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The Best Mobile Credit Card Readers For iPhone & iPad Credit Card Processing

Need an iPhone credit card reader that suits your small business? Check out our guide to the best iOS credit card readers, including pricing, key features, and contract details.

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Business owners looking for a capable credit card reader for iPhone need to consider more than just the card reader itself. You should also think about the mobile POS features you’ll need and your potential credit card processing costs when seeking the best POS system for your business.

Let’s explore the best iPhone and iPad credit card readers — and the mobile processing apps offering them — to see which business types and sizes are best suited to using them. Later, you may want to check out the best credit card readers for small businesses more generally.

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CompanySummaryNext StepsSummary

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  • Card Readers: $0-$59
  • Transaction Fee: 2.6% + $0.10
  • Monthly Fee: Starts at $0
  • Card Readers: $0-$59
  • Transaction Fee: 2.6% + $0.10
  • Monthly Fee: Starts at $0

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Clover Go

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  • Card Reader: $49
  • Transaction Fee: 2.6% + $0.10
  • Monthly Fee: $0-$14.95
  • Card Reader: $49
  • Transaction Fee: 2.6% + $0.10
  • Monthly Fee: $0-$14.95

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  • Card Reader: $49
  • Transaction Fee: Starts at 5%
  • Monthly Fee: Starts at $5
  • Card Reader: $49
  • Transaction Fee: Starts at 5%
  • Monthly Fee: Starts at $5

Start Trial

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PayPal Zettle

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  • Card Reader: $29 for your 1st reader
  • Transaction Fee: 2.29% + $0.09
  • Monthly Fee: $0
  • Card Reader: $29 for your 1st reader
  • Transaction Fee: 2.29% + $0.09
  • Monthly Fee: $0

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  • Card Readers: $54-$99
  • Transaction Fee: 2.75%
  • Monthly Fee: $0
  • Card Readers: $54-$99
  • Transaction Fee: 2.75%
  • Monthly Fee: $0

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Show More Options

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  • Card Reader: $99
  • Transaction Fee: Interchange + 0.15% + $0.06 to interchange + 0.40% + $0.08
  • Monthly Fee: $0
  • Card Reader: $99
  • Transaction Fee: Interchange + 0.15% + $0.06 to interchange + 0.40% + $0.08
  • Monthly Fee: $0

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Read more below to learn why we chose these options.

The 6 Best iPad & iPhone Credit Card Readers

You can accept mobile payments with a credit card reader for your iPad or iPhone. A great iPhone credit card reader is affordable and accepts chip card and contactless payments (and perhaps magstripe payments as well). It should also be paired with a mobile POS app that offers the business features you need.

How The Best iPhone & iPad Credit Card Readers Compare

MagstripeChip & NFCPIN paymentsPrice
Square (separate free reader)$49-$59 (free magstripe-only reader also available)
Clover Go$49 (through
PayPal Zettle$29 for your 1st reader ($79 for additional ones)

Square: Best For Robust POS Features

Total Rating 4.8
Fees & Rates5.0

Products & Services4.7


Sales & Advertising Transparency5.0

Customer Service4.9

User Reviews4.9

Get a free card swiper from Square at no cost when you create a free account. Claim your card reader.


  • Predictable flat-rate pricing
  • No monthly fees
  • Robust feature set


  • Some account stability issues
  • Not for businesses in high-risk industries (except CBD sellers)
  • Not so cost-effective for high-volume sellers

Why We Chose Square As Best For Robust POS Features

Is Square Reader Secure

With its deep and extensive POS features, Square is ideal for businesses processing under $5,000/month and those that can't get a traditional merchant account due to a lack of business history.

Its two mobile card readers are well-suited to smaller on-the-go merchants. However, if you need a robust countertop POS setup, our guide to Square POS hardware details Square's terminal and register bundles.

What's great about Square is that even if you already use another service to take mobile payments, you can always get a free Square magstripe reader as an emergency backup in case your main POS goes down. Even if you never use it, it won't cost you anything.

Square Card Reader Features

Square’s mobile POS app, called Square Point of Sale, gets a lot of praise from mobile sellers for its exceptionally robust and varied feature set while offering two different card readers.

