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San Rafael, CA


In 2000, identical twin brothers Zachary and Matthew Hyman founded California’s CardPayment Solutions, Inc. (not to be confused with Indiana’s Card Payment Solutions). CPS grew quickly, and the brothers sold it to iPayment soon after for $18 million. As soon as their non-competition agreement with iPayment expired, Zachary and Matthew were back in the industry, forming Central Payment (CPAY) in 2005, based out of San Rafael, California.

Since then, they’ve managed to land on Inc. Magazine’s list of the 5000 fastest growing US-based companies for the past four years in a row, rating as high as #309 in 2010. That’s great news, since it means they’re succeeding as a business. CPAY currently processes over $3 billion per year from about 47,000 merchants. We just have to hope they don’t end up sacrificing service for revenue growth.

In August of 2012, CPAY sold 60% of the company to TSYS Merchant Services, opening a “joint venture” between the two companies. So TSYS processes the payments, while CPAY remains largely in control of their brand and sales practices.

When you visit the Central Payment website, you’ll see that it is sparsely populated, lacking some of the industry mainstays like educational resources and explanations of fees and rate. I like that they don’t overwhelm potential customers – but personally, I end up feeling underwhelmed by their efforts.

The proprietary and affiliate software and products they offer have a super-clean, contemporary aesthetic alongside quality features. I think their marketing software called SpotOn is actually pretty unique. Why the CPAY website is so outdated, I’m not sure. But I can tell you it’s a marketing mistake – especially for a company marketing to tech-savvy merchants – and it whittles away at my confidence in their services. If they had a better design, they could probably hide the fact that they give very little information. Lacking both, however, draws attention to the absence doubly.

Website design aside, I do in fact like their products and services. I can’t give CPAY a glowing recommendation, but I have no reason to tell you to avoid them, either. Many of their customers have great things to say about the customer service they experience, and most seem to find their rates acceptable. In many cases you can negotiate the early termination fee and contract length to suit your resources.

For me, I think they’re coasting dangerously in the average zone at Central Payment. Nothing really sets them apart, but no major red flags come up either. In the end, I find them on the higher end of “acceptable.” They remain at four stars for now, but could easily slip down lower if service suffers as they grow.

Check out the full review for all the finer details about CPAY, or take a look at out credit card processor comparison chart to weigh your other options.

Products and Services:

When you look at CPAY’s products and services as a small merchant, it’s kind of a relief. Instead of being bombarded by dozens of solutions for every industry conceivable, you’ll find just a handful of essential products and services, all geared for a direct-to-consumer approach. They have a nice collection of proprietary software and affiliate relationships featuring really clean, contemporary design and functionality. CPAY offers:

  • Merchant accounts
  • Terminal leasing/sales: Offerings include Verifone Vx520, Verifone Vx520 Dual Comm, and Nurit 8020 for wireless. Perhaps an underwhelming selection, but I actually like this. That said, I don’t recommend that you lease, and I encourage you to shop around before you buy.
  • Gateway/virtual terminal: CPAY offers their branded gateway and virtual terminal service, PayHub. It looks pretty sleek and seems to have nice features.
  • Rewards/marketing software: This is actually a pretty unique service for a processor to offer. Called SpotOn, it’s basically an expanded digital loyalty program that you can track through a dedicated tablet.  The software has the same polished appearance CPAY offers elsewhere, and overall it looks nice. Check it out here.
  • POS software: Central Payment is an affiliate of ShopKeep, an iPad-based POS system and terminal. It hooks up to your cash drawer to provide a complete point-of-sale solution. We recently reviewed this POS and gave it a perfect five stars! You don’t have to use CPAY to use ShopKeep, since it’s not proprietary.
  • Mobile processing: Powered through RoamPay, Central Payment can set you up with a mobile card reader and app that allows you process through your tablet or smartphone. It’s not a novel service, but nice to see it offered.

You can check out some demos and promo videos on their site here.

Fees and Rates:

You won’t find any information about rates or fees on CPAY’s site. In fact, you won’t find much information about credit card processing at all. They don’t offer any educational or informational materials whatsoever.

I can tell you that they will offer interchange-plus if you ask for it, and seasonal downtime is also an option.

Contract Length and Early Termination Fee:

Again, you’ll find no mention of contract terms or termination fees on the Central Payment’s website.

Their cancellation fee operates on a sliding scale starting at $500 if you cancel within the first year, and dropping by $100 each year thereafter. I was told that both the contract length and cancellation fee are negotiable, so don’t forget to put on your bargaining hat.

While many processors offer a 30-45 day grace period after signing where a merchant can cancel without and fines, CPAY only offers you 72 hours. I’m not sure what good that does anyone…

Sales and Advertising Transparency:

Since CPAY has so little to say, it’s hard to rate them one way or the other when it comes to advertising and sales transparency. They don’t have many sales gimmicks, so I like them in that way. I would really, really like to have seen some fees, rate, contract terms, or even just some educational material presented. They are far below average here.

