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Thimble Insurance Review

Thimble Insurance offers complete small business policies, plus coverage by the hour, day, job, or event. Is Thimble the right choice for your business?

    Kymberlin Bush
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  • Matt Sherman

    Matt Sherman

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Total Rating 4.1


Customer Service3.5

User Reviews4.7


Starting at $17/month

Types Of Insurance Offered

Basic business coverage + some specialized policies

Time To Receive A Quote

Instant Quotes

Thimble At A Glance

  • On-demand business and event insurance available in 48 states that caters to freelancers, event planners, and seasonal workers.
  • Offers instant quotes and free trials/discounts on helpful small business software like QuickBooks and Rocket Lawyer.

Kymberlin Bush

Kymberlin Bush

Staff Writer
Kymberlin started contributing to Merchant Maverick as a freelancer in 2022 and joined the team as the full-time small business health insurance expert in 2023. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing from Pacific University in 2020 and continues to reside in Portland, Oregon.
Kymberlin Bush
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Kymberlin Bush

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Business Insurance Review Methodology

We spend hours researching and evaluating each business insurance provider we review at Merchant Maverick, placing special emphasis on key characteristics to generate our ratings.

When rating business insurance companies and policies, we use a 26-point rubric that looks at pricing, features, customer service, and user reviews. We weigh each section differently to calculate the total star rating.

  • Pricing: 45% of the total star rating
  • Features: 30% of the total star rating
  • Customer Support: 20% of the total star rating
  • User Reviews: 5% of the total star rating

Each section is further broken down into granular, weighted subsections, in which we examine specific attributes like the relative cost of policies compared to industry standard, the transparency of pricing, and how many types of business insurance are offered. We also check to see whether the insurance provider offers multiple ways to file claims and how difficult the filing process is, awarding higher rankings to those that provide excellent customer support and an intuitive process.

Read more about how we rate business insurance companies.

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