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The Grid Review

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Jason Vissers

Jason Vissers

Jason Vissers is a writer and cereal chef from San Diego. He graduated with a Political Science degree from San Diego State University in 2001. He's been writing about website builders, crowdfunding sites, online lenders, and credit cards for Merchant Maverick since 2015. Additionally, Jason can't eat raisins.
Jason Vissers

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    Christian Muñoz

    Organization Name: Pantry Press Inc.

    I’m just so ashamed that I bought into this back in ’14. For our little studio, 99 USD was a lot of money back then. To be honest the outright cringe-worthy results we got when the finally emerged were so poor we went back to WordPress. If it ain’t broke, etc. etc.Oh yeah, and the keychain never, like ever, came.What a horrendous ripoff from V1 to V3.

    • Organization Name: Pantry Press Inc.

    Organization Name: Earth Beat Yoga

    I was one of the first 50,000 founding members who paid $99 to get a website from the Grid. Of course, it never ended up happening and when I wanted to contact someone to ask what was going on, there was no phone number or email in sight. So I eventually gave up, and even forgot about it. I am still without a website from them, and wouldn’t even know how to get my money back.

    • Organization Name: Earth Beat Yoga
    Laurie Kay

    Organization Name: Monsters Made with Love

    I loved using the Grid, I got in early as well. Now there is no contact! My pictures aren’t even on my site and I can’t get in contact with anyone. Suggestions?! Please contact me at Thank you!

    • Organization Name: Monsters Made with Love
    Robert Myers

    Organization Name: Robert Myers, Psychotherapist

    I got in early on this AI phenom with The GRID and was able to make it work for me, being techno literate enough to manage it. The best part was the cost factor upon being a founding and then life time member. I built four sites and called it good. After extensive searching I found this review and noted recent posts. Thanks folks for posting your comments. As noted by other recent posts The GRID seems to have gone dark in just the past two weeks. Specifically pic files are not loading, otherwise the rest seems to still be working. Of course there is no getting into the AI engine to manage anything. This suggests a major server failure on their end. UGH. And there is no response from their “support” team. However, the worst thing is their non-communication. That is about as non-professional as it gets. They seem to be pretending that they can just beam themselves to some black hole and never be discovered. The stuff of lawsuits. Oh, well. If anyone has any information I would appreciate a share. Feel free to contact me at Cheers

    • Organization Name: Robert Myers, Psychotherapist

    We've done in-depth research on each and confidently recommend them.

    Chris Blackman

    Organization Name: MBCG

    The system worked fine for me until recently, not it’s stopped updating and as of today I cannot even access the WebApp to make changes. So long and thanks, but it looks like the party’s over, and the host left a while ago, and isn’t communicating with customers who are left to clean up the mess.

    • Organization Name: MBCG
    Patricia Taddei

    Good enough until recently and then …my website images disappeared! It looks like I’ve been abandoned along with my site. I no longer have access. I am so disappointed and furious – no response to repeated requests for help! Version 3 never materialised and I’ve been a patient founder and lifetime member. Empty words…

      bpf ent ltd

      Organization Name: bpf ent ltd

      i ‘invested’ when i had not enough to grocery shop= the endless promises were never kept– what i am looking for is the names of the staff to this company– please email — i want their names– period. i will take it from there. fu!# people out of their money????? wrong approach ‘grid’ .. wrong business plan.

      • Organization Name: bpf ent ltd
      Kirsten P.

      Organization Name: Bodhi Leaf Designs

      The promises made by The Grid are not fulfilled – ever. The design is so limited, you feel treated like a 3-year-old who can’t do anything. A site is either just boringly stacked or has infinite silly arranged navigation links. The look and feel of a site is that of the early 2000’s. Images can’t be wrapped with text, you can’t adjust heights of anything, clearing cache makes you wonder if you’re back in 1997, the font selection is painful, the pricing absolutely not justified. The “customer support” takes two weeks to get back to you, and only if you get pissy because there’s no reply. Then they promise that the next-coming-soon update and version will fix it and then it doesn’t.And forget about logging in! You go to the login page to enter your email address, but then you get a stupid login link sent to your email. Doesn’t make sense at all. It’s 2018!I wish I had never signed up for it and I feel lurked with false promises into a lifetime membership. The only good thing is that at least they offer “something”, otherwise I would have said they are a total scam.

      • Organization Name: Bodhi Leaf Designs

      Organization Name: Indy Pen Dance, LLC

      Man did I ever WANT this to be real. I SO wanted this to be real. Turns out after becoming both a member and a lifetime founding member—all I have to show for all that faith is a big old fish hook in the side of face…fool me TWICE shame on me.

      • Organization Name: Indy Pen Dance, LLC

      Ripped me off twice. Lifetime membership.


        I’ve emailed them a couple times to address a design issue and a double billing issue, but have yet to receive a reply after weeks. Does anyone have any other way to contact them except by their support email on their site?

          Jessica Dinsmore


          I’m sorry to hear this! Regrettably, we do not have any direct contact info at the Grid, but hopefully other readers will see your post and come to your aid! Good luck to you!

            Jon Adaskin

            Organization Name: Photography by Jon Adaskin

            Did you ever get the double billing issue sorted out?

