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Biz2Credit Review

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New York, NY


  • Suited for startups
  • 2-7 days time to funding


  • Some additional fees
  • Expensive terms & fees


Biz2Credit is a New York-based alternative lending platform that connects businesses to various forms of funding.

Be aware that Biz2Credit does not originate its own financial products. Instead, they act as a matching service, ideally saving you the trouble of vetting a whole bunch of funders on your own. The result is a useful, reliable service that comes with some considerable fees.

As always, you’ll want to comparison shop before committing to any kind of alternative loan. Our short-term funding comparison chart can give you a head start.

Services Offered

Biz2Credit offers the following:

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Borrower Qualifications

Since Biz2Credit works with a wide variety of lenders, they don’t have as many definitive qualifications as a direct lender might. Some of Biz2Credit’s lending partners will have higher standards than others.

Biz2Credit will work with new businesses, including startups, but be aware that businesses that have been in operation at least two years, are profitable, and have a good credit history will have the easiest time being approved.

Additionally, Biz2Credit offers programs for women and minorities.

Terms & Fees

Each funder that partners with Biz2Credit will have its own rates and fee schedule. Depending on what type of financial product you’re offered, those fees may include some combination of origination fees, factor rates, interest rates, and miscellaneous administrative fees.

RequirementMinimum requirement
Funding Amount:$5K - $5 million
Term Length:Varies by lender
Additional Fees$250 - $400, or percentage of amount borrowed.
APR:3% - 36%
Collateral:Varies by lender and product

You’ll also want to note the frequency of repayments–monthly, weekly, or daily–and whether they’re automatically deducted from your bank account or credit card sales. Check out our list of common fees for a more detailed breakdown.

So how does Biz2Credit make money? Depending on whether you receive funding from a banking institution or an alternative funder, you’ll pay one of two fees to Biz2Credit. In the case of alternative funders, you’ll pay an underwriting fee between $250 – $400. If your lender turns out to be a bank, you’ll pay a closing fee proportional to the size of the transaction.

Here’s a quick rundown of the products Biz2Cred will try to set you up with:

  • Installment Loans: Installment loans are, more or less, what you think of when someone says “loan.” They usually have term lengths over a year long, are paid monthly, and accumulate interest over time.
  • Short-Term Loans: STLs feature flat fees rather than interest rates and are paid weekly or even daily. They usually last less than a year.
  • Merchant Cash Advances: Instead of getting a loan, you can sell a percentage of your future daily credit card sales to a funder. They’ll then hold back a portion of your card sales every day until you’ve fulfilled the terms of your MCA.
  • Lines Of Credit: Lines of credit establish a credit limit that you can borrow against for the duration of the LoC. You can draw on your line of credit as often as you want so long as the total amount you’ve borrowed doesn’t exceed your credit limit.
  • Equipment Financing: Similar to an installment loan, except the equipment you’re buying serves as collateral for your loan. Though more restrictive than other types of installment loans, they often have better rates and terms.
  • SBA Loans: Installment loans partially guaranteed by the Small Business Administration. These loans feature longer terms and better rates for businesses that may not otherwise qualify.
  • Business Credit Cards: Credit cards featuring lucrative rewards programs for common business expenses. If used wisely, you can save money while smoothing out your cash flow.
  • Invoice Factoring: Instead of borrowing money, you can sell your unpaid invoices to an invoice factoring company. They’ll pay you a portion of what they’re worth for a fee, and then the rest once the invoice is paid.

Note that Biz2Credit does charge a prepayment fee, so if you think you’ll be able to pay off your loan early, you may want to look elsewhere.

Application Process

The major convenience offered by Biz2Credit is their quick and easy application process. You can find out how much you can borrow by submitting information about the amount you’re seeking, your time in business, your annual revenue, and your credit score. You can also begin the process through the site’s chat feature. Spend more than a few moments there, and you’ll be pinged by a representative who can answer your questions and take your information.

Biz2Credit will then attempt to match you with prospective lenders. If you’re given multiple options, you can choose the lender and product that best suits your needs.

After that, your experience will differ depending on the lender you’re connected with. You may be asked to submit additional documentation at that time.

In best case scenarios, you can secure funding within 24 hours.

Another fast funding option is LoanBuilder:


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Sales & Advertising Transparency

Biz2Credit does a fairly decent job of disclosing the fees and terms of their service, especially through the FAQ and knowledge center. Just keep in mind that, as a finder service, you won’t know too much about the product you’ll receive until much further down the process. The company also maintains accounts on Facebook, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Customer Service & Technical Support

Biz2Credit provides a number of different ways to contact them, including by phone, by email, by form, or through the site’s integrated LiveChat. The LiveChat can be a little aggressive, but it’s an easy way to ask questions.

Negative Reviews & Complaints

Biz2Credit has an A+ rating with the BBB, although it isn’t formally accredited. There are 11 complaints on record, however. Negative factors associated with the company include:

  • Communication Issues: A number of complaints center around customer confusion about application processes, credit checks, and fees.
  • Hard Pulls On Credit: Biz2Credit eventually requires a hard pull on your credit, which several customers found to be burdensome.
  • Expensive: Combined with the direct cost of the loans, you will be paying a premium for Biz2Credit’s assistance.

Positive Reviews & Testimonials

Biz2Credit’s reviews are overwhelmingly positive on TrustPilot. User reviews praised:

  • Customer Service: The vast majority of reviews praised the customer service. Most found it to be fast, flexible and headache-saving.
  • Breadth of Products: Biz2Credit works with a variety of different types of lenders, granting access to a broad variety of financial products.
  • Speed: Many customers were pleased with how quickly they received their funding.

Final Verdict

If you’re 1) not scared away by the fees, 2) short on time, and 3) have a well-established business with decent credit, you may find Biz2Credit to be an extremely useful service. Because these kinds of platforms monetize themselves in different ways, it can be challenging to determine which will offer you the most bang for your buck. Some charge the lender a finder’s fee, for example, which then may or may not be passed on to the customer. In the case of Biz2Credit, you’ll know for sure that you’re dealing with a higher cost.

If you’re looking for alternatives, take a look at our comparison charts for merchant cash advances and small business loans.

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