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5 Best POS For Gas Stations

These gas station POS systems offer good features for rest stops, convenience stores, and truck stop locations that sell gasoline and other items.

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The best POS systems for small businesses help owners manage their sales, employees, inventory, and more.

The best gas station POS systems, specifically, offer great fuel management, regulated item sales, made-to-order food prep, and other special services like car washes and fleet card acceptance.

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CompanyBest ForNext StepsBest For

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  • Versatile hardware offerings, self-serve kiosk ordering, car wash and digital signage integrations
  • Custom pricing
  • 12, 24, 26-month contracts or one-time hardware purchases
  • Versatile hardware offerings, self-serve kiosk ordering, car wash and digital signage integrations
  • Custom pricing
  • 12, 24, 26-month contracts or one-time hardware purchases

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LS Retail

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  • Advanced wet stock and food inventory management, highly customizable, scalable POS solution
  • Custom pricing
  • Custom subscription length
  • Advanced wet stock and food inventory management, highly customizable, scalable POS solution
  • Custom pricing
  • Custom subscription length

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POS Nation

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  • EBT sales, lottery sales, integrated ID scanner, theft prevention features
  • $99+/month
  • Custom contracts
  • EBT sales, lottery sales, integrated ID scanner, theft prevention features
  • $99+/month
  • Custom contracts

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Petrosoft SmartPOS

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  • POS software built into hardware, commercial fuel customer accounts, excellent fuel reporting
  • $799+ (one-time purchase)
  • One-time purchase with add-on subscriptions available
  • POS software built into hardware, commercial fuel customer accounts, excellent fuel reporting
  • $799+ (one-time purchase)
  • One-time purchase with add-on subscriptions available

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NCR Storefront

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  • Excellent fuel POS hardware, good convenience store selling features, easy to use
  • Custom pricing
  • Custom contract length
  • Excellent fuel POS hardware, good convenience store selling features, easy to use
  • Custom pricing
  • Custom contract length

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Read more below to learn why we chose these options.

5 Best Gas Station POS Systems

The best POS for gas stations is going to have features built-in and designed to make both you and your employees’ lives much easier.

Here are our top picks and what we think they’re best for:

How The Best POS For Gas Stations Compare

Self-Serve Kiosks Pump Retrofits Regulated Item Sales Loyalty Program Loss Prevention Features EBT Sales
Verifone Drive-Off Monitoring
LS Retail Depends on hardware Third-party app integration
POS Nation
Petrosoft SmartPOS Depends on hardware
NCR Third-party app integration

Verifone: Best For Rest Stops


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  • All-in-one hardware system
  • Self-serve food kiosks
  • Carwash functionalities
  • Industry-specific partnerships


  • Must use Verifone hardware
  • Pricing not transparent
  • Outdated back-end management interface

Verifone gas station POS system hardware

Why We Chose Verifone For Rest Stops

We like that Verifone has a strong line of POS hardware geared specifically toward full-service rest stops that offer food service, convenience store items, cash washes, and lottery sales.

Additionally, Verifone's built-in POS features, along with the company's numerous partnerships with companies that focus on areas such as money ordering and electronic sign advertising, make this gas POS system an excellent choice for rest-stop businesses.

Verifone Pricing

Verifone does not list pricing information on its website. You may contact Verifone or an authorized Verifone sales partner for a quote.

Your custom price will vary depending on the size of your location and hardware requirements.

Verifone Features

Verifone is a highly popular retail business hardware provider, offering a variety of card readers, POS registers, self-serve kiosks, and fuel site controllers that integrate well and are easy to use.

Verifone’s card readers are easy to retrofit onto existing fuel pumps and allow you to sell lottery tickets to customers at the pump. Verifone’s fuel controller can handle up to 64 pumps at once, plus the fuel tank monitoring integrations Verifone offers make monitoring your pumps easy and accurate.

Verifone’s POS system expertly handles all item types, including regulated items and fuel sales. Customers may be required to scan or manually enter their ID when purchasing regulated items, such as alcohol or vapes, and can be restricted from purchasing regulated items at self-serve kiosks.

