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6 Best POS Systems For Rental Businesses In 2024

The best POS systems for rental business have features like rental inventory management, rental tickets and quotes, and online rental bookings.

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A POS system for rental businesses helps with moving inventory, fluctuating reservation dates, and building a customer base. We reviewed several of the best POS systems with reservation and rental capabilities based on pricing, features, ease of use, and user reviews to help you find the rental POS software that’s right for your business.

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CompanyBest ForNext StepsBest For
Square Appointments

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  • Best low-cost option
  • $0-$69+/month/location
  • Monthly contracts, no termination fee
  • Best low-cost option
  • $0-$69+/month/location
  • Monthly contracts, no termination fee

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Clover POS

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  • Best for renting out items by the hour
  • $14.95-$69.90+/month
  • Custom contracts
  • Best for renting out items by the hour
  • $14.95-$69.90+/month
  • Custom contracts

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Shopify POS

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  • Best for online rental reservations
  • $29-$399+/month
  • Monthly/annual contracts, no termination fee
  • Best for online rental reservations
  • $29-$399+/month
  • Monthly/annual contracts, no termination fee

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Lightspeed Retail

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  • Best for multi-purpose businesses
  • $109-$289+/month
  • Monthly/custom contracts, early termination fee
  • Best for multi-purpose businesses
  • $109-$289+/month
  • Monthly/custom contracts, early termination fee

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  • Best for B2B rental businesses
  • $79-$349+/month
  • Monthly/annual contracts, no termination fee
  • Best for B2B rental businesses
  • $79-$349+/month
  • Monthly/annual contracts, no termination fee

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Paradise POS

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  • Best for remote rental locations
  • Custom pricing
  • Custom contracts
  • Best for remote rental locations
  • Custom pricing
  • Custom contracts

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Read more below to learn why we chose these options.

Why You Can Trust Merchant Maverick

To find the best rental POS software, our team at Merchant Maverick independently reviewed 11 different POS systems with rental management capabilities based on a strict set of editorial guidelines. We evaluated based on a 62-point rubric in four categories: pricing, feature set, ease of use, and customer reviews. You can read more on our methodology below.

6 Best POS Systems For Rental Businesses

Rental POS Software Comparison

PricingSchedulingDepositsFree Trial
Square Appointments$0-$69+/monthFreeFree
Clover POS$14.95-$69.90+/monthAdd-OnAdd-On
Shopify POS$29-$399+/monthAdd-On
Lightspeed Retail$69-$269+/monthAdd-On
Paradise POSCustom

Square Appointments: Best Low-Cost Option

Square Appointments

Total Rating 4.8

Ease Of Use5.0


Customer Service4.5

User Reviews4.7





Equipment Cost


Get a free card swiper from Square at no cost when you create a free account. Claim your card reader.


  • Free and low-cost plans available
  • Free online booking features
  • Affordable rental integrations for niche rental businesses
  • Affordable POS hardware


  • Must use Square payment processor
  • Occasional fund holds
  • No intuitive way to enable multi-day bookings

Why We Picked Square For A Low-Cost Option

Square Appointment free contract builder with template settings

Square Appointment free contract builder with template settings. (Source: Square)

We like that Square is one of the best free POS systems and can work as a standalone rental POS software for smaller businesses. You can use Square to accept deposits, book rental appointments online, build contracts and waivers, manage your inventory, and send invoices for free. Low-cost paid plans offer more advanced features like automated cancellation fees and resource management.

Square also integrates with affordable rental apps for niche businesses like sports equipment and room or campsite rentals.


Square Appointments Plans Price  When To Use
Free $0/month You are a single user with basic booking needs
Plus $29/month You have multiple locations and multiple staff appointments
Premium $69/month You want added permissions and advanced reporting

Payment processing rates are 2.5%-2.6% + $0.10 for in-person transactions, 2.9% + $0.30 for online transactions, and 2.9%-3.3% + $0.30 for online invoice payments.

