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10 Best Employee Benefits Every Employer Should Offer & Why

Business owners who are overly obsessed with the bottom line may be tempted to skimp on employee benefits as a way to cut costs. But research shows this is a poor choice on multiple fronts. Offering a unique and broad array of benefits can dramatically impact the number of applicants you get for openings and can have a big effect on your current employees’ morale. Read on for a look at the top benefits you should be providing your employees.

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Botanie Soaps: Cleaning Up The Competition Since 2000

Botanie Soaps offers wholesale organic soaps with custom labels. These soaps suit the needs of customers looking to sell at farmer’s markets or small boutiques or much larger clients looking for a high-quality product to repackage and resell on a national scale. They also offer soap-making equipment and materials for those just starting in the industry.

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FinancePal Review For Small Business Accounting

FinancePal is a cloud-based accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll software service that is geared toward smaller to mid-sized businesses. The Chicago-based company’s primary focus is on taking much of what can be a confusing and complicated part of entrepreneurship out of business owners’ hands, allowing those clients to focus on other things.

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The Top 5 Most Surprising Things About Telecommuting & Homeschooling

Thanks to COVID, telecommuters have been forced to adapt to a surreal new reality: educating our kids from home while trying to get our own work done.  Americans are universally struggling to share work/school space with their young children, and nobody is going great right now. But it’s not all bad news. In fact, there are some surprising upsides. Read on for a look at the most surprising things about homeschooling while working from home.

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Nov 13, 2020 Filed under: Small Business 0

Your Quick Guide To California Payroll Taxes, Laws & Regulations

Small business owners in California who run their own payroll are responsible for paying the right payroll taxes — and paying them on-time. To avoid legal penalties and serious consequences, it’s vital to know what payroll rules businesses in California need to follow. These laws can get complicated, since California has a unique blend of state-level taxes in addition to federal and local ones. Let’s break down the payroll taxes you need to report and contribute when hiring employees in the state of California.

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inDinero Review

inDinero helps small businesses around the nation with their accounting needs. Instead of vetting, hiring, and bringing someone in-house, inDinero pairs clients with staff accountants, tax professionals, and other financial experts to handle the books for you. However, InDinero lacks many of the advanced features you’ll find with other accounting software.

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The Complete Restaurant Guide To Kitchen Printers & Kitchen Printing Setups

You don’t have time for errors or constant checks between the front and back of the house, and you need a convenient way to track and organize orders. Kitchen printers can dramatically improve the accuracy of orders, making customers happy, and by popping up immediately in a place where cooks can see and hear the tickets coming in, they can help you turn your tables around faster and increase your revenue.

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Restaurant Delivery Guide: Everything You Need To Know About Implementing In-House Delivery

For many restaurants, adding the option of online delivery may be something they’ve either been casually considering or maybe just started to implement as an experience. However, with the recent sudden health crisis that COVID-19 has brought, being able to stay open for deliveries has become almost a necessity for many businesses. The good news is, even if you’re starting from scratch, it can be a relatively simple process.

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