Customer Service and Technical Support:

According to the customer testimonials I saw, this is where Central Payment really shines. The rep that we spoke with was extremely professional and helpful. She answered all of our questions truthfully (I hope), and she didn’t try to pull a “hard-sell.” She acted more like a consultant than anything. Those are the kind of reps you want to get your hands on.

On the other hand, I’ve read some major complaints about sales reps dropping off the face of the earth after signing, especially when problems arise.

Negative Reviews and Complaints:

You’ll see 141 complaints in the past three years through the BBB (as of this update), which is on the upswing since our last update. They’ve handled 55 complaints in the past 12 months, so this year has seen slightly more complaints than previous years, but not substantially more. Overall, this is a fairly low number considering the company size, but it’s not ideal (despite their A+ rating). Chase Paymentech, for instance, handles over half a trillion dollars every year and has under 100 complaints through the BBB in the past three years.

CPAY has 29 complaints on Ripoff Report (as of this update), but I’d say 80% are from past sales contractors unsatisfied with the circumstances of their contract terminations. While I think a heavy reliance on independent sales agents can hurt a processor – since it can lead to a poorly regulated and poorly trained salesforce – I actually believe that CPAY does a pretty good job when it comes to holding the reins on their independent agents. I don’t think that you, as a merchant, should let these complaints deter you in this case.

I like the way CPAY has taken the time to respond to many complaints made against them. There are also a fair amount of independent agents who chime in to defend the company.

Some of the most common complaints for Central Payment include:

  • PCI compliance fee/non-compliance penalty: While many processors will charge a fee to cover their expenses in terms of PCI compliance, a steep non-compliance penalty is a crappy contract term in my opinion. I’ve heard from multiple sources that CPAY charges $20-30 per month for non-compliance, on top of the annual $80+ they already charge for compliance. The best way to make sure you avoid this is to always stay compliant, which is easy enough. Still, I think sales reps need to cover PCI compliance and related fees in-depth during sales talks. Not doing so leads to very unhappy customers.
  • Bad leasing contracts: In almost all cases, leasing terminals won’t make sense for you. Leases through Northern Leasing are especially bad, and that seems to be one of the companies CPAY partners with. Please read this article before leasing a terminal! Also note that your “free” terminal might not end up being free. Make sure you get a full disclosure of terms before accepting any “gifts.”
  • Difficultly getting support from independent reps: I love it when companies can promise that your sales rep will be your continuing point of contact after signing. It’s a great practice – when the representatives can make good on the promise, that is. I’ve seen a number of complaints about difficulty getting an agent on the phone when a problem arises, even just days after signing. I’m not talking about getting a call back the next day instead of a direct answer; I’m talking about being blatantly ignored. Since independent sales reps are not vetted and interviewed the same way in-house employees would be, these problems inevitably come up. Your best bet in these cases is to call corporate directly for help, and maybe find a new point of contact for your contract.

Positive Reviews and Testimonials:

CPAY has six really professional testimonials on their website (despite the sci-fi inspired intros). You’ll find about a dozen others here that are not as polished, but actually seem even more authentic to me. Still looking for more? Well, check out their official YouTube page for a huge amount of videos with additional testimonials mixed in.

I really liked seeing all of these video-based reviews, and I also liked the questions the interviewers asked, including:

  1. What else could we do to better serve you?
  2. Do you hear from our competitors?

This gives CPAY the opportunity to show that their customers really are satisfied – and satisfied enough to stay with them despite hearing from competitors on an almost daily basis.

Customers seem to really appreciate the customer service and overall value offered by CPAY. While some merchants in the testimonials allude to the fact they’ve been offered better rates elsewhere, they all seem to believe they’d rather pay a few basis points more to get the reliability and service CPAY offers. As a reviewer, I really liked hearing this.

They also have about 10,000 likes on their very active facebook page. While I know there is more than one way to get facebook likes, I’m still impressed by this considering they serve about 47,000 merchants.

Final Verdict:

All said and done, I actually like Central Payment. They offer solid products and solid service. I really wish they would disclose a little more information on their site, and I wish they would find a way to set themselves apart in a positive way. They’re moving in the right direction with proprietary software like SpotOn, but CPAY hasn’t quite sold me on their tech-savvy identity.

In all, I’m excited to see where CPAY is headed now that they’ve partnered with TSYS. They’re going to have a lot more financial backing and technological support, which – if properly wielded – could translate to a bright future. I’ll look forward to reporting back to you soon with good news. For now, I’m going to continue to be hopeful and give them four stars.

To compare CPAY with the best of the best, check out our nifty comparison chart.