Note: All POS systems require a payment processor to accept payments. You will be charged payment processing fees no matter which rental POS software you choose.

POS hardware, which you need to accept cards in person, costs between $59 (Square contactless card reader) and $1,959 (the full Square Retail Register kit). There are many options in between and no-interest financing is available on all hardware.

Learn More: Read our Square POS hardware guide for more on the hardware Square offers.

Rental POS Features

Square’s free built-in features include:

  • Free website builder for customers to fill out inquiry forms, self-book item reservations, schedule a consultation, and purchase retail items
  • Online booking calendar to manage rental appointments
  • Rental contract builder and digital signature capture
  • Accept deposits and charge late fees with a card on file
  • Automated text and email reminder notifications for their reservation
  • Social media and Google Business Profile integrations to advertise and sell on other platforms

Paid Square features include more advanced inventory management, multi-location management, resource management to ensure items aren’t double-booked, custom contract fields, and more business reports.

Rental-specific apps such as Checkfront allow accommodation rental businesses to:

  • Create dynamically priced rental packages based on the season, holiday, group size, and rental length
  • Cross-sell rentals with tours and activities
  • Confirm rentals through email or text (great for venue/lodging rental businesses)
  • Manage more resources with a more specialized rental management calendar
  • Give customers the option to check themselves in
  • Promote on platforms like GetYourGuide

Square Is Best For

  • Single-location businesses looking for free software
  • Small event and wedding supply rental businesses
  • Small clothing rental businesses
  • Affordable accommodation rental integrations

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Clover POS: Best For Renting Out Items By The Hour

Total Rating 4.3

Ease Of Use4.8


Customer Service4.4

User Reviews4.1


Starts at $0/month


Depends on merchant services provider

Equipment Cost

$49-$1,799 per device


  • Affordable rental item timer app
  • Handheld and countertop POS hardware
  • Very customizable
  • Custom payment processing rates


  • High upfront cost
  • Rental app does not include online bookings
  • Some Clover providers offer bad contracts

Why We Picked Clover POS For Renting Out Items By The Hour

Create new order on Clover Rent Item app

Create new order on Clover Rent Item app. (Source: PayPlaxe)

We like that Clover offers a low-cost rental item management app that allows business owners to rent out bicycles, shared spaces such as game tables, or sports equipment by day, hour, and minute. Businesses can create predetermined rental periods or pre-authorize a card and charge it when customers return the items or leave the shared space.

More: Read our Clover POS pricing guide for information on how Clover hardware and payment processing are connected.


Clover software pricing ranges from $14.95/month (the Clover Essentials plan) to $69.90/month (the Clover Register plan). The Rental Item app costs $1.99/month.

Your Clover POS hardware and payment processing rates depend on your Clover merchant services provider. For an idea of hardware pricing, these options are listed on

  • Clover Go: $49 for contactless card reader
  • Clover Flex: $599 for handheld POS system
  • Clover Mini: $799 for compact countertop POS
  • Clover Station: $1,699-$1,799 for full register setup

Expert Tip: We recommend choosing one of our best Clover merchant services providers to get a transparent merchant agreement and payment processing terms.

Rental POS Features

To manage rentals, you need the Rent Item app by PayPlaxe, which includes these features:

  • Import Clover inventory items as eligible rental items
  • Add items to a new rental order
  • Rent out items by the minute, hour, and day
  • Accept refundable deposits and prepayments
  • Collect customer information and add it to a customer database
  • Track stock count
  • Connect with other PayPlaxe apps, including the age verification app if you want to create minimum rental ages

Note: The Rent Item app does not allow for online reservation booking or predetermined rental periods.