Employees can easily see when customers are at the pump, monitor for drive-offs, accept prepayments at the register, perform fuel reservations and reversals, and more.

Verifone’s self-ordering hot food kiosks, which integrate into a kitchen display system, help divert customers away from the retail checkout line and speed up checkout for everyone. Kiosks can be branded, and you can frequently make use of upselling opportunities. You also have the option to build a drive-through into your rest stop if your space is large enough and there’s enough made-to-order food demand.

Additionally, Verifone integrates with several third-party software providers. You can put up digital signage around your rest stop advertising your menus, meal deals, loyalty offers, and more. There are fleet card acceptance programs, car wash hardware, loyalty programs, and money order integrations, so your rest stop can offer just about every service imaginable.

Verifone Hardware Costs

Verifone does not list hardware pricing on its website, so you’ll need to get a quote for this as well. The company offers registers, fuel site controllers, self-serve food order kiosks, and credit card terminals. You can also integrate a tap-to-pay card reader to take contactless payment types such as Apple Pay and Google Pay directly into your fuel pumps.

Verifone does have some of the best credit card terminals, priced from $150 to $500, depending on the model. Verifone hardware is universal, so you can use it with almost any POS software you like.

Verifone Payment Processing

You’ll use one of Verifone’s payment processing partners to process gas POS transactions. Merchants can choose First Data, Heartland, National Bankcard Services, or Worldpay.

What To Watch Out For

Verifone is not responsible for repairing or replacing any damaged devices purchased through an unauthorized Verifone seller.

Hardware purchased through the right partners is covered under a warranty for either 13 months or 36 months, depending on the device.

Verifone Is Best For Gas Stations That:

  • Operate as convenience stores, rest stops, and gas stations
  • Want an all-in-one hardware and POS system
  • Need digital signage to help control the flow of customer traffic

Get Started With Verifone

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LS Retail: Best For Large Gas Stations

LS Retail

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  • Automated timed fuel tank readings
  • Automated wet stock replenishment
  • Foodservice kiosks
  • Highly customizable solution


  • POS is backed by Microsoft only
  • The setup is not very intuitive

LS Retail gas station POS system.

Why We Chose LS Retail For Large Gas Stations

We love that LS Retail's vast POS/back office customization and advanced fuel pump management features allow gas station owners to set up a specialized, scalable gas station POS system.

The company has also built a complete kitchen management solution within the larger LS Retail POS ecosystem, so offering a fresh food service is easy and profitable.

LS Retail Pricing

LS Retail software is quote-based. Contact LS Retail or an authorized LS Retail partner for a price estimate.

LS Retail Features

LS Retail’s best feature for gas station owners is its extensive wet stock management, which includes the ability to:

  • Replenish wet stock automatically based on previous sales and stock levels
  • Set up recurring automated tank readings and sync to inventory information in your LS Retail back office
  • Automatically sync tank gauge information such as tank dipping from forecourt controllers and store in your back office readings
  • Automatically change pricing from LS Retail back office and sync to digital signage on pumps and price signs
  • Set up custom wet stock pricing rules based on region, time of day, and sales or deals

Additionally, LS Retail has strong restaurant management tools, such as perishable inventory tracking, recipe costing, food waste reporting, an integrated kitchen display system, and self-ordering kiosk functionalities.

You may also set up a loyalty program with LS Retail for in-store, mobile app, and online use. You can define what types of items are eligible for collecting points and create points redemption rules. This is a great way to build brand loyalty and add a fuel discount scheme.

Like Verifone, LS Retail offers car wash functionalities, so your large gas station can offer a range of services.

LS Retail Hardware Costs

LS Retail software runs through Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, a hybrid cloud-based and on-premise business management solution. You can use any devices that support Microsoft Business Central as POS systems and self-ordering kiosks, which include PCs and tablets.

You may purchase POS hardware, such as credit card terminals, from LS Retail partners, including Verifone.

