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Invoice2go Review

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Invoice2go Review

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Date Established


  • Excellent mobile apps
  • Advanced invoice customizations
  • Good customer support
  • Easy to use


  • Limited features
  • Limited integrations
  • No live bank feeds


Invoice2go was created in 2002 by Chris Strode as a locally-installed Windows app. The company eventually switched over to a cloud-based SaaS model and infiltrated the mobile app world. Now Strode’s one-man show has grown into an organization with a staff of 90 and over 250,000 users. And it’s easy to see why.

Invoice2go is incredibly easy to use. It boasts customizable invoices and good customer support options. Invoice2go also offers strong iPhone and Android apps. In a world where mobile apps are often pale shadows of their web software counterparts, Invoice2go stands out from the crowd by offering mobile apps with the same (if not better) functionality than the desktop software.

However, the mobile apps have been quite the point of contention lately for Invoice2go users. In June of 2016, both the mobile app and the desktop version of Invoice2go received a serious design overhaul. While the desktop UI was in major need of improvement, many users complained that the mobile apps looked better and worked better before the update.

Following the redesign, Invoice2go released updates nearly every week to address user complaints, and several major glitches I experienced in our last review of this software no longer exist. They also added the ability to use the software offline. Some customers still aren’t satisfied, but many businesses continue to love this invoicing solution, particularly since the redesign added some significant advancements.

While there’s much to love, the software is lacking a few key features (like live bank feeds) and the company has recently increased its pricing. Read on to find out if the pros outweigh the cons for your small business.

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After learning of Invoice2go’s newest feature updates, I was ready to raise the software’s rating — until I saw Invoice2go’s new pricing. While the price differences for the Standard and Unlimited plans are not incredibly significant, the Advanced plan is now over $70 more than it was previously. Not only did Invoice2go raise their prices, they also got rid of the unlimited invoices and estimates that used to come with the Standard and Advanced plans. Additionally, the now more expensive Unlimited plan dropped from 20 users to 5 users.

Invoice2go offers four pricing plans. Payments are made yearly. The company offers a free 14-day trial. No credit card information is required.


  • Up to $59.99/year (varies by location)
  • 50 invoices
  • Store up to 5 clients
  • Unlimited storage
  • 1 user


  • $119.88/year
  • 200 invoices
  • 200 estimates
  • Store up to 25 clients
  • Invoice tracking
  • Expense tracking
  • Time tracking
  • Items list
  • Phone support
  • Unlimited storage
  • 1 user


  • $239.88/year
  • 400 invoices
  • 400 estimates
  • Store up to 100 clients
  • Invoice tracking
  • Expense tracking
  • Time tracking
  • Items list
  • Appointments
  • Phone support
  • Unlimited storage
  • 2 users


  • $407.88/year
  • Unlimited invoices
  • Unlimited estimates
  • Unlimited clients
  • Invoice tracking
  • Expense tracking
  • Time tracking
  • Items list
  • Appointments
  • Recurring invoices
  • Payment receipts
  • Dedicates premium support team
  • Unlimited storage
  • 5 users

Get Started With Invoice2Go

Cloud-Based Or Locally-Installed

The desktop version of Invoice2go is cloud-based. No downloads or installation required. Mobile apps for phones and tablets are downloaded and installed onto your device.

Hardware & Software Requirements

The desktop version of Invoice2go is cloud-based and works on any computer with internet access (although you can use the software offline; Invoice2go will sync data once you regain internet access). The software runs most reliably and quickly on Google Chrome. The mobile app version of Invoice2go is supported on iPhone/iPad (iOS 9.3+) and Android (4.1+).

Specific Size Of Business

Invoice2go was designed to be a customizable software solution that fits nearly any small business looking for a way to send fast invoices (and which doesn’t need a full accounting package). Micro businesses, sole proprietors, and freelancers can also benefit from the software. Invoice2go supports multiple companies as well.

Ease Of Use

Invoice2go is incredibly easy to use and the setup process is fast. Both the mobile app and website take only moments to master and features are well organized. The website interface is well-designed and is leaps and bounds better than it was in our last review.


