to three years, which is much longer than most POS and kiosk hardware providers.

Where Toast Kiosk Really Shines For Self-Ordering Restaurants

Toast’s entire line of hardware is very durable and reliable, which is a huge advantage for busy restaurants with a lot of movement.

Toast’s barcode scanner and scale integrations also make it easy for your restaurant to offer prepackaged ready-to-go meals and weight-based orders (frozen yogurt, build-your-own salads, etc.). If your busy restaurant includes these kinds of meal options, Toast Kiosk is an excellent option.

Also, Toast’s loyalty signup and redemption options at self-ordering kiosks are attractive features if you want to lean on a loyalty program to drum up new and repeat business.

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3. Revel Systems: Best For Large Restaurants & Complex Orders

Revel POS Systems

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  • Highly customizable menu and modifiers
  • Loyalty program integration
  • Accept discount codes at kiosks
  • Excellent offline ordering mode


  • No SMS order update feature
  • Pricing and contract terms are not transparent
  • Potentially huge early termination fees

Revel restaurant POS self-ordering dashboard

Revel Best Self-Ordering Kiosk Features

Revel is a powerful POS and kiosk system for larger restaurants with complex ordering requirements and offers these built-in features:

  • Split modifiers (e.g. custom toppings on only half a pizza)
  • Very specific custom modifier rules
  • Seamless upsell item and group combo builder popups
  • Accept discount codes on kiosks
  • Custom time-based and product-based specials/discounts
  • Suggested and custom tipping options
  • Set up automated fees (automated gratuity, service charges, takeout fees, payment processing fees, etc.)
  • Auto-86 items based on inventory counts
  • Dine-in and takeout ordering features
  • Collect info such as call name, call order, buzzer number, table stand number, etc. through kiosks
  • Barcode scanner for prepackaged meals and retail items
  • Pay via credit card, gift card, or pay at register
  • Funnel orders towards a central register
  • Take orders and payments while POS and kiosk systems are offline
  • Collect/redeem loyalty points by manually entering a loyalty member number or swiping/scanning loyalty card at kiosk
  • Require manager override for POS and kiosk functions
  • Email or print receipt
  • Send orders directly to designated KDS based on order type (dine-in, to-go, etc.)
  • Create kitchen flow to complete kiosk orders at the right time
  • Enterprise-level multilocation management
  • Branding tool

Revel Kiosk Pricing

Revel lists one pricing plan for POS software online:

  • $99/month per terminal, with a two-terminal minimum, making the minimum monthly bill $198/month
  • $674 one-time implementation fee

This plan is for restaurant owners who sign up for a three-year minimum contract and use Revel Advantage, Revel’s in-house payment processor.

You must contact Revel to get pricing on the company’s kiosk software, Kiosk XT, as well as Revel’s loyalty program.

Cost Of Restaurant Kiosk Hardware

You must contact Revel for pricing on the company’s proprietary self-ordering kiosk touchscreen.

In general, Revel software runs on iPads and iPad Minis.

Revel software is also compatible with hardware from providers such as Ingenico, Honeywell, Infinite Peripherals, Epson, Linksys, Brecknell, and Zebra. You can source card readers, barcode scanners, cash drawers, ID card swipers, and routers from any of these providers or purchase them directly from Revel.

Payment Processing

Revel offers an in-house payment processing solution, Revel Advantage (powered by Worldpay). You will receive a custom quote for payment processing fees with Revel Advantage.

You can also use third-party payment processors such as Fiserv (previously called First Data), Heartland, TSYS, Elavon, and Chase, with no additional fees.

Our advice: Get a few quotes from third-party payment providers before approaching Revel. You can get a sense of what a fair payment processing rate is for your business and negotiate with Revel to get the lowest payment processing rate you can.

Contract Requirements/Warnings

You must sign a merchant agreement with a three-year minimum commitment, two-terminal minimum, annual billing, and use Revel Advantage if you want to get the advertised pricing plan above. Otherwise, you have to get a custom quote.

If you cancel your Revel agreement early, there are early termination fees, which can get very expensive depending on how close you are to the end of your contract. You must also return any Revel equipment you haven’t paid off.

Plans are renewed yearly unless you give a 30-day notice before your renewal date.

Revel has a one-year warranty on hardware purchased through the company.

