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5 Best Gas Stations POS Systems To Compete In 2023

These gas station POS systems offer good features for rest stops, convenience stores, and truck stop locations that sell gasoline and other items, like food and cigarettes.

    Nicolette Kier

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Gas stations offer so much more than refueling now, which means gas station POS systems are equipped to help you offer a range of products and services to your customer base.

If you want to sell lottery tickets, offer vape products, add a car wash to your location, or just want to focus on gas and convenience store item sales, keep reading. You’ll find the best gas station POS option for your business size and budget.

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Best for rest stops offering hot food.
Best for rest stops offering hot food.

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Best for truck stops with higher sales volumes.
Best for truck stops with higher sales volumes.

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LS Retail

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Best for large gas stations looking for advanced fuel and food management.
Best for large gas stations looking for advanced fuel and food management.

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PDI CStore Essentials

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Best backend inventory management and tobacco sale features.
Best backend inventory management and tobacco sale features.

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POS Nation

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Best for small gas stations that need more convenience store functionalities.
Best for small gas stations that need more convenience store functionalities.

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5 Best Gas Station POS Systems

Our top choices for gas station POS systems are:

  • Verifone: Best For Rest Stops
  • Gas POS: Best For Truck Stops
  • LS Retail: Best For Large Gas Stations
  • CStore Essentials: Best Backend Software
  • POS Nation: Best Convenience Store Features

1. Verifone: Best For Rest Stops


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  • All-in-one hardware system
  • Self-serve food kiosks
  • Carwash functionalities
  • Industry-specific partnerships


  • Must use Verifone hardware
  • Pricing not transparent
  • Outdated backend management interface

Verifone gas POS system

Verifone Gas POS Features

Verifone is widely known for its POS hardware line. On the software side, Verifone has basic checkout and inventory functions. The company also has built several partnerships so that you get a full-featured POS solution, which includes:

  • Plug-and-play cashier POS, customer self-checkout, and site controllers
  • 64-pump site controller
  • Online and offline mode, so you’ll never miss out on sales due to internet outages
  • Quick serve kitchen management system
  • Fleet card acceptance programs
  • Electronic sign integration
  • ID scanner for selling alcohol, CBD, tobacco, and vape products
  • Lottery sales in-store and at the pump
  • Mix-and-match sales (e.g. six-pack of beer, combo meal deals)
  • Customer loyalty program management
  • Customizable cashier interface

Related: This is how to sell vape products at your gas station.

Verifone Pricing

Verifone does not list pricing information on its website. You may contact Verifone or an authorized Verifone sales partner to get a quote.

Hardware Cost

Verifone does not list hardware pricing on its website, so you’ll need to get a quote for this as well. The company offers registers, fuel site controllers, self-serve food order kiosks, and credit card terminals.

Verifone does have some of the best credit card terminals, priced from $150 to $500, depending on the model. Verifone hardware is universal so you can use it with almost any POS software you like.

Payment Processing

You’ll use one of Verifone’s payment processing partners to process gas POS transactions. Merchants can choose First Data, Heartland, National Bankcard Services, or Worldpay.

Contract Requirements/Warnings

Verifone is not responsible for repairing or replacing any damaged devices purchased through an unauthorized Verifone seller.

Hardware purchased through the right partners is covered under a warranty for either 13 months or 36 months, depending on the device.

Where Verifone Really Shines For Gas Stations

Verifone has a strong line of POS hardware geared specifically toward full-service rest stops that offer food service, convenience store items, cash washing, and lottery sales.

Verifone’s built-in POS features, along with the company’s numerous partnerships with companies that focus on areas such as money ordering and electronic sign advertising, make this gas POS system an excellent choice for rest stop businesses.

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2. Gas POS: Best For Truck Stops


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  • Hardware is free upfront
  • Free POS and fuel dispenser installation
  • Fleet card acceptance
  • 24/7 support


  • Pricing gets confusing
  • ID verification not strong

Gas POS for gas station POS business.

Gas POS Features

Gas POS offers the following feature set for gas stations and truck stops:

  • Pump pre-pay, post-pay, and pay-at-counter
  • Remote and automated fuel pump management
  • Fleet card acceptance
  • EBT transactions
  • Mix-and-match and combo meal deals
  • Free hardware installation
  • Free 24/7 support

Gas POS Pricing

You must pay for a monthly subscription and use Gas POS for payment processing.

The subscription price is no longer listed on the Gas POS website, but a 2019 Fuels Market News article mentioned a $200 monthly fee.

Hardware Cost

Gas POS has no upfront costs. Rather, you are leasing the hardware and, when that leasing period ends, you must return or purchase the equipment. Gas POS installs your in-store and at-the-pump POS hardware and you pay for it over time. This is most likely wrapped up in the subscription fee.

Payment Processing

Gas POS processes payments using an interchange pricing model, so your fee will depend on your business’s estimated annual sales volume, transaction size, and type of transaction.

If any of these factors change, Gas POS may change your fee without prior notice, so keep an eye on your monthly bills.

