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CardFellow Review

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Middletown, CT
Rose Holman

Rose Holman

Rose Holman is a writer, blogger, and educator from Portland, OR with an MA in Teaching from Western Oregon University. She enjoys educating SMB owners about the complicated (and notoriously sketchy) world of payment processing. Since starting at Merchant Maverick in 2016, she has also added eCommerce software to her areas of expertise.
Rose Holman

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    Marshall Chey

    Organization Name: Launspach & Chey Pediatric Dentistry

    I highly recommend CardFellow. You will find everything you ever need to know about merchant services. They are extremely knowledgeable and their marketplace gives you the most competitive pricing. I did research on this topic for weeks and I was still confused at the end. This industry is extremely complicated, but most importantly, unregulated – which is why you will find pricing of all sorts. Anyone looking for help should use their services. If you are doubtful about CardFellow as I was in the beginning, their website is a great resource to educate yourself about the industry without having to talk to anyone. I didn’t sign up right way either because I was afraid I would be bothered by a sales pitch or something. When I finally signed up, I found their tools to be extremely helpful. No one bothered me unless I asked. In fact, I wish I had asked for help sooner because it would have save me time. Ben Dwyer is extremely kind with his time and goes above and beyond. He called me on the phone to go over my analysis with me step by step, so I could understand what I would be getting charged for. I locked in the quote with Dharma and I’m excited to start saving money right away. Thank you CardFellow!

    • Organization Name: Launspach & Chey Pediatric Dentistry
    E Johnson

    Organization Name: Leonard's Garage

    CardFellow has been a great asset to our company over the past 5 years. Our former credit card processor continued to go up in charging exorbitant fees, but when I found Ben Dwyer with CardFellow, that has ended. Ben is always available to answer questions, and I am able to periodically double check that all the fees are staying minimal. No problems getting paid or any other issues…it’s been a real blessing!

    • Organization Name: Leonard's Garage
    David O

    Organization Name: ExaVault, Inc.

    We were fortunate enough to stumble across CardFellow from a Reddit post by CEO Ben Dwyer a year or two ago. Ben & team know this industry inside and out — they are absolutely the people you want to talk to if you need to get a merchant account setup. They don’t process cards themselves, but their site has tech which will look at your processing portfolio, get quotes from a couple vendors, and recommend who you should reach out to. They’ll also keep an eye on how your chosen processor is working, and if there are issues they can step in and help mitigate them.We ended up with GDPay, who have been excellent to work with. Strongly recommend you go through the CardFellow process to find a processor.

    • Organization Name: ExaVault, Inc.
    Jonas Ketterle

    Recently I switched my e-commerce platform from a self hosted solution with my own payment provider over to Shopify. Unfortunately when I called my payment provider to cancel, they informed me of a $500 cancellation charge that would apply. Fortunately I had opened my account with Card Fellow, and true to their promise, they were able to negotiate with the payment provider for a free cancellation. Phew! Thanks to CardFellow I can now reinvest that $500 back into my business.

      Gary Williams

      Cardfellow was instrumental is allowing me to navigate successfully thru the difficult process of selecting a credit card processor. Ben Dwyer has developed an incredible resource providing an unbiased offering of suppliers. Ben is an outstanding communicator and very thorough. I have realized significant savings while doing more business than ever before with my selected processor. My processor has been outstanding to deal with. There were no snags at any time during setup or with implementation. What a great overall experience!Nothing but the “BEST” for Cardfellow.


        This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

        Alesia Massey

        One thing about the review confused me. You said that CardFellow makes money by getting a referral fee from the servicing company that you end up choosing. Later you say that CardFellow’s services are “worth the cost,” but it’s not clear what the cost is to you, the merchant choosing a service. At what point is a merchant charged, and what are they charged? This would be really great to clarify before going to the site.


          This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

          Amad Ebrahimi

          Good question Alesia,

          I’ll admit, the wording on the review is awful. I wrote it, so I take full blame. I’ve changed the wording to more accurately reflect my point. 🙂

          To clarify, CardFellow does not cost anything to you as the merchant. The service is free. They get a referral fee from whomever you choose.


            This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

            Monica Sesco

            Ben at Cardfellow is so awesome! He helped me to understand the credit card processing process and to signup with a new processor in February 2014. Thanks to Ben I am consistently seeing a huge monthly savings with our new processor Netcom PaySystems. Ben offers a much needed and appreciated service. I couldn’t be more grateful. Thanks Ben – you rock!!!

              This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

              Jenny Bradley

              I am so happy I found Cardfellow! Not only did I receive the much needed education and information I found a new processor and will be saving money. I had to pay a large fee to cancel my 8 year relationship with TSYS who I do not recommend, but the savings will more than cover it. I also received waivers from the new company for early cancel fees etc. because of my new relationship with Cardfellow. Thank you!

                This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

                Jim Seidewand

                Having tried (and failed for lack of time) to understand the complexities of what I was paying in credit card fees for my 3 stores, I ran into Cardfellow in late 2012. An easy quote process led me to tremendous savings, about 1% of the sales being processed. Ben was very helpful and transparent. I went with a better known, large company that was a touch higher than quotes from companies I didn’t recognize. The “interchange plus” quotes have turned to be quite accurate in the year I’ve been using the new card processor. I only wish I had found Cardfellow earlier. Try the quick quote system and compare it to what you’re paying, I was pretty shocked. Writing this because I feel I owe Ben one after how much he saved me (no financial connection, just gratitude).


                  This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

                  Stan Gilliland

                  BTW – I forgot to indicate my rating of 5 stars for Cardfellow and Ben Dwyer on my review!


                    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

                    Stan Gilliland

                    I’ve been looking at different credit card processors for several weeks. The various quotes from different companies were very difficult for me to not only understand but also to do an “apple to apple”comparison. It got to a point that I dreaded having to make a decision not knowing for sure what a good deal looks like. Cardfellow solved that problem. What an awesome way to get quotes! I got quotes back in just a few seconds. Not only that but Ben Dwyer called me a few minutes later to see if I had any questions. He is a great source of knowledge and was extremely helpful. Ben took the time to explain to me how to review quotes in a way to truly understand the differences between them. Awesome site and service!!!


                      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

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