LS Retail Payment Processing

LS Retail partners with payment processing providers such as Verifone, Worldpay, and PayEx.

What To Watch Out For

LS Retail offers custom subscription lengths, which you will discuss with a representative.

If you decide you want to switch gas station POS providers, you must contact LS Retail within ten days of your subscription renewal date to avoid an automated payment. This provider may charge an early cancellation fee for canceling your subscription before your term is up.

Also, some features are optional paid “modules,” so make sure you’re paying only for what you need.

LS Retail Is Best For Gas Stations That:

  • Need advanced wet stock and food inventory management
  • Want a POS system that can be scaled up or down
  • Are interested in custom pricing and contract length

Get Started With LS Retail

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POS Nation: Best Convenience Store Features

POS Nation

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  • Tobacco, vape, alcohol, lottery, and EBT sales functions
  • Easy to learn
  • Theft prevention features
  • Stock level optimization


  • No built-in fuel management
  • No fuel site controller included

POS nation for gas station business.

Why POS Nation Has Great Convenience Store Features

While POS Nation does not have a built-in fuel management solution, we believe that it is one of the best convenience store POS systems, specifically because it's designed for selling alcohol, tobacco, vape, lottery, hot food, and general convenience store items.

POS Nation is flexible enough to build wet stock inventory management into your back office and sell fuel at the register.

POS Nation Pricing

  • Flex Monthly: $99/month, charged monthly
  • Freedom: $999 one-time fee for software license and hardware

POS Nation Features

POS Nation has a heavy focus on convenience stores, so if most of your gas station revenue comes from convenience store items or you already have a fuel management solution, these POS Nation features are for you:

  • Regulated Item Sales: Sell alcohol, tobacco, vapes, and other regulated items with an integrated ID scanner and cashier prompt for customer ID. Perform case breaks, vape kitting, and collect inventory data for tobacco rebate programs.
  • EBT Sales: Automatically flag EBT items at checkout and allow customers to pay for EBT-eligible and non-eligible items in one transaction. Create special tax settings for EBT sales.
  • Lottery Sales: Sell and redeem lottery tickets at your POS register. Perform lottery sales and payout reports.
  • Hot Food Sales: Sell hot food at the register with your retail and fuel items or at a self-checkout register. Monitor perishable and nonperishable inventory to reduce food wastage.

POS Nation also has great loss prevention features, which are excellent for gas stations with high employee turnover, theft on the floor, or high levels of damaged products. This includes cash drawer security features, such as blind and forced till counts, employee damage and loss reports, and granular employee permissions. Plus, you can integrate security cameras with your POS, record transactions, and use that footage to determine instances of theft.

You can also set automatic purchase ordering for items based on custom low stock levels, an advanced feature that not many POS providers include in their core feature set. You can analyze stock movement periodically to perfect your reordering levels. This is an excellent feature to help convenience store owners with diverse stock sets keep their shelves stocked without overflow.

POS Nation Hardware Costs

If you’re paying monthly, the hardware cost is included in the monthly fee. If you pay a one-time fee, you own the hardware forever.

Upon signup, you will receive a convenience store POS bundle, which includes a touch PC, receipt printer, scanner, cash drawer, and chip card reader.

Additional POS bundles cost $999. You can also purchase other hardware, such as additional scanners, separately.

POS Nation Payment Processing

POS Nation has its own merchant services program and works with payment service providers such as Mercury Payment Systems, Upserve (previously known as Swipely), Worldpay, Heartland, and Sterling Payment Technologies to meet your payment processing needs.

POS Nation advertises a payment processing fee between 2% and 2.5%, depending on your business’s sales volumes.

What To Watch Out For

There are no refunds on monthly subscriptions or one-time software license purchases. Try POS Nation out before you outright buy a license.

There are no early termination fees on monthly subscriptions. You may cancel your monthly plan at any time with a 30-day notice.