Contract Requirements/Warnings

There is a 10-year warranty on Gas POS hardware, except in the instances of natural disasters and device tampering.

There are late fees involved in late payments, and you will have to pay extra fees if your account is placed in collections.

Contracts are month-to-month, but you can pay upfront. There are no refunds.

Where Gas POS Really Shines For Gas Stations

Gas POS has an interesting new approach to gas station POS: POS as a service, rather than a product. Instead of outright purchasing any hardware or software, you can lease both. This can cut down on upfront costs, allowing business owners to transition to Gas POS faster. However, as a rule, we discourage business owners from the dangers of leasing equipment. It’s almost always more prudent to buy.

That said, if you have a high volume of sales at your truck stop, Gas POS’s interchange pricing model could save you money.

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3. LS Retail: Best For Large Gas Stations

LS Retail

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  • Advanced fuel pump functions
  • Food service kiosks
  • Offline mode
  • Highly customizable solution


  • POS is backed by Microsoft only
  • No lottery sales
  • Setup is not very intuitive

LS Retail gas station POS system.

LS Retail Gas Station POS Features

The following LS Retail features are great for gas station owners and employees:

  • Automated and manual fuel pump management
  • Pre-pay, post-pay, and pay-at-pump transactions
  • Wet stock management (e.g. tank dipping, tank gauge alerts)
  • Car wash management
  • Manual and automated price updates
  • Offline mode, so you can take sales without WiFi
  • Menu and recipe management (e.g. order costing, item modifiers)
  • Perishable and nonperishable inventory management
  • Self-service food ordering kiosks
  • User profiles and permissions
  • Customizable register functions (e.g. when cash drawer opens, pickup warnings)
  • Customizable register interface
  • Manual and automated discounts
  • Mix-and-match discounts
  • Customer loyalty program
  • Automated and manual purchase ordering
  • Loss prevention measures (e.g. event triggers that flag suspicious transactions)
  • Franchise management
  • Mobile POS app

LS Retail Pricing

LS Retail software is quote-based. Contact LS Retail or an authorized LS Retail partner for a price estimate.

Hardware Cost

LS Retail software runs through Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, a hybrid cloud-based and on-premise business management solution. You can use any devices that support Microsoft Business Central.

You may purchase POS hardware such as credit card terminals from an LS Retail partner such as Verifone.

Payment Processing

LS Retail partners with payment service providers such as Verifone, Worldpay, and PayEx for payment processing.

Contract Requirements/Warnings

If you decide you want to switch gas station POS providers, you must contact LS Retail within 10 days of your subscription renewal date to avoid an automated payment.

Some features are optional paid “modules”, so make sure you’re paying only for what you need.

Where LS Retail Really Shines For Gas Stations

LS Retail’s vast customization and advanced fuel pump management features allow gas station owners to set up a specialized, scalable gas POS system. The company has also built a complete kitchen management solution within the larger LS Retail POS ecosystem, so offering a fresh food service is easy and profitable.

Detailed inventory reports, stock alerts, and automated replenishing also help large single location and multi-location business owners keep on top of their fuel and food supplies.

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4. CStore Essentials: Best Backend Software

PDI CStore Essentials

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  • Excellent inventory management
  • Fuel management and reporting
  • Tobacco discount program


  • Does not come with hardware
  • Need a POS partner to process transactions

PDI CStore Essentials gas POS.

CStore Essentials Gas Station POS Features

CStore Essentials offers the following features for gas station owners with one or several locations:

  • Gas ownership and commission agent settings
  • Gas order and vendor management
  • Fuel tank reports
  • Lottery sales, settlement, and reports
  • Employee clock-in/clock-out and user permissions
  • Complete payroll system
  • Customizable check templates and printing
  • Automated invoicing
  • Multilocation management
  • Price book creation and updating
  • Individual and bulk item editing
  • Money orders
  • Time-sensitive promotions
  • Automated daily financial reports and discrepancy alerts

CStore Essentials Pricing

  • Scan Data Basic: $19/month (tobacco discount program only)
  • Store Operations Standard: $69/month, or $59/month when billed annually
  • Tobacco Loyalty Plus: $89/month

Hardware Cost

CStore Essentials has partnered with Verifone and Gilbarco Passport to meet your gas station POS hardware needs. CStore Essentials office management software is cloud-based, so you can use it on a computer or smartphone.

Payment Processing

CStore Essentials is for back-office management, not for accepting sales, so you do not use the software to process payments.

Your hardware provider will likely serve as a payment processor.

Contract Requirements/Warnings

You may sign up for a monthly or yearly CStore Essentials account. You will be automatically charged if you do not cancel your account before your next billing cycle.

There are no refunds, so consider starting out with a monthly subscription before dedicating yourself to a long-term solution.

Where CStore Essentials Really Shines For Gas Stations

CStore Essentials is a great software to keep track of a large number of purchase orders, inventory, lottery transactions, employee payroll, and fuel sales. Since the system is cloud-based, you can manage a number of gas stations on the go. The tobacco discount program is also a great way to pass down savings to your customers.