            • Organization Name: Photography by Jon Adaskin
            Lew Humiston

            Organization Name: Humiston Investigations

            Let me add my voice to the chorus of complaints here: This program is a complete waste of time and money. The promises made by the company were never fulfilled, and they seem indifferent to the fact they’ve fleeced those of us who helped them found their scam. And like others, I never got my key-chain, which would have been the only promise fulfilled by this company, had they ever sent it. I was also promised a refund, and never got it. Thieves.

            • Organization Name: Humiston Investigations

            We've done in-depth testing of each and confidently recommend them.


            Another founding member here feeling completely ripped off. Oh, and you lifetime members? Read the fine print. Lifetime means 10 years in theGrid’s world. I guess they realize they won’t be around in 10 years anyway.

              Neil Whelan

              Organization Name: Wildfire Internet

              I have watched The Grid stumble along and received their over-zealous emails. I recommend looking at for a very, very simple to use, low-cost website builder which produces great looking sites .

              • Organization Name: Wildfire Internet
              Shemu'el Namaste

              Though there are glitches and improvements to be made. My website came out brilliantly. It requires some creativity on how you will use the posts. Which ones to crop and how you upload but once you understand what you want out of it, it works well. Especially for those in the arts.

                Jon Adaskin

                Can you post a link to you ur site?

                  Ryan Wright

                  Yep, I too got the $96 Lifetime Membership offer. That’s the only thing I’ve heard from The Grid in all the years since I signed up way back when. “Hot garbage,” yep. Complete trash. Utter junk. An f-ing rip off. Can’t run a business from it. Can’t build a function site. I’m shocked the company hasn’t been sued by every single member. Biggest scam since Madoff. Dudes just made off with my money and now they’re asking for more.


                    I’m having similar issues as a founder. Never received any emails updating what’s going on and here recently I can’t get into my sites for anything. Nor will they will respond about why? So I’ve posted multiple questions and basically demanding they delete my information from their server as I’m not okay with my artist portfolios being on a host I can’t acess. Yes they’re still active for them to claim I’m so happy. No I’m not! I was just going to make a portfolio only showcasing my metalsmithing work and take down my other work sites. Which were more really to learn how the site builder works but now I can’t acess at all. It just cycles and does nothing but if I type in my Why can’t I access my sites as a founder from when you guys were just in beta? I never get emails about whats happening so if you’re not in beta I have no clue because I do not get emails. All I know is I’ve sent now including tonights 4 or 5 emails. I have lots of personal artwork/ design/ photography (that is my Rebecca Batdorf copyright) in my portfolio sites so not being able to access is a serious problem for me and idk why? Look my work may not be the best but it’s my work! I’ve sent images with the emails and now tonight a short video which is hard to be under 10 mb by the way. We founders were supposed to have extra access and benefits so my husband thinks you guys are ignoring my emails to make me go away as a founder so I and other founders won’t have our benefits. However, my sites are still up and meaning my information still on your server and I’m not okay with not having access to my personal work that’s on your servers. If you’re not going to respond to me or help you’ll need to promptly delete all my site information off your severs and NEVER use any of my artwork without my explicit permission. and portfolio sites and copyright of Rebecca Batdorf. I have told them if you intend to not help then delete everything off your severs and do not use any artwork what soever!

                      Sam Khandelwal

                      As a ‘lifetime’ founding member (or sucker) of the Grid platform, I have lost a lot of hair trying to make it work. The system is buggy and not as intuitive as telling an AI bot what you want to do. The system ‘hangs’ ever so often. You get the feeling you are paying for the privilege of Alpha-testing. The colors and layout selected by the AI platform can be messy and something that may appeal to other AI bots, certainly not humans. Also trying to add call to actions, logo reels, integrate video, changing the font, adding a title to an image that doesn’t distort how it gets displayed, can be a pain.The good news is that in 10 years, when the platform becomes sentient, you won’t have to squint through their sparse FAQ’s to find simple solutions. It will let you know that you need to sign up with Wix or some such platform that may not have the A in AI, but at least it has I!


                        I have to agree with Tom and add that I am so surprised by the amount of ‘founding members’ backers there have not been more of an uprising and negative press.
                        They promised and under delivered on an incomplete product. A product that was released ver a year late might I add. And when they finally launched they had to launch in batches of 100 users at a time.
                        What a joke and I fell for it. I guess the others that fell for this ponzi scheme are too embarrassed to admit it.

                        Support sucks, no response
                        And now I get emails for them Offering me a $96 Lifetime Membership so that can rung salt into us Founding members who got 1 year membership for the same price. So regretted not joining PageCloud at the time.
                        At least they have decent tools and support.

                        I so wanted TheGrid to work that I was blind by their marketing. Did anyone get their promised Keychain for founding members?

                          Shemu'el Namaste

                          still waiting for my keychain


                            Hey yeah, I forgot about my keychain! Where is it??


                              This review is fair but overly generous. The Grid, as of July 2017, continues to be hot garbage–interface isn’t just user-unfriendly, it does not work . Possibly the worst $96 I’ve ever spent, which is saying something. Avoid like the plague.


                                This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

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