Tom DeSimone

Tom DeSimone

Tom loves asking tough questions and getting straight answers, so he has a lot of fun calling payment processors for Merchant Maverick to cut through their smoke and mirrors and find the real deals. He has run a full-time editorial business from his home in New York’s Hudson Valley since 2010 and could not imagine a better job. When not busy writing and keeping credit processors honest, Tom enjoys backpacking in the mountains.
Tom DeSimone
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    George McDonald

    Central Payment takes more money from businesses, especially small seasonal businesses such as mine, than they make. Using Central Payment gives me more loses than profits. For the month of January we had one credit card swipe of $150 and Central Payment took $134.75 leaving me only $15.25 but then I have to pay taxes on the $150 which leaves me in the negative. For the month of February we did not have any credit card swipes and Central Payment charged $47.46. After being with them for 2 years, not knowing that I was contracted to 3 years, I called and cancelled my account. Today I look at the business bank account and see a charge from them for $375. They claim that it is an early cancellation fee, of which I did not know about. Central Payment will try their best to squeeze blood from a turnip, so I would recommend that no one use them.

    RatingNot Rated
    Kevin Christensen

    I would never again use Central Payment. They have been nothing but difficult to work with. We would often find funds taken from account randomly. We have switched companies and are still in dispute.

    RatingNot Rated
    T Floyd

    I’ve been an agent with Cpay since 2009. I am the process of transitioning to Merchant Warehouse, a way better company. Cpay adds additional fees to merchants that are in contracts. If the merchants don’t want to pay the additional monthly fees and want to cancel, they have to pay the cancellation fee(catch 22). My sales director lied to me regularly. Their customer service is good. I feel bad for them because they have to clean up a lot of the dirty work from poorly trained agents. As a sales rep I would not encourage any business to use them.

    RatingNot Rated
    Allen Saltzman

    I wish I could give this company less than 1 star. They broke their contract and raised the rate on me – WITHOUT telling me. The agent admitted it and told me a refund was forthcoming. Not only did the company not give me a refund, but they continued to charge me a monthly fee AFTER I cancelled the service. STAY AWAY!!!

    Mike Massey

    If you call customer service with a question, do not expect a return call. I left three messages over a four week period and the ONLY return call I received was one month AFTER I cancelled service. That call was to tell me they were going to charge $300 for an early termination fee!

    Poor company, poor customer service.

    maureen macias


    RatingNot Rated
    John Nyman

    Has anyone ever heard of a CC processing company debiting your account without warning for a processing error on their end? Story is that on 6/22 they went through an “upgrade” of their servers during which many if not all, accounts were double-batched. On the 26th my account was debited over $1,000 as a result of their error. I’m not trying to get rich over something that falls into the category of “crap happens” but doing this without any notification or explanation seems like a huge breach of trust.

    Tom DeSimone

    Hi John,

    That sounds like a serious mistake on their end. If this led to any bank fees on your end, CPAY should absolutely reimburse you. Either way, I hope they provided you and all those affected with a sincere apology and a timely refund of money owed. These sort of electronic errors do happen from time to time, but it’s still a serious issue in my eyes.


    RatingNot Rated
    Rita Mastrovito

    Horrible company! Do not select this company for your merchant services! They are disreputable and have caused me to spend hours trying to negotiate with my original merchant services company to try to to back to them–Central Payment promised to buyout my original company and after 8 months of asking them every month to pay the termination fee, it is apparent that they have no itention. Don’t believe their salesmen as they are independant contractors and will promise everything but won’t deliver. Caveat Emptor. This company sucks and I will joing the 144 other people filing BBB complaints.!


    I just decided to work for Cpay and am discouraged at what I am reading.
    I am most ethical and my work always consisted of win for the customer equals win for the employer.

    What am I getting myself into?

    RatingNot Rated
    Nicole Kersey

    I am considering taking a job as a sales rep, but not at the expense of someone elses misery. Is there anyone out there that has more positive things to say about this company?

    RatingNot Rated
    Amad E.

    Apologies for the delay on this Nicole. I think any one of my high rated processors would be a good place to start.

    RatingNot Rated
    Scott Dewhurst

    Hi Nicole Kersey, Did you ever start working for this company. Just wondering as I am thinking of applying.

    RatingNot Rated
    Nicole Kersey

    I am reading all of these negative comments. If they violated the contract agreement why hasnt anyone taken them to court to resolve these issues? For the amount of your contract cancellation fee you could hire an attorney and recover all of your money plus some……

    RatingNot Rated
    Richard Whipple

    I own two business and we combined them into one so we didn’t two cc processing. I called today to cancel one of them and they tried to hit me with a 550 dollar cancellation fee. I told them I had it in my contract I could cancel at anytime with no fees. I was put on hold he said he would talk with his superior and help because we are keeping one of them, I thought great. He came back and said he did me a favor and dropped it to 375. I don’t know about you but I don’t need friends like that! I asked to speak to his supervisor and he said he was the supervisor. I don’t know who he was talking to to get me that great deal when I was put on hold??? I insisted someone is above him and he gave me another name but he was out of the office and guess what I never got a call back! I will post more and let everyone know how things went after I call them tomorrow.

