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How To Start A Candle Shop In 8 Steps

Typically, candles do tend to be impulse purchases. But if you know where to find your ideal customers, rotate stock to keep your business interesting, and strategize product launches around seasons when scents are popular, you may find customers coming back again and again to enjoy the results of your ingenuity.

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Mar 27, 2023 Filed under: Small Business
Starting a laundromat business

How To Start A Laundromat In 8 Steps

Owning a laundromat is simpler than many other types of businesses; your greatest responsibilities will be keeping track of your financials, managing customers, and maintaining your equipment. But don’t let the ease of running a laundromat tempt you into becoming an absentee manager, in which case, your business will suffer as a result.

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Mar 20, 2023 Filed under: Small Business

How To Start A Jewelry Business

You can start selling jewelry from home by deciding on the kind of jewelry you want to sell, finding funding, acquiring necessary software, establishing your brand, registering your business, opening your digital storefront, and marketing!

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Feb 22, 2023 Filed under: Small Business

2023 Best States For Black Entrepreneurs

The Mid-Atlantic and Southern regions are fortifying their reputation as the best states for Black entrepreneurs, with the Gulf states of Louisiana and Florida joining their ranks thanks to an increase in Black business creation within their borders. This is the finding from Merchant Maverick’s annual report on the Best States for Black Entrepreneurs.

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Feb 13, 2023 Filed under: Data Reports, Small Business