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Square Credit Card Processing Review (Square Payments)

Our review covers everything you need to know about Square's many excellent payment processing features, including rates, fees, extra features, and more.

    Matt Sherman

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Square At A Glance

  • Part of Square’s vast ecosystem of scaleable products and services for businesses
  • Merchants typically pay a flat rate of 2.6% + $0.10 for swiped, dipped, and tapped transactions (fees vary for online and keyed-in transactions)
  • Very affordable and accessible, especially for new merchants or very small businesses

Matt Sherman

Matt Sherman

Expert Analyst & Reviewer at Merchant Maverick
A former sports editor and journalist, Matt Sherman has been writing about and researching small business software since 2015, with a special emphasis on retail and restaurant sales. Matt's expert opinions are cited in various industry publications, including Fox Business. He is a graduate of the University of Oregon.
Matt Sherman
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After hours of in-depth research and evaluation, we can confidently recommend this brand to our readers. Get started today and see Square for yourself.

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    Nightmare……… CBD department only communicates through email. If you have ANY words on your website that they don’t like or feel are in violation, they suspend you and keep all funds frozen until you fix it. However, they will not tell you what to fix. After guessing and hoping we had fixed the few errors, after over 3 months of basic generic responses from Square saying we still had mistakes, they sent a simple email saying we were permanently suspended and no longer able to work with Square. Called Square and they have actually blocked us from reaching someone to help….it simply plays a message saying you are suspended, sorry, and money will be returned to your bank account and no options can be selected to speak with anyone within the company. We are not an isolated case according to another merchant processor….waves of companies are being suspended. We couldn’t be more annoyed and disappointed in the lack of business client support.


      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

      Jeni Herlyn

      Organization Name: 4H MANAGEMENT SERVICES INC

      I have had used square with for my plumbing business for the last 4 years. We have started a new maintenance business and decided to sign up for square for this business as well.After signing up, got my account all set up. Went thru there set up process ect…. I processed a payment for $1900.00. Later that day I got sent an email saying my account was deactivated and they were holding the funds I processed for 90 days. I tried to call the customer service department. well. they basically told me they can’t tell me why my account was shut down, that no manager or higher up would talk to me. They basically opened my account, took our money and shut us down. For what … I couldn’t tell you because they would not explain to me why.I highly recommend not using this company. they have no customer service skills; they don’t care about their customers.

      • Organization Name: 4H MANAGEMENT SERVICES INC

      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


      Organization Name: Maverick Flooring

      Look elsewhere! They do hold your money for (90) days!

      • Organization Name: Maverick Flooring

      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

      josh bachynski

      Organization Name: For Goodness Bake


      Chat support is absolutely useless.
      Phone support regularly hangs up on you..
      Managers do nothing but take notes…
      Features are lack luster even if you are paying for all their extras.
      Even when there are clear issues caused by their software, they refuse to adequately look into the issues that are clear to find..

      • Organization Name: For Goodness Bake

      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

      Gerry L Van Tassel

      Organization Name: VAN TASSEL AND ASSOCIATES

      We operate a business providing reports for the real estate industry. In order to take a requested credit card payment from a client we opened an account with Square. All information requested by Square was provided except for the password to our bank account. Square processed the credit card payment to their account and continued to ask for additional information which was provided. Conversations with their “Customer Service” representatives indicated what additional information was needed and it was provided, and the Customer Service representative indicated that all needed information had been received. Square is now indicating that our business is not one that they support and are holding the credit card payment in their account and will not be sending funds to our bank account for over three months, and we have no guarantee that they will do so based on reviews by others having the same experience. DO NOT USE this company,

      • Organization Name: VAN TASSEL AND ASSOCIATES

      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

      Daniel Berditchevski

      Organization Name: ABSOLUT SPORT INC.

      Square is not what they pretend to be… We went through the onboarding process and we used the services. We were able to use the card processing services but Square had been holding our funds. They said Square needed more financial documents to authorize the transaction. We provided the documents but no response for a week.. Later, we got a note they could not support our business needs and they will deposit the funds into our account within 2 business days, probably because we are a tour operator and the pandemic places us in a high-risk business. Why they did tell us that before?? Customer service rating is 0. The account rep was clueless. Then they sent us another note a week later saying our funds will be held for 90 days with no explanation. This is not a 5* star company and we moved on to Stripe. Square has terrible customer service and poor crisis management. I wish we had never contacted this bad company. If you choose them be AWARE at your own risk they might hold your funds with no plausible reason .ABSOLUT SPORT INC.

