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how to get a startup business grant

How To Find A Startup Grant

Startups are inherently risky endeavors. According to Fortune Magazine, close to 60% of new startups fail. Because new businesses are so risky, it is notoriously difficult to obtain startup financing — most banks won’t lend to you unless you’ve been in business at least two years. While some online lenders offer startup loans, startup grants are […]

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online installment loans

3 Ways To Find Online Installment Loans

Online installment loans are a fast and simple means of obtaining financing for millions of small businesses. These quick cash infusions serve a wide range of business uses, from debt refinancing to working capital. Unlike some other types of financing, installment loans (also sometimes called “term loans”) have a traditional and easy-to-understand structure; you’ll receive a […]

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grants for women

The Best Business Grants For Women

Do an online search for “business grants for women” and a slew of articles will come up. But when you click to read the articles, you’ll find that there is scant, if any, information on actual grants. Often, when you do find the name of a specific grant for female-led businesses, like the “Huggies Mom […]

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Pizza POS

Best POS Systems for Pizza Parlors

Pizza is the ultimate food; I’d be perfectly content subsisting entirely on pizza, forever. Alas, my loved ones would probably get on my case big-time if I did this, so I must content myself with eating pizza only part-time, while doing all I can to better the lives of those who make this ultimate Food […]

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Best mobile POS

5 Best Mobile POS Systems

As modern technology increasingly allows people to conduct business from wherever they happen to be, more businesses are embracing mobile POS systems. Mobile point-of-sale is ideal for small businesses that take in-person credit card payments or other types of cashless payments (e.g., Apple Pay or PayPal), but who don’t necessarily operate out of a store […]

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Shopify VS Big Cartel

A cloud-based shopping cart for the masses, I would consider Shopify (see our review) nothing less than a legend in the world of eCommerce. Shopify is the little Canadian start-up that could. They initially advertised their SaaS product by word of mouth and started earning a profit by 2008, three years after the company’s founding. Today, […]

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10 Tips For Getting Quick Business Loans

Good things take time. Patience is a virtue. We all know the sayings. But let’s face it, when it comes to making critical business investments – whether it’s new technology/equipment, a new location, or even just a new employee on the payroll – you usually don’t have unlimited time to come up with the needed […]

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unsecured business loan

Top 10 Best Unsecured Business Loans

No one likes to feel insecure or to leave their home or valuables in an unsecured state. However, when it comes to business loans, a lack of security can actually be a good thing. While we certainly want you to maintain a healthy self-esteem in your personal life and to lock your front door, you […]

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