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Davina Ward

Expert Contributor

Expertise: Payroll, Accounting

Education: BA English Literature, SUNY Geneseo

Davina joined Merchant Maverick in 2022, covering small business payroll and accounting. She began writing for small businesses in 2018 and has since gained expertise in the SaaS industry. She earned her Bachelor’s of Arts in English Literature from SUNY Geneseo in 2018. She currently resides in New York.

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onpay payroll

OnPay Payroll Review

While you won’t get the benefit of utilizing a comprehensive HRIS software or native integration within a suite of business tools (think: QuickBooks), you’ll find that OnPay’s attention to essential payroll functionality and basic HR tools make it a strong standalone payroll online payroll service.

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Feb 13, 2024 Filed under: Payroll Services & Software Reviews
payroll costs

Payroll Software Cost Guide

How much does payroll software cost? It varies by business, software, and personal requirements, but in general, you can expect to pay around $44/month + $6/employee per month for payroll software that offers essential payroll software services.

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Nov 3, 2023 Filed under: Payroll
Payroll software types

What Are The Different Types Of Payroll Software?

There are four types of payroll software systems to choose from: traditional payroll software, industry-specific payroll software, payroll software for accountants, and professional employer organizations (PEOs). Each option will make it easier to process payroll for your business, but may be designed for specific users or provide advanced services.

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Nov 3, 2023 Filed under: Payroll
how to do payroll

The Top 7 Benefits Of Payroll Software

Payroll software is a good investment for most businesses looking to streamline their payroll processes. However, the learning curve and cost of payroll software may be enough to cause some small business owners pause.

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Nov 3, 2023 Filed under: Payroll
What is payroll? This lady is doing some payroll.

What Is Payroll Software & How Does It Work?

Small businesses with more employees and more complex payroll needs (think: multiple pay rates and schedules, remote employees across different states, etc.) may need payroll software to save time, money, and reduce the chance of expensive payroll errors.

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Nov 3, 2023 Filed under: Payroll
social security taxes

What Are Social Security Taxes?

Social Security taxes are the federally mandated contributions employers and employees must pay into to support the Social Security program, which provides retirement income for American workers aged 65 and over.

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Jun 25, 2023 Filed under: Payroll