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Stamps is an affordable shipping solution that frees up time for more important small business operations. However, it may not offer enough features to fit everyone's needs.

    Kate Hoots

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Kate Hoots

Kate Hoots

Expert Analyst & Reviewer at Merchant Maverick
An expert in business banking, consumer finance, and online payments, Kate Hoots has been writing about small business commerce since 2020. A former journalist for the West Linn Tidings and the Wilsonville Spokesman, Kate boasts wide experience in business leadership and communication. She has a degree in English Literature from Lewis & Clark College.
Kate Hoots
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We've done in-depth research on each and confidently recommend them.


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    M. Sargent

    I had an extremely hard time cancelling my trial. To this very day they are still trying to bill my account.


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    [email protected]

    Organization Name: [email protected]

    I think stamps is great. I have been using it for 10 years. SOmetimes there are issues sure, but they always fix them or work really hard to try to fix them. I have been very happy using the stamps software printing postage. It sure beats standing in line at the post office.


    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    Gary Kassimov

    Organization Name:

    BEWARE!! STAY AWAY FROM STAMPS.COM AT ALL COSTS.In my 35 years, I’ve NEVER experienced such horrible and painstaking service, this experience was so bad I think I’m traumatized for life now.My boss ordered labels which was the biggest mistake so we had no choice but to start printing labels with this. Here is an insane list with all the things that went wrong:1. Importing CSV file imported but changed some Jobs to all CAPITAL case while leaving some lower case, I thought this was weird but said, ok I can live with this…2. Many addresses it did not like, had a red x next to it but when tried to make address corrections, it would delete certain lines on its own and I had to go back into my excel spreadsheet to copy and paste them back. Very finicky and glitchy experience.3. Then I decided to print only 10 labels just to test, it printed doubles and missed 1 job. I’m assuming the double replaced one and it charged me for it. Fine, I thought I’ll have to deal with the refunding later. Called them, they said no problem that we will refund you at the end. Printed 10 more labels, same thing happened again, so I figured, I may as well print 100 right away so then I don’t have to have doubles so often, read below…4. I selected to print 100 labels, hit print, systems worked for a while and then gave me an error message and crashed my whole browser, I had to restart, I come to find out they charged me $280 but never printed my labels, no reprint option either. Called, they said, “Sorry we can’t refund you’ll have to wait 2 weeks!” ….Great, what if I was on a tight budget this would be the end of the story for me. Had to call my boss and convince him that he was in good hands.5. When labels would print, many would be misprinted and replaced with other labels, absolutely horrible experience, some label sheets printed blanks, etc…. 6. Then I come to find out that in order for me to get a refund, because I didn’t have tracking selected which was an extra cost (almost double) I’d have to manually go through each of the 800 labels to figure out what needs to be refunded and then submit for a refund request. Can you imagine 800 jobs!!!! WTF?7. I prepare 350 packages to be sent out, go to post office, post office accepts it, another mistake by another service. Then the next day I print out 100 more and go to another Post Office (USPS) and they look at the package and said, “we can’t take this”, I said “What do you mean?” Post office says, this label isn’t correct and these packages will get stuck in our machine, and I replied “But wait a minute, I had a Customer service person from helping me to make sure that I made all the right selections just for this reason to prevent this exact scenario from happening”. Post office says “We can take this but when it gets delivered to your customer, the customer will have to pay for the difference, thats if it even makes it through our machine.”THANKS A LOT STAMPS.COM YOU GUYS SUCK!!!!!! I HATE YOU, I NEVER WANT TO USE YOU, I WISH YOU NEVER EXISTED, YOU ARE AN EMBARRASSMENT TO OUR SOCIETY, PLEASE CLOSE YOUR BUSINESS. MY COMPANY SPENT OVER $40,000 PREPARING FOR THIS MAILOUT THAT HAS A DEADLINE AND YOU GUYS SCREWED US WITH YOUR SO CALLED “PROFESSIONAL SERVICE”Then they had the audacity to call me and ask me how good their service was… Are you freakin serious right now?STAY AWAY!


    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

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