Where Revel Really Shines For Self-Ordering Restaurants

With Revel kiosks, you can create custom kiosk menus that include combo building, upsell prompts, timed specials, highly detailed item modifiers, and more. Customers can check on, collect, and redeem loyalty points at kiosks with an individual loyalty points number and branded rewards card. They can also enter custom discount codes, pay via gift card, and send their orders to one central register.

Revel’s kiosks also integrate seamlessly with Revel KDS software, so you can create a workflow specifically for kiosk orders. Customers will always get fresh, hot, and correct orders for dine-in or takeout, no matter how complex their orders (or your kitchen areas) are.

Revel’s enterprise-level menu, inventory, employee, and sales management console will also ensure success for multilocation restaurant businesses, which tend to lean on kiosks more often than small establishments.

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4. Square For Restaurants: Best Free Option

Square POS

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Get a free card swiper from Square at no cost when you create a free account. Claim your card reader.


  • Completely free plan available
  • No extra hardware required
  • Very easy to use
  • Add self-ordering to several on-site and online locations


  • Weak restaurant inventory management
  • Not for large, complex orders and establishments
  • QR code orders are subject to online payment processing fees

Square self-ordering kiosk.

Square Best Self-Ordering Kiosk Features

Square offers two distinct self-ordering solutions: a free QR code generator that you can place anywhere in your restaurant and online and traditional paid kiosk software that runs on iPads.

These are Square’s best self-ordering QR code features:

  • Free QR code generator that links to a free online ordering website
  • Pre-built QR code designs that you can print and place anywhere (great for popup events, food trucks, spacious areas, etc.)
  • Tie different QR codes to specific ordering locations (e.g. bar, table number)
  • Require customers to manually enter their location when ordering via QR code
  • Flat amount or percentage-based service fees
  • Suggested tipping
  • Enable open tabs
  • Custom online ordering menus
  • Auto-86 out-of-stock menu items
  • Accept discount codes and run specials

Square also integrates with KioskBuddy, third-party software that turns any iPad into a more traditional self-ordering restaurant kiosk.

Square Kiosk Pricing

Square has a completely free plan for businesses with a single location, which you can use to generate self-ordering QR codes. You can use an unlimited number of devices on the free plan.

If you have multiple locations, you’ll have to sign up for the Square Plus plan and pay $60/month/location. Extra Square registers cost $40/device/month.

The KioskBuddy integration costs between $50/month and $200/month, plus there are transaction fees if you make more sales than the monthly limit on your pricing plan.

Cost Of Restaurant Kiosk Hardware

Square runs on iPads, which you can source yourself or purchase from Square.

You will need a Square Contactless Chip + Card Reader to take payments.

Read our guide to Square POS hardware to find out the cost of extra hardware and what you may need to run your restaurant.

Payment Processing

You must use Square’s in-house payment processor to process all payments. Payment processing is based on your subscription level, so users on the Plus plan enjoy lower payment processing fees than those on the free plan.

QR code orders are considered online orders, so you get charged Square’s online payment processing fees. For QR code payments, you’ll pay either 2.6% or 2.9%, plus a $0.30 flat fee, per transaction.

Transactions made at a standing or tableside kiosk using KioskBuddy are considered in-person transactions, which have lower payment processing fees. You’ll pay 2.5% or 2.6%, plus a $0.10 flat fee, per transaction.

Contract Requirements/Warnings

Square plans are month-to-month, and they’re very easy to cancel with no extra fees.

You will pay a higher payment processing fee for QR code orders since they’re considered card-not-present payments.

Where Square Really Shines For Self-Ordering Restaurants

Square is loved by most startup owners who have virtually no money to invest in kiosk hardware or software. Square’s free self-serve QR code ordering feature that links to a branded online ordering page provides an excellent way for business owners to create ordering stations all around their location.

Also, if you don’t have a lot of room in your establishment (or any, if you run a food truck or host outdoor events), printing out a QR code and taping it to a table, wall, or menu is one of the most cost-effective and spatially efficient ways to add a self-ordering station anywhere.

In general, Square is one of the best free POS systems, so if you have one location and low funding, strongly consider Square as a POS and kiosk solution.

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5. Lavu: Best For Cafeterias & Food Halls

Lavu POS

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  • ID scanner checkout
  • Rotating weekly menus
  • Fire orders to different KDS stations


  • Must use PayPal to take kiosk orders

Lavu self-ordering kiosk.

