1. 14 Jul 14

    Five Years and Counting!

    It's unreal to me that Merchant Maverick has been around for what is now a half a decade. Our continued progress is due in large part to our readers (YOU) who have helped us improve our process throughout these past five years. We cannot thank you...


  2. 18 Jun 14

    The Secret Behind Square and Mobile Processing

    Want to know the secret behind Square’s payment processing? It’s a rarely discussed bit of industry knowledge. When I started reviewing mobile processors, I had to wonder how the heck services like Square could possibly set up merchant accounts...


  3. 17 Jun 14

    POS 101: Offline and Sinker

    In another post, I touched on one of the biggest issues with cloud computing: what happens when the cloud disappears?  Your internet connection can go down.  For most people, that means they just need to find something other than auto-tuned cat...