    Richard Whipple

    Central Payment is the company that handles my cc processing.

    RatingNot Rated

    Dont know who you are but I actually work with Cpay and have always been very satisfied with everything they have told me. If you would give me some info I will see if I can personally help you with your situation.

    RatingNot Rated
    Mike Massey

    They NEVER call back. That is why we left them.

    Bernal Machine

    I sign a contract for 2 year with this company, I haven’t even been with them a year and they already raising my price. I agree for a pci fee for $45, when I got my statement they charge me $85, thats $40 more than I had aggree why do I have to honor there agreement if they don’t honor theres. Pluss now they want to charge me $375 for cancelling. There a bunch of thieves screwing small businesses.

    RatingNot Rated

    Bernie What is your company and who told you your pci would only be 45$ its on every contract plainly 85$ I use them everyday.

    RatingNot Rated
    Victoria Hoffman

    Wow ! I have been reading the comments about central payment, I also have to put my two cents in. This is the worst company I have ever dealt with, from violating contracts , to wrong deductions to get this ” completely wrong info being reported to the IRS, incorrect s.s.# on statements mixed up info all around . When I called to get this corrected I was told to tell taxpreparer to fix ! I said NO this is central pays fault for misinfo, they are the ones with copies of contracts, signed with birthdates ,s.s.# and addresses ! I could go on and on however I was told they were recording me and if I didn’t report them to the better business bureau they would credit it back !!! We shall see !!!!

    RatingNot Rated
    Kuo Wei

    I am feeling abused by Cpay.

    I feel like I have been scammed. I signed a 3 year contract with Cpay, and am now in my fourth year of service with them. The first time I notified them of my intent to cancel, they told me I owed 300 dollars! I read my contract again (after seeing that I am not liable for the 300 early cancellation fee), they tried to tell me I owed them almost a years fee’s (at ~60 dollars a month, ~10 months, it comes out to around 600 dollars!). It seems like they make up their termination fee structure on the fly!

    I spoke with a [edited: name removed] the second time around, he seemed personally unwilling to help me. He told me there was nothing I could do, and if I cancel they will take the money out of my account! I would sooner go to an attorney, or better yet, raise this issue with merchant I know so they don’t suffer the same scam I am! Writing this, I realize the best thing I can do to help people avoid this in the future is raise this issue on all the review websites I can find (and the testimonials page on Cpay)

    Avoid CPAY like the plague!

    Kuo Wei

    The saga is ongoing, and I feel like I am being avoided. Since his name was removed earlier, I will just say I spoke with the head of the call center at the outset of my troubles, and he has since seemingly avoided contact. I left multiple messages for the fellow days ago, and he only tried to reach out again when I canceled my contract. The service here is awful…

    Kuo Wei

    I would like to retract my statement. The fellow got back in touch with me, and for all intents and purposes my issue was resolved. I had to pursue my objectives more than I would have preferred, but in the end Cpay was helpful.

    RatingNot Rated

    I wish I had read all of the merchant’s comments about their experiences with CPAY before I signed that contract. I too feel like I was mislead especially when I contacted my agent about the monthly fees. She made some kind of explaination and told me that she would personally reimburst me $50 a month, for two months until my business picked up. Well I have yet to see a dime.

    Yesterday I recived my statement and I thought I have to get out of this, its just not worth it. Well after contacting CPAY I found out that my cancellation fee to Payware and CPAY would be about $500.

    If I may suggest to all merchants that feel like their being scamed, I say contact the Attorney General’s office and file a complaint on line. Do the same with the FTC, its about time these scam artists are run out of business.


    The customer service at this company is atrocious. I never can understand how a company can stay in business without treating all of their customers with common sense and respect. I signed up for CPAY through a friend of a friend. He looked at my website and said that their payment processing was compatible with my site. I signed up and got a processing solution within a couple of weeks. It turned out that their solutions were not compatible with my site. I worked with the tech support team for another 2 weeks and we were unable to find any processing service that would work. So they said that they would “allow” me to cancel my account. During this process I was charged one month of service. I didnt mind and I wrote it off as a cost of doing business. The next month I received a new, more expensive bill from CPAY and because they had access to my account they just took the money out automatically. I call customer service and ask why they charged me when I cancelled over a month ago? She tells me that it takes 30 days to cancel so you are responsible for the second month as well. I tried to explain that this does not make sense because it is not like I had been using the service and then decided to cancel. I never got the service up and running so there was nothing to shut down that would have taken 30 days. And the cancellation was through no fault of my own (it was even documented in her notes by the tech support team that none of their solutions would work on my site). So I ask if this second bill could be refunded to me. She goes and talks to her manager and comes back to tell me that “there is nothing they could do because they already let me out of the contract without a cancellation fee”. At this point I ask her if it is CPAY’s policy to charge a cancellation fee to customers who cannot set up the payment solution due to technical reasons and who never get a chance to use the service? She says no, it is their policy to let these customers out of the contract. So I say if that is the case, I did not receive special treatment by letting me out without a cancellation fee. That is not a sufficient excuse to charge me an extra month. She talks to her manager one more time and says that he told her I can try to have the tech team help me connect to the site, if they can then they will credit me back the month. I asked what will happen if they can’t, will I still be credited back the month? She just blatantly says No. At this point I say forget it, just leave me cancelled.

