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What Is Shopify?
Here’s the ultimate guide to this all-in-one e-commerce platform that allows anyone to set up an online store and sell their products.
Your Guide To Credit Card Processing
Find all the basics of payments explained step by step, including how credit card processing works, credit card processing fees, and more.
Square Vs. Stripe
They are two of the giants in the payments industry, but which one is better for online payments? We compare in this video.
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Square Payments

Top Mobile Processor

A leader in the point of sale and credit card processing markets, Square is known for offering a free card reader and a $0 monthly fee option. But it also offers more robust options for businesses of any size, including retail and foodservice.


Top Corporate Card

The Ramp corporate card centers around one mission: saving customers money. Besides its lack of fees, Ramp also includes software designed to help cut costs.

Clover POS

Top Point Of Sale

Clover POS is good for newer businesses that want an attractive, easy-to-use, all-in-one system with simple flat-rate processing. It offers sleek hardware as well as a free option for small businesses.

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How To Record The Employee Retention Credit In Financial Statements

How you record the ERC as a journal entry depends on when you claimed the credit and if you received it as a refund. You can record the transaction by debiting the Income Tax Expense account and crediting the Cash account if you claimed the ERC on your quarterly return. If you filed an amended return to receive a refund, you will record a debit in your Cash account and a debit under the Income Tax Expense account.

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