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It takes a lot of faith in a product to brand it with the word “easy”. You’d better deliver on that promise, or suffer the wrath of critics and consumers alike. The other hurdle to deal with is that “easy” isn’t typically associated with quality (e.g. “Easy Mac”). Recording artist Eazy E did well for himself in the hip hop world, but a relaxed attitude can also be an Achilles’ heel. I guess what I’m trying to say is, the term carries some baggage.

This brings us to ShippingEasy, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application that promises to simplify the fulfillment process for your business. Like many of the startups I’ve reviewed, this company is headquartered in Austin, TX. Texas native Katie May currently serves as CEO.

The mission for this product is pretty simple: give business owners the most streamlined shipping experience possible, integrating every major eCommerce platform with an automated shipping system that gives you the best postage discounts available. You can enjoy savings up to a 46% discount on USPS rates, and get tracking data synced in real time across all your sales channels. That’s not all, though. If you want to know more, I’ll be covering some of the other features once we get into the bulk of the review. Let’s do it.


Here are the current plans:


  • $0/month
  • 50 shipments/month
  • Carriers: USPS
  • Support: Email
  • No training


  • $29/month
  • 500 shipments/month
  • Carriers: USPS, FedEx, UPS
  • Support: Chat, Email, Phone
  • Training: Express


  • $49/month
  • 1500 shipments/month
  • Carriers: USPS, FedEx, UPS
  • Support: Chat, Email, Phone
  • Training: Complete


  • $69/month
  • 3000 shipments/month
  • Carriers: USPS, FedEx, UPS
  • Support: Chat, Email, Phone, Dedicated Account Manager
  • Training: Comprehensive


  • $99/month
  • 6000 shipments/month
  • Carriers: USPS, FedEx, UPS
  • Support: Chat, Email, Phone, Dedicated Account Manager
  • Training: Comprehensive

There’s also an Enterprise plan available for businesses with more than 6000 shipments/month.

Accounts can be canceled at any time, and there’s a 60-day money-back guarantee. With any of the plans above Starter, you can save up to 46% on shipping rates.

Web-Based or Locally Installed:

ShippingEasy is web-based software.

Hardware and Software Requirements:

There are no requirements other than a web browser and an internet connection.

Ease of Use:

Dashboard Screenshot

Happily, ShippingEasy does live up to the promise in its name. The interface is simple, easy to navigate, and it doesn’t take a master class to get everything up and running. Everything is labeled clearly, and I didn’t encounter any obvious bugs as I stepped through the fulfillment process.

The workflow is straightforward. Start by importing your orders into ShippingEasy. This can be done manually, or your orders can be pulled down from your sales channels (it can take a couple minutes for your stores to sync, so be ready to grab a snack).

Once orders have been brought into your account, select the ones you wish to fulfill and click “create shipments”. This will take you to a page where you can set your parameters, including the carrier, postage rate, packaging, weight, and so on. You will then have the option to pay and print your postage (you can also opt to make the payment and leave the printing step for later).

The printing page gives you the option to print a shipping label, a packing slip, or both. From there, it’s just a matter of physically printing out the materials, and then you’re ready to ship! The entire process takes less than five minutes.

One thing I was disappointed with was the time it takes to sync ShippingEasy with your outside sales channels. A lot of SaaS products in the current market are able to sync within a second or so, and once you’ve gotten used to this it’s a bit frustrating to have to wait several minutes just to pull on order down from your eStore.

Overall, I think the software is very intuitive. I didn’t feel the need to run to a help doc at any point. If you have any aptitude with computers, I doubt you will either.

Order Screenshot

Customer Service and Technical Support:

Customer service is one of ShippingEasy’s selling points. Keep in mind that if you’re on the free plan you only get email support. The online documentation is extensive and easy to navigate, so in many cases you may not need to reach out to the support staff. If you do, however, the consensus among the user base is that they are knowledgeable, helpful, and eager to get your issue solved quickly.