  • The Square Point of Sale app offers reporting, customer engagement tools, inventory and team management, invoicing, gift cards, and much more — it’s one of the best mPOS feature sets around.
  • The free Square Reader for magstripe comes in two versions: one with a headset jack for older iPhones and one with a Lightning connector for newer iPhones. It just takes swiped transactions, so it’s only appropriate for light/occasional sales due to the inferior security of magstripe tech. Still, it’s one of the only free credit card readers currently on the market.
  • The Square Reader for contactless and chip accepts chip cards, NFC (contactless) cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. It doesn’t accept magstripe payments, but you can use the free reader for those if necessary. It is currently being sold in two versions: first-generation and second-generation. Both share the same basic functionality, but the second-generation reader sports a longer battery life, swaps the micro-USB charging port for a USB-C port, and costs $10 more.
  • If you’d rather take payments on an all-in-one device that doesn’t need to be paired with your iPhone, there’s Square Terminal. This wireless touchscreen device takes chip card and NFC payments, runs Square POS natively, and contains a built-in receipt printer.

Square Pricing

Square Hardware Cost

  • Square Reader For Magstripe: $0
  • Square Reader For Contactless & Chip (second generation): $59
  • Square Reader For Contactless & Chip (first generation): $49
  • Square Terminal: $299

Square Payment Processing & Software Pricing

  • Processing Fees: 2.6% + $0.10 per card-present transaction
  • Monthly Fees: $0 for the basic POS; $29-$69/month/location for advanced industry-specific POS options

The credit card reader fees charged by Square are pretty standard for the payment processing industry, though you can find providers that either charge a lower percentage fee (PayPal) or that don’t charge a fixed per-transaction fee (Shopify and SumUp).

Our guide to Square pricing goes into further detail.

Contract Requirements

Square is available on a month-to-month basis. There are no long-term contracts to sign, no early termination fees, and no monthly minimums.

Just be aware that Square is a payment service provider (or PSP) and not a full merchant account provider. With PSPs, you’ll face an increased risk of withheld funds and account terminations. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to minimize the chances of this happening.

When To Use Square

  • Your business processes under $5K/month and you want an iPhone card reader + mobile POS package with strong features included
  • You want to use Square’s free magstripe reader as an emergency backup in case your main POS goes down (even if you never use it, you won’t be out any money)

Get Started With Square

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Clover Go: Best For Merchant Account Options

Total Rating 4.3

Ease Of Use4.4


Customer Service4.4

User Reviews3.9


  • Free mobile processing app
  • Numerous features & good web dashboard
  • Inexpensive card reader


  • Many features only available with the Essentials plan
  • Not all businesses will qualify
  • Some Clover resellers are disreputable

Why We Chose Clover Go For Merchant Account Options

clover go mobile pos hardware

Unlike most of the providers on our list, when you sign up with Clover Go, you get a card reader and mobile POS backed by a full merchant account, giving you more account stability than a third-party processor.

As such, it's great for mobile sellers with irregular processing volume (those who sell at markets and conventions etc). These businesses can sometimes run afoul of the hair-trigger flagging systems of third-party processors like Square/Stripe/PayPal.

Note that numerous resellers offer Clover Go. Pricing, features, and support will vary with each reseller. All information herein is based on the Clover Go mPOS package sold directly at

Clover Go Card Reader Features

You’ll get the following features with Clover Go:

  • The Clover Go mobile app gives you sales tracking, paperless receipts, an offline mode, order management, and an outstanding inventory mode for an mPOS app. However, these features (along with other robust abilities) are reserved for paid plan subscribers.
  • The Clover Go card reader is an ideal all-in-one mobile card reader that accepts swiped/dipped/tapped credit and debit card transactions, along with Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay.

Clover Go Pricing

The pricing listed below only applies when you buy directly from, not when you buy from one of the many Clover resellers.

Clover Go Hardware Cost

The Clover Go card reader costs $49.

Clover Go Payment Processing & Software Pricing

  • Processing Fees: 2.6% + $0.10 per transaction
  • Monthly Fees: $0 (Payments plan) or $14.95/month (Essentials plan)

Our guide to Clover pricing goes into further detail, covering Clover’s various terminal/register offerings and advanced POS packages, as well as Clover Go.

Contract Requirements

When you buy direct from Clover, you’ll get month-to-month pricing without a long-term contract, but you may be able to get a better deal with a reputable reseller, particularly if your sales volume is upwards of $10K/month.