CStore Essentials is not a complete gas POS solution, though, so pair this back-office software with a strong POS sales and hardware provider.

Get Started With PDI CStore Essentials

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5. POS Nation: Best Convenience Store Features

POS Nation

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  • Offline mode
  • Free hardware
  • Easy to learn
  • Able to sell alcohol, tobacco, vape, lottery, EBT transactions


  • No built-in fuel management
  • No fuel site controller included

POS nation for gas station business.

POS Nation Gas Stations POS Features

POS Nation has a heavy focus on convenience stores, so if most of your gas station revenue comes from convenience store items, or you already have a fuel management solution, these POS Nation features are for you:

  • EBT transactions and tax settings
  • ID scanner for age verification
  • Lottery sales and reports
  • Tobacco sales/inventory by individual pack, carton, and case-breaks
  • Alcohol sales/inventory by single item, case, and case-breaks
  • Vape kit building
  • Mix-and-match deals and inventory management
  • Perishable inventory tracking
  • Menu and recipe management
  • Label printing (e.g. for cigars or sale tags)
  • Discounts by item or multiples
  • Offline mode to take transactions without WiFi
  • User roles and permissions
  • Employee clock-in, clock-out, and payroll reporting
  • Theft prevention measures (e.g. blind and forced till counts)
  • Customizable user interface (e.g. hotkey programming)
  • Self-checkout capability
  • Customer loyalty program
  • Auto-invoicing
  • Multilocation management

POS Nation Pricing

  • Flex Monthly: $99/month, charged monthly
  • Freedom: $999 one-time fee for software license and hardware

Hardware Cost

If you’re paying monthly, the cost of the hardware is included in the monthly fee. If you pay a one-time fee, you own the hardware forever.

Upon signup, you will receive a convenience store POS bundle, which includes a touch PC, receipt printer, scanner, cash drawer, and chip card reader.

Additional POS bundles cost $999. You can also purchase other hardware such as additional scanners separately.

Payment Processing

POS Nation has its own merchant services program, and works with payment service providers such as Mercury Payment Systems, Upserve (previously known as Swipely), Worldpay, Heartland, and Sterling Payment Technologies to meet your payment processing needs.

POS Nation advertises a payment processing fee between 2% and 2.5%, depending on your business’s sales volumes.

Contract Requirements/Warnings

There are no refunds on monthly subscriptions or one-time software license purchases. Try POS Nation out before you outright buy a license.

There are no early termination fees on monthly subscriptions. You may cancel your monthly plan at any time with a 30-day notice.

Where POS Nation Really Shines For Gas Stations

While POS Nation does not have a built-in fuel management solution, it is one of the best retail POS systems for selling alcohol, tobacco, vape, lottery, hot food, and general convenience store items.

Considering the fact that your hardware is bundled in with your software, pricing is transparent, and you can purchase a license for a one-time fee, POS Nation is a cost-effective option for smaller gas stations and convenience stores.

Get Started With POS Nation

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Why We Don't Recommend These Gas Station POS Systems


Franpos is a POS system specifically geared towards franchisers and businesses with several locations. This is great for convenience store owners looking to franchise. However, Franpos does not offer gas station-specific hardware and the company is not partnered with any gas hardware providers. Franpos also charges extra for API access, which makes integrating any additional software expensive.


KORONA is a great POS solution for convenience and liquor stores, as KORONA has features specifically geared towards alcohol sales. For small convenience stores that have limited needs, the price point of KORONA is also attractive.

However, to add on all the functionalities you need to run a gas station, you would end up paying around the same price as you would for POS Nation, but without the included hardware.

Which Gas Station Point Of Sale Is Best For You?

If you have a large gas station or full-service rest stop, the best gas station POS systems are Verifone and LS Retail. For a smaller gas station that is either more focused on convenience store offerings or already has a solid fuel management system, POS Nation is a great option.

Truck stop owners should look into Gas POS, but make sure you really understand your payment processing fees before signing any contracts.

If you’re looking for backend inventory and sales management, and especially if you have several locations, CStore Essentials will help you manage all your back office tasks and reports from one central location.

FAQs: Gas Station POS System

What is the best gas station POS?

The best gas station POS systems for large gas stations are Verifone and LS Retail. POS Nation is good for small gas stations, and Gas POS is great for truck stops.

CStore Essentials is best for managing inventory, sales reports, and employees.

How much is a gas station POS system?

Gas station POS system prices are usually individualized depending on your business sales and transaction volumes, as well as how much hardware you’ll need.

Read our guide to POS hardware and software to get a basic idea of how much a retail POS will cost, but keep in mind that gas stations have specific needs such as fuel site controllers.

In Summary: 5 Best Gas Station POS Systems

  1. Verifone: Best for rest stops offering hot food.
  2. Gas POS: Best for truck stops with higher sales volumes.
  3. LS Retail: Best for large gas stations looking for advanced fuel and food management.
  4. PDI CStore Essentials: Best backend inventory management and tobacco sale features.
  5. POS Nation: Best for small gas stations that need more convenience store functionalities.
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