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Payoneer Review

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New York City, New York
Frank Kehl

Frank Kehl

Frank Kehl has been writing about merchant services, payment gateways, and international money transfer services since 2015. He has a Bachelor of Science degree from Penn State and a Juris Doctorate from the Ventura College of Law. After a long and enjoyable career of traveling around the world as an Air Force navigator, he’s comfortably settled down in the wine country town of Paso Robles in California’s scenic Central Coast region. He enjoys reading, photography, hiking, and numerous other outdoor pursuits.
Frank Kehl

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    Dean Meadows

    Organization Name: Artiz

    This company is very much not recommended. They will freeze your account and then keep you waiting for as long as they possibly can. They are crooks… just like Paypal! Stay away from these online financial companies… they simply cannot be trusted! Even when your customers or even large Companies insist/recommend using them you really should not allow them to have anything to do with your money… you will undoubtably regret it!

    • Organization Name: Artiz

    Organization Name: ABM

    I recently opened an Australian account , they do not offer AU balances or allow me to use an Australia balance or account at all. I have called and sent emails – no help whatsoever.

    • Organization Name: ABM
    Arifur Rahman

    Organization Name: AR Photography

    I’m using Payoneer science 2016. Though it’s fee rate so little bit high, I’m satisfied by its service.

    • Organization Name: AR Photography
    Wyatt Wiliams

    Organization Name: WIZZ NETWORK LLC

    DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE.. THEY GIVE RUN AROUNDS, UNPROFESSIONAL. THEY requested my drivers license 4 times over a course of 10 days to continue holding my funds… THERE AUTOMATED MESSAGES continues to say my license is not readable. Scan copy by printer, and phone copy where both denied. Customer service has no clue what is going on, and they dont put manager on phone.. AVOID at all costs.. Now i have to wait another 7 days for my money to be returned back to my credit card.. They are probably buying bitcoin with my money and lost money on down market.. geez.. crap service.. WILL NOT USE AGAIN

    • Organization Name: WIZZ NETWORK LLC

    We've done in-depth research on each and confidently recommend them.


    Organization Name: brpdiagnostics

    what a bunch of useless assholes , still waiting 2 months for a $1000 refund

    • Organization Name: brpdiagnostics
    Mushroom Softech

    Payoneer / Declining a payment received by Payoneer from my customer
    1 India
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    Having registered with Payoneer an year ago, I received 3 payments against my payment requests to various clients in different countries without any problem but the last payment of US$699 declined giving no reason whatsoever. The payment having been receiver by Payoneer on 27th, we delivered digital products to the customer but today Payoneer declined my payment which is a net loss of big money. 😖 In case, they had to decline the payment, they should have made a restriction on my panel before I could send a payment request to my client. Payoneer should take full responsibility and make my payment instantly.

    My payment of US$699 paid by the client on 27th March was declined by Payoneer without any justified reasons on 28th. During this period I delivered the digital products to the customer who will not repay this amount now.
    I made repeated requests to Payoneer live chat but they were deaf and dumb.
    Now I see that Payoneer has removed the option of “request payment” from my panel which clearly indicates that Payoneer had failed to remove it before I made the payment request and still Payoneer decided to decline the payment. Don’t you think it is ridiculous and unethical for a financial consolidator?
    Who will pay the amount of US$699 which I have lost?
    Why has Payoneer suddenly decided to withdraw this facility of “Request Payment” from us when we are working under the company law board in India with registration certificate, PAN Number and GST Number?
    Moreover, we have used Payoneer facility to receive 3 payments in the past few months, still Payoneer suddenly declined a received payment and withdraw the facility?

    The payment was under processing not review as it was declined almost after 24 after you received the payment. “Processing” is a synonym for furthering for payment not for “review”. You have no justification for declining the payment. Actually you forgot to review my status in advance to lock the “request payments” tab in my panel. Anyways, this shall be posted on social media and reported to Reserve Bank of India and if necessary dragged to the relevant court of law in India.

    Payoneer is a very risky payment gateway. They can deny your payments without giving reasonable reasons like it happened with me yesterday. Be careful of Payoneer

      Krishanu Nandy

      Absolutely agree to this – similar problem in my case and the most frustrating part is that their customer service personnel/system is absolutely of no use.

        Mehul Jain

        It’s a fraud company. They took payment and then didn’t release the payment. They review the payment for 15 to 20 days and after that they took away the payment. Do not deal with Payoneer. Highly not recommended.

          Scott Wilson

          Organization Name: Yunnan Sourcing LLC

          I would leave zero stars if I could!I first set up Payoneer because a Ukrainian customer wanted to pay me with the service. I did as a favor to him. Then I thought it would be smart to use it receive payments in Euros using their virtual Euro SEPA bank account. I got one payment as a test from a customer in about 3 days. Rather slow but alright. Then I gave the account information to three other customers who did bank transfers (in Europe a SEPA transfer only takes a few minutes). After 7 days of waiting and dealing with Payoneer who could tell me nothing my account was suspended and all the payments were sent back. My customers think I am an idiot and I guess they are right because I was stupid enough to regard Payoneer as a legitimate company worth doing business with. This is of course after I also spent $30 on their prepaid Credit Card to access the money. What a scam and what a trash service they provided. Payoneer you suck!

          • Organization Name: Yunnan Sourcing LLC

          Organization Name: Daksh

          Worst service and support i have seen in my entire lifeMy self Pooja patel and i dont hesistate to write my name if this is helping someone else like me, Below are real situation of mine which you can read before refering someone to payoneerPayment made by client – 30 oct 2018Their payment approval department take time 15 days to review single payment and related informationcontected to payonee support via call/email/ticket – More then 15 times still not get proper responseDays awaited more then 15 days to have the payment on my accountNot getting single response from them that why my website URL got rejectedI have to contact them to know the same again and againI was asked to provide my website which was provided more then 3 times still they are asking same information again and again, Also informing that my website are private so every website are privates only, Then they asked me that they need source of customers from where i am getting all customers, So everyone getting customers by websites only and they are asking to share other links or plateform from i am getting customerIf you want to stuck on the same situation then welcome to payoneer and register, I am really disappointed with poor support and service i got from payoneer.Regards,Unhappy/Frustrated customerPooja Patel

          • Organization Name: Daksh
          Martine Guillemette

          Organization Name: Martine Guillemette

          High fees, no service, takes longer than 5 business days to transfer money.6th day today, still waiting for my transfer. These guys cost me over 100$ per year for nothing. Unfortunately my client chose to use their services… What an awful move.I had a chat with an agent. He did not seem to care at all about my concerns. Very disappointed.

          • Organization Name: Martine Guillemette

          Organization Name: dandelion team

          I am really unhappy from this service . i am an iranian simple animator living in other country . they blocked my account while i had 2200$ on it . i worked on many low prices projects to gain this and that amount was my only incomes for this several month . i called to customer service more than 30 . i told them my bad situations ,i told them i am stressful , this rules supposed to not hurt the people . you want to close my account , no problem , do it , but You do not have the right to keep my money , it is completely kind of steal and What you expect from a service is to be Trustworthy .

          • Organization Name: dandelion team

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