Clover Is Best For

  • Sports equipment rental shops
  • Shared space rentals for game tables, sports courts, and office spaces
  • Bicycle and scooter rentals

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Shopify POS: Best For Online Rental Reservations

Total Rating 4.3

Ease Of Use4.9


Customer Service4.8

User Reviews4.4


Starts at $29/month



Equipment Cost



  • Lots of rental integrations
  • Excellent shipping and return features
  • Beautiful eCommerce site builder
  • Affordable POS hardware


  • Many apps cost extra
  • Must use Shopify payment processor to avoid transaction fees
  • No offline functionality

Why We Picked Shopify For Online Rental Reservations

Shopify example online car rental shop with IzyRent integration

Shopify example online car rental shop with IzyRent integration. (Source: Shopify)

We like that Shopify offers one of the best POS systems with eCommerce features such as online rental reservations and in-store rental choices for local delivery and shipping. Shopify offers excellent inventory and asset management, plus great shipping and return tools to monitor online rental shipping status. There are several rental-specific software integrations for niche businesses like vacation rentals, bike rental and repairs, and clothing rental businesses.


Shopify POS Plans Price  When To Use
Basic $39/month ($29/month billed annually) If you have a growing eCommerce business with occasional in-person sales
Shopify $105/month ($79/month billed annually) If you want additional reporting and reduced payment processing fees
Advanced $399/month ($299/month billed annually) If you want advanced reporting and additional discounts on processing fees
Shopify Plus $2,000+/month If your high-volume or large business needs an enterprise-level solution

All of Shopify’s software pricing plans include an eCommerce store builder and the Shopify POS Lite app:

Rental-specific Shopify apps cost $0-$99/month.

Payment processing rates are 2.4%-2.6% + $0.10 for in-person transactions and 2.5%-2.9% + $0.30 for online transactions.

POS hardware ranges from $49 (Shopify card reader) to $459 (Shopify register kit).

Rental POS Features

We recommend an app such as IzyRent, which integrates well with a professional-looking Shopify website and offers a $0 and $25/month plan. The app includes:

  • Clothing, lodging accommodation, rent for fixed period, and rent by the hour onling booking solutions
  • Item or location rental availability date filter
  • Add-on choices like vehicle insurance or a bike helmet
  • Rent and purchasing options
  • Set item delivery and return dates
  • Create terms and conditions contracts, waivers, shipping and return policies, and care instructions
  • In-store pickup availability
  • Manually create rental item or room reservations at the POS for walk-in customers
  • Track rental and supply inventory

Shopify Is Best For

  • Online and in-store clothing, electronic, and equipment rentals
  • Vacation and accommodation rental bookings
  • Online car and bike rental reservations
  • Online reservations for by-the-hour rental items and spaces

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Lightspeed Retail: Best For Multi-Purpose Businesses

Lightspeed Retail

Total Rating 4.1

Ease Of Use4.4


Customer Service4.1

User Reviews4.0


$109-$289/month ($89-$239/month billed annually)


Monthly, annual, and custom

Equipment Cost



  • Optional rental shop software integrations
  • Built-in appointment/reservation scheduling
  • Built-in rental item management for no added fee
  • Work order management for repairs


  • Expensive for smaller businesses
  • Must use in-house payment processor
  • Early termination fee

Why We Chose Lightspeed Retail For Multi-Purpose Businesses

Lightspeed Retail Bike Rent Manager software integration.

Lightspeed Retail Bike Rent Manager software integration. (Source: Lightspeed)

We like Lightspeed Retail for multi-purpose businesses because the software offers great inventory management and easily syncs together retail, rental, and repair sales types. Lightspeed's built-in features allow you to rent by the hour or for a predetermined amount of time and manage work orders for repairs. For features like online reservations, holistic rental status views, and rental item delivery management, you will need one of Lightspeed's well-developed software integrations.

Related: Compare Lightspeed to our other best retail inventory management systems.


Lightspeed Retail Plans Price  When To Use
Basic Plan $109/month ($89/month billed annually) For single/multi-location retail business looking for strong inventory management and a customizable POS interface
Core Plan $179/month ($149/month billed annually) For single/multi-location retail businesses looking for eCommerce and accounting features
Plus Plan $289/month ($239/month billed annually) For single/multi-location retail businesses looking for a strong loyalty program and advanced business reporting

Rental-specific Lightspeed integrations range from $39-$167/month.

