1. 12 Sep 14

    What is double-entry bookkeeping (and do you need it)?

    Double-entry bookkeeping. It’s a term you’ve heard a lot if you’ve been reading our accounting software reviews. You’ve probably picked up from context that double entry is a good thing. But what, exactly, does it mean?(If you don't...


  2. 5 Sep 14

    Do You Really Need an EMV Chip Card Terminal?

    “The chip cards are coming! The chip cards are coming! By land and by sea. Organize the merchant militia!”If you haven’t already heard, the instatement of EMV cards is imminent in the US. Suddenly all of those sales pitches from agents...


  3. 4 Sep 14

    How to Choose Invoicing Software

    So. You’ve decided that Excel and Word just aren’t cutting it anymore. Maybe, like FreshBooks founder Mike McDerment, you accidentally saved over an old invoice in Word and lost important data. Maybe you have trouble keeping track of which...