One such reseller is Dharma Merchant Services. Sign up with Dharma, and you’ll get a Clover Go for $119 while paying $20/month for processing and $10/month for the device. This doesn’t sound great until you consider that you’ll only pay interchange + 0.15% + $0.08 per transaction. With this low processing rate, the higher your sales volume, the more you’ll save, despite the monthly fees.

Maverick Tip: Avoid the shadier Clover resellers that employ independent sales reps. These local sales agents will try to get you to agree to multi-year contracts with early termination fees, equipment leases, predatory fees & rates — everything you want to avoid in a payment processing agreement.

That’s why we recommend either signing up directly with Clover or going with a large, reputable reseller like Dharma MS.

When To Use Clover Go

  • You want a mobile card reader + mPOS app, and you want to match it with the payment processor that best fits your business model

Get Started With Clover Go

Read our in-depth review

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Shopify: Best For Multichannel Selling


Start Trial


  • Good processing rate for small-ticket sellers
  • Month-to-month pricing
  • Suitable for low-volume businesses


  • Account stability issues
  • Limited offline mode
  • Monthly fee charged

Why We Chose Shopify For Multichannel Selling

shopify tap and chip reader

Shopify made its name in eCommerce, but it has also become a POS powerhouse over the last several years.

Shopify's 2.4-2.7% card-present processing rate (for non-Starter plans) is great for merchants with small average tickets because there's no $0.10 fixed fee. With the 2.6% + $0.10 rate offered by competitors like Square/Clover Go/etc., that extra ten cents adds up when you're processing lots of small transactions.

What's more, if you already use Shopify to sell online (or if you're planning to), Shopify's mobile card reader lets you take in-person payments while syncing inventory with your online store.

Shopify Card Reader Features

A Shopify subscription gives you the mobile POS features you need, along with industry-leading eCommerce. Let’s discuss the features on offer:

  • The Shopify POS app gives you print and email receipts, automatic tax calculation based on location, team management with custom staff permissions, reporting, and advanced inventory management, all paired with the online selling features Shopify is known for.
  • For mobile in-person sales, Shopify offers the Bluetooth-enabled Tap & Chip Card Reader, which accepts dipped/tapped card payments, Apple Pay, and Google Pay (but not magstripe payments).
  • If you want to bypass your iPhone entirely, Shopify offers its all-in-one Shopify POS Go touchscreen reader, which combines a card reader, barcode scanner, and touchscreen tablet that runs Shopify POS natively. Note: as of April 2024, this item is out of stock and must be backordered.

Shopify Pricing

Shopify Hardware Cost

The Shopify Tap & Chip Reader sells for $49. The new all-in-one Shopify POS Go sells for $299.

If you’re unsure which reader you should use, we’ve explored the different types of credit card readers to help you decide whether to go with a touchscreen device or something less expensive.

Shopify Payment Processing & Software Pricing

  • Processing Fees: 5% per transaction with Shopify Starter, 2.7% per transaction with Basic Shopify, 2.5% with Shopify, and 2.4% with Advanced Shopify
  • Monthly Fees: $5/month for Shopify Starter, $29-39/month for Basic Shopify, $79-105/month for Shopify, and $299-399/month for Advanced Shopify (you’ll pay the lower price shown if you opt for annual billing)

Shopify updated its $5/month Shopify Starter plan to allow you to use Shopify POS Lite with one location when you sign up. However, you’ll have to pay a whopping 5% per in-person transaction with this plan. For all but the smallest/most occasional sellers, this trade-off doesn’t make financial sense.

The vast majority of in-person retailers will be better off getting the $29-39/month Basic Shopify subscription or higher. You’ll pay far less for payment processing this way.

Contract Requirements

Shopify offers month-to-month and annual billing, both with no early termination fee or monthly minimum requirement. This is what we like to see from a merchant services provider.

Just know that if you choose annual billing, Shopify does not issue prorated refunds if you cancel your subscription partway through your billing term.

