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  • Excellent mobile apps
  • Advanced invoice features
  • Scalable
  • Advanced invoice customizations
  • Good customer support
  • Easy to use


  • Limited features
  • Limited integrations
  • Buggy


If you want it done right, you have to do it yourself. Just ask Chris Strode.

Like most software developers, Strode became frustrated with the available invoice offerings. All he saw was complicated software that didn’t have the small business in mind. Strode knew that invoicing software with unnecessary accounting features and language only confuses users, so when his search for a simple, small business invoicing software came up short, Strode designed his own.

Invoice2go was created in 2005 as a locally-installed Windows app. The company eventually switched over to a cloud-based SaaS model and infiltrated the mobile app world, and Strode’s one-man show has now grown into a staff of 90. With 200,000 users in over 50 countries, this invoicing solution has been valued at over $100 million. Invoice2go has been featured in the App Store’s top 10 and has won numerous awards for tech and innovation and the best mobile app design.

In terms of mobile offerings, Invoice2go is almost impossible to beat. The easy to use UI is designed specifically for phones and tablets, and the app is supported not only on the usual iPhone and Android devices but also on AppleWatch and KindleFire. In a world where mobile apps are often pale shadows of their web software counterparts, Invoice2go stands out from the crowd by offering a mobile app with the same (if not better) functionality than the desktop software.

However, the desktop version of Invoice2go also has a mobile app design, which can be confusing, and the software often runs slowly. Many users also experience crashes with both the desktop and mobile software. Third-party integrations are basically nonexistent and features are limited solely to invoicing. But despite these issues, the software offers very customizable invoices and could be a good fit for small businesses looking for a way to manage, organize and send invoices quickly. The high functionality of the mobile apps alone sets Invoice2go apart. Read our full review to find out more, but first, check out this quick video.


Invoice2go offers a free 14-day trial. No contracts or credit card information is required. After that, there are several different pricing tiers. Payments are made yearly. (The mobile app version is currently offering a 50% discount for the first year of service. This sale’s end date is not disclosed, so act fast if you’re interested.)

Web Software Pricing

  • Starter Plan: $49.99/year – Includes 50 invoices and 20 client listings. Supports a single user (with access for an accountant as well).
  • Pro Plan: $99.99/year – Includes 250 invoices and 100 client listings. Adds Apps2go features. (This is Invoice2go’s way of making up for no third-party integrations; Apps2go is the collective name for numerous feature add-ons. More information to come.) Supports a single user (with access for an accountant as well).
  • Enterprise Plan: $149.99/year – Includes unlimited invoices and unlimited client listings. Adds Maps2go. Supports five users.

Additional users can be purchased within the software under Account Settings.

Mobile App Pricing

  • Pro Plan: $99.99 – All mobile apps sync instantly with web software. Includes unlimited invoices (so long as you invoice only up to $300,000…), unlimited estimates, and Apps2go features. Stores 100 clients. Supports a single user.
  • Enterprise Plan: $149.99/year – Includes unlimited invoices (so long as you invoice only up to $300,000…), unlimited estimates, and Apps2go features. Stores unlimited clients. Supports 20 users.

You can also choose to pay for the mobile app as you go instead. This could be an economic option for some smaller businesses. All pay-as-you-go options include 20 client listings. You can send unlimited invoices (up to $300,000), but note that all purchased invoices expire one year after the purchase date.

Mobile App Pay-As-You-Go Pricing

  • 10 Invoices: $9.99
  • 30 Invoices: $19.99
  • 100 Invoices: $49.99

Note: Prices often change year to year.

Web-Hosted or Locally-Installed

The desktop version of Invoice2go is web-hosted. No installations or downloads required. Mobile apps for phones and tablets are locally-installed.

Hardware or Software Requirements

The desktop version of Invoice2go is cloud-based and works on any computer with internet access. Browser-wise, I recommend using Google Chrome. While Firefox and other internet browsers are supported, I had consistent issues with Firefox running slow and being unresponsive.

The mobile app version of Invoice2go is supported on iPhone/iPad (iOS 8+), Android (4.0.3 +), Apple watch, and KindleFire.

Specific Size of Business

Invoice2go was designed to be a customizable software solution that fits any small to mid-size business. The mid-size business part might be a stretch for those businesses needing more users or any sort of accounting tools. However, for small businesses looking for solid, professional invoices and light bookkeeping and organization tools, Invoice2go could be a good choice. Micro businesses, sole proprietors, and freelancers can also benefit from the software (fun fact: 21% of Invoice2go users are freelancers). Invoice2go even supports multiple companies. When it comes down to it, if you are looking for invoicing mobility supported across multiple devices, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Ease of Use

Invoice2go is generally very easy to use and the mobile app UI is incredibly impressive, although the desktop UI is sometimes lacking. Both versions take only moments to master and features are well organized.

