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P2Binvestor Review

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Date Established
Denver, CO


  • Suited for large B2B businesses
  • No credit score requirements
  • Competitive terms and fees
  • No draw fee
  • Easy application process


  • Unsuited for B2C businesses
  • Possible early termination fee


P2Binvestor, known as P2Bi for short, is a peer-to-peer lender that offers asset-backed lines of credit to qualified B2B businesses. The company was founded in 2012 before opening its doors to customers in 2014.

Originally, the company exclusively offered credit lines that were secured by invoices. To differentiate their streamlined product from clunky, fee-ridden traditional invoice factoring, the product was named “Ex-Factor” because it’s “better and easier to use” than traditional factoring. Currently, the company’s credit lines can be backed by inventory in addition to accounts receivable.

While P2Binvestor is not the first (or only) company to offer streamlined asset-backed financing, this lender targets a thus far largely-ignored customer base: businesses that are established enough to need a fairly large credit line, but are not yet bankable. To qualify for their product, you must be a B2B business that makes at least $500,000 per year.

P2Binvestor has been in business for a relatively short amount of time; however, while there are very few customer reviews online, the company has built up a lot of positive press. Their product is reasonably priced and all-around convenient, and the company is very transparent.

For businesses interested in an asset-backed line of credit that don’t yet meet P2Binvestor’s borrower qualifications, BlueVine, and Fundbox are both excellent companies that offer similar products to smaller businesses. However, if your business is large enough to qualify, you’ll want to investigate P2Binvestor.

Is this service right for your business? Read on to find out!

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Services Offered

P2Binvestor offers asset-backed lines of credit.

Borrower Qualifications

To qualify for P2Bi’s services, you typically have to meet the requirements below, but P2Bi doesn’t have hard minimums.

Time in business:6 months
Credit score:N/A
Revenue:$500,000 per year
Other:Must be based in the US
Must be mostly B2B

Although P2Binvestor’s underwriters look at your credit score, they do not enforce a minimum required score.

Terms & Fees

These are the terms and fees for P2Bi’s product:

Borrowing amount:$250K – $10M+
Term length:1 year revolving
Interest rate:High teens
Origination costs:1.5%
Collateral:Personal guarantee

P2Bi’s lines of credit can be secured by A/R receivables and inventory. In addition, the company requires a personal guarantee, though they do make exceptions for certain clients.

The maximum you can borrow is based on the value of your assets. Like a traditional line of credit, you can draw from your credit line at any time, and you only pay interest on the amount that is outstanding.

Draws from the credit line do not have set repayment term lengths. When you enter into an agreement with P2Bi, the company will make a bank account, called a lockbox, in which all the revenue from your assets will be diverted. If you have any outstanding debts with P2Bi, the incoming capital will go toward paying off the debt. Otherwise, the capital will be sent along to your regular business account.

Interest is non-compounding and charged on a daily basis. For example, if you have an interest rate of 18%, you will be charged about 0.049% interest per day, or 1.5% per month, on the amount currently outstanding. Although P2Bi doesn’t state a specific interest range, their rates are in the “high teens.”

Aside from interest, P2Binvestor charges a one-time origination fee of 1.5% of your credit line, but there is no fee for borrowing from your line. The company also charges a fee for terminating the contract before the year is up; however, the company will waive the fee if you are graduating to a bank line of credit product with better rates than P2Bi can offer.

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Application Process

The process begins with a simple 10-minute online application. You will need to enter basic information about your business and financials and integrate accounting or invoicing software so P2Bi can get an idea of the value of your assets.

After you’ve finished the application, an underwriter will get in touch with you to discuss your application and your funding options. If the company has decided your business is a good fit, they will ask for additional documentation to verify all your information is correct. According to the FAQ, these are the documents they will ask for:

  • Balance sheet, as of the end of the last closed month.
  • Balance sheet, as of the end of last year.
  • Income statement (P&L), current YTD (through the end of the last closed month).
  • Income statement (P&L), full year for the last two years.
  • Accounts receivable aging report, current YTD (through the end of the last closed month).
  • Accounts payable aging report, current YTD (through the end of the last closed month).

If everything checks out, you will be presented with a preliminary offer for a credit line. If you agree, P2Bi will run a full underwriting review. After you have finalized the agreement, a lockbox will be set up and you will be able to start drawing from your credit line.

The time from application to funding normally takes 10 days or less.

Sales & Advertising Transparency

P2Binvestor shares a fair amount of information on their website, though they don’t have many specifics regarding rates and fees. Regardless, you should have a fair idea about how P2Bi’s credit line compares to other options, and what to expect from the application and borrowing process. It’s apparent that P2Bi is devoted to providing a transparent service.

Customer Service & Technical Support

P2Bi is available via phone or email.

Although there are very few customer reviews that address the customer service, I did not have trouble getting in touch with representatives from the company and had a positive experience overall.

Negative Reviews & Complaints

This lender is accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. Currently, P2Bi doesn’t have any complaints logged, nor do they have any negative experiences.

In fact, this company has very few customer reviews online; this may be because P2Bi hasn’t been in operation for very long, their clients aren’t prone to online reviews, or they just offer a really good service.

The most common problem potential borrowers might encounter is that P2Binvestor has difficult-to-meet borrower qualifications. This product is not for everybody—you have to be making at least $500,000 in annual revenue and have approved assets that can be used for collateral. Businesses that don’t meet these qualifications will have to look elsewhere for financing.

Positive Reviews & Testimonials

The largest source of positive reviews comes from P2Binvestor’s Facebook page, where they have 11 reviews with an aggregated rating of 5 out of 5 stars. Most reviews are not accompanied by comments, but here’s what one reviewer had to say about the service:

Seriously amazing staff and customer service! They really work hard to make sure they aren’t only bringing providing a financial tool, but also want to help companies grow.

In general, customers like P2Bi’s product because it solves cash flow problems. Most businesses experience cash flow difficulties, but B2B businesses can be especially susceptible to these problems. There are other companies that operate similarly to P2Binvestor, but most target either smaller or larger businesses than P2Bi does.

Final Verdict

While many businesses will not be able to qualify for P2Binvestor’s services, this lender offers an excellent product for businesses that do. There’s a lot to like about P2Bi. The initial application is fast and easy, and the company is transparent and communicative. Plus, the product is competitively priced, useful, and solves problems commonly experienced by mid-sized B2B businesses.

Naturally, if you think you are qualified for a bank loan, that possibility should be investigated first. However, if you are not yet qualified, a line of credit from P2Binvestor is an excellent way to keep your business growing until you are eligible for a line from a bank.

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Bianca Crouse

Bianca Crouse

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Bianca Crouse
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