Lavu Best Self-Ordering Kiosk Features

Lavu is a POS system with a dedicated kiosk app, and includes the following features:

  • Nutritional and allergen information listed on menu items
  • ID scan badges to add meals onto a registered account
  • Integrated weight scale
  • Rotating weekly menus
  • Barcode scanner to scan ready-made items
  • Tableside and standing kiosk ordering
  • Sync kiosks with KDS in different departments/food stations
  • Pay at kiosk or pay at register
  • Loyalty program setup
  • Email, text, and print kiosk order receipts
  • Dine-in and takeout ordering options
  • Automated stock updates
  • Offline order and payment mode

Lavu Kiosk Pricing

Lavu offers the following base POS subscription plans:

  • Starter: $59/month
  • Growth: $129/month
  • Optimize: $279/month

Each plan comes with one device. Extra devices cost $50/device/month.

Lavu’s kiosk app costs $50/month.

Cost Of Restaurant Kiosk Hardware

Lavu runs on iPads, which you can purchase from Lavu or source on your own.

To run a kiosk, you need to use a PayPal card reader, which costs $55.

You may purchase Epson KDS hardware from Lavu, which costs between $650 and $2,500, depending on the model you choose.

Payment Processing

Lavu has its own in-house payment processor, Lavu Pay. You can use Lavu Pay to process payments from a register, but not for taking kiosk payments. You will have to contact Lavu for a quote on a custom payment processing rate.

To take payments on a kiosk, though, you need to have a PayPal card reader and PayPal Zettle account. These are PayPal Zettle payment processing rates:

  • Card-Present Transactions: 2.29% + $0.09 per transaction
  • Manually Entered Or Scanned Transactions: 3.49% + $0.09 per transaction
  • QR Code Transactions ($10.01 & Above): 1.9% + $0.10 per transaction
  • QR Code Transactions ($10.01 & Above): 2.4% + $0.05 per transaction

Contract Requirements/Warnings

Lavu’s plans are month-to-month and the company offers a transparent monthly pricing structure.

You will have to sign a merchant agreement, which you should read through before signing on with Lavu.

Where Lavu Really Shines For Self-Ordering Restaurants

Lavu has great features for cafeterias with multiple food prep areas. For example, Lavu has kiosk-to-KDS routing rules, allows people such as staff members and students to pay by scanning a badge, and helps you set up rotating weekly menus.

Monthly pricing is transparent and you can add on whatever you want, so you can pay only for the features that are relevant to your cafeteria or food hall.

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6. Table Tap: Best For Bars, Entertainment Establishments, & Hotels

Table Tap

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  • All-in-one ordering and sales solution
  • Fixed monthly fee
  • Integration with hotel management software
  • Several types of self-pour hardware


  • Payment processing through Fiserv
  • Huge initial investment

Table Tap restaurant kiosk.

Table Tap Best Self-Ordering Kiosk Features

Table Tap offers a line of self-pour beverage kiosks plus a mobile menu ordering solution. Patrons enter an establishment (restaurant, barcade, hotel, etc.), have their ID verified, and receive an RFID card, which they can scan or tap to self-serve beer, wine, soda, and more.

Table Tap includes the following standout features:

  • Table and wall self-pour systems
  • Branded RFID cards to order with
  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic RFID cards to restrict beverage flow
  • Restrict self-pouring hours
  • QR/barcode-based mobile menu to order food from
  • Fully integrated POS system
  • Pre-load funds or pay when leaving
  • Integration with Scannr, an ID scanning iOS app
  • Membership program
  • Loyalty program
  • Scheduled promotions
  • Integration with Cloudbeds, a highly rated hotel management/booking software
  • Integration with Xero, an accounting software
  • Promotions, games, and videos available on tabletop iPad screens
  • Keg monitoring and sales reporting
  • Tap activation (and restriction) from one central iPad
  • Integrated KDS
  • Pour any beverage, not just alcohol

Table Tap Kiosk Pricing

Table Tap kiosk software subscriptions are a fixed monthly cost based on the number of taps you have in your establishment.

You must contact Table Tap for a custom quote.

Cost Of Restaurant Kiosk Hardware

Self-pouring beverage hardware is a steep initial investment and varies depending on the number of taps you have, whether you get tabletop or wall taps, and how your restaurant is set up.