  • Set-Up – For the desktop version, set up is quite simple. The setup process did take me a long time, but that’s because I’m picky about how I design my invoices (and if we’re being honest, I went a little crazy trying to choose the perfect logo and color combination). That being said, I love the customization Invoice2go offers. You begin by choosing your base template and background. Then you can customize the colors and upload a logo. Or, you can create a logo directly through Invoice2go. Some of the logos themselves are a bit reminiscent of clip-art, but the frames and colors you can add to the logos go a long way in making your logo personal and a little more professional. Invoice2go offers seven templates, 50+ template backgrounds, 200+ logos, 26 logo frames, and 24 color preferences. Once your template design is completed, you are prompted to add basic company information, set default sales tax, default email messages, and default comments for invoices, estimates, purchase orders, and credit memos. Like its competitor Zoho Invoice, Invoice2go boasts that users can send an invoice within the first two minutes of setup. However, I recommend spending some serious time in settings first, so you don’t miss out on important preferences like enabling payment gateways. It’s also important to note that items can’t be added directly from the invoice editor and have to be inputted in a separate screen before sending. If you’re now asking yourself, what’s the set-up like for the mobile app? I can honestly answer that it’s much better.  The desktop interface looks as if it were designed for a mobile app, so the interface functions and operates much better on a mobile devices. Other than that, the setup process for the mobile app is basically the same as the desktop version. If you create your Invoice2go app on the web first and then add a mobile account, you get to skip the whole set up part. All you have to do is sign in and your information syncs automatically.
  • Organization – The organization of Invoice2go is easy to understand and everything is where you would expect it to be. Both the desktop and app version are laid out in the same way. The Home page contains options to create an invoice, estimate, purchase order, or credit memo. On the left side, there are tabs for Home, Folders (that store all invoices, estimates, purchase orders, and credit memos), Products, Clients, Dashboard (this is where reports are found), Settings, and Companies. The only difference between the two interfaces is that in the mobile version, Apps2go apps are listed on the left side, while in the desktop version they are accessed through a button on the top left corner. There are also support options within the both software versions.

Invoice2go - iphone

  • Instructions and Guidance – I didn’t find myself in need of much assistance since Invoice2go is relatively simple and well-organized. However, there is a support center and FAQ section that can be accessed from within the software. Some of the support articles are outdated, but they are helpful for the most part, although I did find myself using the live chat support forum most often for any questions I had.
  • Problems – As much I wanted to like Invoice2go because of its award-winning reputation, there were quite a few problems I had with the software, particularly the desktop software.
    • Runs Slow – The desktop software runs incredibly slowly, especially on Firefox. I initially thought this might be due to my own server, but in researching the customer reviews I realized this was a problem across the board.
    • Crashes – The same goes for desktop crashes. The software froze while I was creating an invoice; I had to restart the software and lost all of my progress. I also grew very tired of “unresponsive script” warnings. However, I never experienced a crash while using the mobile app.
    • UI Design Could Stand Improvement – As mentioned briefly above, the desktop UI is designed for mobile apps, not for the computer. There are times when you can’t expand a feature to fit your computer screen. This isn’t a deal breaker by any means, but it was a minor annoyance. In addition, a few design features could be streamlined. For example, I wish that when looking through 200+ logo options, I didn’t have to click through every, single one.
    • Lacking Features – From what I’ve seen, Invoice2go is lacking a few key features. While they do offer additional features through their Apps2go offerings, they are still lacking key functions like projects and job-costing. The reports are limited, and for an invoicing software, I was expecting more template options and a recurring invoice option. (There’s a recurring option through Schedule2go, but it’s only available on the mobile version.)


Invoice2go focuses on what it does best—invoicing. That being said, features are limited to invoicing and do not include some of the typical accounting tools you might see in other combination accounting/invoicing software options. Before you glance through the following, fairly short feature list and rule Invoice2go out, it’s important to note that Invoice2go does try to make up for its lack of features with its Apps2go offerings. To see a full feature list and learn more about what these apps entail, go here.

  • Dashboard – The dashboard is composed of charts and graphs that quickly show your business’s financial state and recent history. They include total sales, total number of sales, average sales, largest sale, cashflow, totals for each quarter, top 10 customers, and customers that still owe money. On the left side of the screen you can also access various reports. When clicking one these reports, you set the default dashboard screen to be that report unless you change back to the dashboard tab.