    Now this didn’t cost me a lot of money, but I just thought it was a horrible way to do business and I wanted to recommend that anyone thinking about using CPAY to please look elsewhere. This same situation may not happen to you, but any time you deal with a company that doesn’t care about customer satisfaction eventually you will find yourself in trouble. Their attitude is that they already have you money, why bother trying to make you happy.

    Mike Massey

    It has only gotten worse. I only hope my comments will save others the hassle and headaches of dealing with these people.


    Central Payment Corps was more than willing to work out the issues I had with their billing practices. I appreciate their willingness to make things right with their customers.
    Disregard my previous statement about the company. Thank you.

    RatingNot Rated

    This company charges you even after you have cancelled service. they continue to take money from you r account MONTHS after cancellation!!! Service is TERRIBLE! Fees are OUTRAGEOUS!! Do NOT NOT NOT do business with this company!
    You will get screwed!!!
    We had done business with these people for 4 years, never any charge-backs, no major issues, the first issue I ever had was with a machine which was supposed to be replaced at no charge…They OF COURSE charged me for it. Then proceeded to tack on a monthly insurance charge as well!!! I couldn’t believe it! They make you jump through hoops to cancel services and it’s really just NOT worth it! Too much hassle and the customer service people are RUDE!
    I don’t recommend this service to ANYONE.

    Yevi Abramovich

    BEWARE !!! Service 0 !!! What ever their reps say is lies. Find different company. Been with them for three year and when decided to cancel because of excessive fees was informed that i have to pay $300 early termination fees (SIGNED FOR 1 YEAR CONTRACT) then faxed them 30 day cancellation notice and they still charged $300. Their customer service is very rude and all they do is transfer from one manager to another. DON’T DO BUSINESS WITH THEM.

    RatingNot Rated
    Tommy Chang

    With every merchant account Central Payment provides the Terms of the Agreement to every single merchant. Although there are terms within the agreement that stipulates contractual length clauses that are to be met by the merchant, Central Payment concluded in reimbursing the $300 to the merchant.

    RatingNot Rated
    Ronald Headley

    I just got off the phone with Central Payment – San Rafael CA – I have been using them as my credit card merchant service for 5 years. I was told that the only way I can cancel is to pay them a $300 early cancellation fee -Early?? I have been with them for 5 years – my original contract was for three years – apparently they renew the contract automatically every year for a year. I am closing my business – apparently they will refund $150 if I get my landlord to send them a certificate that I have in fact closed my business. First why this cancellation fee? Second why should I get my landlord involved? Central Payment is NOT a company to do business with – they will screw you on the front end with high entry fees and an expensive credit swipe terminal, next they will increase their fees and finally when you want to leave they will hit you with a very high fee just to quit using them. Anyone reading this DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH CENTRAL PAYMENT

    RatingNot Rated
    Ronald Headley

    Nery Espinal – Merchant Relations – Central Payment contacted me via email today and gave me a phone number. I called and talked with him – Central Payment has dropped the early cancellation fee – and the entire run around about getting a letter from my landlord that I am in fact closing. So my opinion of Central Payment has now changed. I had been with them for five years and had never had a problem – NOW I AM HAPPY TO REPORT that they in fact DO have customer support and ARE willing to make changes. I can once again Recommend them as a company that is able to provide Merchant Credit Solutions for small business
    Here is a copy of the email received —- I will say if you happen to get into any problem with Central Payment that you call Mr. Espinal he certainly made a huge difference for me and my opinion of this company

    It was a pleasure speaking with you this morning. I appreciate your remarks and am glad we were able to correct any misunderstandings. As per our conversation your account has been closed with no cancellation fee. You will only be responsible for the monthly processing fees for the month of October 2011.

    If you don’t mind, please email me when you have addressed the postings online so that I may update my executives. Feel free to keep my information in your records should you find the need to accept credit cards again in the future.

    Best regards,
    Nery Espinal
    Merchant Relations
    Central Payment
    Phone: (800) 449-8012 Ext 7369
    Fax: (866) 618-8284
    Email: nespinal@cpay.com

    RatingNot Rated
    Aaron L. Gravett

    Ronald – thanks for responding to your previous comment. Most would not have done that, but you did. Kudos!

