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Kymberlin Bush

Expert Contributor

Expertise: POS

Education: BA Creative Writing, Pacific University

Kymberlin started contributing to Merchant Maverick as a freelancer in 2022 and joined the team as the full-time small business health insurance expert in 2023. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing from Pacific University in 2020 and continues to reside in Portland, Oregon.

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Bobtail trucking insurance

The Complete Guide To Bobtail Insurance

Bobtail insurance is a commercial truck insurance endorsement that provides trucks with liability coverage while they’re traveling on the road without a trailer or cargo attached. Bobtail insurance is relatively inexpensive, and most drivers will pay in the ballpark of $400 a year. Factors that determine your cost are your driving record, how often/how far you expect to bobtail, and your policy’s coverage limit.

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Jan 3, 2023 Filed under: Business Insurance

The Complete Guide To Garage Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is crucial to protecting your small business from lawsuits and accidents, but not all liability insurance policies are the same. So what exactly is garage liability insurance, and do you need it? And the big question: How much is it going to cost you? Keep on reading to find out.

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Jan 6, 2023 Filed under: Business Insurance

What Is A Fidelity Bond & Do You Need One?

Fidelity bonds are one form of risk management you may need if you’re looking to protect your business, employees, or customers from financial fraud, employee dishonesty, or outright theft. This type of insurance policy is also referred to as a commercial crime policy. In fact, fidelity bonds are a requirement in some states to acquire a business license.

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Jan 10, 2023 Filed under: Business Insurance

Business Insurance For LLC

LLC business insurance is a collection of business insurance policies that protect your LLC from the costly effects of a lawsuit, property damage, worker mistakes, and other situations. Because every LLC is different, the types of coverage your business needs will be unique.

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Jun 5, 2023 Filed under: Business Insurance

Liquor Liability Insurance Explained

Every year, employees and businesses are held liable for things out of their control, and no matter how diligent you are, mistakes happen, and people can be over-served. Don’t risk your business because of someone else’s poor decisions. Protect yourself with liquor liability insurance or host liquor liability insurance, and take the time to review the liquor laws in your state.

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Jan 4, 2023 Filed under: Business Insurance