POS Nation Is Best For Gas Stations That:

  • Rely heavily on their convenience store sales
  • Want the built-in ability to sell regulated items like tobacco, vape, and alcohol along with EBT and lottery sales
  • Need robust inventory management including stock-level optimization

Get Started With POS Nation

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Petrosoft SmartPOS: Best For Commercial Fuel Sales

Petrosoft SmartPOS

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  • Transparent pricing
  • Commercial fuel customer account management
  • Fuel delivery order capabilities
  • Excellent fuel reporting


  • Add-ons can get costly
  • POS terminals don’t come with chip/mobile wallet card readers

Petrosoft gas station POS system

Why We Chose Petrosoft SmartPOS For The Best Gas Station POS For Commercial Fuel Sales

We love Petrosoft's wide range of customer account management, fuel inventory, and reporting capabilities.

Gas station owners who are interested in selling to businesses such as trucking fleets, hauling or towing companies, busing and transportation organizations, or farm equipment providers should consider using Petrosoft to provide commercial fuel sales.

With Petrosoft, you can offer commercial fuel sales while still maintaining your convenience store offerings.

Petrosoft SmartPOS Pricing

Petrosoft builds its POS software into its hardware offering, so pay once for the hardware, and you’ll own the cloud-based POS software as well. This is also true for its self-ordering kiosk and kitchen display systems.

Petrosoft also offers several optional subscription software products that nicely integrate with SmartPOS at the following prices:

  • CStoreOffice: $269/month (or $2,905/year, which saves you around $25/month)
  • Loss Prevention Analytics: $49/month (0r $530/year, which saves you around $5/month)
  • Scan Data: $29/month (or $312/year, which saves you around $3/month)

Petrosoft SmartPOS Features

Petrosoft offers all standard gas station necessities as well as Fuel Central, a custom fuel distribution software for gas stations selling fuel to commercial businesses, such as trucking fleets, school districts, towing businesses, and vehicle rental businesses.

Fuel Central allows you to:

  • Automatically or manually create and schedule orders to be sent to registered customers at their place of business
  • Create and track customer accounts receivable, apply credits, and collect invoices
  • Designate a station as a fuel distribution site
  • Set fuel delivery order specifications such as minimum fuel order requirements, payment terms, delivery timelines, and driver schedules
  • Create retail and bulk pricing rules, which can vary by client
  • Accept trucking fleet cards and create fuel loyalty programs

You also get great fuel management features, such as the ability to find the best fuel pricing based on your geographic area, automatically monitor fuel gauges, and create pass-through credits, which represent credits generated by your fuel vendor that are passed down to your customer.

Petrosoft’s thorough reporting features allow you to forecast your inventory needs (for fuel, retail, and perishable inventory items), view competitor gas prices and history, view fuel rebate reports, and get sales breakdowns by fuel type.

Petrosoft SmartPOS Hardware Costs

Petrosoft offers these hardware options, which come loaded with corresponding software:

  • SmartPOS 129: $799; comes with touchscreen POS terminal, attached customer-facing display, and preloaded POS software
  • POSBank Apexa G: $2,349; includes more POS terminal processing power, memory, and more POS workflows
  • QwickServe Self-Ordering Terminal: $1,199; includes a touch screen ordering terminal with integrated restaurant management features
  • QwickServe Order Manager Display: $999; includes a touch screen with built-in kitchen display system software
  • Cipherlab RS51: $1,499; includes a handheld device with mobile POS, barcode scanner, and inventory tracker software
  • Barcode Scanner: $49 for a wired scanner, $399 for a wireless scanner

You may integrate your hardware and software with compatible fuel controllers, automatic tank gauges, and more from Wayne Fueling Systems, Gilbarco, and Verifone. All the inventory data from fuel pumps will be synced to CStoreOffice.

Petrosoft SmartPOS Payment Processing

Petrosoft integrates with over 50 payment processors via PAX and Verifone card readers.

What To Watch Out For

Petrosoft offers one-year and three-year warranties for separate purchases on most hardware. You may return the hardware as long as it is in the same condition as when you bought it.