Here are the available support methods:

Negative Reviews and Complaints:

Bad reviews of a product are bound to happen at some point, especially if the customer base has a decent size. Here’s what I’ve found online.

This user on the Big Commerce app review page had issues contacting support:

Tried to get back into my account but says it is canceled. Tried to create a new account, but says my email address is already in use (apparently on the canceled account). Tried to contact support, but it is just one circle of links that lead you back to your starting point. You never actually get to the point of being able to contact them.

– Brice,

Here’s another review from the same page:

ShippingEasy is very easy to set up and very easy to use, just so long as you don’t mind paying extra for shipping. When you first sign up there are, for example, First Class Mail options available without paying for another service but after a while the only first class mail options require paying a monthly service fee to [Endicia] or funding an Express1 account (which is another version of [Endicia]) … BigCommerce accounts for a teeny tiny fraction of our sales; the rest come from other distribution channels so I am finding that ShippingEasy is not worth the hassle for us. However, some sellers may find that paying ShippingEasy and Encidia–not to mention Express1–is worthwhile for the streamlined ease of making labels as long as they don’t mind being nickeled and dimed every time they turn around. I realize that they need to make their money somehow but I am not impressed.

I saw another complaint from a user that ShippingEasy doesn’t have anything in place to handle irregular package sizes. That’s a deal breaker for some businesses, so I hope this gets addressed in the future.

There are some cases where the software doesn’t fit a user’s requirements. If any of this concerns you, I’d recommend taking ShippingEasy for a trial run before signing up.

Positive Reviews and Testimonials:

There is no shortage of positive user feedback about ShippingEasy. Here are what a few users had to say on the Shopify App Store:

We’ve been using Shipping Easy for quite some time, and have found it to be a huge help in streamlining our label and fulfillment process. This allows us to get orders out faster and more efficiently. Whenever we need help, the customer service and support has been excellent! Highly recommend!

SE is the BEST! We’ve been doing in house fulfillment from the beginning of our business and this has allowed us to streamline our entire process. The support alone is well worth jumping ship from any other shipping / fulfillment app. These guys are LEGIT! They stand behind their platform and are there to guide you through the greys when any issue arise. By far one of the best apps on Shopify!


  • Lowest rates on USPS shipping. Commercial Base and Commercial Plus pricing for all USPS products. Savings of up to 46%. Fortune 500 rates, no matter what order volume
  • Free Endicia account
  • Integration with most major online marketplaces and shopping carts
  • Order management across all selling platforms in real time. You can also create manual orders by uploading a CSV file
  • Customizable view of order details
  • Sync shipping status and real-time tracking info back to online stores
  • Automatic, branded confirmation emails sent to customers with full tracking info
  • Compare rates and services between all carriers
  • All sales channels in one place
  • Automated shipping rules and mapping
  • Individual or batch shipping
  • Flexible printing options, with or without PDF
  • Automated international shipping added to labels, including customs forms
  • Automated, one-click returns and exchanges
  • Discounted shipping insurance via partner Shipsurance, with automated rules available
  • Advanced order and label management features
  • Advanced reporting: stats and trends by date range; breakdown of shipping costs by carrier, service, package, destination
  • Handy alerts tab that informs you of downtime, or any other company announcements
  • API that allows your developers to create custom integrations


Aside from the quick reporting stats you see on the dashboard, ShippingEasy has a tab that features more comprehensive reporting, including:

  • Postage costs by carrier, shipping service, package type and destination
  • View statistics for one online marketplace or all of them
  • See shipping costs, trends, and what zones you’re shipping to most
  • Customize the date range for each report
  • Pie charts
  • Bar graphs
  • Complete Shipping Report
  • Shipping Destinations
  • Shipping Services
  • Reports are downloadable

Integrations and Add-Ons:

ShippingEasy features direct integration with a variety of online marketplaces, shopping carts, and carriers.

