1. 24 Jan 15

    How To Accept Credit Cards for Girl Scout Cookie Sales

    This is an exciting year for Girl Scouts and cookie lovers alike. 2015 marks the launch of the Girl Scout’s “Digital Cookie” program, which allows participating councils and troops to accept credit and debit payments for online cookie orders,...


  2. 15 Jan 15

    Opening a Tech Support Merchant Account in India

    Setting up a tech support company in India (or anywhere) comes with a host of challenges, some obvious, others less so. One obstacle you may not have accounted for is the difficulty finding a merchant account provider for the business. Instead of...


  3. 14 Jan 15

    The Best (and Worst) Canadian Merchant Account Providers

    Canadians are some nice people. I should know, as I have Canadian relatives who visit from time to time – and you’ll never hear them say a bad word about anything or anybody. However, I do have a bad word to say about Canada – well, not...