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2021 Targeted EIDL Advance Grant: How It Works & How To Qualify

    Shannon Vissers
  • Updated on:
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Shannon Vissers

Shannon Vissers

Expert Analyst & Reviewer at Merchant Maverick
The former editor-in-chief of SteelOrbis, Shannon has been researching and writing about small business software and financing since 2015. Her shopping and retail expertise has been cited in numerous publications, including Reader's Digest, MSN, Yahoo Finance, and GOBankingRates . She has also published articles for LIVESTRONG.COM, eHow, Life'd, and other websites. Shannon attended San Diego State University, graduating in 2005 with a BA in English.
Shannon Vissers
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    What happens is I filed my business under my name in 2019 and then got business LLC and filed under that name on 2020 taxes. Will I get denied for Targeted advance? Also do they count regular unemployment from my job as part of my business income?

      Jessica Dinsmore

      Hi Shawnte,

      We weren’t able to find any guidance from the SBA for your situation. Our advice would be to contact the SBA at 1-800-659-2955 to inquire since this situation isn’t addressed in any of the Targeted Advance documentation we’ve reviewed. Unemployment benefits are not calculated as part of gross receipts to determine if a person is eligible for EIDL or the Advances. However, there is one important thing to note. If you receive a loan or advance and use these funds to pay yourself, this MUST be reported to the employment office if you are still drawing benefits. Getting unemployment benefits and using EIDL funds for owner’s compensation is considered “double-dipping” and could spell big trouble. If you’re still receiving unemployment benefits, you can continue to do so while receiving an EIDL loan or grant assuming that the EIDL funds are used for other purposes, such as purchasing supplies or inventory. Best of luck!


        my targeted eidl advance was sent to an account that does not accept SBA loans grants or anything else it was returned to the SBA that a month and a half two months ago i have continuously sent voided checks my ID my tax forms my 4506 T form everything necessary to every email the SBA and they still havent sent my grant money to the update bank. my bank account so overdrawn its gona start hurting my credit and will most likely the bank will close my account soon ive lost everything trying to stay above water waiting on this so called gov. help i have nothing coming in do to lack of work b/c of covid everthing is
        late. No help anytime soon losing everything outa money and the sba is just dragging their feet

          Jessica Dinsmore

          Hi T,

          We are so sorry to hear this. You’ll want to contact the SBA’s Disaster Assistance Processing and Disbursement Center. Explain your situation to them by phone or email.

          Bear in mind that you may have to be persistent and patient given the volumes of applicants the SBA is dealing with. Best of luck! And please let us know if this helps!


            I’m in the exact same spot!!! I have almost given completely up!!!! I don’t believe SBA even cares! They used to seem a little caring the first 4 Months. When I’d call. And now are just rude! Or I’m transferred and then hung up on!!! It’s fixing to be 6 months now that my f*****g bank returned the money! And since I got them all the new info to resend! My business is about to be dead !!!if they ever do send the money I may not even have the account still open to recieve it!! So tired of yelling , then crying!


              I was contacted by the sba for the targetted advance. turned in all requested paperwork and recieved an email to resubmit my id within 48 hrs. I did then recieved an email that stated denied due to not in a low income community. I am operating in Annada, MO which fits the criteria set by the sba for low income. I emailed them and was directed to a re- evaluation email. I sent what they said and havenot heard anything since late april. My understanding is that this was a grant to go against the 10,000 that i recieved as an eidl in 2020. can i check the status. This is crucial that i recieve that grant. thanks any info will help

                Jessica Dinsmore

                Hi Joshua,

                If you received an invitation from the SBA and subsequently applied, you can check the status of your Targeted EIDL Advance through the SBA’s Economic Injury Disaster Portal. Best wishes to you!

                  nancy white

                  I apply for targeted Advance in feb, Its been saying , (submit for two months) no email at all

                    Jessica Dinsmore

                    Hi Nancy,
                    If you received an invitation from the SBA and subsequently applied, you can check the status of your Targeted EIDL Advance through the SBA’s Economic Injury Disaster Portal.

                      Wyatt Jennings

                      Hi there, I was recently approved and have received the funds for my EIDL loan, I am a contractor. I want to know if it is possible to receive the funds in cash manner to pay for certain payments and operating costs?

                      Thank you!

                        Erica Seppala

                        Hi Wyatt!

                        You can absolutely withdraw funds from your checking account to make payments with cash. My advice would be to always make sure you have documentation backing up any purchases (whether paid by cash, check, credit card, or another method). This could be in the form of receipts, invoices, or another form of documentation. Good luck!

                          Ronni Potter

                          I have submitted my application. How long before it will be finished processing?

                            Jessica Dinsmore

                            Hi Ronni,

                            This is what the SBA says:

                            “Once the SBA has received all requested documentation, we will process the information and issue any additional funds as quickly as possible. The SBA’s goal is to process all requests within 21-days of receiving a completed application. All application decisions will be communicated via email.

                            Business owners can contact SBA’s Customer Service Center at 1-800-659-2955 or by email at
                   if they have questions about the Targeted EIDL Advance program.”

                              danny miller

                              I applyed for a edil loan in July of 2020 and approved in July signed my papers and still have not received my loan. Now their was fraud thought to have been and my bank sent the money back. “Understandable “. I submitted all the paper documents requested by October everything was finalized in November and submitted and ok. Their has been more action required from me. It is now may 2021 and I have still yet to receive my loan this has been a experience and very frustrating ive almost lost everything my business is on its last leg. Every time I call the sba its a new excuse to why it is taking so long. I wish I had a better review but its far from a good experience


                                Hello i’ve been told that Daca business owners are receiving the targeted EIDL advance but me been one of them was declined by the sba, does anyone have any info on this matter>?

                                  Erica Seppala

                                  Hi doomedlove!

                                  According to the SBA, the following applies to non-US citizens when applying for the EIDL: “A non-US citizen who owns 20% or more of the business is eligible if they are classified as a ‘noncitizen national’ or ‘qualified alien.’ Qualified aliens include permanent residents with a current green card.” If this requirement is not met, the application will be rejected. You can check out the SBA’s FAQs on EIDLs for more information on qualifying for a loan. Good luck!

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