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TSYS Merchant Solutions Review

    Melissa Johnson

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Melissa Johnson

Melissa Johnson

Expert Analyst & Reviewer
Melissa Johnson has been writing about payment processing and mobile payments since 2014, and has been quoted in articles for Credit Karma and The Next Web, among others. She graduated from The University of Kansas in 2010 with bachelor's degrees in English and journalism.

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    Cynthia M Compton

    Organization Name: Ben & Joy's

    The cancellation process with this company is ridiculous! I sent my cancellation request form with all of my merchant information provided. I did not give them a reason for my cancellation (shouldn’t need one). They refused to cancel my account and continued charging fees. I called customer service to no avail. They charged me a non compliance fee that is also being charged by my new merchant service provider. They are not processing any transactions and yet they are debiting my account for $164.00 per month because I didn’t tell them why I cancelled.. Not sure this is legal and will be reporting this to the attorney general in my state. Beware.

    Dori Roth

    Organization Name: Lincoln Family Medical Group

    This company continues to add fraudulent fees to merchant accounts. Beware of their “Benchmarking and Analysis free trial” that they automatically enroll you in and do not cancel even when you spend hours trying to get someone to listen. The fact that this site rates them 3.5 stars is laughable. They literally steal merchants’ money, and the only time you will ever hear from them is if you give them a bad rating on the customer survey. Then their “customer service” will reach out to you and ask what they can do to keep your trust. Then they will ignore you until the next survey. Unethical and shameless about it. Stay away.


    Organization Name: TSYS

    DO NOT use this company. Awful services, they will charge you ridiculous fees and not tell you about them clearly. Poor communication also. I would NEVER recommend them. Or Sage for that matter. So hard to find a good compnay.

    David Collin

    Organization Name: Viking Ski 'N Cycle

    Terrible customer service-incompetent and unhelpful. The amount credited to your bank account does not always agree with the merchant settlement report or monthly statement. Hidden fees without explanation are added to monthly charges. Customer service was unable to explain fees or credit the fee to bank account

    Rick D Jarrett

    Organization Name: Soapys Auto

    Poor customer service, closed business in January, called and notified them. They kept taking monthly charges out even though there were no transactions. I requested refund which I did not receive. Called and sent emails several times and kept getting pushed to another department. The finally stated that I did not close the account which they finally did in June. I did not close my bank account which had a zero balance. Received letter from bank for overdraft charges in which TSYS charged me an account closure fee. I did not have agreement with the new company stating I would be charged Closure Fee. I had been with TSYS for several years before they were acquired by Global Payment. I have requested a refund which will probably end up the same way as the statement charges.

    Nick C

    Organization Name: Pump It Up Hanover

    Stay away from this company! Their base rates are cheaper than Heartland, but the monthly statement literally has two pages of junk fees. Also, they will introduce some new fees even without notifying the customer. As far as their customer service is concerned, least said is the best because it is worst than terrible. They will always rule in favor of credit card holder even you provide proof for services. Plus they will add $10 fee for every chargeback. This company is a fraud and shouldn’t be in business.


    Organization Name: SPD Furniture llc DBA/ Allards Unfinished Furniture

    Stay away, They have approximately $100 in bogus fees attached to your monthly processing statement. They are you typical scam processor. who rob your bank account.


    Organization Name: Komm Medical Eye & Vision Group, Ltd.

    Terrible customer service. When our credit card machine goes down (happens a lot with this company) due to a software update glitch, the average wait time to speak to a representative is over an hour. There is no option for a callback on their service line.

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