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Kymberlin Bush

Staff Writer

Expertise: POS

Education: BA Creative Writing, Pacific University

Kymberlin started contributing to Merchant Maverick as a freelancer in 2022 and joined the team as the full-time small business health insurance expert in 2023. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing from Pacific University in 2020 and continues to reside in Portland, Oregon.

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how to get small business health insurance

How To Get Health Insurance For Your Small Business

While small business health insurance is an additional expense for your business, the benefits for both you and your employees are likely worth the cost. Potential tax benefits for your business and happier and more productive employees make adding health insurance as a benefit a win-win for your small business.

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Jun 12, 2023 Filed under: Business Insurance
bank identification number

What Is A Bank Identification Number?

BINs work by identifying the type of card being used to make a purchase, the location of the card issuer, and which bank issued the card. Financial institutions can then compare this information to their cardholder data to more easily identify fraudulent charges.

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Jun 12, 2023 Filed under: Business Banking
business loan proposal

How To Write A Business Loan Proposal

A business loan proposal is your opportunity to explain to a potential lender why they should take on the risk of lending to you. It’s a persuasive essay to convince the bank you are a viable business that will not default — you will paint that picture both with a narrative about your business and your profit/loss metrics.

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Jun 8, 2023 Filed under: Business Loans, Small Business
personal loan vs business loan

Personal Loans VS Business Loans: Which Funding Option Is Right For You?

When it comes to loans, every business has unique needs. What works for one business might not work for your own. Before even seeking out a lender, determine if your business can afford a loan and if the loan will truly help your business grow. Then, carefully weigh out the pros and cons of business loans versus personal loans to find the best match for your specific circumstances

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Jun 8, 2023 Filed under: Business Loans
calculate business loan payment

How To Calculate Business Loan Payments

If a business loan still seems like a solid financial option for your business, you can move into calculating your monthly business loan payment. This will further help you decide if getting a loan will help boost the growth of your business.

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Jun 5, 2023 Filed under: Business Loans
business savings account

What Is A Business Savings Account?

If you’re currently using your personal savings or checking account as a savings account for your business, it’s time to start researching and deciding what bank is going to be best for you. Read our article on the documents needed to open a business bank account to learn more about your next steps.

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Jun 16, 2023 Filed under: Business Banking