    RatingNot Rated
    Karla Widing

    I too give you a lot of credit Ronald, for updating your post. Most people would just leave their negative comments stand.

    RatingNot Rated
    Tucker Pentz

    I wish I could give Central Payment or CPay 0 stars.

    I signed up with them based on a quote they gave me based on my previous processor with 95% of charges at Mid or Qualified rate . Suddenly with my first bill 90% of my charges ran at the very high Non-Qualified rate. The next month I reverted to my previous credit processing company and the charges were as they had always been.

    I have a subscription service based business and hold the same client credit cards on file which I charge each month.

    When I tried to resolve this I was promised credits and a rate adjustment. I tried them a second time and the rates were the same. I called in and asked how to resolve this and they said I can pay the high rates or pay a huge cancellation fee, “per my signed contract”.

    This company uses a bait and switch tactic. Do not believe anything they say.

    Tommy Chang

    Mr. Pentz’s merchant account rates were adjusted for October and was issued a retroactive credit for previous months. Credit was posted to the account the following week. If Mr. Pentz would like to discuss this please give me a call anytime at 415-462-8341.

    RatingNot Rated
    Karla Widing

    You state the company uses a bait and switch tactic. Are you sure it isn’t the sales person doing the “bait & switch?

    Though I have not worked for Central Payment long, it seems the “bait and switch” tactic would come from the agent, not the company.

    A merchant’s customer service experience is only as good as the associate who is taking care of your account.

    Although I appreciate your comments, people should put the blame where the blame belongs. Unfortunately, not all sales people have an ethical, accountability. Some sales representatives will go to any length and say anything to get the sales.
    Enjoy working with the Central Payment directors, and sales team.
    Sales Representative in Michigan

    Karla Widing
    Executive Sales
    Central Payment

    RatingNot Rated
    Victoria Hoffman

    Sorry to say however central payment reps are the most poorly trained people I have ever seen !!! One hand doesn’t know what the other is talking about !!! This company has been nothing but a nightmare for all of us involved !!! Reps make huge promises that are not true !!! When you call the main office they have no clue what your talking about !! Shame shame on central payment for poor business ! I can’t wait to dump them in another year and a half, GOD help them if they try to extend passed my 3 year contract !!

    RatingNot Rated

    After reading all the comments here, as an Agent of Cpay for 4 years, I feel the need to respond on the behalf of CPAY.

    CPAY Execs work “VERY” hard to make sure CPAY is the difference in an industry inundated with negativity and unethical practices.

    CPAY is “Intentional” in not wanting to have the negative reputation that many processing companies are willing to settle for as long as they still make money off of you.

    I am happy to work with Cpay because it is one of the FEW companies that exist in the merchant processing industry that IS ethical, demands it from it’s Agents and also offers excellent support, especially tech support. The CPAY Tech guys go above and beyond to solve issues and see them through to customer satisfaction. It is not a perfect world though. And, just as in your own business, there are days they are buried busy and every now and then a tech thing that has a quirk (it is technolgy after all). Sometimes tech issues have “nothing” to do with the processing company – it has to do with your phone lines or phone service and the tech guys “still” I have witnessed go above and beyond to not leave you hanging. I had one tech support person even go so far as to call ATT for a merchant to have them check for “noise” in the line because the phone company said the line was “fine”. It was “fine” but the noise in the line conflicted with the signals the credit card machine was trying to send. A+ went to that tech guy that day and … fyi… it was a Saturday.

    I know firsthand of Agents that are Independent Contractors that Cpay has released because their lack of integrity did not agree with CPAY High Standards. My first week, someone forged a signature – CPAY let that agent go.

    Forging by unethical agents is ridiculously common in this industry. CPAY does not tolerate such.

    But, you know what, if I were a merchant and I was going to agree to signing up for a service, I would make darn sure I didn’t let Joe Schmoe who I just met leave with all my personal information without leaving me a copy… OR – faxing it directly to his company without faxing it from my fax machine and leaving me the originals so he didn’t have a chance to change agreed upon terms.

    Don’t blame the company. Don’t even blame the Agent if you allowed him out the door of your business without making sure you were in control of what would be ending up on the other end at the processing company and ultimately affecting your rates or bank account. .. Or making sure you got a copy of what you signed and agreed to… OR if you signed without reading what you agreed to. THIS happens all the time with merhants. I make my merchants slow down and read the contract so they DON’T come back at me later and blame me for their lapse in doing so.

    BUT – I am an ethical Agent and have entire towns of merchants that will NEVER switch from Cpay because it is not just about me or the rates, it is the whole experience.

    I’ve been at merchants as they call other companies and get passed around or put into voicemails or put on hold for a good hour. This simply does not happen at Cpay. Real people answer the phone and no one passes anyone around – resolution is offered as quickly as possible.