In general, you can expect to pay at least $700 per tap installation. Full-size beer walls can cost around $15,000.

The initial investment is a lot, but considering bartender turnover rates, the investment is worth it.

Payment Processing

Table Tap has partnered with Fiserv to process payments. You will need to get a custom payment processing quote.

Contract Requirements/Warnings

Table Tap requires you to sign a merchant agreement with the company, and doesn’t give much detail on its website. So, don’t sign anything before thoroughly reading and understanding your merchant agreement.

Where Table Tap Really Shines For Self-Ordering Restaurants

Table Tap’s variety of self-pour systems allows establishments of all shapes and sizes to introduce self-serve beverage kiosks to customers.

Table Tap’s unique all-in-one sales solution allows patrons to charge food, drinks, game tokens, and everything in between to one account, which they can add funds to before eating/drinking, or pay off later. The ID scanner and restricted beverage cards also ensure that family fun centers are safe for everyone.

Also, Table Tap’s integration with Cloudbeds makes it easy for hotel guests to charge everything to a room and pay during checkout.

Get Started With Table Tap

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Why We Don't Recommend These Kiosk POS Options


TouchBistro is one of the best restaurant POS systems, as it is made by servers, for servers. Unfortunately, the company recently retired its kiosk app, so self-service isn’t an option with TouchBistro.


Which Kiosk Ordering System Is Right For Your Business?

Many kiosks for restaurants require you to get a custom quote. To help you decide on which kiosk ordering system is right for you, contact each provider to figure out what you can expect to pay month-to-month.

Also, consider the space in your restaurant. Do you have enough room to fit three kiosks and a beer wall? Is it necessary to have several kiosks? Map out your space before even considering purchasing hardware.

Last, always read any merchant agreements before signing on with a kiosk provider. You don’t want to get stuck with any one company because you were unaware of your contract length and early termination fees.

FAQs: Kiosk For Restaurants

What is an ordering kiosk for restaurants?

An ordering kiosk for restaurants is a way for customers to order food and drinks without the assistance of an employee.

Customers can walk up to a digital touchscreen (often the screen is an iPad), tap on the screen to add items to their order, then checkout, and the order is sent back to the kitchen automatically.

How much is a restaurant kiosk?

A restaurant kiosk costs anywhere between $0/month and $300/month, on average. This cost is a monthly software fee.

Restaurant kiosk software can, in many cases, run on iPads, which you can often purchase on your own.

Alternatively, you may purchase specialized restaurant kiosk hardware such as self-serve beer traps, which can cost hundreds of dollars upfront but cut costs in the long run.

What is the best self-ordering kiosk?

The best self-ordering kiosk for restaurants depends on your specific needs.

Revel and Toast offer great self-ordering kiosks for large restaurants, while Square for Restaurants is a great low-budget starter option.

Lightspeed Restaurant is great for restaurants, especially quick-serve establishments, that have a high employee turnover rate.

Lavu is excellent for cafeterias and several niche restaurant types. Table Tap is great for bars and all-in-one food, drink, and entertainment establishments.

Should I get a kiosk for my restaurant?

You should get a kiosk for your restaurants if you struggle with employee turnover rates, need to save money, want to offer more customer ordering options, or want to bust up long lines.

Fine dining restaurants and establishments with little space to place more hardware should probably not get a kiosk (except food trucks, since customers can stand near trucks to order.)

In Summary: 6 Self-Ordering Kiosks That Top The List

  1. Lightspeed Restaurant POS:
    • Best for fast-casual restaurants
    • $90-$519+/month ($69-$399+/month with annual billing)
    • Flat rate processing at 2.6% + $0.10
  2. Toast POS:
    • Best for busy restaurants
    • $0+/month
    • Flat rate processing starting at 2.49% + $0.10, or custom quote
  3. Revel POS Systems:
    • Best for large restaurant businesses with complex ordering needs
    • $198+/month
    • Custom payment processing rates
  4. Square POS:
    • Best free option for small restaurant businesses
    • $0+/month
    • Flat-rate processing starts at 2.6% + $0.10
  5. Lavu POS:
    • Best for cafeterias and food halls
    • $59+/month
    • Custom payment processing rates
  6. Table Tap:
    • Best for entertainment establishments and hotels
    • Custom monthly pricing based on number of taps
    • Custom payment processing rates
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