      • Organization Name: ABSOLUT SPORT INC.

      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


      Organization Name: Grasso's Service Center

      Terrible customer service. I will be looking to find another company. A customer refuses to pay a 46.00 bill stating we never performed a road service to her car when i have pictures on the scene showing the service was performed. Customer stated we never showed up to help her. We take pictures of every service we perform and it shows our truck and her car. If i did not perform the service how would i have the pics to prove it. Square was TERRIBLE AND THEIR PROCEDURE TO HANDLE IS TERRIBLE. Think twice if you are thinking of using this company especially in this climate !!

      • Organization Name: Grasso's Service Center

      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


      Organization Name: Bigbandforusall

      I note that there is a pop-up ad for Square on this review. Clearly the website is profiting from this as review, so its veracity is questionable. You wait more than half an hour to get support to answer the phone. The contact number is hidden as deep as they can arrange; not on the website in the usual place, but as an answer to a question in a support site. It turns out the device and software can’t be used by associations- non -profits with members. They don’t seem to be in any hurry to change that, so ZERO. ZERO (or at least the minimum possible) IS OUR RATING FOR SQUARE, until they get their act together.

      • Organization Name: Bigbandforusall

      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

      Jessica Dinsmore

      Hi there,
      Thank you for leaving your review and I’m so sorry that you have had such a negative experience with them. I’m not sure if this is the same number you have, but I was able to pull this customer support number up for you.

      As a side note I wanted to clarify that we actually never get paid to write good reviews! This is how we make money if you’d like to check it out. Best wishes to you!

        This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

        William Stewart

        Organization Name: LI Toy & Game

        Back in October I enabled Square Payments on my Big Commerce website. Everything was fine the 1st two months, then in December I sold an item to someone who used Square Pay (mind you, this is THEIR OWN application).Before I had a chance to pack and ship it out I got an email from Square requesting all sorts of verification information…Hello William,Our system noticed some unusual activity on your Square account. To make sure were keeping Square a safe and transparent payment system for everyonebuyers and sellers alikewere suspending transfers to your bank account until we can confirm some of your information.1. Please provide a copy of the customer(s) credit card processed for the transaction listed below: $96.50 MasterCard 2352 on 12/9/20, 12:10 pm2. Please provide your customer’s state or government-issued identification.We’re able to accept these types of IDs: Drivers License, Passport, Passport Card, State-issued Identification Card $96.50 MasterCard 2352 on 12/9/20, 12:10 pmAgain, this was an ONLINE sale, on my own website, using Square’s plug-in app for the Big Commerce platform… how would I have access to any of this information?! I emailed with someone from support named “[name redacted]” but they never responded to my email after answering thier questions.I sent them a follow-up email a few days later:Hello [name redacted],Due to this experience I have disabled Square as a payment method on our website. I may re-enable it, it depends upon the outcome of this horrible ordeal.Why did Square approve the transaction, then act like I am the one doing something wrong? It was a website payment for a toy using the Square integration with Big Commerce. Ive never had anything like this happen with PayPal, whom weve been using for 15 years! Invoice is attached, it is now 8 DAYS OLD!!I never received a response, but the next day I got this email from “[name redacted]”:Hi William,Your account is currently under review due to some changes in your activity.While under review, we place a temporary hold on your Square funds to ensure that everything is safe. To release this hold, well just need you to confirm a few account details for us.They wanted the same 2 pieces of information that I do not have access to as it is an eCommerce website!My response:Hello [name redacted],This is RIDICULOUS! It was a website order, therefore I do not have a copy of the customers credit card or identification! Ive submitted the invoice online and also via email yesterday to [name redacted].WHY is Square harassing me about a transaction approved and authorized via the Square integration for my Big Commerce website?! I have been using PayPal on our website for 15 years without one single problem. I enable Square a couple of months ago, and now my funds are frozen!!!!His response:Hi William,Thank you for taking the time to reply my email. We are more than happy to help!Unfortunately, we werent able to fully confirm your account details with the information you provided.Until we receive a completed request form from you, we cannot transfer funds to your linked bank account.That was on Dec. 18th with no further communication either way.I received this email today:Hello William,Were sorry to inform you that weve had to deactivate your account. Based on the information you provided about your business, were not able to support your business needs right now. You wont be able to process payments with Square.Unfortunately, this decision is final.Is this some sort of sick joke?!I disabled your platform over 3 months ago, and now you’re dropping me?As the owner of a physical retail store and a successful eCommerce website, I had already determined that your system cannot be trusted. LMAO