When To Use Shopify

  • You want an iOS-based mobile sales solution that syncs with your Shopify online store

Get Started With Shopify

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PayPal Zettle: Best For Low-Volume Sellers

PayPal Zettle

Visit Site


No monthly fee



Equipment Cost

$29 for your first card reader


  • Low transaction fees
  • Inexpensive card reader has a PIN pad & display
  • In-app invoicing & other handy features


  • Account stability issues
  • No offline mode
  • Additional card readers (after your first one) are $79

Why We Chose PayPal Zettle For Low-Volume Sellers

paypal zettle

We've dinged PayPal for its high eCommerce processing rates, but PayPal now offers one of the lowest flat rates around for in-person sales.

Combine that with a PIN-enabled iPhone credit card reader (one that sells for $20 less than the PIN-less $49 readers offered by some competitors) and a solid mPOS app, and you've got a great package for smaller sellers who don't want to pay too much.

PayPal Zettle also works well for new sellers needing an easy-to-use payments system. With very little time and effort investment required, you can get signed up with PayPal, order a Zettle Reader, start taking payments, and tap into PayPal's vast feature ecosystem (much of which is free to use).

PayPal Zettle Card Reader Features

PayPal Zettle, PayPal’s mobile processing app, gives you a capable mPOS, an exceptional mobile card reader, and access to PayPal’s comprehensive ecosystem of merchant tools.

  • The PayPal Zettle app supports QR code payments and offers an item library, reports, custom gift cards, refunds (partial and whole), discounts, and support for a full register setup.
  • The Zettle Reader takes chip and NFC card transactions and supports PIN transactions (the most secure way to process debit charges), as the reader has a PIN pad and display screen like the advanced card readers found in Europe. It also takes Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.
  • Like Square and Shopify, PayPal Zettle now offers an all-in-one wireless touchscreen terminal: the Zettle Terminal. It takes chip, NFC, Apple/Google/Samsung Pay, and QR code payments, can be purchased with a built-in barcode scanner for $40 extra, and can be paired with a separate receipt printer and dock.

PayPal Zettle Pricing

PayPal Zettle Hardware Cost

The Zettle Reader costs $29 for the first reader and $79 for all additional readers.

The all-in-one Zettle Terminal starts at $199. The version with a built-in barcode scanner goes for $239.

PayPal Zettle Payment Processing & Software Pricing

  • Processing Fees: 2.29% + $0.09 per transaction
  • Monthly Fee: $0

Contract Requirements

PayPal offers pay-as-you-go monthly agreements with no early termination fees and no monthly minimums. We always prefer to see this type of merchant agreement. Of course, as with other payment service providers, you’ll face an increased risk of an account hold or termination.

When To Use PayPal Zettle

  • You’re a new and/or low-volume seller and you want to get up and running with a user-friendly card reader + mPOS package as easily and quickly as possible

Get Started With PayPal Zettle

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SumUp: Best For Affordability

Total Rating 4.5
Fees & Rates4.8

Products & Services3.5


Sales & Advertising Transparency5.0

Customer Service4.3

User Reviews4.0


  • Great card readers
  • No monthly fees
  • Flat-rate pricing with no fixed $0.10 fee


  • Account stability issues
  • No discounting feature
  • The card readers themselves aren’t the cheapest

Why We Chose SumUp For Affordability

sumup plus card reader

SumUp's 2.75% transaction rate lacks a $0.10 fixed fee, giving a boost to sellers with small average tickets. Plus, the card readers on offer are technologically advanced and reasonably priced, while the mPOS features are solid enough if you don't need the advanced functionality Square offers.

Add in the fact that there's no monthly fee with SumUp, and you have a great mobile processing option for cost-conscious sellers.

SumUp Card Reader Features

SumUp serves up a solid mPOS system and two unique card readers for mobile sales.

  • The SumUp app offers an item library, tipping, basic analytics, multiple tax rates, email/text receipts, receipt printer connectivity, and QR code support — it’s not on par with Square’s mPOS, but it’ll do for many merchants.
  • The SumUp Plus card reader is akin to the PayPal Zettle in that it accepts EMV/chip and contactless card transactions while providing a PIN pad for additional debit transaction security. It also takes Apple Pay, Google Pay, and (unlike the Zettle) magstripe transactions, making it a great value for the price.
  • The SumUp Solo is a unique standalone terminal with a touch screen and a built-in SIM card with free unlimited 4G mobile data. It takes EMV and NFC payments (not magstripe) along with Google Pay and Apple Pay, offers smart tipping, lets you access reports, and can send digital receipts right from the screen.

