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best small business accounting software

Merchant Maverick’s Awards for Best Small Business Software

For most small business owners, it’s a jungle out there. Danger lurks around every corner, predators seem to be silently stalking your every movement, and – in the immortal words of Jethro Tull – the rivers are full of crocodile nasties. Let’s face it, when it comes to start-ups and small businesses the statistics are […]

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Newest Ways to Detect CNP Fraud

The shift to EMV technology isn’t just affecting payments in-stores—due to the increased difficulty of fraud in-stores, many people are expecting that there will be an increase in card-not-present (CNP) fraud. We’ve already talked about how business owners can avoid fraudulent purchases for the present moment. But don’t get too attached. New, supposedly more secure methods […]

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What is EMV Compliance?

You may have noticed that your most recent credit card looks a bit different than your last. That conspicuous computer chip embedded in the plastic represents a new security standard, EMV Compliance. The new standard is being rolled out in the United States this year and it will slightly change the way we use credit/debit […]

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Understanding and Avoiding CNP Fraud

As we trundle ever-closer to total chip-card domination, the experts are predicting that – as happened in other countries who adopted EMV technology – the majority of fraud is going to migrate away from counterfeit and stolen cards, and towards the easier target: card-not-present (CNP) fraud. As usual, for business owners, this is a good […]

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EMV Credit Card Terminal

Are You Meeting EMV Standards?

The shift has come! I know denial has been setting in pretty hard, and if you’re like the majority of merchants, you’re only just starting to realize that it might be a good idea to exchange your magstripe reader for an EMV-enabled device. Unfortunately, whether you’ve got the proper equipment or not, you still may […]

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Chip Card Fraud: Are You At Risk?

The recent shift to chip-based cards has got everybody thinking about fraud, so perhaps now is a good time to go over the types of fraud that you should be on the lookout for as a business owner. The good news is, in every other country where chip-and-PIN cards have been introduced, card-present fraud has […]

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What’s the Difference Between Chip-and-PIN and Chip-and-Signature Cards

What’s the Difference Between Chip-and-PIN and Chip-and-Signature Cards?

The EMV liability shift is well underway and customers have started dipping those cards. At this point, most small business owners are probably wondering why the heck everybody is talking about chip-and-PIN cards when everybody seems to be using chip-and-signature. What’s the difference between chip-and-PIN and chip-and-signature cards? We’ve briefly mentioned this before, but if you […]

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The EMV Liability Shift: Now What?

After four years in the making, the national EMV (Europay, Mastercard, and Visa) liability shift has finally come to pass. Starting today – on October 1st, 2015 – merchants with out-of-date credit card readers can now be held liable for certain types of fraud, specifically the types of fraud which could have been avoided by […]

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negotiating credit card processing fees

How to Negotiate the Perfect Credit Card Processing Deal

Negotiating credit card processing fees is intimidating, and for good reason. You probably don’t have to negotiate pricing very much in your everyday life, and you only have to negotiate a credit card processing deal maybe a few times in your entire life. Sales representatives at merchant services providers, on the other hand, negotiate these contracts […]

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