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How To Check The Status Of Your SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) Application

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Erica Seppala

Erica Seppala

Erica is a writer based in Greenville, South Carolina. She is a graduate of Limestone College. Initially determined to be an accountant, she put away the calculator and picked up a laptop to pursue her dream of being a writer. Erica has spent the past 10 years writing blogs and articles for hundreds of private clients, and she loves sharing her love of research and the written word with everyone around her.
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    Francisco Valadez

    I have appy n have loan number I call the 1800-659-2955 .They told me to contact u SBA Customer service center that they can tell me about my loan ty

      Ted Spikes

      Check on status of application

        Jessica Dinsmore

        Hi Ted,

        Thanks for sharing! We hope the instructions we provided in this post helped you figure out the status of your application. Best of luck with your loan.

          Cleo Griggs

          I applied last year for the EIDL loan and have not heard anything. I have not received an email nor a phone call. Cn you please tell me the status of the loan I applied for

            Jessica Dinsmore

            Hi Cleo,

            We don’t have access to that information, but we’ve included instructions on how to check the status of your application in this post. There are a few different methods that we are aware of–We hope at least one of them helps you find the answers you are looking for. Best wishes!


              If I had someone complete my application for me and they listed themselves on the application can they call the sba on my behalf for a status update?

                Erica Seppala

                Hi Sara!

                On the EIDL application, there is a section that can be filled out by anyone that assisted you in completing the application. Within this section, there is a checkbox that can be marked to give this representative permission to contact and speak to the SBA on your behalf. If you or the representative checked this box, that person can call the SBA on your behalf for a status update. If the box wasn’t marked, you or anyone else applying for the loan will need to make the call. Good luck!

                  Direct Business Consultant,LLC Dba Celebrity Care Home

                  Inquiry about the status of my application, pls. Thanks!

                    Jessica Dinsmore


                    We don’t have access to your application status here at Merchant Maverick, BUT you can find instructions on how to do that within this very post. Scroll down to the first section–3 Places To Check The Status Of Your EIDL Application. I hope that helps!


                      Hello my name is Aaron Wright and I was approved for SBA loan I made a couple of mistakes and had to fill out some paperwork now since I did all of that I haven’t had no response from the reconsideration they never denied me it was just that I had to rectify a couple of problems that I had on my original app now it’s saying it’s in review and it’s been saying that for quite some time now how long do I need to expect to hear anything from the SBA reconsideration team

                        Erica Seppala

                        Hi Aaron!

                        Unfortunately, there’s no set timeline for how long it will take to receive a response from the SBA on your EIDL reconsideration request. Some people that have went through the process received notification in just a couple of weeks. Others had to wait several months. You can inquire about the status by emailing the SBA directly at However, I’m unsure how much additional information — if any — they can provide on your reconsideration request. Good luck!

                          robinett hankerson

                          when I did my app i didn’t notice i had misspelled my email. Is there away to correct this after submitting my app? the only thing is in gmail i put gmsil.

                            Erica Seppala

                            Hi Robinett,

                            In order to correct your email address on your EIDL application, you will need to contact the SBA. You can contact the SBA by phone at 1-800-659-2955. You may be asked for your confirmation number or other identifying information. Please note that wait times when calling the SBA may be longer than normal as call volume has increased. Good luck!

                              Martha Brooks

                              Good afternoon,
                              What is the status of the balance of my SBA Cov 19 Disaster Relief Grant for Small Business? I applied for the EIDL Grant on last year. I received the $1,000 but have not received the balance of the $10,000. Also, I received a EIDL loan on year but was declined for the Loan advanced for 2021.

                              Also, I have called the toll free SBA number to inquire about the status of the EIDL grant and the reason for my loan decline. I have not been able to talk with anyone.

                                Jessica Dinsmore

                                Hi Martha,

                                We don’t have information about your SBA application, but it sounds like you may have received the entirety of your EIDL grant based on the info you’ve offered here. Without knowing how many employees you claimed on your application, it’s tough to say for sure, but I can try to offer hypothetical explanations.

                                If you are your company’s only employee you would only have been due the $1k grant. The first grant offered $1k per employee up to 10 employees. So only a company with 10 employees claimed would be due $10k. In that case, you would have exhausted your allowed grant amount.

                                If you do in fact have 10 employees and only received a $1k grant in 2020 because the program funds were exhausted, and then you were later invited to apply for the Targeted grant in 2021, that would’ve been your opportunity to receive the remaining $9k. It sounds like you were denied the Targeted grant, so that would be the final word on your grant funds if that accurately describes your situation.

                                Again, it’s hard to say without more specifics, but you can definitely try reaching out to the SBA using the methods outlined in this post–Aside from the phone number, we provide an email address and a portal you can try to log into. Additionally, you may want to try reaching out to your local SBA office to get more clarity on the current status of your application, and perhaps some guidance. I hope that info helps you find the answers you are looking for–Best of luck!

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