1. 16 Feb 15

    FAQ for Buying an EMV Chip Card Terminal

    As we inch ever-closer to the EMV liability shift, you’re probably finding yourself staring at your old credit card machine, wondering if it will make a good paper weight, and worrying about the cost of buying a new machine. Lucky for you, the...


  2. 6 Feb 15

    So You Want to Take Credit Card Payments on Your Phone: The Ultimate Guide

    If you can't accept credit cards for your business, you are losing out on potential revenue. Most people don't carry more than $20 in cash with them at a time, and people who use credit cards tend to spend more than their cash-carrying...


  3. 24 Jan 15

    How To Accept Credit Cards for Girl Scout Cookie Sales

    This is an exciting year for Girl Scouts and cookie lovers alike. 2015 marks the launch of the Girl Scout’s “Digital Cookie” program, which allows participating councils and troops to accept credit and debit payments for online cookie orders,...