    First, this is an outstanding company that “expects” integrity and excellence, no matter whether you are an independent contractor out soliciting accounts on their behalf or an employee on the back end support services.

    The first day I did this job (I had no idea what I was getting myself into) I walked into a merchant’s business and he said “get out! I hate you people”! WHY – Because a Sales Rep from another company lied to him and signed him into a 4 year non cancellable lease on a pin pad for $39.99/month … and told him he was getting it for free.

    No matter “which” processing company you are dealing with, often it is not the company that is the issue when it comes to non-disclosure or lying. It is usually the Agent Sales Rep that lacked integrity and was out for a fast buck and had no intention of ever having you see him again. These guys cause the “good companies” such as CPAY and the “good” agents just as much headaches as the merchants – they make it difficult for all of us to do business.

    I know “for a fact” that Central Payments Application “Intentionally” has in BOLD PRINT in a BOLD OUTLINED BOX “ALL” the terms of the merchant agreement FULLY DISCLOSED.

    If you CHOSE to sign a contract without reading it, or allowed a Sales Rep to rush you into signing something that affected your business, don’t blame Central Payment.
    Ever hear of the saying “Buyer Beware – don’t sign something without reading it?” And for those of you ready to rush a company into court, did you read what you signed and did you make sure you got a copy of it where you verified what you agreed to with an Agent?

    Also, after receiving applications, Central Payment “makes sure” Underwriting calls merchants to verify applications to make sure their Agents are acting with integrity on Cpay’s behalf. “4” years of working with this company and they “STILL” verify my apps … and I am JUST FINE WITH THAT because I know I am honest and fully disclose, as does the company and my customers welcome the verification after being with previous companies that don’t give a hoot if someone lacks ethics as long as they get their hand in your bank account.

    I have “left” contracts with merchants for a good month and patiently waited for them to make sure they read every word – those merchants have never complained because they made it their responsibility to make sure they handled what affects their business.

    Some merchants just sign and don’t read – I don’t rush anyone. They later take it out on the company when they decide to break their contract and accuse the company of being thieves when it is clearly boldly written above their signature what they are agreeing to.

    Also, if you had a billing issue…were you willing to let an error be fixed or did you call up and immediately blast the person with abusive language who happened to be lucky enough to answer your call before you gave them a chance to work out the issues to help you- and – did you give ample time to research problem or did you call back with threats?

    By the way, THAT merchant that I walked into in September of 2007, signed up with me and CPAY this past January because he could verify with his entire town the kind of company CPAY is in comparison to so many other bad companies that are out here and the service CPAY gives. Many of my merchants who have been through bad experiences will NEVER switch again after their positive CPAY experience.

    Most merchants are also realistic that it is not a perfect world and we are in a day and age where pmnts and everything on an account is done electronically and mistakes can happen. It happens with banks, everywhere.

    Also, employees, just like in your business, are human, and every once in a while may drop the ball or have an off day – could be due to a day where they were just buried in customers and they oops’d on you – I’m sure not intentional.

    One person who may have a bad day does not make an entire company any more that one employee in your business determines the quality of your business. AND, does not make a company a bad company that gives poor service.

    Unethical Agents also do not make for an unethical company.

    There is no business on the face of the earth that can please everyone all the time and sometimes it is the customer that just doesn’t want to take responsibility for being lax in reading a contract.

    Sometimes, stuff happens and it is difficult to please a customer to the customers expected satisfaction level.

    I’ve gone into businesses where merchants signed up with a different CPAY Agent and are mad at CPAY and complain. When I take the time to hear them out, it usually comes down to the signing Agent did not give the service he promised or disappeared. THAT was an individual doing the wrong thing… NOT the company and NOT all the other Agents.

    WE all pay for people that don’t do the right thing – even CPay.

    BTW – They guy who said he was “shocked when he saw the contract they sent you”… Didn’t you read and get a copy of the original before signing it? If so, if it did not match what you later received, I guarantee if you produced the original, CPAY would have immediately rectified the situation and also addressed it with your Agent.

    124 complaints for a company with 40,000 merchants I’d say is pretty darn impressively good sign of a business that does the right thing.

    Donna Gilchrist
    Acct Exec – Central Payment Corp

    RatingNot Rated
    Aaron L. Gravett

    Very well written Donna!

    RatingNot Rated
    Gus A.

    Totall rip off. I have never experienced a fraud and bad service as Central payment in my entire experience with merchant companies. this has to be one of the biggest rip off. They don’t disclose fees. promised to beat your existing rates but never do. pull money from your account with out your knowledge and the list goes on. Forges signiture on applications and refil contracts. I was shocked when I saw my contract that they sent me. As Mr schmeltz said above. Run don’t walk.