Invoice2go focuses on what it does best—invoicing. That being said, features are limited to invoicing and do not include some of the typical functions you’d expect to see in other invoicing programs (like live bank feeds and project management). The company has added a much-needed time tracking feature since our last review and a few other great functions. Here is an overview of Invoice2go’s features:

  • Dashboard: The new dashboard has an improved UI and displays the totals of overdue invoices, unpaid invoices, and unsent invoices. There’s also a section for notifications, recently edited invoices, and your total sales for the month. Users have quick access to features via the tabs on the left-hand side of the screen. There is also a “today” tab to help keep you even more organized.

Invoice2go Review

  • Invoicing: Invoice2go offers several great invoicing templates that are highly customizable. The software includes hundreds of logos to choose from or you can upload your own. You can invoice items and expenses and add photos to invoices if desired. You can also add comments, payment details, and send invoice payment reminders to your customers. The Standard, Advanced, and Unlimited plans all come with invoice tracking, and the Unlimited plan supports recurring invoices. You can now send invoices via SMS as well using apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. There used to be a watermark feature available; unfortunately, this has not been added back since the update (although the developers are working on it). One new feature they have added is the ability to take deposits and advanced payments from customers.Invoice2go Review
  • Estimates: Invoice2go allows you to create estimates, and it’s easy to convert estimates to invoices. Customers can now easily approve, comment on, or pay up front for estimates.
  • Client Portal: Invoice2go provides a basic client portal where customers can view and pay their invoices and estimates.

Invoice2go Review

  • Contact Management: You can add contacts and save basic information such as a contact name, email, billing address, phone, etc. You can also assign default payment terms to each contact. There is no way to import contacts.

Invoice2go Review

  • Expense Tracking: Unlike most other invoicing software providers, Invoice2go does not provide live bank feeds that automatically connect your invoicing software to your bank. You can enter expenses manually and assign expenses to invoices. You can attach images to expenses as well.
  • Items: You can add items and save a description, rate, cost, unit type, and default tax settings for each item. There is no way to import items and there are no full-fledged inventory capabilities.

Invoice2go Review

  • Time Tracking (Standard, Advanced, & Unlimited): You can now track time in Invoice2go using the built-in timer. You can bill time directly to clients and adjust time entries as needed.
  • Purchase Orders (Standard, Advanced, & Unlimited Only): You can create and manage purchase orders in Invoice2g0.
  • Credit Memos (Standard, Advanced, & Unlimited Only): You can also create credit memos.
  • Appointments (Advanced & Unlimited Only): You can create and manage appointments.
  • Reports: Invoice2go offers 13 reports to help you understand your business’s success and sales patterns.
  • Default Email Messages: You can set default email messages in Invoice2go, which is a big time-saver.
  • Sales Tax: You can add up to 10 sales tax rates in Invoice2go.
  • Multi-Currency Support: Invoice2go supports over 150 different currencies.
  • Importing/Exporting: Invoice2go has significantly dropped their importing options since the last time we tested the software. You cannot import any information. You can export invoices, estimates, purchase orders, expenses, items, and clients. This data will be sent to your email in a zip file.

Get Started With Invoice2Go

Customer Service & Support

Invoice2go does not make it easy to find their customer support options. However, once you find them, the Invoice2go customer service staff is friendly and helpful. The live chat option is available 24/7 for quick responses, and the emails I sent were responded to relatively quickly and effectively, with one response taking only a half an hour. Invoice2go has various customer service options, including:

  • Phone: Phone support is available for Standard, Advanced, and Unlimited users.
  • Email: You can contact Invoice2go via email.
  • Support Ticket: You can also fill out a support ticket online.
  • Live Chat: There is a live chat option available within the actual software though it’s a bit difficult to find.
  • Support Center: The Invoice2go support center features many videos and articles explaining how functions work and troubleshooting common problems. There is also an FAQ section.
  • YouTube: Invoice2go has a YouTube channel featuring how-to videos and customer stories. Happily, they’ve updated these videos since our last review.
  • Blog: Invoice2go keeps a blog with insightful articles and news on upcoming releases. They also feature valuable advice articles for small businesses.
  • Social Media: Invoice2go maintains Facebook and Twitter accounts. Invoice2go is very good about responding to social media comments (especially those on iTunes and the GooglePlay Store).

