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Botanie Soaps: Cleaning Up The Competition Since 2000

Botanie Soaps offers wholesale organic soaps with custom labels. These soaps suit the needs of customers looking to sell at farmer’s markets or small boutiques or much larger clients looking for a high-quality product to repackage and resell on a national scale. They also offer soap-making equipment and materials for those just starting in the industry.

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Jun 7, 2021 Filed under: Business Spotlights

Riding Solo At Milagro Riding Club: Lessons From A Family-Owned Business That Has Weathered Divorce

When Michele Jaffe and her husband Michael opened the Milagro Riding Club, the strength of their marriage was the last thing on their minds. While the stress of running a family business took a toll on the couple, Michele has gone on to be a successful business owner despite a difficult divorce. Read on to see how Milagro Riding Club has survived the dissolution of a partnership.

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May 4, 2021 Filed under: Business Spotlights

California Kabob: Fighting To Sustain A Family Legacy

Despite COVID restrictions, rent hikes, a changing market, and unforseen legal battles, Bibi Pirayesh of California Kabob is determined to fight to sustain her father’s legacy. The LA-based Persian restaurant has served up food and community for over 20 years, but is now struggling to survive the pandemic. Read on for more details about California Kabob.

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Nov 17, 2020 Filed under: Business Spotlights