SumUp Pricing

SumUp Hardware Cost

  • SumUp Plus Card Reader: $54
  • SumUp Solo Card Reader (doesn’t need to be paired with your iOS device): $99

SumUp Payment Processing & Software Pricing

  • Processing Fees: 2.75% per transaction
  • Monthly Fee: $0

Contract Requirements

Thankfully, SumUp offers pay-as-you-go monthly arrangements with no long-term contracts, no early termination fees, and no monthly minimums. However, with SumUp being a PSP, the usual warnings about potential funding holds and account terminations apply here.

When To Use SumUp

  • You want a mobile credit card reader that charges a percentage per-transaction rate with no fixed fee, and you want to avoid monthly fees as well

Get Started With SumUp

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Helcim: Best For High-Volume Sellers

Total Rating 4.9
Fees & Rates5.0

Products & Services4.4


Sales & Advertising Transparency5.0

Customer Service4.8

User Reviews4.5


  • Great POS features
  • Excellent card reader
  • Interchange-plus pricing benefits larger merchants


  • Relatively pricey card reader
  • Not all businesses will qualify
  • Not as cost-effective for low-volume merchants

Why We Chose Helcim For High-Volume Businesses

helcim card reader

Helcim is a merchant account provider (like Clover Go's parent company) that offers an advanced chip + contactless + PIN card reader, full POS capabilities, and, uniquely among the providers listed here, interchange-plus pricing, which works to the benefit of most merchants.

While interchange-plus pricing isn't as easy to understand as the flat-rate pricing offered by the other companies listed here, many merchants -- particularly those processing over $10K/month -- will save money with Helcim over the likes of PayPal and Square.

Combine this with an incredible array of POS features and a full merchant account, and you have an ideal mobile selling solution for higher-volume merchants.

Smaller merchants, however, may not need all the advanced POS functionality and may find the card reader expensive. Merchants with little to no processing history may not qualify for a merchant account anyway.

Helcim Card Reader Features

Here’s what Helcim has to offer, feature-wise:

  • Helcim’s mobile POS features include email receipts, inventory and customer tracking, analytics, reporting, automatic tax calculation, unlimited invoice creation, and more. It’s a stellar feature lineup.
  • The Helcim Card Reader has a PIN pad and display, it accepts chip + NFC (including Apple Pay and Google Pay) + PIN payments, and it works with iPhones, iPads, and PC and Mac computers.
  • Helcim now offers a standalone Smart Terminal with a touchscreen and a built-in receipt printer.

Helcim Pricing

Helcim Hardware Cost

The Helcim Card Reader costs $99, while the standalone Helcim Smart Terminal costs $329 (or five monthly payments of $68).

Helcim Payment Processing & Software Pricing

  • Processing Fees: Interchange + 0.15% + $0.06 to interchange + 0.40% + $0.08, depending on your processing volume (process more, pay less)
  • Monthly Fee: $0

Helcim may be the only full merchant account provider that charges no monthly fees whatsoever. It’s definitely not the norm.

Contract Requirements

With pay-as-you-go pricing and no early termination fees, monthly minimums, or even a monthly fee, Helcim offers the great terms and flexibility of Square & Stripe while also giving you the stability and reliability of a unique merchant account.

When To Use Helcim

  • You want an iPhone-compatible card reader + mPOS package with pricing that benefits a high sales volume
  • You want a mobile sales solution backed by the stability of a full merchant account

Get Started With Helcim

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Payment Processing Rating Methodology

Merchant Maverick has been researching the payment processing industry since 2009. Our writers have reviewed hundreds of credit card processors, merchant account services, and mobile payment apps, evaluating each provider carefully on several different metrics.

When comparing different payment processing companies and applications to one another, we consider numerous data points. Our experts start by comparing credit card processing rates, the presence of additional fees, contract length, sales practices, and the presence or absence of additional features and services, like point of sale software. Each provider is judged on its own merits and how well it stacks up to industry standards; then it is weighed against the other providers on the list.

We spend an average of 10-15 hours researching and updating each one of our lists, making sure every company or application included meets our internal standards for quality and reputation. Any list of recommended payment processors on our site might contain a mix of standard merchant accounts, third-party payment processors, mobile payment devices, and high-risk payment processors, depending on what our expert feels is the best fit for certain scenarios or business types.