Negative Reviews & Complaints

I was surprised by the number of complaints made against Invoice2go. While there definitely could be an element of negativity bias in play (read our post Understanding Negativity Bias) I still wouldn’t ignore the following complaints since there are so widespread:

  • Problems With The Update: The majority of recent complaints have been about the Invoice2go update. While Invoice2go has put out multiple updates to try to address customer concerns, there are still many disgruntled users.
  • Slow & Buggy: Many users complain that the software runs slowly and crashes on occasion. While the complaints of bugs and glitches seemed to have lessened after the major update, users still complain about the mobile apps running slowly.
  • Too Expensive: Several users find the software is overpriced for the number of features you get.
  • Limited Integrations: Many users want more integrations, especially those who already operate their business with certain integrations and can no longer use them after switching to Invoice2go.
  • Poor Customer Service: There were a few complaints about the customer service. Users said the company was slow to respond to emails, and a few were never responded to at all.

Positive Reviews & Testimonials

Despite the negative reviews and the spike in complaints after the Invoice2go redesign, there are still many loyal, satisfied customers who enjoy Invoice2go. The software has received 4.2/5 stars on the Google Play Store (based on 15,000+ ratings), 4/5stars in the App Store (based on 1,300+ ratings), and 4.3/5 stars on G2 Crowd (based on 75 ratings). Here are some of the things users like:

  • Good Customer Service: Many users report positive customer service with quick response times and helpful employees.
  • Strong Mobility: The most common customer praise revolves around the mobile apps. Users love that they can invoice on the go and that all their devices sync together.
  • Quick & Easy To Use: Users say the software is quick to learn and easy to use, which saves them time and stress.
  • Professional Invoices: Quite a few users praise the professional style and customizability of the invoices.

Here is what a few customers are saying:

We’ve cut our admin time by at least 20% each week, and win more business because we can produce estimates instantly for the customer.

I used to spend hours in the van, writing out paper invoices after jobs. Now, I can create professional looking invoices, and send them on the spot.

Could not imagine doing business without this app anymore. I used to do hand written estimates. The paper would usually become lost when I needed than and so on. ow everything is always right in my phone and I love it! I love the reports to see how my concrete construction business continues to grow month over month year over ear! I have used this app every day since March 2012 and to this day never had a problem or major compliant. I would highly recommend this app to anyone.

I have used Invoice2go for year (even through their update hiccup). They listened to all our concerns and fixed what we didn’t like.

Get Started With Invoice2Go

Integrations & Add-Ons

Invoice2go offers very limited integrations and does not support live bank feeds (a feature which nearly every other invoicing software provides). However, the company is adding more options slowly but surely. There are only four integrations total, but the most notable is with PayPal Here.

Invoice2go has recently partnered with PayPal Here to give users a way to accept customer payments directly from their phone without an invoice. Check out our full PayPal Here review to learn more.

Interested in accepting online payments from your customers? Read our comprehensive merchant account reviews to learn the pros and cons of popular providers and see which payment processing option is best for your business.


Invoice2go is not very forthright about its security measures, but I was able to find out that Invoice2go uses 256-bit SSL encryption, authentication and tokenization for logins, and PCI and DSS compliant servers. They also have a privacy statement with further security details.

Final Verdict

Invoice2go gets a lot of things right. The software is incredibly easy to use and the mobile offerings are impressive. I personally am a huge fan of the recent update which not only makes for a more attractive UI but has also solved several major glitches and added the ability to work offline. This app comes with impressive invoice customizations, great invoice templates, and good customer support. In addition, the company is constantly coming out with awesome new features link time tracking, appointments, and a PayPal Here integration.

However, the software has some serious drawbacks. There are no live bank feeds, which almost every invoicing software offers, and recurring invoices are only available with the most expensive plan. Some of the other typical invoicing software features, like project management, are missing and the company has seriously downgraded by eliminating unlimited invoices for the Standard and Advanced plans. There also very few integrations. Considering these limitations, the software can be pretty spendy compared to other more developed invoicing solutions, especially with the recent price increase.

If you’re still interested in Invoice2go, be sure to test out their free 14-day trial before committing to the annual price plan. For other invoicing alternatives, check out our top-rated invoicing solutions and compare them to Invoice2go.

Get Started With Invoice2Go

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