There are no early cancellation fees for subscription-based purchases. You will not get any refunds, either.

Petrosoft SmartPOS Is Best For Gas Stations That:

  • Want to expand their offerings to include commercial fuel sales
  • Don’t want to deal with a monthly subscription payment
  • Need robust fuel reporting and delivery order capabilities

Get Started With Petrosoft SmartPOS

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NCR Storefront: Best Pump Retrofits

NCR Storefront

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  • Excellent POS interface added to fuel pumps
  • Built-in loyalty program
  • Fuel site controller hardware available
  • Easy to use


  • Expensive
  • Must use NCR proprietary hardware
  • Must pay for customer assistance

NCR gas station POS system

Why We Chose NCR For The Best Gas Station POS Pump Retrofits

We like NCR's wide range of gas station hardware, including the NCR Optic, an all-in-one POS terminal, a retail and food ordering station, and a marketing platform that can be retrofitted onto any existing fuel pump.

While customers are waiting for their fuel tanks to fill, they'll see your advertised retail items, food offerings, and loyalty program perks. They can even order from the pump and pick up inside.

NCR Pricing

NCR offers custom solutions for gas station business owners with custom pricing. Many NCR products, such as NCR Storepoint (for fuel operations) and NCR RPOS (for convenience store management), are priced individually. While you may be able to get all-in-one pricing for a single package, you may also end up signing a long-term contract.

NCR Features

NCR offers two main software products for gas station owners. NCR Storefront allows you to manage your day-to-day fuel operations, including wet stock management, fuel sales at the POS, and gas price configurations. It also supports digital signage, so you can switch fuel prices and advertising in your back office and update it on-site immediately.

The more convenience store-focused software, NCR RPOS, offers more food service capabilities, such as self-ordering and kitchen displays, as well as lottery sales, money order funding, ID verification, and car wash sales.

NCR’s best feature is NCR Optic, an outdoor payment terminal that accepts all payment types (including fleet cards) and comes with a touch screen for retail and food item ordering, loyalty card acceptance, and/or video advertising. It also has built-in, real-time tampering alerts and reporting.

Optic comes with retrofitting kits for major pump brands so that you only need to change the pump head.

NCR Hardware Costs

NCR offers a host of proprietary POS terminals, self-serve kiosks, kitchen display systems, and the NCR Optic, which retrofits into your existing pump system.

There are also site controllers available for purchase.

These are all custom-priced by NCR or an authorized reseller.

NCR Payment Processing

NCR has an integrated payment processor, NCR Payments. You will receive a custom payment processing quote when you contact a representative.

What To Watch Out For

NCR can be purchased from NCR itself or several partnered companies. Be sure to read your contract thoroughly before signing up for a subscription.

NCR Is Best For Gas Stations That:

  • Need a POS system that can work with their current fuel pumps
  • Want custom pricing and contract terms
  • You want an all-in-one outdoor self-serve hardware solution that helps you make more sales

Get Started With NCR Storefront

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Our Methodology For Choosing The Best POS For Gas Stations

To choose the best gas station POS systems, we analyzed 12 convenience store and gas station POS systems based on price, gas station hardware availability, convenience store POS features, wet stock management capabilities, and extra features such as a loyalty program offering and theft prevention.

We looked for POS systems that already offer or can integrate with fuel site controllers, are easy to use (or worth the additional setup), and ones that are customizable enough to meet the unique needs of different gas stations.

Learn more about how we rate POS systems at Merchant Maverick.

Which POS For Gas Stations Is Right For Your Business?

The best gas station POS system is going to be the one that works best for your business. There is, unfortunately, no one-size-fits-all solution, so you’ll have to do some research to make sure you’ve found the best system for your needs.

For most small business owners, POS system selection is going to come down to the price.

Unfortunately, gas station POS systems are by no means the most affordable you’ll find. If you want to try and use a combination of a regular retail POS system and a fuel control center, it is possible, if not always recommended for larger-scale operations. There are plenty of great free POS systems you can add to your research list.

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