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Start-Up Business Loan Reviews

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  • FundRazr

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    Pros Excellent public reputation No platform fees (if you choose the free package) Nonprofit fundraising supported Can keep whatever you raise Cons Some support materials are dated The platform is less trafficked than major competitors Overview Born in the late 2000s (as crowdfunding began its meteoric rise to fit our capital-starved post-Great Recession era), FundRazr […]

  • GoFundMe

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    While GoFundMe’s brand centers on charity, with personal and charitable causes accounting for most of the campaigns, many people don’t realize that GuFundMe can also be used to raise funds for business projects as well.

  • Guidant Financial

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    Guidant Financial is an alternative lender that specializes in Rollovers as Business Startups (ROBS). It also offers SBA loans and lines of credit. Guidant is suitable for mature businesses with excellent credit.

  • Indiegogo

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    Indiegogo is available to creators and backers from just about every nation. With a comparatively broad array of project categories that qualify for Indiegogo approval, it’s a crowdfunding platform with wide reach and appeal. The flip side is that shadier campaigns have a better chance of slipping through the cracks on Indiegogo than they would on more restrictive crowdfunding platforms.

  • Kickstarter

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    Kickstarter is dedicated to the crowdfunding of creative projects, not charity or personal use. Kickstarter has seen over 5 billion dollars pledged to projects, over 184,000 successfully funded projects, and over 18 million total backers. While Kickstarter is not without its critics, it occupies a commanding position in the crowdfunding field.

  • Kiva U.S.

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    Kiva offers crowdfunded microloans and is one of the least expensive forms of financing available to business owners. It is definitely worth checking out if you run a community-oriented business that needs a small infusion of cash. It is suitable for startups but not for large businesses.

  • LendingClub Personal Loans

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    Lending Club Personal Loans can be used for entrepreneurial and business startup purposes. The application process is easy and its rates and terms are highly competitive. Lending Club Personal Loans are ideal for startups.

  • Patreon

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    Patreon declares itself a crowdfunding platform for creators, as its platform allows creators to draw a steady, continuous income from The Crowd. This funding model makes Patreon particularly well-suited to creators of viral videos, online journalists, writers, and musicians.

  • Republic

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    Republic is an equity crowdfunding company. Be informed that besides the fees charged by Republic, there are additional costs associated with equity crowdfunding. Republic is exclusive and not suitable for small startups.

  • Ulule

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    Ulule is a crowdfunder that takes a hands-on approach with helping their campaigners achieve their goals. Be cautious of the over-complicated fees.