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Chelsea Krause

Chelsea Krause

Managing Editor - Accounting
Chelsea Krause is a writer who has specialized in accounting for two years and is a QuickBooks Certified User. She has a BA in English & Creative Writing from George Fox University and studied at the University of Oxford as well. She has been quoted in Forbes and her work appears in Startup Nation, Small Business Bonfire, and Women on Business.
Chelsea Krause

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    SB Accountant

    I used to think was amazing and would have given it a 5 out of 5 just a month ago. However, with the new interface update that rolled out in April 2019 I’m downgrading my rating to 1 out of 5. The layout is just so nonsensical and not efficient AT ALL. My company and I have used for several years and it was so easy to use and made our vendor payments a breeze, but now it’s just absolutely awful. My entire finance staff hates the new interface. Nothing is streamlined at all and the way it’s set up now goes against common sense because the flow is just terrible. The bills and the payments section are broken out into 2 different tabs which is just useless in trying to figure out which bill matches what payment without making several clicks to get this info rather than a quick glance. Furthermore, there’s so much wasted space where the vendor details used to be when you opened a vendor profile. There are just 3 lines of vendor info and 90% empty white space which takes up half my viewing screen. Furthermore, I can’t tell if a vendor has cashed their check at a glance in the payment tab. Instead, I have to open the actual payment to get this info since the tab just says whether it’s paid or not. When I edit the vendor details, the country of residence is at a section on top instead of being grouped with the address info. Why did they do this???? When I try to set a vendor up for epayment, I no longer have the option of finding them by email, but only by their Vendor display name. We work with a lot of vendors where the pay to is the agency and not the vendor name and this just completely invalidates the ease of setting up epayments now. I’m going to have my company move to something other than now because they have completely ruined user experience. I don’t know who the heck developed this new interface, but it certainly wasn’t an accountant. Steer clear!

      Frank Slovenec

      Organization Name: SalesCEO

      This is the worst software product I have used in 20+ years. I dread having to use it each month to do invoicing. First it took a month to clear my back (BofA) during this process I had multiple wrong directions from customer support. Now I am trying to send an invoice to 2 email addresses…nothing the help or anything else says makes any sense nor does it work.

      • Organization Name: SalesCEO
      Debbi Henderson

      Organization Name: Solutions of South Florida

      I was only researching the software for a client through Quickbooks Online. My client and I decided it was too expensive and there are other payment services that are more effective so we decided to not download the product. Today, however, someone from called my client directly at his place of business and tried to pressure him into purchasing. He misrepresented himself by saying that he ‘works with me’ and that was why he was calling! It totally jeopardized my relationship with my client! I’m horrified by these practices.

      • Organization Name: Solutions of South Florida
      Brook Tafel

      Organization Name: Outdoor Lighting Perpectives

      I have two companies that I setup on I found out after using that this was not the service that helped me run my business. I have been trying to disconnect this service and have had a very difficult time with their customer service. All correspondence has to be done thru their portal and they do not support phone call support. I continue to try to deactivate both companies with the step by step instructions only to have a screen display that replies back and “We’re unable to cancel service at this time”. Customer service has been difficult and unsuccessful!

      • Organization Name: Outdoor Lighting Perpectives
      Roseanne A Maish

      Organization Name: PG

      This is a terrible product. First off, the cost is astronomical. I can easily print checks and mail them for the monthly cost of this program. Secondly, I didn’t send them a copy of my DL and now they are holding my scheduled payments. Since Sept 13. It is now Oct 2 and I’m trying to figure out why my vendors aren’t being paid. This is not Acceptable. If I knew where to go to file a formal complaint against this company, I would do so right away. I’m going to talk with my owner and see if we can get rid of this product.

      • Organization Name: PG
      Ron Lohnes

      Organization Name: Rebecca Louise, Inc

      We’ve never been annoyed so much as we have by this company.Received an invoice and followed the instructions to pay it. That was a month ago, yet we get daily emails saying that it isn’t paid!Contacted the company that the bill was from and they confirmed that it was paid and even they got in touch with and told them it was paid, yet we continue to get reminders we still have a balance.Would NEVER recommend them to anyone…horrible!

      • Organization Name: Rebecca Louise, Inc
      Town and Country Builders

      I have received emails for over a year every Monday through Friday. My bill was paid a year ago but not through them. In order to stop the harassment I need to create an account and give them my personal information. Before I can delete the email, I must give them my banking information.What a disgrace !!I tried to call but am not allowed to talk to anybody. Only emails.The WORST website I have ever seen and that is saying a lot.


        Organization Name: Rebecca Louise, Inc

        We’ve had the same issues, except ours has only been a month.
        Now they’re telling me that I need to pay my bill when invoiced, which I did and the people we paid it to have confirmed that there is a zero balance.
        Terrible service!

        • Organization Name: Rebecca Louise, Inc

        Organization Name: TLJ

        Absolutely the worst customer service I have experienced within any industry. There is no phone number or support of any kind. In dealing with a very important urgent issue, they offer chat support and demand personally identifiable information be sent to them over unsecured channels. No regulation over securing information. When trying to deactivate the account, they refuse to remove your information to include banking info. They just make it “inactive.” All your information is still in their system. So good luck if you use them.

        • Organization Name: TLJ

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