    RatingNot Rated
    Christopher DeLancey

    I am sorry that you feel this way, but I am an Independent Contractor for C PAY and they do provide the lowest rates. Our promise is that if we can not save you more money than you are currently paying with your current provider, we will give you $250! As far as pulling money from your account with out your knowledge and forging your signatures is NOT what CPAY does. Please back up your comments. If you feel like you have been “ripped off” contact your consultant or call CPAY directly and they have no problem resolving the issues you may have.

    Christopher DeLancey
    Independent Contractor

    RatingNot Rated

    Current customer of CPC and I can tell you they are NO 4-Stars. More like 1.5 stars. The majority of the time, no one knows what they are talking about and they are all very good at making up answers and that’s the department manages. My rep just lies and has since the day we signed up. Our fees were not disclosed properly when signing up and therefore the past 2 years we have been stuck overpaying for the majority of our transactions. Promises promises promises… that’s all I’ve heard for the past 2 years. I had (2) accounts of different types and it took (4) months to get them to cancel the first one and that was with a waiver signed that I can cancel at any time. They have fees they charge that no one seems to know what they are for. A little for this and a little for that. Don’t walk away, RUN!

    RatingNot Rated
    Tommy Chang


    Can you please call me at 415-462-8335 x7115 so I may get a better understanding as to what took place? Or, may I have your business name? I would like to make sure this gets addressed internally and help resolve any outstanding issues you may have. I apologize for the experience you have, it certainly is not what our service department stands for.


    Tommy Chang
    Operations Manager

    RatingNot Rated

    I totally agree with you!!!!!!! I have been dealing with a dispute for a months now and still have yet to see my issues resolved.

    RatingNot Rated

    I found this helpful. Thank you for a concise, easy to read and understand review.

    RatingNot Rated
    Merchant Maverick Admin

    No problem Gwendolyn. You’re welcome!

    RatingNot Rated

    they have a testimonials section up at http://www.cpay.com/testimonials.php

    RatingNot Rated
    The Merchant Maverick

    Nice! Thanks Dan.

    RatingNot Rated
    arthur kiewert

    this site has been very very helpfull. thank you so much


    I have to wonder how much they paid you to write this review.

    RatingNot Rated
    The Merchant Maverick

    As you can see here JD, I don’t take kick-backs in return for writing a good review. I’d be interested to hear why you’d wonder what it is that you’re wondering.

    RatingNot Rated
    Bill Scudder

    You say you don’t find Merchant complaints But I have found dozens of them. Apparently you did not search for them


    Merchant Maverick Admin


    Thank you for the comment, but I need details.

    I’d be more than happy to be proven wrong, because as you might know, I don’t have any problem with updating my reviews, and/or lowering a providers rating based on facts that I might have missed. But, it’s incredibly hard for me to give your comment any credibility whatsoever when you don’t provide me with any sort of fact based information. Give me links, give me information, that is what will give your comment validity, otherwise I’ll have to disregard it, or worse, delete it.

    I’ll give you a few days to respond with some good info for all of us. In the meantime, I’ll revisit the review to see if I missed out on anything.

    RatingNot Rated

    Heres a story for you!! They said they were going to take care of billing dispute in which they overcharged me, as a result I incurred a number of overdraft fees, and NSF fees because of all of the other charges they were trying to charge me. Luckily they didn’t get that money or might be in court trying to get it back because obviously they don’t know what it is to take care of something in a timely manner. Over three months to give me an explanation of what I was being charged for only for them to say “ooops we did over charge you” and the cost incurred outside of what they have over charged me has still not been resolved. I will say this is the only thing they have going for them, their Owners of the company list their emails, as soon as I cc’d him the first time this issue was supposed to get resolved immediately, he just ccd me in an email telling his employee to resolve my issue, I have not decided yet wether or not it is all just a day late and a buck short.!!!

    RatingNot Rated
    Bobbi Smith

    I have just experienced the MOST absurd thing with Central Payment Processing.
    I processed 3125.00 in the month of April 2012. When my monthly fees were debited from my business checking account the amount debited was 4554.08 on 5-02-2012. Should have been 96.00. When i called to ask for an explanation i was told: OH! sorry that is clearly a mistake on our backend. We will correct and pay any bank device charges you may incur. I spent two miserable days trying to resolve and get straightened out. (losing that much time I could have been working in my business Thought all was well again. BUT
    was just notified by my bank that they have debited my account for 4554.08 AGAIN today 5-07-2012. This will certainly be the last straw with them. I will either STOP accepting credit cards or find an HONEST processor.

    RatingNot Rated

    So, you are not happy with their services… right? There is a sales guy trying to show me how good they are… He has been here at my office asking for info from my acual credit card processor…

    RatingNot Rated

    You need to review central payment and update the info, they no longer use wells fargo and the have merge with tsys

    RatingNot Rated

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