        • Organization Name: LI Toy & Game

        This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

        Michael Sharps

        Organization Name: Columbia Booksellers & Variety Store

        Our store has just been dealt a massive blow by Square who suddenly deactivated our account because we sell non-firing display replicas of historic 18th and 19th-century firearms in addition to swords and knives pattered after originals from the Colonial through Old West period. They provided no warning or any opportunity to discuss and explain that they are not real firearms and that we sell items in a State Historic Park that interprets the California Gold Rush history. After having an account with them for two years, they just cut the cord and sent an impersonal boilerplate email with a noreply email address. I called our account manager, who said they are unwilling to reverse their decision and wished me well. Our point-of-sale system, website, shipping services, gift cards, rewards program, marketing campaigns, and payroll was all managed in the Square application and is now gone along with countless hours of setup and administration time.

        We are completely shocked and dismayed that Square would make a decision resulting in an enormous hardship on a business without the courtesy of a phone call to discuss any concerns with us or to find a workable solution. I suppose it’s another example of a company that lost its heart and soul when it became “big” and no longer cares about their customer relationships anymore. I used to sing the praises of Square and recommended them to many friends. Now, I caution anyone considering Square that they are not the same company they used to be and is no longer a friend of small business.

        This is a crushing blow for us, especially on top of the challenges from the pandemic. As a result, we have to close our store until we can find and set up a replacement system, which is not a small task. I really hope that Square reads this and learns how to find their way again.

        • Organization Name: Columbia Booksellers & Variety Store

        This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

        Jeffrey Nash

        Organization Name: Gaslamp Thai Massage Therapy

        There are hundreds of business owner reviews of both Square and Stripe on this site. Hundreds of NEGATIVE reviews, and a whole lot of them are concerning no notice account deactivation. How on earth are both Square and Stripe rated 5-star by Merchant Maverick. The comments from business-owner customers of Square and/or Stripe are very much at odds with the high-praise, almost fawning, reviews from the Staff writers at Merchant Maverick.
        I don’t believe the business-owner customers have anything to gain by sharing their negative experiences. Not all 535 of them. Which makes these Merchant Maverick write-ups suspect. I don’t feel I can trust them under these circumstances.
        As a victim of a no notice, no explanation account deactivation by Square, after 30 months and about $280,000, I can assure you that you’d have to be a fool to trust your business’s finances and reputation to these unscrupulous, unethical cretins. Especially with hundreds and hundreds of reviews here warning you against doing that. Don’t trust Square! Don’t trust Stripe! Don’t trust Merchant Maverick!

        • Organization Name: Gaslamp Thai Massage Therapy

        This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

        Jessica Dinsmore

        Hi Jeffrey,

        That is awful! I’m so sorry that happened to you- I really am. Your opinion of Square is completely understandable, and you are not alone, as you’ve noted. We genuinely hate hearing these types of stories.

        I just want to assure you that our writers follow the same rating and scoring criteria for every single review we write, and customer feedback is paramount. Our readers are our number one interest, so actual user feedback carries a lot of weight. It may also be important to note, that we take our reader comments into consideration, especially if trends are noticed, but the star rating is determined entirely by our scoring rubric. It is not an average score made up of the small pool of reader reviews posted here on our site. It’s much, much larger.

        The overall complaint volume of a company might seem like a lot, but in Square’s case it’s actually pretty small compared to their merchant base of at least 2 million users.” So, you are absolutely right–there are a lot of negative reviews! But the negative-positive ratio is overwhelmingly positive. Even so, we do try to warn readers about a variety of Square (and Stripe) complaints across various websites, including the BBB. And we make a point to call out the most common complaints- accounting holds/freezes (and how to avoid them). We really do try to provide fair and balanced information so our readers can make informed decisions. And while Square and Stripe have both earned high ratings with us, we still wouldn’t recommend them for every business, but they are an excellent option for many. I hope that helps clarify how our ratings are established, and hopefully alleviates some of your skepticism about our intentions. If there is anything else you’d like to know we are happy to answer with total transparency. Best wishes to you.

