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Biz2Credit Review

    Shannon Vissers
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Shannon Vissers

Shannon Vissers

Expert Analyst & Reviewer at Merchant Maverick
The former editor-in-chief of SteelOrbis, Shannon has been researching and writing about small business software and financing since 2015. Her shopping and retail expertise has been cited in numerous publications, including Reader's Digest, MSN, Yahoo Finance, and GOBankingRates . She has also published articles for LIVESTRONG.COM, eHow, Life'd, and other websites. Shannon attended San Diego State University, graduating in 2005 with a BA in English.
Shannon Vissers
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    My dashboard was stuck in need more information status but I never found out what information they need. I emailed them but I never received a response. I tried to log back into my account to check the status but I was locked out my account. I tried changing the password but that didn’t work. After hearing about them keep borrowers funds hostage I decided to check the status of my loan on the SBA website using the loan number they gave me. After being approved by the SBA I found out my loan was completely canceled and I don’t know why.

      Jennine Peters

      Organization Name: God’s Blessings

      Horrible Company! Still have not been funded!! Keep asking for the samething over and over again. Now requiring something different .

      • Organization Name: God’s Blessings
      Elex Saylor

      Organization Name: AVSuperTechPro

      Bad Experience & Definitely Bad For My Business.They approve you then require more info over and over again on a repeating cycle so you never actually sign your closing loan documents, but you do sign some other documents that make you feel like your making progress…After 10 days I had to start begging for them to either send me the closing documents or withdraw my round 2 PPP loan before its too late & the entire PPP program funds have run out – a few days later they withdrew my application instead of doing their job in a timely manner. Now I wonder how long until my E-Tran # is free for me to use through another lender.I already received my 1st PPP loan through Bluevine so I’m familiar with the whole process, I also helped two other people with their PPP loans and everything took about 5 days from start to finish with all three loans. I decided to use Biz2Credit on my round 2 PPP loan and I was instantly approved by the SBA, I knew there was an issue right then, the approval process should take a few days longer than that. They approve you instantly but constantly “require more information” so your loan is never actually approved but your SBA E-Tran number is stuck with them so you cant use any other lender until they either pay you or release your E-Tran number. They use unethical practices of requiring “some” to provide extensive documentation. They even force you to link your bank with an online service they use to gain access to all of your bank info.WARNING – A massive amount of positive fake reviews have been posted on Trustpilot for this site in a very short amount of time, they are trying to off set the legitimate/honest bad reviews.

      • Organization Name: AVSuperTechPro
      Jason Z

      Organization Name: Small Business

      This company is pathetic. Their emails are from customer service reps in India, They hold you hostage with bs answer after bs answer. Most of the positive reviews are from them leaving themselves reviews on trust pilot. Please please do yourself a favor and do some research on them before you do any business with them.

      • Organization Name: Small Business
      Cierra Brownridge

      Organization Name: CJLSIX LLC

      I applied with them for my second PPP on 1/13/2021. Horrible experience. I finally got movement on my application after over a month and then I received a denied email, even though I have a Etran number with SBA. The reason is Improper guarantor identity authentication. I can’t get submitted to the sba with another lender because it keeps coming back as another lender already submitted. There is no way to contact Biz2credit on the phone and no one responds to the MANY emails I have sent. Very unprofessional company. I might miss the deadline to apply with another lender because of this.

      • Organization Name: CJLSIX LLC

      Organization Name: n/a

      Ok, I’m going to be blunt. THIS COMPANY NEED TO BE REPORTED FOR DELAYING BORROWERS APLLICATION SO THEY CAN KEEP THE MONEY FROM SBA ;(Biz2 Credit need to retrain their specialist on how to correspond via emails. Its bad enough you can’t reach them by phone, but to also have a specialist reply with “Hey, Send” etc., is rude. We are not animals and need to be addressed better. You are a lender and as such, I can’t just walk in to your building and say “Hey I want this now” ..Also The PPP process is hard enough, Why is it that borrowers are getting 3 and 4 emails asking for the SAME information from various agents, that we already uploaded into the application account? You said “SBA APROVED” but yet all you ask for was already sent and still you tell the applicant “Missing Documents” ? Come on. My friend applied since Mid January and still getting emails asking and threatening to cancel her if she doesn’t upload what she has already UPLOADED AND EMAILED 3 X?? Are you kidding me??SBA WILL BE GETTING A CALL ABOUT YALL FOR UNFAIR AND UNPROFESSIONAL FILING PROCESS..

      • Organization Name: n/a
      Andrew Miller

      Organization Name: True Hope Church

      If their was a way to give this company a minus star rating they would absolutely get one from us. As a non profit organization True Hope Church applied for the PPP loan through Biz2credit on February 1st on ,February the 5th we received our approval and SBA number we also did our Docusign the same week. Since that point we allowed our employees to come back to work only to be told on the night of February the 19th that we needed more information we provided that information promptly at the company and Biz2credit has done nothing but give us the run around since. We are unable to get them on the phone and every support ticket that we email to them comes back saying that our issue is resolved when it actually isn’t. To this day we are still not funded over 30 days after we received our SBA approval. We recommend that you stay away from this company as they don’t understand what time sensitive means.

      • Organization Name: True Hope Church
      Matthew Moore Jr.

      Organization Name: Tighttranportion

      My name i apply though guy for a ppp loan u said i been approved. I need be contacted for the last stage of the process i cant process my bank number an my routing number somebody need tell me some thing i already talk to my bank they everything fine wit them if i dont get a response by today iam to another fundi mg institutions.

      • Organization Name: Tighttranportion

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