Invoice2go - dashboard

  • Invoicing – The invoices are highly customizable. You may choose from seven templates and an assortment of logos, customer notes, discounts, and default terms and conditions. Invoice creation is simple. All you have to do is click on each section you want to edit, add content, and then email it off. You also can print invoices to send or save them for your records. You have the unique option to add a watermark to your invoices, and you can set automatic payment reminders. Invoice2go makes it easy to attach expenses and receipts to your invoices, and to attach logged time (so long as you have the Pro or Unlimited Plan). There is no recurring invoice option unless you have Schedule2go, and Invoice2go does not track when an invoice has been viewed. From the client’s view, emailed invoices appear as a pdf attachment with a link to payment options within the body of the email.

Invoice2go - invoice

  • Estimates – Estimates work in the same way as invoices. You can create purchase orders and credit memos in the same way. It’s easy to convert estimates to invoices (just select copy estimate and Invoice2go automatically creates an invoice for you).
  • Payments – Invoice2go integrates with PayPal and accepts visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express through Stripe payment processing (the processing fee is 2.9% +$0.30 per transaction). Payments can be made directly through the sent invoices, and Invoice2go supports refund payments. You can also add your bank information to the bottom of invoices so clients can pay you that way if you want, but it seems a little unsafe to me.
  • Emails – You can customize email notes, though the same default message will be in all emails unless you manually change them before sending. Under settings, you can choose to CC yourself to receive all emails for your records. It’s also possible to set automatic payment reminders (three days before an invoice comes due, the day of, three days after, and seven days after).
  • Items – I didn’t call this an inventory function because, well, it isn’t one. This is only a place to store item information such as product descriptions, quantity, cost, and tax. The items feature makes it easy to create invoices, but it doesn’t track your inventory count.
  • Contacts – You can manage contacts and save their information here.
  • Reports – Invoice2go offers 13 reports including various sales reports and expense reports. I was happy to see a Profit and Loss Statement, but if you’re looking for other typical accounting reports, you won’t find them. All reports can be emailed or printed as well as exported. You can also give your accountant access to these reports.
  • Watermark – One of the most unique features Invoice2go offers is the ability to add a watermark to invoices for extra copyright protection.
  • Multi-Currency – Invoice2go supports over 45 currencies.
  • Sales Tax – You can set three different sales tax defaults in Invoice2go. You can also edit the sales tax rate manually within the invoice if you need more sales tax options.
  • API (Beta) – Invoice to go has an open API beta version for developers. For more information, and to see what has already been created, go here.
  • Importing/Exporting – Almost every major function (i.e. contacts, items expenses, etc.) allows you to import existing information via .csv. You can also export data within the software itself, or you can go to and export individual or batched files into .csv, .xml, and .json format.

Customer Service and Support

Invoice2go customer service is offered every day from 5:00am-6:00pm PST. In my experience, the Invoice2go customer service staff is friendly, helpful and fast. The live chat option is available 24/7 for quick responses, and the emails I sent were responded to quickly and effectively, with one response taking only a half an hour. While I recommend these two support methods above the others, Invoice2go has various customer service options, including:

  • Phone – Call Invoice2go at 1 (888) 818-7110.
  • Email – Contact Invoice2go at This is Invoice2go’s preferred customer service method.
  • Support Ticket – You can also fill out a support ticket here.
  • Live Chat – There is a live chat option available on the Invoice2go website.
  • Support Center – The Invoice2go Support Center features many videos and articles explaining how functions work and troubleshooting common problems. Many of these videos and articles are outdated, and I did not find them as helpful as just emailing or chatting with a representative.
  • YouTube – The Invoice2go YouTube channel also features many of the videos found in the support center. Again, some of them are outdated, and most of the how-to videos are about self-explanatory functions, but the customer stories and Invoice2go tips videos were interesting.
  • Blog – Invoice2go keeps a blog with insightful articles and news on upcoming releases. They also feature advice articles for small businesses that could be valuable.
  • Social Media – Invoice2go maintains Facebook and Twitter accounts, both of which feature the latest blog posts. The Twitter feed also retweets helpful business advice articles. Overall, I was incredibly impressed by how the company handles customer questions and complaints, particularly on the Facebook page. Even in response to incredibly angry and rude customers, the Invoice2go staff always responded kindly and genuinely and tried to right any problem or complaint.

Negative Reviews and Complaints

I was surprised by the number of complaints made against Invoice2go. While there definitely could be an element of negativity bias in play (read our post “Understanding Negativity Bias” here) I still wouldn’t ignore the following complaints since there are so widespread. These issues may not be deal breakers and there are plenty of people who love the software and have used it for years, but this feedback is still worth keeping in mind:

  • Slow, Crashing Software – As I experienced myself, the Invoice2go software runs slowly and crashes fairly often. Many users were annoyed by the amount of crashes and doubted the server’s reliability. This was the most common complaint that I saw.
  • Buggy – Multiple users also complained that the mobile apps are buggy. (And the iTunes history shows that nearly every single Invoice2go update is addressing some sort of bug.)
  • Unreasonable Prices – Some people were fed up with Invoice2go changing their prices every year when a new version is released. (The majority of the complaints, however, came from users who had originally used the locally-installed version of Invoice2go and did not like the switch over to cloud-based, subscription-based software.) Other users don’t like the fact that they have to pay for the Pro or Enterprise plan in order to get the extra features they need through Apps2go, like time tracking.
  • No Third-Party Integrations –That bring us to that fact that Invoice2go has no third-party integrations except Paypal. Many users wish that Invoice2go would provide more add-ons, especially those users who already operate their business with certain 3rd party integrations and can no longer use them after switching to Invoice2go.
  • Poor Customer Service – There were a few complaints about the customer service. Users said they were slow to respond to emails, and a few were never responded to at all.

Positive Reviews and Testimonials

Regardless of all the negative aspects of the software, there are still many satisfied customers who enjoy Invoice2go. In fact, the software has received 4.3/5 stars on the Google Play Store and 4/5stars in the App Store. Here are some of the things users like:

  • Good Customer Service – Many users experienced positive customer service. Most said they experienced quick responses (with one woman receiving a response to an urgent email within 10 minutes). Another woman said that when there was a problem with her account, Invoice2go went above and beyond by working with her to fix it and even threw in two free months of service for the inconvenience.
  • Strong Mobility – The most common customer praise revolves around the mobile apps. Users absolutely love that they can invoice on the go and that all their devices sync together. KindleFire users were especially excited to see an app for their devices (which is something I haven’t seen in any other invoicing software).
  • Quick and Easy to Use – Users said the app was quick to learn and easy to use, which saved them time and stress.
  • Professional Invoices – Quite a few users praised the professional style and customizability of the invoices.

Here is what a few customers are saying:

“We’ve cut our admin time by at least 20% each week, and win more business because we can produce estimates instantly for the customer.”- Steve and Dave B., Bird Hardwood

“I used to spend hours in the van, writing out paper invoices after jobs. Now, I can create professional looking invoices, and send them on the spot.” – Dan M. DCM Maintenance

“Could not imagine doing business without this app anymore. I used to do hand written estimates. The paper would usually become lost when I needed than and so on. ow everything is always right in my phone and I love it! I love the reports to see how my concrete construction business continues to grow month over month year over ear! I have used this app every day since March 2012 and to this day never had a problem or major compliant. I would highly recommend this app to anyone.” – Jess

Integrations and Add-Ons

Invoice2go offers very limited integrations. However, the Invoice2go team has created their own internal add-on apps. These add-ons vary in accessibility between the desktop and mobile version and are only available for Pro plans or higher. In addition, all plans support PayPal and other payment processor options.

  • PayPal – Accept online payments and enable electronic payment of invoices. Read our full review here.
  • Receipts2go – Track expenses and take pictures of receipts. Supported on both the desktop version and mobile app.
  • Calendars2go – A time tracking tool that lets you automatically add logged hours to an invoice and track events. Supported on both the desktop version and mobile app.
  • Maps2go – Map service to help locate your customers and track your sales locations. Mobile app only.
  • Sign2go – Let customers sign documents like invoices and estimates straight you’re your phone or tablet. Mobile app only.
  • Scan2go – Add barcodes and QR codes to your invoices. Mobile app only.
  • Statements2go – Send client statements summaries to customers. Supported on both the desktop version and mobile app.
  • Schedule2go – Scheduling tool that adds recurring invoices. Desktop version only.


Invoice2go is not very forthright about its security measures, but after a little digging, I’m inclined to believe this reticence is a security measure in itself and does not indicate a lack of security. Invoice2go uses 256-bit SSL encryption and strong authentication and tokenization for logins. Their servers are hosted by Phoenix NAP Secured Servers and Amazon Web Services, and comply with PCI and DSS standards.

Final Verdict

Overall, I am most impressed by Invoice2go’s mobile app. The easy to use, well organized, fully functioning app makes it clear why this software has won so many awards. That said, I think the desktop version could stand some improvement. While Invoice2go outranks almost every competitor in mobile offerings, I still find myself wanting more. I do appreciate the focus on invoice customizability and the unique watermark feature, as well as the overall usability of this software. But when stacked up against similar software options (like Zoho Invoice or Freshbooks), Invoice2go’s features seem small and underwhelming; Invoice2go lacks project features, full inventory, third party integrations, and other small touches (like thank you notes) that come standard with other invoicing solutions.

If you are looking for a strong mobile app or for a way to run your business on the go across multiple devices, Invoice2go is a great tool. For businesses requiring multiple third-party integrations or accounting tools and reports, this software is probably not the best fit. Either way, you can take Invoice2go for a test run with this free desktop trial or check out the free trial mobile app trial through the App Store, Google Play Store, or Amazon.

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