          This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

          Phil Giorgianni

          Organization Name: Florida Reflo

          Squareup has straight up stolen my money; its not even a hold. They said they were releasing my funds weeks ago and they just stopped responding like a two bit scam artist.I was processing over Christmas and had around $35,000 in my account when I received an email that my deposits where suspended and that I need to submit documents to have my account verified. I knew this would probably happened eventually so I was not bothered and started gathering the info.Then, BEFORE I SUBMITTED anything, I got a second email stating that my account was being completely deactivated because of a pattern of high risk transactions and that my funds would be released according to my regular payout schedule, which meant 1 to 2 business days. Well, that wasn’t great but at least there was no hold. Several days go by, and the fund are not transferred. So I thought maybe they still wanted to see my documents. I submit those and I get an email saying I would hear back in business days. That was December 23rd. TOTAL RADIO SILENCE EVER SINCE.I have sent emails through the web contact form to no avail. When I call, I get a recording that tells me to check the email for a release date and to email them if that date passes. Well I never got an email with a release date! I created a burner account just so I could call in and speak to a person, and he says that he cant reach the right team, so I need to send an email and I will get a response in 24 hours. But Ive sent several emails over the course of the last few weeks and total silence.Whats really strange: the email asking for documents says that I can continue editing the documents and responses until the review begins by clicking a link in the email. When I click that link I CAN STILL EDIT MY RESPONSES – WHICH MEANS NO ONE EVER REVIEWED THEM. They are just sitting in limbo.I wouldn’t mind if I had been given a release date but since I don’t have one I am assuming they intend to hold my money forever. Which means time to get a lawyer. Sheesh.

          • Organization Name: Florida Reflo

          This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

          Kevin Cantrell

          Organization Name: The Divine Saga Studios, LLC

          Square Shady Business PracticesI was customer for a few years, their fees were high but so was everyone’s. I hated the fact that if I had a payment on Friday I wouldn’t get until Monday which I think is crap. But back in Oct or Nov 2019 they changed that by adding a feature that you could turn on that would allow you to get funds sooner on the weekends. The idea was if you receive payment before 5 PM the funds would be processed to your account at * PM but when it showed up in your account sometime between Friday evening and Sunday evening. After 5 PM it wouldn’t be processed to your account until Sunday at 8 PM and would be there Monday morning. So I set it up never had an issue. Any payments recieved before 5 PM were in my account on Saturday morning. I even had payments received before 8 PM that still ended up in my account by Saturday morning. Never had a problem until I got a payment this Friday roughly early on in the day. I woke at 5 AM to check my email and found an email sent oddly enough at 4:38 AM telling me the following: Hello,To improve access to your funds, Square will now send your Friday night transfers on Sunday night. our funds will still arrive by Monday. This update keeps your funds in your Square balance over the weekend, so you can access them instantly if needed. If you would like your Friday transfers to be sent on Friday night disable Weekend Balance from the Friday Transfer Settings page of your Square Dashboard.Note they called this an update and was being done to improve access to my funds. I didn’t have a Square Debit card. I tried support and changed the setting, received an email stating a change had been made. Never received an email before this stating a changed had been made until 4:38 AM with the email they sent. I of course couldn’t get anyone from Support so I did the transfer fee even though I shouldn’t have had to but I needed to process the order and couldn’t wait till Monday to fix it. They have made a bunch of money off of me in fees, never complained once about them but I complained about this not because it $20 bucks but because this company decided all by itself to change a setting that only benefits them. The longer money stays in the account they make money off of it. I contacted support and went through 4 people who told it was impossible for a change to be made from their side but I did software development for a long time. They tried to say the change was made on my end despite an email that I showed them saying this was an update to improve access to my funds even though I had no way of accessing those funds except through depositing it in my account. No Square cards are issued on my account. I did apply for one later the same day of this situation with the idea that they would do the right thing and give me my $20 back but no. I asked to provide me a time and day of this change I made on my side but she couldn’t nor could she explain the email sent at 4:38 AM that was never sent before when I received money. They are liars and cheats. I will create a website and make search the search engine is optimized on my Godaddy server to come up with this information any time someone searches for this crap company that goes in and changing settings and then lies about it. If this company thinks it is ok to conduct business this way and you choose to do business with them you deserve what you get.

          • Organization Name: The Divine Saga Studios, LLC

          This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

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