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Kate Hoots

Expert Analyst & Reviewer

Expertise: Business Banking, Insurance, eCommerce

Education: BA English Literature, Lewis and Clark College

Kate started writing on business topics in 1996, working for groundbreaking B2B newsletters Communication Briefings and The Competitive Advantage. She joined Merchant Maverick in 2020 and is an expert in business banking, insurance, and eCommerce. She has been featured on NBC TODAY, Yahoo News, GoBankingRates, Scripps News Syndicate, and CBS Radio. She has a bachelor’s degree in English literature from Lewis & Clark College and lives in Canby, Oregon.

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YogaOAK owner and instructor Rachel Lundberg

Business Flexibility Helps Yoga Studio Thrive

As a certified yoga instructor and practitioner, Rachel Lundberg knows a thing or two about flexibility. So in a way, her views on the COVID-19 pandemic are not surprising. Despite the disruptions to business and daily life, she’s grateful for the opportunity the pandemic gave her to take her business, YogaOAK, in an unexpected and […]

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Nov 22, 2021 Filed under: Business Spotlights
The Riviera House management team celebrates at the restaurant

From Startup To Star: Riviera House Rides Out Pandemic

When Riviera House opened in October of 2019, General Manager Jeremy McDermott had no way of knowing that before the first quarter of 2020 would draw to a close, his restaurant would face challenges he couldn’t possibly have imagined or planned for. Find out how this Redondo Beach restaurant managed to keep customers coming, maintain staff, and stay in business.

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Sep 16, 2021 Filed under: Business Spotlights
WUNDERgrubs cofounder Akissi Stokes in the company'sAtlanta, Georgia hatchery

WUNDERgrubs: Turning An Unusual & Sustainable Protein Source Into Something Delicious

It’s easy to find bad news in the world, even if you don’t go looking for it: hunger, refugees, and catastrophic climate events are just a few. Taken individually or all together, it’s enough to cause feelings of helplessness. So finding an organization that does something to address all these crises and more — while operating at a profit — is a welcome treat. That company is WUNDERgrubs, and they’re changing the world, one mealworm at a time.

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Sep 8, 2021 Filed under: Business Spotlights

The Green Temple Restaurant: A Healthy Haven For Staff & Customers During Tough Times

Take one vegetarian menu, built around delicious healthy eating principles and local food production. Add dedicated owners who value their customers’ health and their staff’s workplace satisfaction. Stir in two decades’ experience, and you have The Green Temple, a vegetarian haven in the Redondo Beach area. Read more about the Green Temple and how it has adapted to Covid-19.

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Jun 16, 2021 Filed under: Business Spotlights

Riding Solo At Milagro Riding Club: Lessons From A Family-Owned Business That Has Weathered Divorce

When Michele Jaffe and her husband Michael opened the Milagro Riding Club, the strength of their marriage was the last thing on their minds. While the stress of running a family business took a toll on the couple, Michele has gone on to be a successful business owner despite a difficult divorce. Read on to see how Milagro Riding Club has survived the dissolution of a partnership.

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May 4, 2021 Filed under: Business Spotlights