For additional details about Merchant Maverick’s review and rating processes, please refer to any or all of the following methodology pages:


Years reviewing payment processors


Providers evaluated


Attributes and features assessed per vendor


Years combined experience

How To Find The Best Credit Card Reader For iPad & iPhone

When you want the best possible credit card readers for your iPhone or iPad, we’re here to help.

Many businesses evolved to fit evolving customer preferences in the pandemic era, and while offering curbside pickup or expanded delivery options may not have been in your original plan, these things aren’t going away anytime soon. That’s why mobile payment apps are becoming crucial for success in many industries.

The best mobile POS providers offer iPhone and iPad credit card readers that accept chip, contactless, and (sometimes) even old-school magstripe payments. The “contactless” part of that is key, with the increasing emphasis on how to accept Apple Pay as a quick and safe payment method.

When shopping for iOS-compatible processing options, take into consideration the following:

  • Compatibility of the credit card reader with the iPhone/iPad
  • Initial and recurring costs
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Hardware options
  • Credit card processing app features
  • Your business type
  • Your sales volume
  • The credit card processor’s reputation

Remember that the processing rate given for each vendor above is for swiped/dipped/tapped (card-present) transactions — keyed-in and online transactions will always cost more.

For a big-picture look at the benefits of a credit card reader, Merchant Maverick has you covered there as well.

Can You Take Credit Card Payments Without An iPhone Credit Card Reader?

Yes, you absolutely can take credit card payments without a mobile card reader. Let’s discuss the ways!

QR code payments — payments in which the customer scans a funky square barcode with their iPhone or Android cameras and then completes the transaction on their own device — have become increasingly common and are now widely understood by consumers.

Likewise, many processors now support payment links. With payment links, you directly invoice a customer by sending them a text or email with a URL or QR code that launches the transaction process. It’s great for freelancers, professional service workers, and others who need an easy way to bill clients and can even be used by occasional in-person vendors.

Perhaps the biggest competition facing the iPhone credit card reader is coming from the iPhone itself. Apple’s Tap To Pay technology (not to be confused with Apple Pay) allows merchants to accept NFC payments from credit cards and digital wallets using just their iPhones (XS or newer) and an iOS partner app — no card reader necessary. Stripe, Square, Shopify, and Adyen have already partnered with Apple to offer Tap To Pay in the US.

However, considering how new this technology is and the likelihood that a portion of your customer base will be unable or unwilling to use these payment methods, they are best offered in conjunction with an actual physical credit card reader, not as a replacement for such readers.

Of course, how long this remains true is anybody’s guess, what with NFC-enabled credit cards becoming ubiquitous.

The Bottom Line: Which Credit Card Reader For iPhone Best Fits Your Business?

When shopping for a credit card reader for iPhone, your research into mobile credit card processing should go beyond just the card readers, just as our research did for this article.

Maverick Tip: Your business size, current business model, feature needs, growth plans, and even your aesthetic preferences (and/or the preferences of your customers) should factor into your overall decision-making process. Consider the cost of POS as well.

Once you’ve done this, check out the best free POS systems, some of which support Apple products. In fact, many of the best POS software options offer reasonable pricing and scalability, with hardware that works for iPhone and iPad users.

Each credit card reader for iPhone we’ve shared has its pros and cons, but there’s likely one or two that hit your sweet spot in terms of pricing and features. When choosing a credit card reader, there’s no one-size-fits-all option, but we hope this list can help you get a picture of the strongest and most reputable solutions.

For those looking for the lowest-cost payment options possible, the cheapest payment processors aren’t always inferior to more expensive solutions.

Finally, if you’ve reached the end of this article and decided that Apple products aren’t for you, read about the best Android POS systems.

FAQs: The Best Credit Card Readers For iPad & iPhone

Which is the best contactless credit card reader for iPad?

Square’s Contactless & Chip card reader is the best all-around mobile reader for nearly any situation. It pairs with iPads via Bluetooth and can accept contactless and chip card payments.

How much is a card reader for iPhone?

A card reader for iPhone can cost anywhere between $0 (for Square’s basic magstripe reader with a Lightning connector) and $99 for a contactless and chip-enabled Bluetooth reader from a merchant services provider, such as Helcim.

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