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The Complete Guide To Card Brand Fees For Merchant Accounts

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Rose Holman

Rose Holman

Rose Holman is a writer, blogger, and educator from Portland, OR with an MA in Teaching from Western Oregon University. She enjoys educating SMB owners about the complicated (and notoriously sketchy) world of payment processing. Since starting at Merchant Maverick in 2016, she has also added eCommerce software to her areas of expertise.
Rose Holman
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    sherly sadanandan

    I am looking to understand Interchange fee rates for airline & the other various Visa & MasterCard association fees for the middle east region.

      Jessica Dinsmore

      Hi Sherly,

      Honestly, that’s not something we’re familiar with yet. I’d suggest contacting a payment processor in your country and ask them where you can locate these rates online from Visa, MC, and other card associations. I hope that at least, helps point you in the right direction. Good luck!

        Tim Weiss

        Hello! I entered the world of processing about a year and a half ago. To say I was naive as to the trickery out there is an understatement. The biggest problem I’ve encountered is deciphering the brand names each processor lists on a statement to match it up to its actual rate. It seems they all give different names making it almost impossible to do a comparison statement. I charge ‘pass-through’ pricing, so it’s important to match up the names on my spreadsheet which can be a daunting task in itself. At least that’s what I’ve found here in Canada. Keep up the good work. I appreciate your honesty and your aim of improving integrity on this industry.


          Could you please share where you were able to find the Card Brand Fees and how often are they updated?
          Thank you!

            Rose Holman

            One of the reasons card brand fees are so tricky is that you can’t find them all published in one place by the card brands, like you can for interchange rates. This is why we felt it important to compile a list here. So, the answer to the question of where we found them is, unfortunately, not in all in one place! We read about some of the individual fees in separate articles and press releases, talked to several merchant account providers who offer pass-through pricing and who publish their own lists of wholesale costs, combed through lots of statements from major processors, and generally researched and compared all we uncovered until we were satisfied about the accuracy of each fee. Huge pain! As mentioned in the article, individual fees may be updated at any time, but April and October are common change points (similar to the schedule for interchange rate adjustments). Do let us know if you see something in our list that you think is inaccurate and we’ll research it. Good luck!

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