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Invoicing Software Reviews

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  • Zoho Invoice Review

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    Highlights Easy to use 15 invoice templates Client portal Strong mobile apps Overview In 2008, Zoho created Zoho Invoice, a powerful invoicing software that has only gotten better over the years. The company has recently revamped the entire design of the mobile apps and four new invoice templates and an in-depth template customization feature have been added to […]

  • Invoicera Review

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    Highlights Robust feature set Beautiful invoice templates International invoicing Project management Inventory Overview In the past, we’ve called Invoicera the yacht of the invoicing software world – expensive, luxurious, extravagant, and sometimes even fun. But with a significant reduction in price and the same great features, Invoicera has set sail on a much better course. […]

  • FreshBooks Review

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    Highlights Easy to use New interface Client portal Great customer service Strong mobile apps Overview There are some people in the world who are good with change. I am not one of them. I firmly believe in the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” philosophy. So, when FreshBooks redesigned their software in November 2016, […]

  • Harvest Review

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    Highlights Powerful time tracking Team management Beautiful interface Basic job costing Amazing customer service Overview Though it started out with a simple focus on time tracking in 2006, Harvest has grown considerably over the last decade and now encompasses invoicing and project management. Currently, the company boasts over 40,000 users, including some big names like […]

  • Invoice2go Review

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    Overview If you want it done right, you have to do it yourself. Just ask Chris Strode. Like most software developers, Strode became frustrated with the available invoice offerings. All he saw was complicated software that didn’t have the small business in mind. Strode knew that invoicing software with unnecessary accounting features and language only […]

  • Invoicely Review

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    Highlights Easy to use Free pricing plan Unlimited invoices Unlimited clients Overview It’s funny to see what kind of crazy names names people come up with for their businesses. You’d think there would be a finite number of ways a software company could fit the word invoice into their brand name, but Invoicely has actively […]

  • Debitoor Review

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    Highlights Customizable invoices Easy to use Light bookkeeping tools International capabilities Overview Debitoor is an invoicing and (limited) bookkeeping solution that currently has users in over 40 countries, though it is ideally designed for British and European customers. Debitoor boasts VAT support, multiple currencies, multiple languages, automatic exchange rates, and robust invoicing. The design is […]

  • Blinksale Review

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    Highlights Unlimited invoices Easy to use Decent invoice templates Basic client portal Overview Blinksale was created back in 2005. In its prime, Blinksale was a strong invoicing software for freelancers and small business owners. But the times have changed, and Blinksale? Not so much. Blinksale is an easy to use invoicing solution that offers 14 […]

  • BillingOrchard Review

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    Highlights Basic invoicing features Client portal Some billing automations Overview BillingOrchard first began to blossom in 2001, but since then, this company has begun to wither. The software was one of the first programs of its kind to hit the market. It aimed to solve small business owner’s invoicing needs and automate their billing processes. […]

  • Ballpark Review

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    Highlights Easy to Use Unlimited estimates and invoices Project management Good customer service Overview In the invoicing software world, Ballpark is in the minor leagues. When we lasted reviewed Ballpark, they were in the middle of a trade. Now, three years later, we’re revisiting this invoicing solution to answer the question: will the new software […]


What is Invoicing Software?

Invoicing software programs are tools that allow business owners to send professional invoices to their clients, who can then pay those invoices directly online. Invoicing software also lets business owners manage contacts, record sales and expenses, and run reports to get an idea of their business’ success.

How Can Invoicing Software Benefit My Business?

If you’ve ever received an awkward invoice made in Excel, then I don’t need to tell you how professional invoicing software can benefit your business. Invoicing software helps business quickly send professional invoices online. The perks of invoicing software include:

  • Quick online payment from customers
  • Tracking sales and expenses
  • Viewing past invoice history (so you can market to existing and future customers)
  • A professional business image

The last benefit is priceless. A good invoice template presents a professional image and allows you to promote a trustworthy, legitimate, and put-together brand. And believe it or not, there are studies that link strong invoice design to faster-paying customers.

Invoicing Software vs. Accounting Software

Invoicing software is great for small businesses which 1) already have accounting software and are looking to increase their invoicing capabilities, or 2) are so small that they don’t need full accounting software yet and can get by with basic bookkeeping features.

While invoicing software has a lot of benefits, a good accounting program should do what invoicing software does and more. (Accounting software also offers bank reconciliation, a chart of accounts, and reports that are important for legitimate businesses who pay taxes to the IRS each year.)

This is not to say that you shouldn’t look for invoicing software. We just want you to know the difference between the two and to understand that invoicing software is not a long-term solution for your full future financial management needs.

Common Features to Look for In Invoicing Software

Most invoicing software companies offer similar core features, including:

  • Invoices
  • Recurring invoices
  • Estimates
  • Multiple invoice and estimate templates
  • Template customizations
  • Basic expense tracking
  • Contact management
  • Items management
  • Basic time tracking
  • Basic project management
  • Sales reports
  • Unlimited sales tax rates
  • Multiple currencies
  • Mobile apps
  • Payment gateway integrations

Higher-level invoicing software companies will often offer the following features as well:

  • Client portal
  • Advanced invoice customizations
  • Project-based and service-based invoices
  • Snail mail invoicing options
  • Thank you notes and receipts
  • Send late fees and invoice reminders
  • Full inventory tracking
  • Developed time tracking
  • Job costing
  • Large amount of reports
  • Mulitple languages
  • Ample integrations

How Much Will It Cost?

A full featured invoicing software can cost anywhere from $0-$20/mo. If the program you’re looking at is in the $30/mo range, you would be better off buying full accounting software.

Many of the free invoicing solutions on the market today are fairly limited, so if you choose one of these, make sure you wouldn’t be getting more a better deal in terms of features by increasing your budget or choosing free accounting software instead.

Do I Need Integrations?

Absolutely. While accounting software offers a large array of features, there is one type of integration you won’t be able to live without–payment gateways. Payments gateways allow you to accept payments for invoices online, which is a must for a successful invoice-sending business.

As your company grows, you will also find yourself outgrowing the financial management capabilities of invoicing software. You’ll either need to upgrade to accounting software or integrate with accounting software that offers a complete chart of accounts, a bank reconciliation feature, and double entry bookkeeping.

It also never hurts to have integration options for things like contact management and email marketing.

Choosing Specific Invoicing Software

Now that you have a basic understanding of invoicing software (what to expect in terms of price, which features to look for, etc.), it’s time to actually pick one! At Merchant Maverick, we’ve spent countless hours researching and testing the best accounting software programs on the market. Read our comprehensive reviews for more information or take a look at this comparison table of the highest rated invoicing software companies on our site.

And before you commit to a software provider, be sure to take advantage of any free trials the company offers. Most invoicing companies offer a 14-day or 30-day free trial of their software, no credit card required.

Have fun shopping!