You can also integrate with drop-shippers, offline stores, and return warehouses. The ShippingEasy API allows you to integrate and customize other shipping software that you might need.


ShippingEasy is protected by HTTPS right from the login page. Your personal info is kept in both hard copy and electronic forms, and only authorized staff members can access the company’s secure databases.

Final Verdict:

ShippingEasy is a great application that appears to have only gotten better since our last review was posted. It’s got a very usable, easy-to-learn interface, the software runs without bugs, and it has a very loyal user base that speaks highly of the support team.

One thing to point out is that it’s not as versatile as some of its competitors. Users that deal with exotic, strangely proportioned, or oversize items may want to give ShipHawk a look, as that’s a niche they excel in.

For everyone else, particularly small to mid-sized businesses that deal with more uniform products, I’ll heartily recommend ShippingEasy with a rating of 4.5 stars. It may not be the most feature-rich product on the market, but it gives you a lot for a good price, has good customer support, and seems to run well. How’s that for easy?

Check out the free trial here.

Jon Titterington

Jon Titterington

Writer at Merchant Maverick
Jon Titterington is a writer from Los Angeles, California. He first started working in tech in 2006.
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    Elliot G

    Site and service is good for most sites/carts.My main gripe is they don't properly support Magento 2 even though they advertise it as supported.Case: A Magento 2 site is configured to process transactions in sale mode: authorizing AND capturing, creating an invoice at time of customer checkout.Their integration creates an extra $0.00 invoice for the order in Mage 2 which requires the clerk to flag as shipped in the magento back end. Big pain in the tail as it requires a couple of clicks per order processed. On a busy site is a major pain for the shipping department.It took them two weeks with a lot of back and forth just to get their support department to identify and acknowledge the problem. The problem was described clearly by me several times. Now that the problem has been identified, they are having their development department look at it.It is scheduled to be worked on at some point, but they are most likely going to freeze it's release so as not to affect current users during the busy holiday season. Meaning Magento 2 users are S.O.L until after Christmas.Sounds like they could use a better testing framework to me.Hello Shipstation


    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


    Stay away!! The worst shipping solution ever, not because of the company itself but because of the insurance co. (Shipsurance) they use (same thing at the end though). Out of thousands of packages we sent in a year, we did a claim on just 10. Even though they were justified, they paid only one for about $35. Even for small claims they ask you for ridiculous stuff (pictures, affidavits from customers, letters, more pictures, estimates for fixing/replacing items, and so) It is just not worth it. The time you have to spend gathering information, sending emails and documentation back and forth is obscene, they just do it so you get tired of following up on your claim. They use all kind of excuses for not paying; To me, ShipStation is just a way to skim money from customers and ShippingEasy is the channel. They don't even let you use the shipper's insurance company, like ShipStation does.


    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    Andres Alvarez

    no work my time, this company have a great costumer services but i dont recommend them for a woo commerce site, they still have to fix issues with the plugging it didnt work as i expect it. to complicated, to much to set up. and if you have more the 100 products you will expect days setting this up. sucks i'm going back to my old way i hope they do good but they didn't work for me.


    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    Sarah, ShippingEasy Support

    Hi Andres.
    We’re sad to read that you experienced difficulty with the WooCommerce integration and felt that ShippingEasy was too complicated. We offer a robust feature set to meet the needs of every kind of shipper including a large number of WooCommerce merchants – some just starting out in ecommerce, and some that ship over 5,000 orders per day. There are many ways to use the application depending on how much automation you want to utilize. Yes, if you want to fully automate your process so that purchasing a label happens with just a couple of clicks, there is a bit of set-up involved to teach ShippingEasy how you ship. Of course, our support team is here to make sure that process is simple. However, if you’re less concerned with complete automation, there’s little to no set-up required. Simply pick your label format, selecting your orders, and purchase your shipping labels. We’re sorry our application did not work out for your company, but please reach out to our support team if we can assist in the future.

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

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