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Nicolette Kier

Senior Staff Writer

Expertise: POS, eCommerce

Education: BA English, University of Pittsburg

Nicolette began writing on small business topics in 2020. After hundreds of hours researching, testing, and assisting small business owners with web building and point of sale software, she is now an expert on all things eCommerce and point of sale. She has a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Pittsburgh and resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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7 Best Retail POS Systems In 2023

In retail, your POS system isn’t just a cash register. It’s your lifeline to sales reports, inventory management, customer loyalty, and a whole lot more. These seven retail POS systems make running your business less stressful and more profitable.

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Nov 22, 2023 Filed under: Point of Sale
Best POS system for restaurants

8 Best Restaurant POS Systems For 2024

The best restaurant POS systems help restaurant owners do much more than just take payments. Cloud-based restaurant POS software includes tableside ordering, ingredient tracking, ApplePay, and customer loyalty. And each top POS system for restaurants has a different specialty.

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Dec 1, 2023 Filed under: Point of Sale, Restaurant POS
Pizza POS

6 Best Pizza POS Systems In 2023

Pizza POS systems typically come loaded with must-have features, such as EMV compliance, raw ingredient tracking, and the ability to input complicated pizza orders easily. Some also offer online ordering and delivery options. This article goes over six of the best pizza POS software systems to help determine which is best for your pizza shop.

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Sep 25, 2023 Filed under: Point of Sale, Restaurant POS