Lightspeed payment processing fees are 2.6% + $0.10 for in-person orders and 2.9% + $0.30 for online orders.

Lightspeed offers a $79 card reader, a $299 handheld POS terminal, a $169 iPad stand, and a $319 iPad.

Rental POS Features

Lightspeed’s built-in rental features include:

  • Physical rental item management
  • Work order management for repairs
  • Quote-to-invoice system
  • Holds and layaways for in-store pickup
  • Deposit and partial payment acceptance

Lightspeed integrations such as Booxi, Hubtiger, and Manager allow businesses to:

  • Monitor the status of all rental items (reserved, checkout out, checked in, in repair, etc.)
  • Accept rental item and appointment bookings online
  • Send automated repair job updates
  • Rent items by the day, hour, and minute
  • Create and send online waivers
  • Upsell rentals with activities, insurance, etc.

Related: Compare Lightspeed with the rest of our best POS systems for bookstores.

Lightspeed Retail Is Best For

  • Built-in rental sales and inventory management
  • Equipment and vehicle rentals and repair shops
  • Clothing, bookstore, hardware, and event supply stores that rent and sell
  • Rental businesses that also need to schedule appointments

Get Started With Lightspeed Retail

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EZRentOut: Best For B2B Rental Businesses


Visit Site


  • Excellent B2B customer management
  • Highly customizable rental options
  • Flexible POS hardware and payment processing options
  • Mobile app available


  • POS functions are not available on lowest-tier plan
  • Moderate learning curve

Why We Picked EZRentOut For B2B Rental Businesses

EZRentOut POS order dashboard

EZRentOut POS order dashboard. (Source: EZRentOut)

We appreciate that EZRentOut is not just a POS provider, but a large-scale rental management software. Any business that rents its products out to other businesses, such as real estate agencies, party planning companies, universities, medical equipment lenders, or construction companies, will find the customer and vendor management functionalities they need with EZRentOut.


EZRentOut software plans:

  • Essential: $89/month for up to two users ($79/month with annual billing)
  • Growth: $179/month for up to four users ($149/month with annual billing)
  • Premium: $349/month for up to six users ($299/month with annual billing)

Note: You must pay an additional $20/month/user if you have more users than the number allotted by your subscription plan.

EZRentOut supports Stripe, Square, and PayPal for payment processing, so you’ll pay around 2.6% for in-person payments and 2.9% for online payments.

Rental POS Features

EZRentOut is designed for midsize rental businesses, which is why it offers these highly unique features in addition to your standard rental POS system features:

  • B2B Customer Management System: Add all information related to a business’s location, contact info, billing information, payment terms, documents such as order agreements, and customer group pricing rules.
  • Location-Based Settings: Rent out items based on a customer’s location, monitor routes for efficient deliveries, and set delivery restrictions so that no customer who is too far away will request items from you.
  • Leasing & Sub-Rentals: Create recurring invoices for customers leasing an item such as an RV. Set up sub-rental rules to manage items your midsize business borrows from partners to sub-rent to your customers.
  • Inventory Management: Manage items as single items or as a single group of individual items. Depreciate equipment, order services to internal inventory and external rental items, take stock and receive low-stock alerts.
  • Webstore: Allow certain customers to view an up-to-date catalog of your available items. Allow them to purchase rental items, digitally sign forms, get invoices with line items, and monitor their own orders with their own customer account that they can log into from the webstore.

