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SumUp Review

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London, England
Melissa Johnson

Melissa Johnson

Melissa Johnson has been writing about payment processing and mobile payments since 2014, and has been quoted in articles for Credit Karma and The Next Web, among others. She graduated from The University of Kansas in 2010 with bachelor's degrees in English and journalism.

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    David Brason

    Organization Name: RIBA Surveyors Ltd

    Great Reviews………but reality is totally different!New Business Startup looking to take mainly Debit Cards ended up signing up to SumUp.First payments taken and then an email asking for additional information, which was duly sent and those funds were released. Continued the taking of payments and then notice money not appearing on Bank Account. Contact made with SumUp to be told that this was with the Security Department, which you cannot speak to! They take days to respond and ask for additional information, much the same as the first request, and then nearly a week later they come back with with, ‘ We ar3e going to hold these funds for 6 months or you can request that they be returned to the Payee, YOUR choice. Respond with email and a week later we get curt response that they cannot support our business model. In the meantime they have not highlighted that there was an issue and allowed us to continue taking payments via their system. They then seek to rely on their catch all clause 15 which gives them the right to do anything!I leave it to your imagination as to the effort that is now required to get those payments in once they have actually been returned!So would I recommend SumUp……………..Yes… but only to my worse enemies!

    • Organization Name: RIBA Surveyors Ltd
    Veronica Alvarez

    Organization Name: Taqueria 3 hermanos

    I just wanted to ask if the sumup needs to be plugged into a outlet or is it like that square..?

    • Organization Name: Taqueria 3 hermanos
    Jessica Dinsmore

    Hi Veronica,

    Sumup’s reader is wireless and mobile like Square’s hardware, but you will need to plug it in to charge it before use. Any chip card mobile reader is going to need to be charged periodically.


      Having seen many good reviews of Sum up, I took the plunge and ordered the card. filled in all the mandatory fields and opened an account.Card reader arrived, linked to my android phone no problems. paid in £1:00 as a test payment….Still all good. logged onto site, payment showed up O.K.Then read the Sum up blog referring to card not present payments, went to site, logged in and find there is no virtual terminal enabled, contacted Sum up support to rectify this and received this reply:”Thank you for contacting SumUp Support.The “Virtual Terminal” allows you to accept remote payments through your SumUp account. For more information about fees and the way it functions, please visit this link: However, this feature is not available immediately upon registration and is subject to approval. For your request to be considered, we kindly ask you to reply to this email with the following information.Please provide your answers to the following questions:1. A brief description of the type of business you operate and the products and/or services sold.2. A link to your business’ website / Facebook page.3. Your estimated average amount, and maximum amount for card-not-present transactions.4. Your expected monthly transaction volume for card, not present transactions.5. If requested in the future, would you be able to provide an invoice for validation purposes?Please be advised your request may not be considered if incomplete answers are provided.We will review your request as soon as possible and will get back to you shortly.We thank you in advance for your cooperation”In other words, this is a crippled system where you have to jump through several hoops to get a full payment system.As I am still in the fourteen day cancellation period I have requested that they close my account and requested a return address for a refund on the card reader.The moral of the story is that all is not what it seems. Not one of the reviews of Sum up either refer to this crippling of the account, or give the information about this which would have prevented me from making the error of opening a Sum up account.

        Trent Rose

        Organization Name: Wooster Taxi

        I had to update my banking information I sent it in on 05/10/2018 the information wasn’t updated until the 21 very poor customer service and resolving issues on account

        • Organization Name: Wooster Taxi

        Excellent write-up Melissa. Surprisingly they have no information on their website I can find re: SMS payments or the virtual terminal. Not sure how Jessica found the link.

        You might want to update a few things.

        2.65% per transaction now. That’s even listed on the virtual terminal page. If correct that makes SumUp competitive with both Square and Stripe.
        Operating in 31 countries.

          This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

          Jessica Dinsmore

          Hi Jan,

          Thanks for letting us know! We’ll look into the info you’ve provided and we’ll update our review accordingly.

            This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


            the review mentions virtual terminal, but when i go to log in i see nothing about a virtual terminal. all i see (on the left hand side) is: Overview, Transactions, Shop, Employees, Support
            and clicking on any of those does not give me any option to use a virtual terminal

              This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

              Jessica Dinsmore

              Hi there Clint,
              You may need to reach out to customer support to have it enabled, but according to their website SumUp does offer a virtual terminal. I hope that helps!

                This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


                They do, but you must REQUEST IT, otherwise it does not show up on your account at all.
                I asked about it over a week ago, they replied with steps on how to request the virtual terminal to be activated. however the steps they provided were 100% wrong. For example they told me to go to a certain part of my account and submit some info, none of which was actually on my account. Literally the section they said to submit the info to request the virtual terminal did not exist lol.

                so then i wrote customer support and informed them that the info they provided was wrong. and i heard nothing from them for 5 days. then i submitted another ticket asking why it was taking so long to respond, and what could i do to get the virtual terminal to be activated…

                I finally got a reply saying i never requested the virtual terminal to be activated. WTH??

                so now i am on my second attempt to get it activated. We’ll see how it goes.
                But so far their customer support seems clueless and not very prompt in their response time.

                  This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


                  I don’t see anything on their website about the $2500 offer
                  I think there should be a link to that in this article, or have that taken out if it is no longer valid

                    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

                    Jessica Dinsmore

                    Hi Clint,
                    Thanks for pointing that out. We will get the review updated.

                      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


                      The green link on top of the page “Visit site” doesnt seem to work :)Overall great article as always – keep up the good work.


                        This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

                        Tom DeSimone

                        Thanks Spyros! Fixed now.

                          This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

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