EZRentOut Is Best For

  • Renting out furniture to real estate companies
  • Medical and construction equipment rentals
  • Renting out equipment and supplies to event planners
  • A full-scale B2B rental businesses management software

Get Started With EZRentOut

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Paradise POS: Best For Remote Rental Locations

Paradise POS

Visit Site


  • Offline mode
  • Specific rental features
  • Simple interface
  • Customizable


  • Nontransparent pricing
  • Clunky compared to competitor POS systems
  • Users report glitches

Why We Picked Paradise POS For Remote Rental Locations

Paradise POS customer account entry

Paradise POS customer account entry. (Source: Paradise POS)

We like Paradise POS for remote locations because the system allows your business to continue taking payments without WiFi. We also like the system's rental-specific features such as ID scanning, rental customer accounts, and rental time tracking. It's an easy-to-use iPad POS system that's affordable and has just enough for the remote sports equipment or campsite rental business to manage.


Paradise POS is available for a custom quote, but sources report you’ll pay around $50/month for the software. The entire register setup plus a local router and ethernet cables cost a one-time fee of around $1,300.

Rental POS Features

Paradise POS is designed for rental business owners who may not always have a steady WiFi connection. The following features are included in every Paradise POS plan:

  • Offline payment processing
  • Employee scheduling and time tracking
  • Customizable gift cards
  • Hourly, daily, and by-the-minute rental timeframes
  • Rental deposits
  • Customer account management
  • ID scanning and age verification
  • Rental pickup and dropoff at any of your locations
  • Product costing and vendor management
  • Intuitive upselling

Paradise POS Is Best For

  • Sports equipment rental businesses without steady WiFi
  • Remote campground rental businesses

Get Started With Paradise POS

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Retail POS Review Methodology

Merchant Maverick has been researching and reviewing POS providers since 2012. Our writers have tested over 100 different point of sale systems, evaluating pricing, features, ease of use, customer service, and user reviewers. Read more about how we rate POS providers.

Weighted Rating Breakdown

Pricing 40%
Features 30%
Ease Of Use 15%
Customer Service 10%
User Reviews 5%

When comparing different POS software systems, we consider many data points, including relative pricing, the depth of niche features offered, the price of hardware, and any associated payment processing fees. Our lists of the best providers include only apps we’ve deemed worthwhile from multiple vantage points. The POS vendors we pick share qualities such as widespread availability, accessibility, user-friendliness, and reasonable pricing. We also look carefully at niche features, such as check-splitting, inventory management, eCommerce, loyalty programs, gift cards, and more.

We spend an average of 10-15 hours researching and updating each one of our lists, making sure the providers included meet our internal standards for quality and reputation.


Vendors evaluated


Attributes assessed per vendor


Features weighed


Combined years of experience

What Is A POS System For Rental Businesses?

A POS system for rental businesses is software that, combined with a card reader and other POS hardware such as an iPad or tablet, allows you to take payments, manage rental inventory, and schedule item or venue bookings. You also need a payment processor to move digital customer payments into your business bank account.

Learn More: Read up on what payment processing is and how it relates to your business.

Important Features For Rental POS Software

Your POS system should have these key features.

Strong Inventory Management

The best point of sale systems for inventory management will either have built-in advanced inventory management or an upgrade that’s not overly expensive. The ability to track a wide variety of products and keep tabs on what’s in stock in real time is crucial in most rental establishments.

Scheduling Functions

Rental agreements are, by nature, time-sensitive. It’s a little tedious for a potential renter to have to call you, then you look in your rental bookings, call them back, and try to work out a rental time, all the while trying to track what will be available and when.

Instead, find a POS that shows you (as well as customers) when a certain piece of equipment or a location is available. Include a calendar online so that customers already have an idea of when they can rent.

Since your POS should also have real-time inventory/scheduling updates, your booking availability should update as soon as your inventory levels or expected location occupancy changes.

Reservation Time Tracking

If you rent out a boat for six hours and don’t track whether six hours have passed, then you won’t know if you’re supposed to collect overdue fines. If you don’t enforce your rental periods, customers could take advantage of you.

A POS system that tracks rental time from the minute a customer checks out takes out the extra step it takes to write down (or worse, try to remember) when a piece of equipment leaves your facility and when it comes back.

ID Verification

If you rent out equipment that requires some level of skill, such as tools, or if a customer has to be a certain age to rent something out, which is the case for many car rental places, you’ll need to check and store your customer’s ID beforehand.

Even if you don’t have those specific kinds of rental businesses, you should know exactly who you’re renting out to. It’s also important that the person who signs the rental agreement is the same person who returns your rental products.

Many POS systems allow you to scan an individual’s ID, driver’s license, or passport.


You wouldn’t want to loan something out to someone without knowing if they can pay for it. If you have a POS system that pre-authorizes a buyer’s payment method, you won’t have to worry about collecting your dues later on.

Rental Deposits

Many rental businesses charge a down payment or a deposit on high-ticket rentals. Your POS system should allow you to charge either a refundable deposit or a deposit that can be used as partial payment later on.


If a piece of lighting equipment is broken or someone shatters a window in your rental property, you are within your rights to charge the renter (as long as you included it in a signed rental agreement, of course).

Storing a customer’s card information guarantees you will be able to collect payment for damages, even if a renter will not acknowledge their mistake.

Website Integration

People want to trust the business they’re renting from. The easiest way to build that trust is to build a reputable website. Ideally, customers should also be able to complete bookings and checkout online with an added eCommerce functionality.

Some POS systems, including Square For Retail and Shopify, come with eCommerce functionalities, depending on your payment plan. Other systems, such as Lightspeed Retail and Clover, integrate with most eCommerce website builders.

Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs are an excellent way to retain your customer base, especially if they are likely to use your rental services often.

Automated Billing

If a renter takes something out for an unspecified amount of time, or they decide to add on an extra day, hour, etc., to their rental period, an automated billing system will allow you to automatically bill for that extra time.


Most modern POS systems can run on an iPad or tablet. Some providers have even built smartphone apps to increase mobile transaction capabilities.

Rental business owners will find mobile POS systems very useful, as they can take payment on-location, at events, or just around their store.

How To Choose A POS System For Your Rental Business

To choose a POS system:

  • Decide How To Charge For Rentals: You can charge for your rental items or spaces (lodging, office space, etc.) in a rental window for hours or days. Or, you can rent out by the hour/day.
  • Consider Scheduling Needs: If customers can schedule rentals ahead of time, you can manually create bookings during customer calls or meetings, or allow customers to self-book online.
  • Make A Budget: Figure out how much you can spend on POS software per month and how much you plan to spend on one-time hardware purchases.
  • Decide Must-Have Software Features: Look for software that matches how you’ll charge for rentals and the time of scheduling you need.
  • Sign Up For Free Trials: Once you’ve narrowed down your options based on price and features, sign up for free trials or software demos to get a sense of how the software would work for your business.
  • Sign A Contract & Purchase Hardware: Read through your contract for any undisclosed fees, early termination requirements, and hardware warranty requirements. Then, purchase your hardware and get ready to sell.

Related: If you’re not sure what your POS budget should be, read our post on POS system costs.

Key Takeaways

A POS system for your rental business requires niche features like deposits, time tracking, and rental item scheduling online and in person.

Square stands out as a low-cost option, while Shopify is an affordable and powerful POS for online rentals. Lightspeed Retail offers the most expansive retail and rental item management, especially if paired with a rental-specific software integration.

FAQs: 6 Best POS Systems For Rental Businesses In 2024

What is the best car rental software?

Lightspeed and Shopify are the best car rental POS software. Both have vehicle rental management software integrations and built-in payment processors to accept payments in-store and online.

What is the best POS system for construction equipment rental companies?

The best POS system for construction equipment rentals is Lightspeed Retail or EZRentOut. Both offer B2B and B2C customer management, excellent inventory management, and service order issuing for tools and machines that require repairs.

What is the best party rental software?

The best party rental software is EZRentOut because you can send party supply catalogs to potential customers, create party rental packages, monitor supply delivery, and monitor the condition of your rental inventory over time.

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